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Author Topic: mother of falcons  (Read 1143 times)

mother of falcons
« on: June 03, 2018, 03:56:43 AM »

An Icarus, flying too close to the sun; too close to an early grave.
And that is how it feels to take a fall.

Silke Falkenrath

She is the mother of falcons; one of the last of a now fractured home; an uprooted family tree. There is nothing in the world she would not give to protect her son and ensure he lives a long and successful life - even if it kills her in the end.

And that's why she is a hawk; sharp, merciless and cruel to the disproportionate beasts that clamber outside the Walls. Her talons are raised in defense, wings of battered feathers arched outward, encompassing the people she holds most dear to her. She is a mother, too, and knows when to switch from protective raptor to softened falcon.

But losing almost everything in her life has made for some grief. She harbors a burden, her previous husband's death, the man that wedded her and welcomed her into the Falkenrath family, is especially a sore subject.

Walls forbid, however, whoever gets in the way between her and her son in times of danger.

She is not called the mother of falcons for nothing.

Friends: people she can trust and rely on. Those who have managed to wedge their way into her small inner circle will find a rather friendly and loyal woman beneath all the layers solidarity has built around her. She's professional, usually strict, but that does not mean she will not cut back and reveal a more jovial side among good company.

In a world where you either die by your own mistakes or die at the hands of a savage beast, one can never have too many friends. Someone to watch your back is necessary, especially in the line of work defending the Walls and humanity's last bastions. As a member of the Garrison, Silke knows quite a few faces whom she may have trained or patrolled with, and all are allies in her eyes.

Silke has no need for rivals. Competition just makes tragedy, and tragedy is not something she needs in her life. Among friends, teasing is at the best she'll do, but to have a dedicated rival - someone who presses past her boundaries - is ill-advised.

Alliances is much more suited for Silke's personality, and though she can possess quite a sharp tongue on her, enemies are not on her budget. It is wasted energy to pursue meaningless fancies of rivalry, energy that can be converted to patrolling the Wall and keeping up with the work of that day.

Perhaps, in her old training days as a Cadet, she had some friendly competition, but the more wise and matured woman has lost all desire for such interactions.

Silke's last love did not end well. Her former husband was killed in the fall of Shiganshina, and because of the pain it had caused her, her heart has scarred over; withered and blocked in ice to try and mask her from growing too close again. She never wants to feel that anguish again - the look on her son's face when she had to be the bearer of bad news, and tell him his father was never to return.

It crushed her.

But, that is not to say she has the incapacity to love again. She's still young, still has life flowing through her veins, and therefore a heart to give. It would have to be, however, with someone who could ease up her steely will and slowly soothe her back into peace; gently show her that falling in love all over again is worth the potential sacrifices in the end.

Her husband is a dark stain in the back of her mind, a blotch that will never completely go away. But with some determination, perhaps she could slowly learn that ghosts should be put to rest. For not only her to move on and lessen that pain, but to let her husband's soul slumber.

let the dead rest - someone discusses the fall of Shiganshina with her, and tries to help her come to terms with the guilt.

brothers and sisters-in-arms - threads in her days as a Cadet, training or just having a laugh with old friends before graduation came and twisted life apart.

bar speak - someone she knows or a fellow Garrison member joins her for a drink after work hours. ensue either drama or bawdy tales of drunken pleasantry.

Any other ideas? Speak your mind and the mother of falcons will heed.

Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2018, 04:28:58 AM »
We talked a little in Discord about her knowing Anka and Arkin from their training days. I’d be up for a flashback thread for sure.

Arkin sort of acts as a counselor for many members of the Garrison. He’s a gentle shoulder to lean on and a non judgmental ear. He also basically runs an apothecary shop out of his room so if Silke has a headache he’d be her guy. (If anyone watched The Terror on AMC Arkin and Dr. Goodsir have similar personalities)  Arkin is a cannon team leader so they might see each other on the Walls fairly often.

Anka is someone who is more comfortable planninng an attack than actually participating in it. She is calm and kind for the most part but can get exasperated...with Pixis. Also...has trouble with beet carts. Anka would probably work with the Elite teams a fair amount as they would be instrumental in any defense tactics.

Dot makes a point to try and know as many members as he can - so he would at least know Silke to see her.

I am open to just about anything.


Anka Rheinberger | Dot Pixis | Arkin Holt | Miriam Gracey | Mina Carolina

Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2018, 02:00:46 PM »
Farran & Silke

The Falkenrath clan has seen a lot of loss and I have no doubt any threads between the remaining family members are going to be heart-wrenching.  At some point, I'd be interested in throwing Farran and Silke together in the aftermath of Shiganshina (currently Farran has a thread with Axel and it's already breaking my heart, as is Silke's thread with Axel).  They're both feeling the sting of grief, and guilt, and maybe they can help each other with that, or find some small comfort in one another's company.  It doesn't have to be doom and gloom though, there is also room to have some interactions set in the past, during happier times!

Spoiler alert:  Farran's wife won't be surviving the assault on Utopia, and in the aftermath their infant son will be missing.  I can see Farran leaning on Silke if they have any threads set during this window.

Ian & Silke

I know I've said it already, but there are a lot of Silke's qualities that Ian will admire, and I can see them being friends as well as teammates.  A drinking thread could be on the cards!

Out of interest, do you have an idea of when Silke first joined Ian's squad?  We could set a thread around then, though I'm sure they will have known one another from their cadet days too - there are more plotting opportunities there!  It's probably worth letting you know that a couple of the current cadets will be joining the Garrison and, specifically, Ian's squad.  He'll be glad to have Silke around to get the new soldiers established!

Dalton Lightbody | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
Jarek Valdeze | Laria Rockfield | Marco Bott | Struna Mayberry

Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2018, 02:48:45 PM »
Adding to Pixis: Dot's first wife died 30+ years ago and he is remarried to a widow. He's been there with the pain so maybe he could give some advice/comfort to Silke about how to deal with it?

Anka Rheinberger | Dot Pixis | Arkin Holt | Miriam Gracey | Mina Carolina

Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #4 on: June 03, 2018, 05:49:27 PM »
Silke and Arkin
Silke would definitely appreciate having someone to speak to on matters that trouble the mind. It's quite possible she's spoken to him before on grievances, or merely even swung by to just inquire how his day is going. I could see her using him as something like verbal support to put her thoughts to peace, but by all means, considers him more than just an outlet. He's a friend; and a valuable one at that, too.

On top of that, if they had trained together as Cadets in the past, it would simply further the reinforcement of what Arkin can do to help Silke. Given his similar personality of that doctor on the show (I've watched a bit of it, yes, so I know who you mean!), when they were youths, Silke may have taken him to be a bit.... odd at first. But she warmed up eventually, and that counselor act he wields is quite useful.

Maybe they've even brushed by each other on the Walls, just going about their duty and stopping to have a chat for a moment?

Silke and Anka
Anka sounds like quite the charm, and someone Silke can definitely get along with. Perhaps she may get a little disjointed that Anka has such reliable planning skills, and yet, fails to participate in that execution. But deep down, Silke frets about her safety. She worries about the people she cares about, even if they have proven to handle themselves again and again.

In their training days, Anka was probably one of the only female comrades she could call a friend. She spent most of her time honing her skills and body for the rigors of becoming a graduated Cadet, but that does not mean she did not turn to Anka for companionship and silly mischief.

They could have goofed off a bit together, and encouraging each other to do the best they can.

Since Arkin and Anka are both in Garrison, Silke has seen them frequently over the years, and still tries to keep the bond she forged with them as a Cadet strong. I would definitely be up to past threads of them in their training days, and all that in between. Meeting up again with the both of them in present day, as well, is just as important to her.

Silke and Dot
Pixis is the leader of the Garrison, so Silke has especially run into him a few times! Though he may have quite an alcohol problem, she has likely humored him by having a few drinks with him if just to warm up for chatting.

Granted, since they share the same experience with heartbreak, advice from a much older, and wiser, figure may help a bit with Silke's troubles. Pixis had all that time to reflect, but Silke's husband just died recently, so the pain is still fresh in her mind. And even if they don't broach too much on the subject, just being able to speak to her superior about Garrison work will help in the long-run.

Dot is someone she does not know too well given his ranking, but when it winds down to initiating conversation with him, she'll treat him with all the respect he deserves (even if that respect is sometimes muddled by alcohol).


Silke and Farran
The Falkenrath seems cursed with hardships and tragedies, it would seem. All their threads at this point seem to involve the horrors of what befell their family, or just involve the process of healing, and supporting each other. A thread together for the aftermath of Shiganshina would work very well, judging that is one of the times the last adults of the family needed that support the most (those threads, ah, I've read them and they are simply quite saddening).

Comfort is the best they can give each other. They have both lost a lot. Though threads for the happier times of their lives, something set in the past, is something I would be down for exploring. That could lighten the immense grief that all those threads carry.

But that spoiler for the Utopia event. Ah, Silke has already gone through that pain, and she will no doubt step up to help him shoulder that burden; as he did for her those years ago when Shiganshina fell. If the case of them meeting during or after the event, I am up to that as well. Silke knows that pain well, and she would comfort Farran as best as she can.

Silke and Ian
The squad leader and his subordinate. They share a mutual respect for each other, then, for Silke admires Ian's strong will and prowess when it comes to the Garrison line of work. Being teammates and friends, Silke certainly would carry Ian more in her thoughts then any random superior above her (i.e. she will fret over him more when danger rears its head, or he goes missing for a while to sleep off a drunken stupor).

Having trained as cadets is even better, especially where they may have first formed that strong bond back in their youth. Threads like that would definitely be fun. Silke probably joined his squad a two or three years after graduation, specifically after she had her son Axel so she could focus more on her work and not so much the rigors of love (because, sadly, Silke is a soldier first and foremost).

And it certainly is worth knowing that some cadets will be shacking up with the squad. Ian can rely on Silke to organize them and ensure the integration goes smoothly, or as best as possible. Being not just teammates, but friends, Ian has gained Silke's trust without a doubt.


I'm super open to all these characters and thread ideas! Do hit me up if you want to get any specific one started, and we can hash out details from there! I'm so happy Silke is warmly received, and with so many old training buddies and Garrison comrades to be well acquainted with.

Let me know what ideas you all want to go forward with!

Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #5 on: June 04, 2018, 06:52:25 PM »
Silke & Farran

Gosh, we are going to have some heartbreaking threads with these two!  It’s difficult to know where to start.  Do you have a preference between something feelsy or something more light-hearted?  We could also have a ‘family thread’ with Axel too at some point, if Draco is down for it.

Honestly, Farran will be a broken man in the aftermath of Utopia, so I know Silke’s presence and understanding will mean the world to him.  That, and the knowledge that Axel survived the battle - there’s hope for the Falkenrath clan yet!

Silke & Ian

Ah, these two are going to work very well together!  I haven’t done the actual maths, but it looks like they’ll have been on the same squad for a decade or close to it, which is amazing.  I definitely see them as friends as well as comrades and I imagine their mutual respect and trust will serve them very well in the battlefield.  Whether we have any threads in the grief-stricken aftermath of Shiganshina or no, it’s worth noting Ian will support Silke in whatever way he can.

Do you have any preference on what sort of thread we start with?  We could go right back to their cadet days, and dream up some sort of aptitude test where they are paired up and have to work together - or we could go for a mission as squadmates, perhaps to thin out a cluster of Titans that have crowded against the Wall?

I look forward to future threads too, with them assessing/looking out for the rookies on the team! ~

Dalton Lightbody | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
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Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #6 on: June 04, 2018, 07:35:47 PM »
Silke and Farran
Goodness, I think we will indeed have quite a few heart wrenching threads between them. There are so many different possibilities to behold, especially with their somewhat shared history. Preference wise, I'm flexible when it comes to either feelsy or light-hearted threads! I definitely would be up to doing something reflecting their support for each other after the Falkenrath clan fell, or even some warm memories from the past where the two are just hanging out; happy and not having to worry. Tossing Axel in is also a great idea at some point!

Depending on what we want to start with, I'm super open to either starting off with a more carefree thread or one regaling the aftermath of the tragedy. Both will show a side of their story. So many possibilities! Their first meeting, just hanging out together during happier times; or even the fall of Shiganshina. Whichever one may be the most interesting to you, for I've no preference over the other what type of thread we start with.

Though humor me with this question as it sometimes occurs between two brothers and a woman: was he ever fond of her at one point in the past? I'm merely curious for the sake of whether it would ever have been a form of tension with Farran and her; a sprinkle of turmoil in their history. And if not, hey, no harm in asking a question! Farran seems like a character who wouldn't harm the people he loves, anyway, so disregard this if it goes against any of Farran's person. I just asked for curiosity and development.

The aftermath of Utopia will definitely see Silke taking to Farran's side to comfort him. She knows his pain for the most part, and they can take solace in each other when having to relive another dark blotch of the Falkenrath history. Their family just seems cursed. But oh, with Axel still breathing and soldiering on, there is some hope left. Perhaps they can all meet up sometime after the devastation, and reunite to all reassure each other they'll make it through somehow.

Silke and Ian
When figuring they've been in service together for almost ten years, that is so impressive! There is no doubt they would have formed a strong bond over that time, watching each other's backs and just being the other's shoulder to lean on. There is a bunch of shared history with them, one that has spurned mutual respect and trust across the board. The two, perhaps, make quite a pair on the battlefield! And with the note of the catastrophe of Shiganshina, Silke would have relied on him greatly to keep her sanity strong. That event, as shattering as it was, strengthened their bond.

She supports him just as much, his successes and failures. It's the reason she still scrapes him up when he's drank himself into a stupor.

Thread wise, I'm pretty open with that, too! A mission thread certainly would be interesting, thinning out the Titans with some friendly banter in the mix. Going right back to their cadet days, however, does sound quite fun. Silke may never have imagined, as a cadet, she would have been such close allies with Ian; or perhaps they were already friends in their youth, and their trust and respect just grew from there - especially during the aptitude test. Doing threads situated in their youth would really flesh out more of their bond together.

And yes, future ideas with all the new rookies will definitely be exciting. All the young kids running around, Silke will feel like she's babysitting instead of working. Her and Ian will most likely be the elders of the group, keeping watch over the newly-minted Garrison members like a flock of sheep or something.

Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2018, 07:17:27 PM »
Silke & Farran

Thinking on something post-Shiganshina, we could have a follow-on thread from Farran’s current one with Axel.  Double bombshell, as that’s the day Axel announces his intention to enlist in the Training Corps, and it’s the first time Farran travels to Trost after the loss of Wall Maria/members of the Falkenrath clan.  Maybe we could have something later that evening, when it’s just the adults, perhaps sitting up late into the night?

I’d be game for something more carefree too, their first meeting would be an interesting one!  But for now, the heartbreak is calling to me. #hurtmevertebrae

Ooo, you know, I’ve been musing on your question and I think it could add a very interesting dynamic to their relationship!  Farran is a Good Egg™ and, even during the wilder years of his youth, he put family first.  But Silke is attractive, driven and decent - I can see there having been a ribbon of tension, forming around his fondness for her.  It could even be that the relationship between Tybalt and Silke gave Farran something to aspire to himself, and encouraged him to give commitment a try, first with the ill-fated laundress and later with the even unluckier Lana.

On another note, I’m definitely up for a Falkenrath reunion in the aftermath of Utopia!

Silke & Ian

I’m with you all the way, and I can see them being very in sync in battle!  In the anime, Rico describes the bond between soldiers as being almost like family (if I remember rightly) and I can see it being particularly true here.  Ian would be fiercely protective of Silke, both on and off the battlefield, and would trust her to have his back in turn.

I think we’re in agreement, let’s go for a thread from their cadet days!  Shall we throw them into some sort of survival challenge, perhaps in the autumn of their first year?  That way they might already know of one another, but this would be their first time spending considerable hours together, and having to work as a team.  Or we could predate this with something from their youth, but I’m not entirely sure Ian would have travelled far outside Krolva.  I could maybe find a way to get him to Trost?

Another idea for later perhaps, but we could also have a thread in which Silke comes to rescue Ian from a particularly rough night on the town.

The new soldiers will be in very good hands with these two! :D

Dalton Lightbody | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
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Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #8 on: June 09, 2018, 08:25:14 PM »
Silke and Farran
That sounds like an amazing follow through with the one thread Farran has with Axel. A double whammy would be super fun, especially if it involves both remaining Falkenrath adults meeting up after the loss of the Wall and Shiganshina; a difficult time for the both of them. Silke would definitely be surprised to see Farran, but a much wanted surprise, however. A thread set later that evening as well would be interesting. It would definitely give them a chance to talk and try and overcome the tragedy of their family.

Heartbreak is calling to me as well, my friend, so I will try my best to hurt you with feelings. I'm super up for threads like that!

Ohh, but I'm glad you like the idea! I really thought it would add something different to their relationship, something lingering around their fondness for each other that adds that spark of tension; drama etc. because angst and feels is always great for development. He'll remind her of her husband for sure. Aspiration to commit is also a good plus on the side, though I certainly do feel bad for that laundress and (soon-to-be) unlucky Lana. In a world full of death, love is cut short; gotta grip your relationships by the horns for who knows what will come the next day.

And yes, definitely a reunion thread after the fate of Utopia! That'll be quite a heart wrenching time for all of them, and though their numbers may have been reduced even greater, at least they still have each other to find comfort in.

Silke and Ian
I'm super excited to start roleplaying out that dynamic between Ian and Silke! Not only do they constantly have each other's backs and regard one another with a protective devotion, but they're almost like family at this point; going off your summary from Rico, Ian is now a member of her family, and though not by blood or title, he's someone she'd die to protect. She lost a lot of her loved ones before, heavens forbid she loses him.

A thread from their cadet days is definitely a fun way to go! A survival challenge in their first year is awesome, and though they may know each other to some degree, it probably hasn't flourished into a very strong relationship. At best it's possible this survival course, as well as working together, probably spurs on more of their bond as they slowly start to fall into a routine together. Ian and Silke would have forged their ties early.

And it's quite possible they met in their youth. But don't worry your head if Ian had not much of a reason to visit Trost. If you wanna go the route of whether they knew each other a bit before their training days, I will say Silke's father was a merchant of sorts, and did travel frequently. It's quite possible he may have finally let her travel with him once on a business trip, and they ended up in Krolva. Just saying  :P

That future idea, however, is something I look forward to as well! Silke would definitely come swinging in to the rescue if Ian was having a particularly rough night, and then probably berate him a bit because, deep down, she cares even if her words may be strict.

Ian, the new cadets, ohh, it's going to be great! She'll mother the entire squad if she has to in her own stern Silke way.

Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #9 on: June 18, 2018, 07:01:24 PM »

Gosh, sorry for taking so long to reply, I honestly don’t know where the past week has gone! :o

Silke & Farran

Cool beans, I’m so glad the idea appeals to you too!  I think we’re just about ready to go ahead and get this post-Shiganshina thread kicked off.  Do you have any preference on who starts the late night heartbreak? 

Ohhh, I have every faith you’ll break my heart - is it bad I’m looking forward to it??  I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts about their dynamic, and the tension their mutual fondness will bring.  All the angst, all the feels. <3

Silke & Ian

Ugh, I love this, squadmates for life!  I’d love to see the foundations of their friendship/comradeship go way back to their days in the Training Corps.  Perhaps in the autumn of their first year they have to make a survival trek through the mountains and forests?  They can either travel on foot, or horseback, and would need to hunt to bolster their meagre supplies.  Maybe they have to hit certain checkpoints along the way, or maybe the cadets are led out into the wilderness by the instructors and then expected to navigate their own way back.  Just a suggestion, if you have something different in mind I’m totally game!

Oooh, so there is a way for them to meet in their youth!  Admittedly I would be interested in exploring this, as Ian was much rougher around the edges when he was younger.  That being said, I’m leaning towards the survival set-up as their first thread as we have more of a premise for it at the moment.  Do you have any preference?

Ha, I look forward to having Silke berate Ian even as she helps him!  He’ll grumble, but be grateful for her help. ;P

Dalton Lightbody | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
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Re: mother of falcons
« Reply #10 on: June 18, 2018, 08:00:16 PM »
That's okay! Time certainly can fly by! Though, good use on that gif hahaha.

Silke and Farran
Absolutely! I'm definitely up to that post-Shiganshina thread since it's going to be quite the tragic ride. And I've no preference at all! If you want to start the heartbreak, be my guest! But if you find yourself too busy, I definitely am willing to take up the mantle as well.

And is it bad that I'm looking forward to causing angst?? I feel quite sadistic ahaha, but there is just something about tragedy that can create character development. Ohhh, I agree all the way with you. Their dynamic is going to bring a whole bunch of feels and drama to the table.

I'm super excited to see where this will go!

Silke and Ian
Ohhoh, squadmates is going to be really awesome! I'd definitely love to see how their wonderful friendship starts to develop. Something like the survival trek through the mountain/woods on horse/on foot would be interesting, and, on the side, their attempts at trying to stay alive when out on their own. Either hitting checkpoints or having to find their way back are both amazing ideas, and I'm torn between the two of them!

I'd be up to exploring their childhood relationship as well at some point. I think it would add some pretty cool background for the two of them, and would be thrilled to explore that! Though I'm more up for the survival thread since that one, indeed, has more of a plot for it. We can certainly start with that idea!

I look forward to Silke getting on Ian's case a bit hahaha. If anything, she just wants to make sure he's keeping up and they're working together. Their lives depend on that success! Silke will be quite determined to make sure the both of them survive the trek.


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