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Author Topic: A gift basket. [Nod]  (Read 204 times)

A gift basket. [Nod]
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:53:17 PM »
[ April, 845 ]

The Wall falling had caused chaos to reign Trost District; from the refugees unable to settle, to the Garrison on high alert. Axel, small boy or not, was intent on doing his part, which mostly meant upping the amount of time he spent at the bakery. He enjoyed it, although the absence of his father hurt his heart each time he went to look up and check that he was doing something right. The phantom he wished to be there to nod and reassure him wasn't realistic. But he still kept looking.

While at times he would help with handing out rations, today he was deeply focused on the bakery itself. The entire day he had slaved away in the heat of the oven, kneading dough out and prepping for the odd few treats they could still just barely manage to sell - after all, they had to make some coin outside of rations, or they would struggle to get ingredients. It was difficult enough as it was. The stress of it made him wonder how his father had handled the management. He recalled tired eyes and slight smiles, but little else.

He had to do his best now, to help Adler and the others run the show.

Which led to the evening, where the rations had been dispatched and he was sorting through the rejected offerings of the day. Keeping bread overnight meant it wouldn't be quite as fresh, and while he expected some people would have loved it if those were reserved for the 'scroungers' the next day, he thought it would be stupid. They might not be perfect, but people could still eat them, and there were always people who could do with some extra food.

Loading a basket with a few, he pulled a cloth over the top to conceal the crusting bread rolls, adding two apples in that hadn't been used for the odd pie they managed to make. Axel slipped out of the bakery with his bundle, calling a farewell to Adler and a promise that he would be back in at dawn tomorrow. The earlier the riser, the more that got done.

But first he needed to find people he might be able to help out.


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