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Topic Summary

Posted by: HiddenBaroness
« on: January 21, 2020, 07:49:32 PM »

Cain & Miranda
All righty! I will hold off on this opener until I have a clearer picture on that open thread, but in the meantime...

Cain & Mercedes
Great idea! I shall run with that, then. Let's see where this takes us! Expect something soon. <3
Posted by: cozy-wolfe
« on: January 21, 2020, 07:28:14 PM »

Cain & Miranda
Honestly, I'll take any plots regarding his development. I really want him to be develop slowly and learn new things from thread to thread. We could use an alternative way to fill out our NPC needs, like an open thread limited to 1-2 cadets would be good I think. But he will always up for one-on-one thread. About the question you asked, in the current development, Cain never had experience wih ANY firearms. It would be a good start to improve his shooting skills, who knows that he could be a deadly sniper?

Cain & Mercedes
As I said, I'll take any situation! But more dramatic more fun isn't it? I like the idea of having a wild animal attacking the stable while they guard the stable. Yeah it could happen in a regular stable guarding shift which all cadets could've given the task to do so. I came up with an idea which Cain and Cee went up to slack in their shift to go on a race, when unfortunately  the stable was attacked by a wild animal while they slacks off? They would be surprised when they get back and handle the situation in their own way. I'm up for any dramatic ideas^^
Posted by: HiddenBaroness
« on: January 21, 2020, 06:32:01 PM »

Cain & Miranda
A nice 'springboard' for these two interacting might be an open 'classroom' thread I have planned for Miranda and whichever cadets would like to join -- shooting rotten melons, in short -- that may be a good way for these two to first see one another. If you like, we can do a separate thread with the two of them as an offshoot of that! Or, if you'd rather stick with a one-on-one thread for now, I can use an NPC to fill the gap of Cain's unfortunate training partner, haha. Does he have much experience with firearms? We don't necessarily have to have the thread revolve around actual shooting, if you don't want -- it can be something related, like maintenance.

Cain & Mercedes
I absolutely do not mind starting a thread and I love your idea! I'm just curious -- what are they guarding the stable from? Maybe there's been sightings of wild animals in the area that are startling the horses (or worse)? Or thieves? Someone taking over their 'shift' would allow them to have a race in good conscience. ;)
Posted by: Cain Häusler
« on: January 19, 2020, 11:15:42 AM »

Cain & Miranda
You've mentioned great ideas here, pair him with someone weaker? I couldn't think of any result, but it might be interesting to do! Also I'd be happy to fill the spot to be Miranda's grandson look-a-like, it'll make your character more colorful. And also later someone could take on the grandson slot, and I'll be happy to interact with both of them (If Miranda still alive, ahaha)

Cain & Mercedes
Slacking? Sounds like a good idea, but slacking with a stranger? Cain would think twice about that, I've come into a conclusion that Cain and 'Cee could be given a duty to guard the stable together, there we build their relationship from stranger to apprentice (or maybe friend in rare conditions). From there we can go to take on a secret horse race! If you wanna start the thread from now, I'd be happy cus I'm not good at making starter.
Posted by: HiddenBaroness
« on: January 16, 2020, 02:07:33 AM »

Cain & Miranda
Miranda is well-versed in different teaching methods but I'm happy for her to still find Cain difficult; his degree of respect for her will determine her level of frustration with him, haha. Also, she would probably deliberately pair him with someone weaker to try to help him grow in that way (because sometimes patience and tolerance are the things you have to learn), but it definitely wouldn't be all the time, like you say! I also headcanon that her grandson is blond and a little rough-and-tumble, so perhaps she wonders sometimes if he'll grow up to be like Cain. What color are Cain's eyes, by the by?

Cain & Mercedes

A horse race could be fun if they can make the opportunity! I'd suggest the Horsemanship Aptitude Test but unfortunately 'Cee already has a partner for that. This being said, she's also the type to just follow a whim on the odd occasion, even if it's against the rules, so maybe there's a little mischief there and after stable duty she suggests they take a couple of the horses to have a secret race? I agree that maybe the ride should happen before another thread otherwise we may end up hitting a wall in a training thread!

All thoughts more than welcome! <3
Posted by: Cain Häusler
« on: January 14, 2020, 11:56:51 AM »

Cain & Miranda
That'd be great if Miranda is interested to train Cain to reach his full potential, but she will encounter some difficulties at early meetings. Cain is pretty respectful to his trainer nor instructors, but it happens if they train him the right way. Communication would be a challenge here, Cain isn't a talkative person. Pairing him with another cadet seems like a pointless idea, he finds it pretty useless to train with weak people, he prefer to train only with experts. However, you can try many unique ways to get deeper at his personality.

Cain & Mercedes
Oh boy! you've found his secret weakness. Horses is his favorite thing in his life, for now, he wouldn't ignore people that talk about horse. Also, a horse rider? Cain would definitely take her on ride! or maybe a horse race? He believes that he's the best horse-rider in the world. Training together seems to be a great way to build relationship, but if you do this before they ride together, it would be hard to communicate with him. But yeah show me your way!
Posted by: HiddenBaroness
« on: January 13, 2020, 07:35:05 PM »

I have a couple of mine that I can throw at you! <3

Miranda & Cain
Miranda is my 'tough-love' Instructor of Ballistics and Firearms, and unfortunately is the type to consider the difficult cadets as special challenges -- she likes for everyone to reach their full potential! She'd do obvious things like deliberately pair Cain up with someone he may not like, as well as less obvious, one-on-one things like try to get him to open up and try to offer guidance. If he got into an altercation with another cadet, she'd offer discipline but also try to use that as a teaching method and a way to know more about him.

Mercedes & Cain
You could call 'Cee my main. She and Cain immediately have some potential in that they're both 'horse people' -- she's an accomplished rider and her family were traditionally breeders -- and she would happily be one of the ones to help him with hand-to-hand combat. His gruffness wouldn't faze her unless he was really stubborn about it: while she has her own goals, she's keen for team cohesiveness and for everyone to pull their weight. She tends to let loners do their own thing rather than press for friendship, so training together would likely be their way in!
Posted by: Cain Häusler
« on: January 13, 2020, 04:23:57 PM »

Cain & Axel
Great! that would be perfect, you may start since I don't have any idea how to start a thread, gotta learn first ;).
Posted by: Webs
« on: January 13, 2020, 04:21:06 PM »

Cain & Axel
That definitely makes sense! We can also have an NPC instructor pair them together for some hand-to-hand in summer 845 (pretty early on in training) and they can practice a set manoeuvre. Then we can see how they interact from there - Axel will definitely give him tips unasked if he's doing poorly. I'm happy to start unless you'd rather give it a shot!
Posted by: Cain Häusler
« on: January 13, 2020, 04:17:27 PM »

Cain & Axel
It's a great idea to start to be honest! But it'll make no sense if Cain came up to Axel and say hello, right? It must be Axel to start his connection with Cain, otherwise it wouldn't happen. Axel could teach Cain some fighting techniques, but first, Axel needs to impress Cain first, how can Cain trust Axel that he can fight? For the timeline, I prefer to pick first year, I wanna develop Cain from the bottom, when he don't have anyone beside him.
Posted by: Webs
« on: January 13, 2020, 04:03:30 PM »

Cain & Axel
Axel likes people well enough, though socialisation with people his age is not his strong point. He knows a decent amount of fighting techniques before training, and he'd be down for helping teach Cain at some point, either in the first or second year, whenever works for Cain's development! He's not so good with horses early on, so possibly they could help one another and swap skills?
Posted by: Cain Häusler
« on: January 13, 2020, 03:39:02 PM »

Cain Häusler
fourteen years old cadet

Cain got no interests to make friends, he had enough. His last relationship didn't end well, and  making new friends is one of his biggest fears, fear to lose someone you loved. He wouldn't get into pointless conversation, he will speak up only if he feels it needed. Cain likes to ignore peoples, it is a usual thing for people around him. The most possible way to get closer to Cain is to be his partner, whether it's a training partner, fighting partner, and so on. However, there might be some way to be Cain's friend, you just have to try some unique friendship tricks and see if the result are good.

This is where his coldness acts, think of a cold-hearted person. He rarely judge other people, he rarely dislike other poeple. He just become hasty when it comes to other people. Despite his grumpy face, it's hard to make this kid angry. If you hit him once, he will hit you once, but you can tell that he's not angry. He will only get angry when someone is too excessive towards him, for sure he won't stay still if you hit him multiple times.

I think you will know the answer if you read throughout the two point above, he never been in a romantic relationship before. He never seen a girl that he like, a girl that he adore, never. It will be a magical moment when finally Cain hits a girl. Or maybe you girls got the trick?

+ He is pretty weak in hand-to-hand combat, maybe someone wanna teach him how to fight properly?
+ He spends most of his time in the barracks' stable, giving care to the horses. Do you think he'll like you if you like horses too?
+ Show me your way to be friend with Cain, and he will show you the results!
+ Cain is pretty hard to be baited and startled, do you think you can make him angry?

hope he get some new friends:)

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