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Topic Summary

Posted by: Seikatsu
« on: February 13, 2018, 06:34:58 PM »


Mh...I'm not quite sure about Louis' being the right one for this job. He's more a doer and very unlikely do persuade someone. Not enough patience. It's more likely that he will start a fight than truely corrupt someone.

Also I was already discussing this certain plot with Lori for Hortense.
Posted by: Makoto Asai
« on: February 13, 2018, 01:51:02 PM »

Hmmm... where to even begin...

To be quite honest, Makoto could do most of those thread ideas with him.

I have a complicated plot lined up for him, and if anybody answers the wanted ad i put up for him this would have to be dicussed with them but... Essentially, I eventually want to corrupt Makoto, have him start becoming the kind of person he hates the most: a killer.  Perhaps Louis can have something to do with that corruption, and maybe it can start with that thread idea you had of a non corrupt MP stopping Louis when he is on an MP base? It'd be a long and intricate plot, but it'd be interesting to see work out, in my opinion.
Posted by: Louis Roth
« on: February 11, 2018, 12:14:48 PM »

Louis Roth

Louis has many acquaintances and he seldom has problems with making new ones. The big deal is getting close to him. It’s a high hurdle to overcome. Due to his line of work and previous experience Louis closed his heart for others. It is not impossible, but it needs a lot of time and effort. When you finally manage that he considers you as a friend the connection will be strong. Louis values his friends and will support them in every situation.

It’s easy to lose count, but Louis tries to remember every face he considers an enemy. Opposing group, for example not corrupt Military Police soldiers, are basically considered enemies. Louis also has a talent for starting fight with people that annoy him or when he is bored. Whoever hurts the people important to him or working against the ‘Wardens of the night’ are considered enemies as well.

Enjoying life to its fullest – that’s Louis nature. He is often seen hanging around bars searching for a companion for one night, not matter of gender or age. He uses this nightly adventures to proof himself that he is strong, fighting against his aversion of skin contact. Once again these relationships are shallow. There is no reason to try getting into a serious relationship with him, Louis pushes everyone away.

[In general: Due to his work Louis more or less mingles with every social group and he moves around a lot.]
- Meeting inside a bar, Louis enjoys drinking (but is drunk pretty fast)
- He likes quite places/dark alleys to smoke – some other person joining in? Sometimes he has the expensive cigarettes from inside Wall Sina, so the other person can wonder where Louis got them from
- Initiation Celebration plot: Louis looking around for new possible recruits for the ‘Wardens of the night’
- Military Police: Louis walking around one of their bases because he meets on of the corrupt soldiers and being stropped by another (not corrupt) on
- Every kind of situation where he is estimated to be younger because of his size (he is sensitive about his size, be prepared for him getting angry)
- Garrison/others: Trying to stop a fight before it begins or stopping an ongoing fight between Louis and another person
- Cadet: Louis winning a fight on the street with ease and a (impressed) Cadet asks him to teach him/her some moves
- Louis taking his time for on assassin assignment and having to improvise ‘finding’ the corpse because someone walked into this normally empty small street

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