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Title: Midnight Mission (Attn. Virgil & Gustav)
Post by: Anka Rheinberger on June 04, 2019, 01:46:46 AM

It's not that Anka hated all taverns. There were some she enjoyed. The quieter ones she would go to with Gustav, Mitabi, and the rest of her friends were actually rather pleasant.  Even the taverns she and Gustav would drag Pixis out of had their own charm.

This place had no charm. This place had a sticky floor and greasy tables and a smell that Anka was not sure she'd be able to get out of her hair. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the barkeep leering at her.  She grimaced and turned away. Dressed in a long brown skirt, beige blouse, and dark green vest - Anka looked like a regular underclass woman. 

She and her companion, the always steady Gustav, had both ordered drinks though Anka, not trusting the glasses cleanliness, had not taken a sip.  It was too late to drink anyway in Anka's opinion. Past midnight.  It had honestly been a pleasant walk, the stars were bright and the snow looked lovely on the buildings.  They had taken a long and meandering way to the tavern - to make sure they were not followed.

Huddled at a corner table, Anka cast her eyes around the room again. A few people ignored each other at the bar and a woman who Anka was sure was a doxie was entertaining another man at a table towards the front.

"My feet are stuck to the floor," Anka murmured to Gustav. "We always get to go to the best places."
Title: Re: Midnight Mission (Attn. Virgil & Gustav)
Post by: Gustav Volk on June 05, 2019, 12:29:36 AM
"Wouldn't have it any other way," Gustav said, in a voice that suggested the opposite. He didn't like this, and he was having a difficult time avoiding drawing attention just from looking around their surroundings. Truthfully, he could do without any of this. Give him a chessboard or a meeting, that was where he belonged. Somewhere with paper, not ale. With straight-laced soldiers, not slimy patrons of a... whatever this place was meant to be really.

Still, work was work. Orders were orders.

He drew a finger down his temple and settled into a supposedly relaxed posture, staring across the room and behaving as though he were day-dreaming. Gustav would follow Anka's lead, she was better with people after all, and all the while keep an eye on any potential issues that might arise. "Is it time yet?" he murmured, looking out for their company.
Title: Re: Midnight Mission (Attn. Virgil & Gustav)
Post by: Virgil Adair on June 05, 2019, 08:13:13 AM
Working for Garrison's commander was not paying best, but it was better than a suspected alternative which was getting turned in over mutiny. Virgil was living a secretive life as it was, and unless they got their face completely mutilated through some kind of accident, there was no way of avoiding people who knew them from the past. And so they carried on with the assignments they were given, now avoiding the sight of their criminal associates as it would be as much of an issue.

This target was particularly problematic. A big fish among small fish in a tiny pond, overcrowded with the greedy. Getting in was easy, albeit it would be even easier if they could go in without hiding own identity, but getting out was an issue of its own. Virgil had the 'pleasure' of previously working with the man they were sent to kill and so they knew he would always wear a big, tacky signet - something they took as a proof of deed being done after they sapped life out of the scum. And then everything went to shit when one of his underlings asked something through the door and he was too dead to respond. Not that Adair minded removing some more felons from this world, but there was too many of them to carry it out without issues. Just before a bigger wave of them came, Virgil managed to get out and start distancing themself, but it was winter. Footprints were giving away where they went. Walking and then removing hints of it in the snow was tiresome, but necessary. Perhaps if it was not so late in the evening there would be less snow on main streets, but most people went home a while ago and thus the white dominated every inch of the ground.

Eventually Virgil reached the meeting place which seemed to be far away not to risk the thughs following them there. They went into the tavern and smiled under the nose, cherising sudden warmth. They were wearing layers of sweaters with bits of fabric drenched, more and less in places, but it was snowing so it might as well be melted ice, and because of that no one was likely to pay attention. Not that many people would in such a lovely venue.

After spotting familiar faces, Virgil walked to them confidently and then sat at the age of the table. Their smile widened, but they gave them no regular greeting. Adair glanced around, making sure no one new entered and no current patron was staring in the direction. They took something out of their pocket and placed it on the table just so that their back would cover it from people not sitting at the table. It was a finger with a signet on it. Skin around it was swelled, suggesting it was not taken off frequently, and it was overall well-preserved, presumably due to the cold. No blood was dripping from it. Virgil looked back towards them over the shoulder, smiling again. "Couldn't get out the whole deal, but if you find someone with such a piece missing, you'll be sure that's him. I hope it's good enough of a proof." Virgil doubted the evidence was a welcome one, but they prefered to get it anyway. Like a cat bringing in a corpse to show they're indeed useful. Or maybe it was some opaque affection?