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Title: Lake Challenge
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February, Year 847


The Great Lake, north-northeast Wall Rose




An important part about surviving in any of the regiments is teamwork, and trusting your teammates. In order to encourage team-building, cadets are split into groups of three and given a cloak in their team's colour. To be an effective soldier, adaptability is important, so their task is to construct a means of travelling from one side of the lake to the other using whatever they can find - each team is given nothing else but one knife and one roll of bandages. It is not a race to finish first, but a test to prove that they are able to work together and adapt based on their surroundings and goal, even if they haven't prepared for such a journey. Walking around the lake is just as viable an option as building a boat to cross the water, though they'll need to provide everything to eat and sleep - they have no supplies this time.


Wading Through Adversity (