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Utopia District / Re: Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]
« on: August 26, 2018, 08:44:26 AM »
((ooc: Some cursing involved. Just fyi))

The day started as a quiet as any other day working the wall usually started. Assigned to part of the wall north of Trost, Mitabi and his squad was inspecting that section of the wall for any signs of wear and weakness that needed to be repaired and fortified. It was an easy task that Mitabi did not mind undertaking as he planned to drink...heavily after work. Tomorrow was his day off and he planned to enjoy his night with a tankard of ale and good friends.

“Hey Mitabi, is there a drill going on today or something?”  Liam asked as they hung on the titan side of the divide.

“Not that I know of. Why?” Mitabi answered as he tapped a stone and rubbed off some dirt, checking for any signs of weakness or crumbling.

“What in the hell is that then?”

“Oi, Liam has the heat gone to your...” He did not finish his words. Looking up at his squadmate to see if he needed to slap the stupid out of him, he eyes fell upon the pillars of colored smoke, distress signals from the north, decorate the sky.

A string of obscenities rolled off his tongue.

In the moment of uncertainty and confusion, his squad rode south - to prepare Trost in case the worst was to come - as he rode north catching up to other Garrison soldiers that had answered the call. Mitabi was relieved not to be riding alone and that those who would be offering support to Utopia were amongst the best that the Garrison had to offer. They spoke little and remained focused on the what they faced ahead of them, Mitabi’s brows pinched together as he focused on pushing forward, words caught in his throat as he thought of the worst. 
On top of the wall,  Mitabi joined the others as they surveyed the destruction below. It was a shit show for sure. The Garrison stationed in Utopia was -lacking- to put it nicely, and with rumors that the cadets were the ones charged with defending the city, he was surprised that inner gate was even still intact.



He turned to look over at Silke, who he has known since they were just children dreaming of defending the walls from the monsters that roamed outside of them. He knew that her boy was a cadet - fresh and still untested in the field. How cruel of a fate. He wanted to say something, but anything that would have fallen from his lips would have been poorly worded and bring no comfort.  He couldn't even begin to understand what she must be feeling at the given moment.

His family was safe in Karanes.   

But still. They were soldiers. Their duty was to defend the wall; to defend those they could not defend themselves. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he gave it a squeeze as he stepped up next to where she stood, surveying the situation in front of them.

While others talked, Mitabi was uncharacteristically quiet as he studied the scene below, his fists tightening on the hand controllers and jaw clenched. Arkin offered some reassurance that their Commander was nearby and Ian proposed a plan that Mitabi agreed with. It made the most sense and wasn't placing them in more danger than needed. The right formation would allow them to have each other backs, it was a good plan.

“A soldier - even a cadet - has a chance to fight, to defend themselves.  But the common people have only us to depend on.” 

Ian had a way with words, whether his friend realized it or not, that could always inspire Mitabi in even the shittiest of moments. He brought his hands to his ears and watched as the green smoke rose high in the air.  There was no turning back now, not that his body would allow for another moment in the saddle, it was already screaming at him from the long, uncomfortable ride.

Moments later there a reply from the other side of the wall - away from the blood-drenched streets.
"I think we have our answer on the whereabouts of our Commander," he said pointing in the direction of the flare. At least he assumed that was Pixis and the others. "Won't be long before we can show those ugly bastards that we mean business."

Trost District / Re: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« on: June 16, 2018, 06:59:46 AM »
Maude was very much a woman looking - no - she was a woman hunting for a man, very much like a predator stalks its prey, looking for the one who would be easy to pounce on and trap within her clutch. And Mitabi was, in her opinion, easy prey. A military man with a mother who was desperate to wed him off.  How perfect was that? Her uncle had done well, not to mention that he was a cute one to boot. Perhaps she'd be able to reel him in and live a comfortable life in the care of the Jarnach family? Oh yes, that would be simply wonderful.

She felt him wiggling and smiled ever so slightly, but little did she know, Mitabi was not squirming because he was happy to be pressed against her bosom, but rather attempting to escape it. The heavily perfumed woman turned her head, her darkly lined eyes glancing at the crowd until they caught a small, plain woman staring at them. There was something in the way the woman looked at her precious Mitabi that - well - instantly pissed her off.  The corner of her eye twitched as her red stained lips pressed into each other creating a thin and unattractive tight line.  The woman and Maude starred at each other, her dark eyes throwing daggers at the other. If looks could kill, Maude would be a wanted woman. 

Mitabi prayed, to the whatever gods who would listen, that soon he would be out of awful date and that Anka would be the answer to his prayers. He knew that he was asking a lot from her, especially on her day off. Oh how Anka must think so poorly of him. The scene must have given his friend the wrong impression. Damnit. 

Luckily, for him, Anka was the heavenly gift he had wished for. SHE WAS GOING TO GET HIM OUT OF THIS GOD FORESAKEN MESS!

Too bad the mess was about to get a whole lot messier.

Maude pushed herself away from Mitabi freeing him from the bosom prison in which he had been held against his will. Sitting up, Mitabi inhaled deeply, breathing in the lovely scent of Trost, his lungs filling to capacity as he bathed in his new found freedom.

Maude watched as Mitabi's eyes unintentionally lit up as the small chested woman approached. Letting out a scoff,  she crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. 

“Team Leader Jarnach, apologies sir but all officers are needed back at headquarters. Now.”

Anka Rheinberger was all business, despite donning civilian attire and the shopping bag in her hand. By the walls, was she good at her job.  Mitabi scurried onto his feet and began to return the salute, but he never got the chance to finish. Maude, grabbing his arm back with surprising force, pulled Mitabi backward forcing him to sit back down as she got up. 

"He is not going anywhere, especially not with the likes of you." Maude circled Anka slowly as she spoke, allowing her words to linger and take their time rolling off her tongue. "You. A soldier. Please." Completing her circle, Maude stopped in front of Anka. "Nice try. Now scram you - ugly duckling - and leave me to my man." 

Mitabi sat there mouth agape, a mixture of surprise, horror, disgust, hurt played on his features. He couldn't believe what he just heard. What he seen. Obviously, Maude did not believe Anka to be here on orders, that much was clear, but was Maude really jealous? Did she think Anka was here to claim him as her own? Anka? They were friends, not secret lovers or anything. Wait. He did not belong to Maude in the first place. This whole situation was turning into a headache...in more ways than one. 

(Soooooo I hope this ok.  I wanted to let Anka reply before Mitabi goes oh no you didn't on Maude....unless Anka does that first because yeah. Let me know if this is ok or if you want more to work with Mitabi)

[Thread takes place in Mitabi's cadet days. End of first year/start of the second year? Open to anyone who was a cadet during that time]

When Mitabi Jarnach crushed, he crushed hard. Ettie always said he was a romantic, which he used to gag at the very mention of liking girls, but now that he was in his sixteenth year,  the boy realized that he loved ladies very much.  Roanna. In his eyes was the prettiest of all the girls ever laid eyes on, not to mention a contender for the top ten.  Though, while Mitabi was interested in her, she was clearly not interested in him; instead preferring the likes of Jaco Holst.

That piece of shit.

A favorite amongst the instructors, he held one of the top spots in the class. Perfect little cadet. Jealousy. Hatred. Envy. A mixture of emotions coursed through his veins. In the eyes of Mitabi, he was an asshole.  A competitive asshole who'd do anything to ensure he got points. Roanna liked that. She liked egotistical, narcissistic assholes like Jaco. If he had not been blinded by what he considered to be love, Mitabi would have seen that she was very much like the man she called her boyfriend.

 He was determined to win her heart.

“That was so cool.” A cadet said, their voice full of admiration. As usual, Jaco was showing off his ODM skills, going from tree to tree dazzling the others with his equipment -- maneuvers.

“That is nothing, even I can do that!” He snorted as he walked up to the crowd, shouldering past the cadets who stood there with dropped jaw looking like little children seeing a magic trick for the first time.  It was just flair and tricks. Nothing more.  Several of the cadets, knowing what was coming next, rolled their eyes. “Mitabi, remember last time?” Roanna reminded, a hint of amusement in her voice as she quirked brow looking at him and then the others in the group.

“ Jaco may have been quicker than me,  but you all know I should have won.” Turning to Jaco, who wore a cockeyed smile, Mitabi’s brown eyes locking with him. “Your cut yesterday could hardly be considered a kill. Maybe on a 3 meter. Maybe.” Mitabi narrowed his eyes, his voice almost taunting the other. “Kinda pathetic for the instructors’ pet if I must say so myself.” Mitabi Jarnach, in a sense, was competitive.  He loved to compete against his friends in anything physical, which he often won. But this. All week he had been challenging Jaco to different competitions. Yesterday, Mitabi challenged him to a race of who could reach the dummy titan, deliver a blow that would eliminate the enemy, and race back. Jaco won regarding speed, but there was a lot of debate in whether his cut was actually deep enough. While, Mitabi was slower, but there was no argument of whether the cut to the dummy titan’s nape was deep enough or not. Despite this, Jaco’s cut was deemed good enough.  GOOD FUCKING ENOUGH!

Of course, it was.  The asshole was favored by everyone.

“Anything you can do, I can do it better” Mitabi’s taunted, taking a step closer to the much shorter competition.

Jaco snorted, crossing his arms over his chest.  “No, you can’t.”

“Yes. I. Can.” He accentuated every word, letting the words make a point as they rolled off his tongue. The corner of his lips pulled upwards until his smile reach ear to ear. Stepping close to the other cadet, Mitabi bent down so that he could be at the same height of the shorter boy. “You afraid you might make a fool out of yourself in front of your girl, Jaco?”

Glowering Jaco stood there still as a statue with arms crossed over his chest, clearly pissed off with Mitabi. “No!” He finally remarked defensively. “But I am not…”

“Boys” Roanna interrupted in a sing-song voice. “Why don’t you play a game of horse? Each turn you must travel from one location to the next, you may choose to engage the titan dummy if you want. If you don’t do it exactly how the other cadet does it, you get a letter. The first person to spell horse loses.” Blinking, Mitabi looked from Jaco and then to Roanna. “Oh, to up the ante, the winner will receive a kiss from yours truly.” Pointing to herself, she winked at the boys.

A kiss?  He couldn’t say no to a prize like that. Besides, it should be a piece of cake.

…… It was not

With all letters except E, Mitabi was on the verge of losing.

Jaco had one damned letter. He should have an O as well, but the other cadets, who served as judges, ruled in the other cadet’s damn favor.

It was Jaco’s turn and the smirk on his stupid face should have told Mitabi that he was about to lose, but Mitabi was so blinded by his drive to woo Roanna, that he did not see through the other cadet.  Jaco had setup Mitabi for failure in his next turn. The space was tight and full of low branches. His maneuver in the space could only be pulled off by someone that fucking small and fast. It was not ideal for 6’2” broad, awkward limbed, and still had an inch to grow, Mitabi.

It would have been less of a blow to his dignity if he had just forfeited. Though too proud to surrender, he attempted to copy Jaco from his spot on the tree branch. He just needed to copy, move for move, and land feet firmly perched on the tree branch across the way. Of course,  it was not a direct path, that would have been too easy. 

He was not quick enough. 


Laughter erupted as Mitabi hung there, upside down,  one hook embedded in the thick tree branch above, the other hook, well that was knocking his against his backside as its cable somehow managed to get tangled around his body. Piss poor timing on his part. After a few moments, the crowd began to disperse, laughter still spilling from their lips, leaving an embarrassed Mitabi by himself, the cable spinning him slowly in a circle. Jaco and Roanna did not leave right away; instead, she rewarded the victor with his prize. Pressing her sweet lips to Jaco’s, she let them linger for a moment as to rub salt in already open wounds. 

Disgusted and embarrassed, Mitabi told them to piss off. “It's been fun” Jaco laughed before turning away, his queen in tow,  and headed back towards the barracks. He remained there, hanging upside down, his heart too broken for him to release the hook above him.

Trost District / Re: Extra baggage. [Mitabi]
« on: April 07, 2018, 09:19:48 AM »
Everything had gone to hell. Maria fell, and titans now roamed the lands that not too long ago belonged to mankind. The land beyond the wall was nothing more than a rotting wasteland. Crops would go unharvested, a resource they already didn't have enough of,  and livestock ran freely, just outside their grasp. Another resource mankind could not afford to lose. Families, broken apart, had fled to the safety of Wall Rose. First in swarms, then as the days pressed on, they trickled in like a drying creek bed in summer.  Less and less every day. Though Mitabi knew it was not because they all had found sanctuary behind the wall. Most perished before they could escape their districts and villages.

More patrols were needed - on the wall and the street. He was assigned to the wall along with a man he had known for many years. Gustav Volk. Scanning the horizon, Mitabi’s heart sank. They had become too comfortable behind their walls, and they had paid for it with the lives of the helpless. The thought of the titans breaching Shiganshina caused his stomach to twist. What if they breached Wall Rose...more importantly, what if they breached Karanes? Until now, he never had to worry about it.

Now the thought crept up on him, and for a moment he thought he was going to be sick.

Once upon a time, Mitabi had little to worry about.  He had no wife nor kids, and being stationed in Trost, he did not have to worry about titans. He worked and then spent his nights frequenting the local drinking establishments. Before the fall of Maria, humans were his biggest threat, and that did not warrant the worry that plagued him now.  Since the fall of Maria, Mitabi has donned a mask of perpetual worry - his brows knitted together, a furrow so deep that only alcohol could unknit his brow and smooth out his features.


His partner's voice brought him back to reality. The urgency in his partner's voice shook him out of his daze causing Mitabi to move quickly to Gustav's side.

 "Five to the south-east, it looks like two kids with them."


He was hoping Gustav was mistaken, but the man rarely was, and it did not take Mitabi long to confirm what the other man told him. Children.  Was that baggage they were dragging along with them?  Fucking idiots. Surely their lives were more important than some baggage? Anger swelled within and threatened to come out as the sheer idiocy of their decision.

And then it appeared. Its enormous form stepped out from the treeline. By the walls, this was bad. Mitabi's breath caught it in his chest.


"They could make it," Mitabi turned his head to look at Gustav, who had already reached for his blades. That was not like him. The years that Mitabi had known his fellow Garrison soldier, the man never once acted before thinking. A strategist, there was a reason Gustav had a position by Pixis' side.

"Well let's show that ugly bastard what happens when it messes with us." Mitabi laughed weakly as he drew his own blades. Scratchers were one thing, but without a squad, a titan that far from the wall was dangerous to take on.

But those kids - Mitabi was an uncle, he could not just stand by and watch as the titan devoured them.

[OMG it is 2am...I can totally add more dialogue after sleep if you need it.]

Karanes District / Re: Patches, Rags, and New Recruits (tag Mitabi)
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:54:37 AM »
He laughed at the girl's response. "A fish has more brains than that damn fool." Mitabi could not hide his pride nor did he try. Grinning ear to ear, Mitabi sat in his seat, feeling like the king of Paradis - until he felt the presence of another hovering over him. The humor left his eyes, and the grin faded from his lips. Mitabi swallowed hard, dreading that he would be kicked out from the Corps before training even began. 

"Oh, it was!" His voice cracked as he tried to play off the fact that he had been scared -for just a moment - but scared nonetheless. The woman patted his shoulder returning some of that youthful confidence he wore just moments earlier.  A sigh almost escaped his lips. He had to play nice from here on out.

"Don't be." Mitabi flashed a toothy grin at Anka. He certainly hoped that she did not feel bad for the trouble he got himself into. He could have ignored the boy, but what was the fun in that? "Mitabi" he replied taking the offered hand and giving a firm squeeze. "It is nice to meet you, Anka." 

Mitabi noted the boy as he clambered back into the cart. He had no more words for either of them, but the look on the boy's face said it all. Admittedly, Mitabi had to bite his tongue, resisting the urge to spout out hey you back so soon? Have a nice trip? The raven-haired escort would not be so kind if he stirred up trouble once more.

What a shame - such a wasted moment.

Letting go of her hand, Mitabi brought his hand up to rub his neck. Somewhat embarrassed that she noticed his large entourage, he looked down at his lap for a moment. Ettie had asked if he packed his undergarments...Oh, holy Rose! Hopefully, she didn't hear that!   "Oh yeah, they did. My mother and sisters insisted they come and see me off. Tried to tell them that they didn't have to, but you know mothers" Mitabi shrugged "once they make up their mind, there is no changing it."  Laughing weakly, a blush rose to his cheeks. Was embarrassed that his family had made such a fuss earlier?  Would Anka think it silly that he wanted to make sure he could hug his family one last time before leaving?  He didn't understand why he was babbling, but for some reason, he was. 

"So what about you? Your family come to see you off as well?"

Trost District / Re: Pub Crawling
« on: February 27, 2018, 09:28:27 AM »
"Come on Anka. The Dirty Donkey is a great name! It is full of character!"  Mitabi loved places with character; they reminded of his family's inn and all the interesting people that came and went.

 His momma once told him, "Home is where the heart is," and this couldn't be truer whenever his two closest friends blessed him with their company.  Mitabi was happy that they shard in his enthusiasm for the night to come; they all deserved to let loose after all.

Contorting his face into a cheesy expression when Ian mentioned disappointment,  Mitabi tossed the look to Anka before following Ian into the tavern, but not before catching a glimpse of Anka buttoning up her blouse some more. "I am not easy to please!" Bringing his hand to his chest, he feigned offense, only to break character as he met the tavern's welcoming embrace. 

"First round's on me,"

Mitabi knew better to argue with Ian on the matter. When the guy made up his mind, he made up his mind. Besides, it would just waste precious time they could be drinking, and Mitabi hated wasting time he could be enjoying a good drink. He'd make sure to get the next round.

"Maybe the not so hard stuff for me."

Mitabi, leaning in towards Anka, chuckled softly. "Ian always goes straight for the hard stuff. This guy is a fucking fish, only a fool will try to keep up with him." Straightening up, he added. "My sister is particularly fond of honey wine, perhaps that, if it is available. If not, ale is a good place to start. As for me" a wicked grin spread across his lips "I can't have you showing me up Dietrich.  I will have whatever you are having."   

Mitabi was that fool and a proud one at that.

"Now, shall we go claim a booth before we find ourselves having to stand while we drink?" He asked Anka - a protective hand coming to rest on her shoulder - waiting for her move towards the booth Ian had pointed out earlier.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Roped In. [Mitabi]
« on: February 25, 2018, 11:09:11 AM »
Something physical. Now, this was where Mitabi excelled. Always near the head of the pack during a run, he always attacked the physical training with vigor, not that could be said for his performance in the classroom. It was lackluster and hopeless. No amount of scolding could keep him awake long enough to retain the material, which made him have to rely on his friends to teach him what his instructors could not.

With its combination of ropes, walls, and fences, the assault course was a dream come true. It promised of a good time and a chance to show off his physical prowess. Rubbing hands together, Mitabi studied the course though he did not want to do so for long as overthinking it could ruin the promise of a good time. 

Taking his spot near the start of the course, he waited for the cadet, who happened to be Gustav,  in front of him to get a reasonable distance before starting. The first obstacle was easy for him to clear, and unlike Gustav who chose to go under the second obstacle,  Mitabi opted to go over, using his height and strength to his advantage. Though as he cleared the fence, he stopped as he watched the fellow cadet fall from the rope, only to get up to attempt it again, this time on the first rope. 

Cringing when Gustav greeted the mud yet a second time, Mitabi jogged over to make sure the other was not hurt - physically at least. "Not going to lie, that was hard to watch." Mitabi hovered over Gustav, a look of concern washed over his face. "Are you ok?" He asked extending his hand out so that he could help the fallen cadet out of the mud.

Karanes District / Re: Patches, Rags, and New Recruits (tag Mitabi)
« on: February 17, 2018, 09:38:31 AM »

Mitabi had to admit the sound that came from the petite girl's lips was music to his ears. Satisfied that he had struck the right cord, he sat up straighter, chest puffed and a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.  He intended to meet whatever the dumbass threw at him, even if it meant getting into trouble before training had even begun.  Though judging by the escorts lack of reaction thus far, they might be willing to look the other way in exchange for some entertainment. Oh if the dumbass gave Mitabi the reaction he hoped he did, he promised not to let the escorts down.

"Fuck you!"

There it was. That oh so beautiful look that every man - who did in fact, have a puny manhood-  wore when enraged and insulted. They were all the same. Overcompenstors. Big talkers. The dumbass stood up - brushing off the obviously smarter of the two friends - chest puffed, face reddened.  It took all of Mitabi's willpower not to break out in laughter and miss his opportunity to rub salt in the boy's already wounded pride. 

"You wanna go over an fucking ugly little street rat? Let's go!"

"Oh right now?" Mitabi asked scratching his head, acting dumb. " Well shoot, I am afraid we are going to have to reschedule. I was under the  assumption you were going on a little trip?"

Again the expression the boy wore was fucking priceless as he looked back to the nervous friend and back to Mitabi, who had taken the opportunity raise from his seat, in a forward motion,  to greet the boy in the aisle.  Catching the dumbass off guard, powerful hands pushed off the boy's chest causing him to tumble right out of the cart.

"Have a nice trip, see you next fall" Mitabi laughed at his own genius as the escorts hollered for the cart to stop. Flopping back down into his seat, ready for the punishment to come, Mitabi addressed the girl, laughter still spilling from his lips as amusement danced in his eyes. 

"I don't think he will be giving you any more trouble."

Chat, Games & Banter / Re: Texts from Last Night
« on: February 17, 2018, 12:54:26 AM »
Mitabi to Ian after drunken shenanigans

let me wake up, find my pants, and find out where i am tommorow and ill get back to you on that

Trost District / Re: A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:32:33 AM »
He could not lie, the moment Mitabi laid his eyes on Maude, he questioned if this woman was indeed the man's niece.  Everything about Maude from the choice of her dress and the stench of her perfume to her rather handsy and loose actions screamed that she was anything, but the innocent niece who claimed to be waiting for the man of her dreams. What kind of uncle let his niece reveal so much in public anyways?

But Mitabi did not have it in him to inquire about Maude's profession, besides Ettie would surely beat her grown son for embarrassing a woman in a such a way. So feigning excitement, the soldier went through with the date his mother had set up for him. Sometimes being a momma's boy was a dangerous thing; sometimes it lead you straight into a trap: Maude's bosom. The bosom was a powerful thing, and usually, Mitabi could appreciate its power, but not today.  As Maude pressed him closer to her, his free eye fell upon a familiar face.

Anka Rheinberger



Why her of all the people to spot him with his face planted in a chest of a rather characteristic woman? Why not Ian? Sure, he'd harass Mitabi until the day death took one of them, but hell, he was sure several rounds of alcohol would have been enough to buy off Ian, keeping the secret between them. Even Rico, who would surely lecture him until his ears fell off, would have been a better person to stumble upon them.  Anka, well, Mitabi didn't want her to get the wrong idea.

The picture that Mitabi and Maude painted must have looked so so wrong. God, he was so embarrassed right now. Wide-eyed, Mitabi, keeping his hand low as not to draw attention to it,  gestured back I don't know.  Not knowing what else to do, he wounded his pride even more than it already was by mouthing please save me. 

((OOC: Let me know you need anything changed or added.  ))

Wall Rose / Re: An Invincible Summer
« on: February 11, 2018, 08:21:10 AM »
Sitting on the woolen blanket that had been placed on the shore to provide a layer of comfort and protection from the sand, Mitabi, who had wasted no time in shedding his jacket and shirt, focused on the head of hair in front of him. Large, yet nimble, fingers delicately curled around blonde locks worked with such speed, it seemed to be a choreographed dance. The blonde that sat in front of him was a reluctant participant.  He pestered, they argued, and finally, she gave in.

Mitabi loved when he won a good battle.

Just as Mitabi was tying off the braid, a small breeze rolled in, giving a small reprieve from the summer heat. Taking a moment to examine his work, Mitabi, satisfied with what he had created, nodded in approval. Tapping her shoulder, he told Nanaba that he was finished. Mumbling that she better not look stupid, the girl- exploring Mitabi's masterpiece with her hands- got up to join Ian and Anka by the water.

Laughing, his eyes drifted from Nanaba to the others he was fortunate to call friends. Gustav lazed nearby, while Ian and Anka were by the water tossing pebbles. "Death by pebble? I have heard of worse ways to go out." Tired of sitting, Mitabi rose from his seat, stretching his legs as he did.  He was about to call out to Ian when the sight of Anka bravely stripping down to her undergarments stopped his words before they could be sputtered out.  A brow quirked as he watched her wade out to the lake, dip her head underneath for a moment, and then come back up to float on her back. A playful grin spread across his lips; the lake was pretty damn inviting after all. Wasting no time, he stripped down to his own undergarments. "Anka has the right idea!" 

Running, Mitabi crashed into the lake spraying water in every which direction. Reaching Anka, Mitabi let out a "timbers!" and fell into the lake much like a tree would fall in the forest.

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Karanes District / Re: Patches, Rags, and New Recruits (tag Mitabi)
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“Why do you care about her? She’s nobody. Look at her. I'd never go out with patches on my clothes. Street rat.”

Why did he care?

If there was one thing that Ettie ever instilled in her son, was that you never judge a person by their circumstances. Ratty clothes or not, a person is a person, and we all bleed the same.   People were dealt different cards in life, and it wasn't anyone's place to judge based solely on that.

That was a lesson Mitabi had learned the hard way. 

At 11 years old, Mitabi was much like the boy sitting in the cart across from him. Young, careless, and invincible, Mitabi had found himself a part of a crew of boys who ran around town playing games and playing in the dirt, but the leader of the group had a mean streak, often picking on others who were less fortunate than themselves. 

Lily was her name. A girl with clothes that were obviously too small for her long limbs, and a face that never seemed free of dirt.   She begged on the corner, her cheeks sunken slightly telling a tale of many hungry and sleepless nights.  11-year-old Mitabi knew it was wrong, but when the others laughed at him claiming he liked a street rat,  he caved. Before long, the act turned into routine. Young and invincible, it started to feel good to put others down.

Until it didn't

Lily had a proud father who worked hard to provide for his family, and, well, he also happened to know Ettie and Colin.  When  Lily's father came to Ettie with news of her son's  atrocious behavior,  a look of anger and disappointment washed over her features; it was a look that will forever be seared into Mitabi's mind, haunting him in moments like this one.

Mitabi had been beaten only a couple times in his life, and that was one of them.  After apologizing to Lily and her father, Ettie dragged her son into the kitchen and beat him with a wooden spoon until welts appeared on his behind and lower legs. It took a week to be able to sit without wincing. 

His so-called friends never spoke to him again.

It was a lesson that Mitabi did not fully understand until he turned 13 and found his protective streak. Perhaps guilt was the reason Mitabi cared about the girl or perhaps it was that protective streak rearing its head, but whatever it was,  the stupid boy needed to shut his trap. 

Eyes locked with the boy, Mitabi readied himself for action, his eyes begging for a reason to teach the boy a lesson, but before he could jump on the words spoken by the heathen, the girl took hold of his hand, forcing him to let go of the wrist that it clung to. 

“It’s okay. Thank you. It's okay,”


He was just trying to help. "Sorry" Mitabi muttered realizing that he overstepped his boundaries. Embarrassed, he placed his hands in lap and cast his eyes down towards his pack. Trying to respect the girl and not fight her battle, he sat there in silence, but as the cart rolled on, Mitabi found the boy's endless chants hard to ignore. Slowly, his hands curled into fists, nails biting into the skin of his palms, the pain keeping his annoyance and anger at bay.

The girl had a high tolerance for annoying idiots, a trait Mitabi could respect, but when the girl finally broke her silence, Mitabi seized the opportunity to let out some steam.

"Isn't it obvious?" Mitabi interjected with a laugh, a smirk playing on his features as he slowly brought his eyes back to the boy. " His problem is that he is a pathetic fuck who is trying to make up for the fact that his dick is just as puny and pathetic as he is." His words weren't hushed, and the other recruits snickered around them. Pausing, Mitabi tilted his head listening to the escorts, wondering if they would bother to intervene or let them hash out it on their own. Mitabi hoped for the latter.

Trost District / Pub Crawling
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((Pre 845 thread - Ian, Mitabi, and Anka are in their early 20's))

As the small group of Garrison soldiers neared the first tavern of the night, Mitabi breathed a sigh of relief. The drinking establishment was a most welcomed sight.  The day had been long and rather boring, and when looking forward to something as fun as a night out, cannon maintenance was almost as bad as paperwork. Almost. 

Mitabi, while not known for his skills as a strategist, was proud to have helped hatch a plan as good as this one. Ian, a friend from their training days, was his partner in crime, and together they came up with a plan that would hopefully convince the lovely Anka Rheinberger to join them on a night out sampling the finest drinks that Trost had to offer -- well -- perhaps not the finest as the three of them would have to save coin for sometime before they could afford such a luxury. Despite the limitations that coin presented to them, the places Mitabi frequented served ale that didn't taste like piss, and the hard liquor was not watered down to increase profits, which was a rare find these days.

The trio stood in front of their first destination of the night -- Mitabi's first choice -- The Dirty Donkey.  Admittedly, he enjoyed the name more than anything else. "Anka Rheinberger,  while we are young and free of burdens of family and duties, you are going to drink with us!" His light brown eyes glimmered with excitement and the promise of a good time. Wrapping an arm around the smaller girl's shoulder to pull her close, Mitabi gave her a squeeze before letting her go. Of course, he'd never force her to drink, but he hoped that she would let down her hair just this once. "Say we go in?"

Trost District / A Match Made In Hell (Anka)
« on: February 03, 2018, 09:52:51 PM »
(Year 844, Fall)

Are you fucking kidding me?

These were the thoughts of Mitabi Janrach when a man in his late 50's approached him one day, speaking about his mother Ettie and a niece of his that he'd like Mitabi to meet. The man, Raoul, was someone that was a regular at the Singing Boar Inn. A man who Mitabi remembered from his youth, he knew that meeting this 'niece' was all of his mother's doing.  Ettie Jarnach meant well, and always has, but this was the first time she set up a date outside of Karanes.  Over the years, Ettie has tried to play matchmaker for her son, and admittedly, some of the girls were as lovely as a beautiful spring day, and if Mitabi had been ready to settle down, a few of those girls probably would have made him happy.

Although it broke his mother's heart, Mitabi explained to his mother time and time again that he was not ready to settle down. Yet, this did not deter the small woman with her salt and pepper hair, and fierce determination for her only son to give her grandkids. As years went on, and sweet girls became harder to find, Ettie's matches took an interesting turn.

And now here he was walking alongside his mother's latest match. Light brown eyes grew wide as he felt an explorative hand snake its way down his lower back, checking out the goods he possessed before wrapping around his waist and pulling him in closer to her, causing him to suck in air through his mouth. Inwardly cursing, he held his breath for as long as he could, not wanting to inhale any more of the perfumed stench. Maude, his date,  dressed up far more than he did, her dress cut lower than was socially acceptable left little to the imagination, was more fitting for a night out at a social gathering. His outfit was simple: a jacket with a clean, white, shirt underneath, and pants. Her painted face brought out sharp, angular features and overly groomed brows that Mitabi was sure were more fake than real, gave her an angry or bothered expression. Or was it an expression that she just smelled rotten eggs? Mitabi couldn't quite point his finger on it. Heavily perfumed, the air around the woman caused his eyes to water and his nose to burn, forcing him to become a mouth breather whenever he found him too close to her, which happened to be always.

This was a whole new level of crazy. Had lost Ettie lost her mind? Mitabi certainly hoped not as he could not handle another nightmare such as this one.

Brows knitted together, a look usually saved for when he was on duty, nervous eyes searched for a way out of the woman's hold. Casually he tried to create space between the two of them, but the action only caused the woman to smirk, creating a contrasting image as her brows did not change and mold to the new expression she wore. Well, at least he knew they were in fact painted on.

"Oh honey, I am not letting you go that easily."  Thin fingers, once more took time to explore his lower body, giving his cheeks a firm squeeze before sliding an arm underneath his, giving the appearance they were a thing.

Fuck me

Wait. No. Take that back.  Mitabi was sure that's exactly what this Maude woman wanted to do to him. Walking arm in arm from stall to stall, Maude showed off her prize, telling all of those she knew that she had found herself a military man. Never before has he been paraded around as if he was a prized animal being ready to be sold to the highest bidder.  Mitabi wanted to run away and find a hole to hid from the woman.

The day was coming to an end as the sun would soon set, washing away the blue sky and painting it shades of red and orange.  The woman, not wanting to let her catch go, brought them to a bench. Mitabi, eyes redden from the constant onslaught of eye-watering perfume, faced the woman, putting on a brave, but fake smile, secretly praying that this would be the end of their time together. 

Unfortunately, the woman took this a sign of sadness; that Mitabi did not want to part ways just yet. Grabbing the side of his face, Maude kissed his cheek before bringing his head to her chest, wrapping him a tight, smothering embrace. Thank goodness her chest had not been any larger, or he would have been sucked in completely. Cooing, Maude stroked the back of his head, much like a mother would do to an upset child. Stuck in an awkward position, he tried to pull away but met resistance everytime he did. “Oh, how lucky for me to find myself a big ol’ softie!”

When attempts to wiggle himself out of her hold proved futile, Mitabi pleaded to be let go, which, muffled by the chest in which his was face planted, went unheard. Shifting his head to the side as much as allowed, the man inhaled deeply catching a bit of fresh air, his one free eye peering out to passerbys who looked at him funny.

God he hoped that the patrons who frequented the market were none that he knew. How embarrassing if he is squadmates saw him in such a compromising position.

Trackers & Development / And Now My Watch Begins
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