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Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: October 11, 2018, 02:01:56 AM »

Dot had been looking the other, surveying as best he could through his spy glass. Damn his old eyes. He might finally have to buckle down and get glasses. His wife had been telling him for the last five years or so that he needed. It looked to be the time.

His head jerked when he heard Gustav scream. In all the years they had worked together, he could count on one hand the number of times he had heard the younger man raise his voice - let alone scream. Spinning around, he saw immediately why his escort had cried out. Anka was...gone.

He could see the dust rising from the rubble  and the smashed in roof...and one 3DM hook still lodged in a roof. It looked like a boulder or large piece of debris  taken out Anka's wires. No. NO.

He took a few quick steps forward and clapped a hand on Gustav’s shoulder when it looked like the younger man might surge forward. Pixis could not fault him, every fiber in his body was screaming at him to do the same - try and rescue Anka.  But his logical might quickly took over - telling him Anka was gone and nothing could be done for her now.  And he hated himself for that. Pixis grieved the loss of all the fallen under his command. But yes...people like Anka were special. She...along with Gustav...had become like his hands in so many ways.

“She’s gone son,” he rasped. Blinking back unshed tears, Pixis shook his head and bit the inside of his cheek to suppress a scream that was starting to bubble up. Still, he kept his face as calm as possible. No. Anka. Why Anka?

His mind swirled with what ifs. What if he had sent Gustav? He had picked Anka because she was smaller and therefore faster than tall and sturdy built Gustav. Maybe Gustav would have been slow enough that whatever had knocked Anka down would have missed him? Or physically strong enough to...

Dot battled the thoughts down and forced himself to focus. There was still so much more to be done in the battle.... the idea of writing to Anka’s parents - no...don’t think about that now.

"Sir. I need orders."

“There is nothing we can do for her now. We have to get over to the Elites with the plan. We can’t go the exact same way. But we’ll go together.  Give me your map.” Pixis took out his own and copied the marks so both maps showed the plan.

The old man pulled his blades out and pointed with one of them, “We’ll have to take the long way round.”

“Listen here son, the most important thing is this plan gets to the Elites. We both have copies and we both know how to carry it out. But the Elites have to do the heavy lifting. So...if I go down you keep going...because if you go down...that’s what I’ll do. Keep. Going. Always keep going. No matter what. That’s an order Volk.”

“It’s clear. Let’s go.” With a grunt, Pixis shot his hooks out and took flight.

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: September 02, 2018, 01:19:25 AM »
Rage surged from the old man’s stomach and settled in his chest. He was already sore as all hell and the anger did not help. The gate should be open. At least give the people a chance. There had already been so much death - so many NOT given a chance.

Pixis sighed and glanced at his two escorts. Both were looking at the gate with a mix of subtle shock and horror on their young faces.  “Looks like I’ll be having a conversation with someone,” Pixis said dryly as he spurred Abraham to move closer to the Wall.  He leaned out of the saddle and touched the rough stone with his own callused hands. Pixis was not a spiritual man and he thought the Church of the Walls was filled with a special kind of crazy - but he had to respect the ancient structures that had protected mankind for centuries. He closed his eyes for a moment before turning back to Anka and Gustav.

"If we go over now, we can tether the horses to that tree - they'll be out of the way of an evacuation. Anka, if you could tie them while we go over, we can rendezvous atop the Wall and see the full picture?"

Pixis nodded in agreement. It was a good start to the plan. He handed Abrahams reins to Anka, who remained on Thistle, and waited for Gustav so they could make their way up together.

“Up we go!” Pixis said as he placed one foot on the Wall, launched his grapple hooks, and was pulled upward.


The scene that greeted Pixis and Gustav shocked even the battled hardened Commander. The stench of blood, waste, and smoke filled his nose and he winced as a scream cut through the air. Horrific. Horrific did not even touch what he saw.

He walked to the edge of the Wall and peered as far as he could. Trying to gauge where most of the Titans were coming from and where they were going. He could see a bit of a pattern in the destruction and he was beginning to form a plan in his head.

“Roughly how many Titans do you count?” he asked Gustav as he walked along the edge of the Wall. He could hear Anka come over the edge. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her pull out a spyglass and had to smile just slightly when she was able to locate the Elite team. Having his best of the best with them was a comfort to him. He trusted the group of veterans implicitly, but he knew he would need to get orders to them soon. But they would be fine on their own for a little while longer.

Pixis took out the map of Utopia and spread it on the ground. “If most of the Titans are coming from here - we could maybe bottleneck them...here.” He tapped an area on the map and thought for a moment. “It’s not a perfect solution but if we can get the cannons ready and then really control the flow, we can evacuate more people and take down more Titans. And it will be easier for me to find my beautiful lady Titan.”

After a few more minutes of strategic conversation, Pixis nodded, satisfied with the plan. “Anka, head over to where the Elites are, the way looks reasonably clear right now.” It was a fair distance from where they stood to where the Elites are, but if he and Gustav covered Anka, she would be fine.

He watched as Anka nodded, moved to the edge of the wall, and pulled her blades out. "Whenever you're ready my dear." He looked at Gustav, "You'll need to find me Utopia's ranking officer when we're done here. We will be having a chat. And a drink. I'll have a drink at least."

OOC: Let me know if anything needs to be changed.

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: July 17, 2018, 01:52:05 AM »
(I'll push us to Utopia and try and tie in the Garrison/Utopia thread. Let me know if anything needs change.)

While he trusted the Elite troops implicitly, Pixis knew that the sooner they got to Utopia, the better.  He would be able to coordinate with the other troops and leaders easier and he just needed to see what was going on.

He raised his tired eyes and looked at Anka and Gustav. They seemed so young for a moment, even though they both had more than a decade of service under their belts and had earned his respect many times over. Perhaps he was just feeling his age.

Pixis rubbed a callused hand over his face and studied the map a moment longer. He nodded his approval when Gustav and Anka both affirmed the Elites would overtake them to Utopia. That was good. He trusted Ian and the rest to do what they could until the rest of the troops arrived. Small groups like his or the Elites could travel with speed - but larger groups or groups hauling cannons - they would take time.

“I have the utmost faith in both of you and the Elites. And maybe I’ll finally meet a gorgeous lady Titan.”

Before Pixis could add to that, Gustav announced that the messenger was in sight. As the young woman rode up, Pixis stood to greet her.

The conversation was to the point. Titans. The Utopia guard were being overrun and reinforcements were needed. The words carnage and chaos were used several times.  Pixis ordered the girl to rest by the lake for a little before riding out again.

He splashed some water on his face and ordered Anka and Gustav to fix up their canteens along with any extra containers they had with them. The sun was beating down on them...and there would be those desperate for a last drink.


They rode hard and made it to Utopia in a time, had the situation not been so desperate, that Pixis would have bragged about.

They rode hard and made it to Utopia in a time, had the situation not been so desperate, that Pixis would have bragged about.

Chaos and carnage were right. And truly did not touch the sight that met the old man’s eyes.  He sighed and scanned the horizon. As if knowing they had arrived, in the distance, a green flare rose in the sky.

“Ah. There would be the Elites,”  he shouted as he pushed Abraham on, “Gustav! Send a flare to let them know we are here.”

(We will get to the action soon. Just wanted to get everyone close to where they needed to be.)

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: June 03, 2018, 09:18:37 PM »
The Commander listened to his two escorts as best he could over the sound of hooves smashing on the ground. He rose in the saddle to take a little more weight off Abraham and spurred the gelding onward. He grimaced when Abraham jumped a ditch and pain surged through his knees. He saw Anka and Gustav jump the same ditch and smiled as he thought that yes youth was really wasted on the young at times.


Sore and with dust in his eyes, Pixis was certainly relieved when they came to the lake. Hopping down from his saddle, he led Abraham to the edge and dropped the reins so the horse could drink.

He dropped to his knees under the shade of a tree, "Gustav, map please." 

He studied it for a moment before nodding, "We won't know what is happening until we get there and see for ourselves." He was silent for a moment, "But I imagine it will be bad."

The last thing humanity needed was another Wall to fall. There was no way....he shook his head and pushed the thought from his mind. How much blood was on his hands already? He would take on more, of course, more blood, more lost lives...but the thought twisted his stomach. He reached into his pocket and took out his flask - downing a few sips as Anka sighed.

"I imagine a messenger would meet us here if they sent one," Pixis said as he wandered behind the tree to make water. "We'll wait on them but if they are not here soon - we'll move on."

"We'll need at least some of the Elites...and some cannon teams. Regular soldiers as well. They will need as much help as we can give them."

Pixis moved back to the map and looked at it, "I hope you two have full tanks of gas."

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: March 12, 2018, 12:54:30 AM »
It had started out at a rather mellow day. Early morning meetings, taking care of some correspondence, more meetings, and now watching Gustav and Anka carry large boxes. He had carried a few himself - just to be companionable.

He slipped his flask from his breast pocket and took a small sip. He was about to tell Gustav just to bring the blunted blades to the smith when...

"There's movement north of the Wall - more Titans than normal."

“Well let’s go and say hello. Gustav go and get the horses ready.” He took another sip from his flask and told Anka to go tell the Garrison officers to ready a contingent to ride out after they did. A larger group would take longer to ready and the three of them could ride out at once with the other group following.

"I need to see what is going on," Pixis said simply.  He knew Utopia would not be truly prepared for this.

He hurried down to the horses. Abraham, his almost white gelding, and Thistle, Anka's chestnut mare, were already saddled and ready.

Anka was the last to arrive, confirming that the group ordered to follow would be about an hour behind them. They would ride as hard as they could.

Swinging into the saddle, Pixis nodded to his two escorts, "Let's go." With that, he urged Abraham on - reaching a gallop within a few moments.

Garrison / Plots, plots, plots, plots, plots, PLOTS! (Dot's Plotter)
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:56:54 PM »
Dot Pixis
63 | Commander of the Garrison | Fatherly | Alcoholic | Will Do What Needs To Be Done | Eccentric

His position makes genuine equal friendships hard. But Dot cares deeply for those under his command - while knowing he would sacrifice their lives if he had to. He is sometimes hard to be around - but the fact that he cares is evident. He is also very respectful to the other, younger, commanders.

You don't get to where Pixis is without pissing some people off along the way.

Dot is happily married and has been for longer then some characters have been alive. He does sometimes attempt to meddle in the love lives of his underlings.

Plot Ideas
Anything with Garrison Members
Dot likes to drink. A lot. Let's go drinking.
Meetings. Dot goes to lots of meetings.
Anything with his family. Pixis is a family man and they visit him sometimes at his work. Or people will go to his house.
Open to any and all ideas!

Garrison / Re: Dot Pixis (WIP!!!)
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:16:01 PM »
I am going to call this good and ready. Like I said, when I have a little more time I will go back and do some cleanup - but here is Dot in a nutshell.

Garrison / Dot Pixis
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:44:32 PM »

NAME:  Dot Pixis
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  His youngest grandson calls him "DohDoh."
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  63 DOB - September 13th
PLACE OF BIRTH: Krolva District
GENDER:   Male
FACE CLAIM:  Himself - Dot Pixis from SNK.

APPEARANCE:  Dot is of average height and has a solid build for a man his age. His face has been weathered by the elements and by pain and worry. What hair he has and his mustache are grey and his are light brown and framed by deep wrinkles.

PERSONALITY: Dot Pixis is complex to say the least. The Pixis one meets depends on where he is and what he is doing. For the most part - Pixis portrays himself as laid back and good-natured man just verging on senility. If he is with his family then he is very much the kindly grandfather and doting husband. He very much adores his family and tries to make the most of the time he has with them.  Dot is all too aware of how fragile and short life can be.

The grandfatherly good nature tends to carry over to his work.  He treats his subordinates with at least respect and most are treated with genuine warmth.

Pixis can inspire bravery in his troops. He is a phenomenal speaker and just his presence can inspire that little extra courage needed to push through the fear.

There is also a dark side to Dot Pixis. He has sent people to their deaths more times that he truly wants to remember and sometimes he can feel them.  Dot can become very depressed at times and turns to the bottle for comfort.  Everyone knows not go in his home office if the door is shut.

Pixis owns the death of his soldiers.  While he cannot write every death notice - he signs every note - sometimes staying up through the night and battling hand spasms and shakes to do so.

He has become close to some of his officers and dearly views them as his “other” children. He cares deeply for them - but would send them to their deaths if need be. If need be - he would lay down his own life as well.

Dot is tired. He has seen so much in his life and he wants to rest. But he knows that it would be unfair to lay the burden of leadership on another as long as he is fit. The person who he has selected to succeed him deserves a few more years of relative peace.

~ Leadership.
~ Inspires loyalty in others.
~ Excellent strategist.
~ Stellar judge of character.
~ Big picture thinker.

~ Alcoholism
~ Sometimes too eccentric.
~ Is just getting older and starting to slow down.
~ Carries a lot of guilt.

~ Play his part in defeating the Titans.
~ Make sure all of those who died under his command did not die in vain.
~ Perform some sort of penance for the blood he believes stains his hands.
~ Drink at every tavern that he can. He has a list.

~ Losing his family (again).
~ Making a tactical error.
~ In a way - Hell.

~ Born into a middle-class family. Father was a printer and mother looked after the children.
~ Joined the military because he wanted a chance to travel within the walls.
~ Was a more than decent combatant but his skill set was truly in tactical planning and leadership.
~ Graduated 17th in his training group.
~ Married young. Had one child and wife died giving birth to second child. The infant also died.
~ Did his best as a single father. It was a struggle.
~ Started drinking at the time of his first wife's death.
~ Remarried a few years later to a widow who also had a small child. They also have a child together.
~ Was able to work his way up the ranks fairly quickly. His calm and steady nature made him a natural leader. People trusted him.
~ He also proved capable of making difficult and sometimes cold decisions.
~ His drinking increased along with his rank.
~ Wants to retire but does not want to give the burden of his position to another person.
~ Knows he will probably just die at his desk if he does not go senile first.
~ Is happy none of his children or grandchildren (so far) have followed him into the military.
~ Knows who his successor will be. Has not told anyone yet.

YOUR ALIAS:  QuietCelt
AGE:  31

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