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Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Sullied Snow (Ian)
« on: May 16, 2018, 06:08:17 PM »
Arkin cried out when Ian slammed into the boy who was about to strike him. Shock and gratitude coursed through him even as the shorter boy shoved him towards Ian. As he was pushed Arkin lost his footing and stumbled into Ian. Several inches shorter than the other cadet, Arkin slammed into his chest, feet sliding on the icy ground.

Thankfully Ian was able to steady him and Arkin struggled to stand semi-upright.  A smear of blood streaked Ian’s coat as Arkin stood. His stomach and jaw hurt but he was in much better shape than he would be had Ian not come to his aid.

He knew Ian from hanging around Nanaba and Anka. He knew the boy had a reputation, but he trusted what Anka and Nanaba said above that. If they liked him then Arkin was so inclined as well.

Coughing, Arkin took an unsteady step back and raised his eyes to Ian's. He forced smile and said, "I think I had them right where I wanted..." The tone of his voice indicated a weak attempt at a joke and after he tried to take a deep breath, Arkin doubled over in a fit of coughing.

"I think maybe back to the barracks is a good idea." He coughed again and spit out blood.

"Thank you." Arkin reached out and took Ian's hand, looking at his knuckles, "I think we could both do with some bandages. I can handle that."

He offered Ian another smile and forced himself to stand straighter, even though it hurt. "It's cold." He looked up at the sky for a moment. "Thank you again."

Trost District / Re: Whatever it Takes (Arkin)
« on: May 16, 2018, 01:47:25 AM »
Arkin listened. If he was being totally honest, he would love it if Luke and also Nanaba were not members of the Survey Corps. Nothing would make him happier than knowing his friends were safe. Still, he understood that soldiers needed to go where they felt their duty was.

“I don’t know if I agree with that. You joined the Corps for a reason. I know you so I know it’s a valid reason. Don't worry about it tonight. ”

He finished his drink and tossed some coins on the bar - enough to cover both of them. “For the record. I think you’d be a great father. But it’s not a umm...choice you have to make right now.” Arkin often found himself thinking about having a family of his own. He was in an alright position to do so. Still...he would have to find someone. Romance for Arkin was difficult, to say the least.

Arkin blinked at Luke’s announcement. He was silent for a moment before saying very gravely, “Hello gay. I’m Arkin.” Then he smiled and put an arm around Luke. Arkin himself was attracted to both men and women. In a very limited capacity.  There had been three people in his life that Arkin had ever experienced any romantic attraction to. That was many years ago and nothing had come of any of it.

"It's alright. It's part of who you are. It's you. Did you think I'd be upset?"

Keeping his arm around Luke he moved to guide them out of the tavern - intent on finding some decent food. “I want a meat pie. Let’s go find some.”

Trost District / Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: May 16, 2018, 12:24:04 AM »
Arkin smiled at Gustav, “Cobbles. Right. Just keep applying the balm.” Arkin had been surprised when Gustav and Anka had appeared at his door asking for something for...cobble burn. Apparently, they had been run down by a beet cart. That was not the oddest incident that had brought people to him - but it was close. Still, Arkin genuinely liked Gustav and who was he to judge...

He nodded at the mention of scratchers, “We’ve had titans about six of the last ten watches. Last night as well. Seven meters. We took care of it.” He nodded his head towards Rahab, who gave a salute to Gustav.  The other team members followed her lead as their captain and his companion approached. They all had the same tired look that Arkin carried. All they wanted was breakfast and their beds at this point.

Arkin moved to stand just out of earshot from his team, the tips of his toes hanging off the edge, confident in his footing after years on the Wall. "A few nights back we had two show up back to back. That was a little startling."

He inclined his head to look up at Gustav, "We used to go a week or more without seeing one. Now like I said - two together. It's...odd." He crossed his arms over his chest and looked out at the sunrise.

"Remember when that was ours?" Arkin asked almost absently as his pale eyes surveyed the land before them. "It seems like forever ago." He sighed and brushed his hair out of his face, exposing for a moment the mangled pinky and ring finger of his left hand.

"One thing Rahab actually noticed was that most of the scratchers seem to be coming from the same rough direction. I don't know if that means anything." He looked at Gustav. He knew the younger man had a better mind for figuring out things like that. "I know Vanya's team had four a few nights back. Not back to back but still. Odd. Very odd."

Trost District / Re: Whatever it Takes (Arkin)
« on: April 08, 2018, 10:51:18 PM »
Arkin looked at the younger man for a moment. He knew Luke well enough to he was upset. But he knew not the press at the moment. “I’m well. We’ve been doing a lot of Night Watches. So I’m all thrown off time wise. Other than that - same things I always do. Man the cannons. Fix the cannons. Fill out forms about the cannons.” He shrugged and took a sip of his drink.

The older man smiled when Luke kissed his cheek, “Well I’m not planning on dying. And cannons is one of the safer assignments. I’ll always do everything I can to live. And so will you.” He gave Luke as stern a look as he could muster before smiling again. Luke was like his little brother. “You are absolutely one of the best things in my life and I am always so happy when you ride back through the gates.” He meant that. He was always so worried when the Survey Corps rode out and if he was able, he was always there to greet them and look for the ones he knew. Arkin always felt like a weight was off his shoulders when he saw Luke ride in.

“Have you eaten yet? You should eat,” Arkin said.  Booze on an empty stomach was not a great idea. And Arkin was getting a little hungry again.

Trost District / Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: April 08, 2018, 08:48:07 PM »
Arkin’s team had the Night Watch this week. They were tired and hungry but it had been a mostly quiet night. One Titan that Arkin and his second in command, Rahab, had dispatched quickly and with little fuss.  While they were a cannon team, 3DM gear and blades were the only way to actually kill a Titan. He had struggled with 3DM training as a cadet and new member of the Garrison, but years on the Wall had granted Arkin a reasonable amount of skill. Not remotely as able as say - Ian or Rico, but competent and able to perform his duties.

He watched the sun slip over the horizon and noted the oranges, reds, and yellows as each color peeked through the fading mist. It was going to be a nice day - that he fully intended to sleep through. After he ate, filled out his paperwork for the watch, and mixed some of the balms he used to treat wall burn. Then sleep.

It was odd, Arkin thought to himself, as he looked over the landscape. Once it had been a home. Now it was a boneyard. How many had not made it through the gates? Arkin did not want to think about that. He had been there. He had seen it all.

There had been a messenger a little earlier to let him know Gustav was coming to see him. The young lady had not told him why. That was fine. He knew Gustav from training and they had come up the ranks together and Arkin liked him.

Casting his eyes down the Wall, he saw Gustav. Nodding to Rahab, Arkin walked to meet him.

“Good morning,” he called when they were closer, “So what brings you here so bright and early? And hows the burn?”

Trost District / Re: Rainbow Lies(Arkin)
« on: March 19, 2018, 02:04:40 AM »
Arkin saw the girl out the side window of the shop. He was just glancing out the window when he saw a girl come around a corner and then slide down the wall. From her body posture, the way she seemed to curl into herself, Arkin was fairly sure there was something wrong.  The shop was actually closed for the evening and he was alone.  His parents were both out on visits - dropping off medicine to the homebound and his grandparents were probably asleep by now.

He watched the girl for a few moments longer before he decided to go and see if she was alright. Throwing his coat on, he walked out the shop's side door and crossed the street to reach the girl. It was windy and his hair blew wild this way and that.

Arkin approached her slowly, unsure if she noticed him. As he got closer, he noticed she looked to be a few years younger than himself. She was...frail was not the right word. He could tell she was crying though. And it was awfully chilly be to be running around without a coat.

Taking a few steps closer, Arkin knelt down next to her, “Hey there. Are you okay? Do you need help?”

Slowly, Arkin extended his hand towards the girl. “My name is Arkin. Are you hurt? Can I see your face?" He slipped out of his coat and offered it to the girl, "It's pretty cold out. Can you tell me your name?" He gave the girl a smile, "I won't hurt you. I swear."

Trost District / Start the Morning Right (Mitabi)
« on: March 19, 2018, 01:14:21 AM »
Arkin was an early riser. He did not mind. He could get more work done in the early morning. Mostly his remedies. Someone always needed a salve for Wall Burn or something for a headache or a stuffy nose or a cough. Arkin did not like to step on the medics toes - but he was faster, required no forms, and could handle most nonlethal or truly serious injuries and ailments. He reasoned he was freeing them up to deal with the really dangerous maladies and such.

His quarters were cluttered with bundles of dried herbs, pots filled with sweet and not so sweet smelling oils, boxes of seeds, strips of linen, and basically anything he would or could need. It smelled like an apothecary shop. Sharp and sweet at the same time.

Running his hands through the tangle of his blonde hair, Arkin rose from his bed and dressed. He was not on duty today, so he threw on a pair of old pants and a simple pullover.  He cleaned himself up in his basin and took a moment to look out his window. The sun was just starting to peep out.

He knew who the first people at his door would be this morning. Mitabi and...Linda? Lily? Arkin was sure it started with an L. He had met her a few times before. He had seen her and Mitabi go into Mitabi’s quarters the night before. That was fairly typical. Mitabi was popular with the ladies and normally had a...friend...over once a week or so.

Rubbing the last of the sleep from his eyes, Arkin started to work. He scooped the needed seeds from a box and into the mortar he kept on his desk. Arkin crushed the seeds and carefully poured the powder into an envelope. In his wide but neat handwriting, Arkin had written the instructions on the envelope. He was pretty sure...Lily...knew what to do...but he tended to err on the side of caution. On a small scrap of paper that he slipped into the envelope, he had also written the address of his parent's shop. Just in case the remedy did not work.

That finished, he set it aside and began to work on a cough syrup. He shared a wall with Anka and had heard her coughing through the night. There was something going around the barracks and it looked like it was her turn. His mixture was foul tasting - but it certainly calmed coughs.

"Come in," Arkin called softly, looking up when he heard a tap on the door.

"Good morning," he said simply, offering Mitabi and the young lady a smile. "It's nice to see you again miss."

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Sullied Snow (Ian)
« on: March 18, 2018, 08:15:52 PM »
Winter, 831ish

“We know what your mother does!” Arkin just had time to raise his eyebrows in a question before one of the other cadets, a tall boy with hair the color of a dull coin, sucker punched him in the mouth. The metal taste of blood filled his mouth and Arkin was knocked back a few steps - though he managed to stay on his feet despite the ground being slick with ice and slush.

Arkin had been outside, simply walking from the girls barracks back to the boys in the fading light of dusk. Anka had asked for his help with some issues she and a few of the other girls were having. It was a simple remedy and he had passed it to her through one of the windows. He had been crunching his way back through the snow when the two boys had cornered him.

“We know what she does,” the boy said again.

He knew what the boy was talking about. It was a well-known secret what his mother and grandmother would do for girls and women who needed a certain kind of help. Most people who knew were fairly neutral on it. Some were very much in agreement it was a needed service. And some were very very opposed. Some violently it seemed.

Arkin opened his mouth to say something in return but the other boy, shorter with a stockier build, grabbed him and twisted his arms behind his back. Arkin could not help but grunt in pain as he felt his muscles pull unnaturally. Before he could make any other noise, the taller boy socked him in the stomach. Arkin felt the air rush out of his lungs and the bile rise up his throat - blood dribbling from his mouth.

Unable to get words out, Arkin braced himself for the next punch while struggling as best he could against the grip of the boy holding his arms.

Trost District / Re: Whatever it Takes (Arkin)
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:56:55 PM »
Arkin blinked a few times as he digested what Luke was saying. “Well...you can’t do anything when you’re dead. So you can do more for humanity when you’re alive.”

He settled down next to Luke and continued, “I think people just want their deaths to mean something. Nobody wants to die for nothing. So they just get fixated on dying for something great.”

Arkin turned to the barkeep and ordered an Ale. He was not much of a drinker - but one would be fine. Just one. While his drink was being prepared, he took a moment to rummage in the cloth bag he brought. Yes, there was a headache remedy in there. Luke would probably need that in the morning,

“Try not to pay any attention to them,” Arkin said as he took a sip of his drink. “I’m scared to die. I’ll do it if I have to. But I can do more alive. Same goes for you.”

Trost District / Re: Whatever it Takes (Arkin)
« on: March 16, 2018, 02:39:49 PM »
Arkin hurried through the darkened streets. He was running a little bit late. Commander Pixis himself had cornered him as he was coming out of the mess hall and had wanted to have a lengthy conversation about cannons. Normally, Arkin would be thrilled to talk about cannons. But he had promised to meet Luke for drinks and to bring him a bag of remedies for the next Survey Corps mission. Just some pain numbing salves and such - nothing fancy. But things that would be helpful nonetheless.

After Pixis let him go, Arkin had hurried back to his quarters and gathered up what he had promised. He threw some coin in his pocket and made his way out the barracks.
The tavern was crowded and it took him a moment to spot Luke. He smiled as he made his way through the crowd towards the younger man.  He stepped in front of Luke and Arkin’s smiled faded slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Arkin asked as he sat down. He could tell by the flush across Luke’s cheeks that he had a drink or two already. That was odd.
“Luke? What’s wrong?” Arkin repeated - looking intently at his young friend.

Garrison / Re: Arkin Holt
« on: March 15, 2018, 07:21:45 PM »
I think this is ready for review. As always I will be happy to make any changes!  :D

Garrison / Arkin Holt
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:29:42 PM »

NAME:  Arkin Holt
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Garrison (Cannon Team Leader)
FACE CLAIM:  Lindel from Ancient Magus Bride

Arkin is a man of average height and has a solid build. He has longish blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. His face has a kind countenance to it and he tends to be smiling. Though Arkin looks youthful from a distance -  years atop the Walls in the sun and wind along with his tendency to smile have left him with visible lines around his eyes and mouth.  It’s not something he really thinks about. Most men and women in the Garrison around his age have the same weathered look.

Arkin is missing most of his left pinky and ring finger.  They were blown off during a cannon misfire a few years back. He functions fine without them but does tend to hold his left hand in a way that does not show the disfiguration.

Arkin is a friendly man with a genuine smile and kind eyes. He is a loyal soldier and a competent leader though would not, at least at this time in his life, do overly well leading more than one or two crews. Still, he is a relatively young man and has time to grow and gain more leadership skills.

He is actually very shy and will almost always try and guide the conversation away from himself and towards the person that he is talking to.  Arkin is someone who is often sought out for advice because he listens and is not inclined to be judgmental. Growing up in the Apothecary shop - he met all kinds of peoples who had all sorts of needs and hardships and he learned to be compassionate.

While it may seem odd that Arkin did not head into the medical section of the Garrison, he was found by his instructors to be of a mechanical mind and for all his issues in combat training - to have a stellar aim. So to the cannons he went. He was able to rise up to become a Team Leader with the cannon group. It took him a little while to find his feet, but his troops would now say he is a  fair leader who is always willing to pull his own weight.

~ Leadership in small to medium groups.
~ Phenomenal aim with both his cannons and with rifles.
~ Very mechanically minded/Good with hands in general.
~ Easy to talk to/Gives solid advice.
~ Has a decent amount of medical/herbal knowledge (family runs an Apothecary shop).

~ Can be timid at times. Prefers to talk about others and not himself.
~ Was weak in most academic subjects and not the strongest combatant. 3DM training was rough.
~ Does not always say what he feels.
~ Struggles to delegate at times.

~ Defend the Walls and especially protect his home. He was born and raised in Trost and his family is there.
~ Keep his troops alive if at all possible.
~ Hopefully live long enough retire. His older brother is preparing to take over his parent's shop and they have discussed Arkin joining him in (many) years.
~ Maybe find someone to settle down with. It’s hard though. No time and not wanting to leave someone bereft if anything should happen to him makes him uncertain about forming a long-term romantic relationship.

~ Death. Knows and accepts  it may happen - but he still finds the idea frightening.
~ Trost falling. It’s his home and everything and everyone he loves is there. It’s his duty to protect it.
~ Cannons failing. The cannons are his responsibility and are an intrical part in protecting humanity. Often they slow Titans down enough to give the 3DM troops a real edge. They must not fail.
~ Humanity being defeated. He fears death greatly, but he would lay his life down if need be.

Arkin was born the second son Perkin and Lyra Holt. He joined older brother Oscar and spent most of his childhood in the back room of his family’s  Apothecary shop. There he learned from his grandparents and parents all about medicinal herbs and how to formulate remedies for many common - and not so common - ailments.

Arkin learned to mix tinctures, salves, syrups and other remedies. He learned what herb was helpful with headaches and how to treat the ever common Wall Burn. He also learned about how his grandmother and mother helped girls and women who “were in trouble.”

Mr. and Mrs. Holt had a good reputation as healers and as the business was close to the Garrison HQ, many members of the largest branch of the military would frequent the shop. Arkin found himself intrigued by the men and women with roses on the jackets. When possible, he would chat with some of them and many were kind to the quiet boy with many questions.

As he got older, Arkin would watch the Garrison soldiers go about their duties on the Walls and as a peacekeeping force within on streets. After some thought and a discussion with his parents and grandparents, he was allowed to enlist. His older brother would keep the shop going and Arkin could join back into the family business if and when he retired.

Arkin struggled in most aspects of training.  He was fast but often clumsy and struggled with most classroom work. For a little while, it looked like he might wash out. However, receiving help from a few close friends and the instructors noticing that his mind was mechanical and he had very true aim meant that Arkin was able to graduate, albeit fairly low in his training group.

While Arkin had proven himself useful in caring for ill and injured cadets -  it was decided that the cannon crews needed more members and as Arkin had proven to be a fairly crack shot, he was placed where the need was the highest.

Arkin has been on the Walls for more than a decade at this point. He is now a Team Leader and has earned the respect of his men. Arkin has a soft spot for the men and women who come from the lower end of the training groups. He knows what it is like to be an underdog and will do what he can to help them get a boost up.

He also essentially runs a small Apothecary shop out of his quarters. Arkin can treat simple maladies like headaches and Wall Burn and can provide remedies for soldiers who need to not get into trouble. He’ll send them to his mother if they are already in trouble. He only charges the cost of the herbs and other materials he needs for the remedies and will do things that the medics cannot do. Arkin just wants to help.

Arkin feels like he is doing good in the world and is doing his part to protect humanity. Sometimes he wonders if there is more to it - but he is content for the most part.

YOUR ALIAS:  QuietCelt
AGE:  31

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