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Karanes District / Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: February 15, 2020, 12:01:27 AM »
OOC: Thanks for your patience!


"It doesn't quite work like that."

Miri paused and then nodded, "No, I don't imagine it really would." Her voice lost some of the singsong and squeak that it had carried. "Still...it's probably something else...exciting seems like the wrong word." Miri was not sure what to say. She had thought about the Survey Corps for about half a second and then thought better. Her friend who had died on her first mission out - she lasted twice as long as Miri would have at that age...being that green.

"They must have been a good person."

"She really was. One of the best." Miri had been one of the people to come to identify her friend's remains. It would not have been right to have her parents see her like that. "She believed in the mission. That is for sure."

As Gunther took Tabby's hand, Miri had to smile. The little girl tended to be a good judge of character. And she seemed to really take to Gunther. For his part - Miri could see he was doing his best. Miri was of the opinion that it was hard not to like Tabby. But she was very very partial.

She cringed visibly when Tabby mentioned going outside the Walls. And she hoped Gunther did not notice. But the idea of Tabby going outside the Walls made Miri's blood run cold. Except for a special few - outside was certain death.

"I have. Hopefully, by the time you're older, nobody will need to go outside the Walls again."

Tabby pursed her lips, "I want to go outside to see outside. All the fields and forests and rivers. It's all the same in here."

“There is plenty to see here,” Mira said - firmly. “You’ve never been to Yarckel or Orvud or any of those districts. So you have plenty left to see...plenty.”

"What else do you like?"

Thank the Walls for Gunther the Hero, Miri thought to herself as she stepped up to the cider counter. Tabby, like most little kids, could be easily distracted and the sooner her mind was off joining the Corps...the better. And she was touched by Gunther's kindness and attention towards her niece. Not everyone would let a little girl they just met hold their hand and chatter on like that.

There was no line so she was quickly handed three mugs of hot cider. There was also an apple tart that looked big enough to split three ways so she ordered that as well.

"I like...school. Math is my favorite but teacher says I have to work on my handwriting. And I have a cat. His name is Blueberry and I like him. I like...Aunt Miri...and grammy and grampa...uncle Pavel."

Karanes District / Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: November 23, 2019, 12:03:48 AM »
"I'm part of the Special Operations Squad - it works a little differently to most. I expect we don't have as much paperwork as the others."

The Special Operations Squad? Well...damn. That was....unexpected. And impressive.  The Special Operation Squad really was the best of the best of the Survey Corps. Maybe in the entire military. "It must be a great honor to be in the Squad. We all hear about what you do. It's pretty amazing. See....seeeeeeeee....you ARE a real hero. Told you."

"Well...paperwork is no fun so you're not missing anything there!"

"It's always good to meet another from your own intake - I remember when I last saw everybody. Graduation - they had all the divisions collected together, didn't they?"

She gave him a final tight squeeze and pulled away - patting his cheek as she did.

Miri nodded, "They had the top ten go off and then the rest of us...well most of us...went off to the Garrison. I had a friend...a close friend...who went into the Corps and uh..." Miri trailed off. Her friend had not made it through her first mission outside the Walls. "Well...you know."

Tabby was still hanging onto Gunther and looking up at him with huge eyes. She unwrapped her arms from around Gunther and gave his hip a little pat - mimicking what her aunt did to her new friend's cheek. 

"It's really not necessary. Anybody would do the same with the right set of values. If not me, somebody else would have gotten here."

"You don't know that," Miri said, her voice lowering to indicate she was serious. That was true. The Garrison often acted the true police within the Walls and Miri had seen how just...bad people could be to each other.

"It's very necessary. There is a hot cider booth right over there. Let's go!"

Tabby looked up at Gunther, shrugged, and took his hand and started walking towards the booth. "You've been outside the Walls? I'll go outside someday. When I'm big like you and Miri."

Karanes District / Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: November 09, 2019, 12:01:23 AM »
"Huh. Interesting."

Miri shrugged her shoulders and removed her glasses, giving them a little scrub with the sleeve of her sweater, "Sometimes. Lots of time it's just training or paperwork. Lots of patrols though. Especially now." She sighed and put her glasses back on, "I imagine it's the same for you. Everything is just...amped up."

"Ninety-fourth Cadet Corps, in Karanes District. "And I'm twenty-six. What about you?"

Miri let her mouth gape open for a second before clapping her hands and practically squealing, "By the Walls!!! The Ninety-Fourth? We were in the same group!!! That's amazing!" Miri closed the distance between then and gave Gunther a warm hug - wrapping her arms around his waist and squeezing. If she had been strong enough, she would have lifted him up and bounced him a bit.

Tabby peered up at Gunther for a moment before shrugging and wrapping her own arms around him.

Pulling back, Miri gave his chest a playful jab with her finger, "And you never ask a lady her age...but I'm twenty - six."

"I'm eight," Tabby offered, still holding onto Gunther's waist and looking up at him.

Miri took a step back and grinned up at Gunther. He had looked familiar. At first, she thought it was just from escorting on the Survey Corps out on their missions and/or greeting them when they came back. She was excited to meet someone from her training group, "Gunther the Hero from the Ninety-Fourth Training Group. C'mon! I'm buying you a drink!"

Karanes District / Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: June 01, 2019, 05:25:33 PM »
"What's your focus? Wall, civilian, and so forth?"

"Oh well." Miri hesitated for a moment. It was a little hard to explain what she did...and she did not want to sound like a braggart herself. "I'm in the...we're called the Elites. Under Mitabi Jarnach." She bit her lip for a moment before continuing, "We handle the spots on the Wall that are busier with Titans...escort the Survey Corps out...stuff like that.

"Wall maintenance though too," Miri added, thinking to the many days she had spent hanging over the Walls checking for chips and cracks to let the Engineers know about.

Miri felt her jaw drop when Tabby asked about Gunther's hair. She had not noticed, but when she did look...it did stick up a bit. "Tabby!"

"I've been so windswept in the survey corps expeditions that it's caused a permanent style I can't change."

She was relieved when Gunther made a joke out of Tabby's question but had to blink when he mentioned the Survey Corps.

"The Survey Corps!? You're in the Survey Corps?!" She put her hands on her hips and peered over the rim of her glasses at Gunther, "Is that where I know you from?"

"Wait...wait wait wait! What training group were you in? How old are you? I KNEW you looked familiar! Knew it!" She had moved to stand a little closer and was wagging her finger at Gunther - though she was smiling.

IC / Re: Birds of a Feather (Tag Tyler)
« on: March 04, 2019, 02:56:05 AM »
“Are you…alright?”

“I’m great!” Miri chirped brightly. It had not been a bad fall - not really. Other’s had fallen further and been fine. Honestly, she thought it was sort of fun - she liked the feeling of her heart racing and her stomach jumping into her throat.

She let herself swing back and forth and smiled at the boy.  She could see him holding onto the tree and blinked a few times - wondering if he was okay. Another gust of air blew her gently back and forth and she laughed again.

“How can you be that relaxed after falling?”

Miri was silent for a moment. That was a really interesting question. "Well...I guess I knew I could catch myself. I never thought I should be scared when I fell."

As she spoke, Miri pulled herself upright and looked around, "I don't think the instructor will like me just hanging here." She peered up towards the tops of the trees and then back towards the boy. "Here...watch out."

Without waiting for him to respond, Miri swung herself out and then quickly back towards the branch the boy was on.

"You okay? How come you're down here? I think everyone else is up." Miri asked the boy. "I'm Miri by the way."

Karanes District / Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: February 24, 2019, 01:11:42 AM »
"Gunther Schultz, ma'am."

"Ma'am?" Miri muffled a snort, "People normally only call me ma'am when I'm in uniform." After a beat, she added, "I'm in the Garrison. Over in Trost though." She adjusted her glasses and looked away for a moment.  Not everyone reacted positively to the Garrison. Some saw them as lazy goldbrickers (admittedly more than a few members were) and some saw them as agents of the crown since the Garrison acted as more a police force than the actual MPs.  This man seemed calm - but Miri had been around long enough to know better than to judge by first impressions.

"Something of a hobby - your niece here was minding her own business, I wouldn't like her, or any, hurt due to the lack of perception of another. Though I don't think 'hero' quite suits me."

"So...you're a modest hero then?" She smiled back at him and shrugged, "That's probably the best kind." Miri let her eyes fall steady on the man's face. She was sure she had seen him before. She could just not place where.

"Just take care, hm?. Seems that your doll there is a little battle-worn. Are you able to fix her up?"

"Don't worry Gunther the Hero...I think my mom can fix this," Miri said - looking at the doll.

"Grandma can fix it," Tabby repeated...still staring up at Gunther with wide eyes.

"Miri," Tabby asked in a whisper that only a child could think would not be heard, "Why does his hair stick up like that?"

IC / Birds of a Feather (Tag Tyler)
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:04:58 AM »
Late Fall/Early in Training

Chattering like the little birds that lived in the bushes near the mess hall, Miri and her friends skipped along to 3DM training. Miri had mostly fallen in with a group of similar cadets - skilled enough but not yet remarkable -  and all with the same chipper attitude. Miri could see her breath in the chilly morning air and she laughed as she tried to blow rings with the mist. Her father could blow rings with the smoke from his pipe. He did a better job than she did.

While Miri could not say she was enjoying training - she was not - but 3DM lessons were always a highlight. She loved the feeling of flying and would normally find herself shrieking and giggling with joy. Miri was typically reprimanded for that and that was alright as far as the little blonde was concerned. 

Today's lesson was typical. Using their 3DM gear, the cadets had to get as high into the trees as they could and then make their way across the tops and through the branches. Miri was doing fine, launching with relative ease from branch to branch, until she misjudged a distance and found herself falling. She let out a yelp but was able to shoot another hook and at least stop herself. She came to rest, upside down, in front of a dark haired cadet. She did not know his name.

"Whoops!" She giggled as she spun around and waved at the boy, "Hiiii! Sorry to drop in like this!"

Karanes District / Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:31:52 AM »
"I kept her from falling over. Your niece was knocked over by a ruffian, miss."

"Is that what happened?" Miri asked Tabby, her eyes flicking from her niece to the man - who looked just vaguely familiar.  The little girl nodded, "Yes. I got bumped into and almost fell. He caught me." She turned to stare back up at the man. "Thank you," she said softly before bending to pick up the old rag doll.  It had been stepped on a few times and was now very dirty - with one of the button eyes coming loose.

"Well then, thank you very much." Miri said, the forced sternness in her voice slipping away into a chirpy and sing-song cadence, "She's such a silly goose. I can't keep her on a leash but maybe I could put a bell on her."

Miri took another look at the man's face, her gaze lingering here and there. He was about her age and very stern looking - with eyes that seemed older than the rest of his face. She also thought he looked just a bit nervous. Which struck her as odd. She could not imagine that out of her uniform she was that intimidating.

"So is that your hobby? Running around and saving small run-away children from ruffians?" She laughed at her own little joke, "Well then...what's your name hero? I need to know who saved the day."

Placing her hands on her hips, she waited for the man to answer. She'd offer to buy him some hot cider as a thank you. Did she know him from somewhere? Miri was sure she had seen him before and it was starting to bother her. "You do have a name - don't you hero?"

Karanes District / Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: November 17, 2018, 07:54:09 PM »
(OOC: Looking at Miri and Gunther's ages  I think they could know each other from training. Tabby is about 8 years old.)

It had taken some doing, but Miri had managed to beg a few days off. It was important, Tabby, her niece, had not seen her paternal grandparents in a while and as Miri’s parents had to work - Miri had taken her. Tabby’s grandparents were servants in a wealthy house and did have to work a few days during their visit, but it was nice to spend time in the evening with them.

Today, while Tabby’s grandparents were away, Miri had decided to take her to check out some of the Harvest Feast festivities. She was dressed for the slight chill in a dark green skirt and heavy flannel blouse with a check pattern. Tabby was in a blue jumper with a sweater underneath. A new yellow cloak (a Harvest Feast gift from her grandparents) was clasped with a little carved bird at her throat. Tabby was very proud of the bird and she wore it like a medal.

They wandered the stalls together and Miri let Tabby pick out a few treats and a new dress for her doll, which she carried with her everywhere. It was just an old rag doll, but it meant the world to the little girl.

The pair had been standing in line, waiting to buy some warm apple cider, when something caught Tabby’s eye and she darted off. Miri had followed but had soon lost sight of her in the crowd. She cursed and pushed her through the masses of people.

Tabby has seen a little cat and had taken off after it. She had been able to keep up with it, her eyes on the cat and the cat alone. When she lost sight of the creature, she had stopped to try and get her bearings. She let out a squeak as she was nearly taken off her feet when two people scuffling knocked into her - dropping her doll as she lost her footing.

"Careful of your footing."

Tabby felt herself steadied and look up to see a large man, about the same age as her aunt, looking down at her.

Miri had fought her way through the crowd, calling Tabby’s name. After what seemed like forever, but was probably only five minutes, she caught side of the familiar yellow cloak. And the blue cloaked man holding onto her niece. Pushing past people and stepping on a few toes, Miri took hold of the man’s other arm and snarled, “And what do you think you’re doing with my niece?”

Garrison / Brown Eyed Girl (Miri's Plotter)
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:16:15 PM »
Miriam Gracey
26 | Garrison Elite | Optimistic but not naive. | Chatty. So very chatty. | Awful cook and knows it. That does not stop her though!

Cliff Notes Miri
- Helping raise her niece.
- Does. Not. Stop. Talking.
- From Krolva. Working class but comfortable.
- Has a don't make my life hard and I won't make your life hard attitude.
- Always happy to help you but is in no way your mama.
- Will bring in food for her comrades. Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's just not edible.

Miri will always form her own opinions on someone and is not really one to listen to gossip.  Miri would give basically anyone a chance but probably only one. That being said, she is too laid back to ever really be rude so she would be fairly friendly even if she did not really like the person.

There are probably people who don't care for her. Miri is not the kind to really do anything to warrant actual enemies - but while she is laid back - she would still butt heads with those who shirk their duty.

Open to romance. It would have to happen organically and Miri would probably do best falling into a romance with someone she has known a while.

Plot Ideas
Miri is a member of Mitabi's Elite team so she would interact a fair amount with the other teams and Garrison members in general. Anything Garrison related would be welcome.

Training/younger days threads are always fun.

If Miri is not on duty, she is with her niece who would be reasonably known to her fellow soldiers. Anything involving her family would be cool. :-)

I'm always open to hearing everyone's ideas!  :D

Garrison / Re: Miriam Gracey (WIP)
« on: June 09, 2018, 12:52:58 AM »
Miri is ready to be checked over. I'm sure there are grammar errors but I will fix those when I am more awake lol.

Garrison / Miriam Gracey
« on: June 07, 2018, 01:37:09 PM »

NAME:  Miriam Gracey
PLACE OF BIRTH: Krolva District
GENDER:   Female
MEMBER GROUP:  Garrison (Member of Mitabi Jarnach's Elite Team)
FACE CLAIM:  Kaela Yoshinaga from B: The Begining.

APPEARANCE:  Miriam has a solid build and is of just below average height for a woman.  She has shoulder length blonde hair that she prefers to wear loose and brown eyes. She wears glasses with a slight cat eye and when on duty, she utilizes a strappy headband to keep them in place.

Miri is reasonably pretty, though no one would call her a raving beauty. She squints much of the time and that adds a severity to her look, but that is softened by the smile she normally wears.

PERSONALITY: Miriam is laid back but very dutiful. She knows when to let things slide and while to be more of a stickler for rules and regulations. She thinks rules are there for a reason...but sometimes the reason is idiotic. That being said, she greatly respects her team leader and will follow their orders to the best of her ability. Chatty and high energy. Miri has been likened to a chipmunk who got into the coffee before.

~ Compassionate but not to a fault.
~ Level headed.
~ Team player.
~ Has a sense of humor and can see the good in many situations/people.

~ Is not particularly strong. She's quick and agile but does better as an assist to other physically stronger members of her team. Miri is the bait/distraction much of the time.
~ If she loses her glasses, she is a dead woman.
~ Is a chatterbox and somehow manages to talk about nothing much of the time (not so much a weakness...but can be annoying).

~ Rise as high in the ranks as she can.
~ Do her part to help humanity in the war.
~ Care for her niece in a way that would make the girl's parents happy.
~ Learn to bake like her mother. As of right now, Miri is proving that cooking skills are not hereditary.

~ Failing in her duties as a soldier.
~ Anything happening to her family.
~ Water. She can be near it, but would not be able to wade in unless really pressed (or thrown).
~ Anything happening to her team. She is very loyal to her Team Leader (Mitabi) and the other members.

Born into a comfortably working-class family in Krolva, Miriam had about as average an upbringing as possible. Her father. Ezra worked as a cobbler and her mother, Mariska helped with the business and kept the home.  The second of three children, Miriam has an older brother, Pavel and a younger sister, Regina.

From a young age, Miriam thought she would join the military. Both her mother’s older brother and father’s younger sister were members of the Garrison and Miriam always admired them. At first, it was really because she thought the roses on their jackets were pretty. As she grew older however and she learned more about the titans and the horrors they brought, she felt a pull to do her part.

Admittedly, Miri might have joined the Military Police had she ranked high enough, however she placed in the upper 20s in her class.  Having no interest in the Survey Corps, Miri happily went into the Garrison.

Tragedy struck when her sister was killed in a fire along with her husband. In a small mercy, their daughter, Tabitha, survived. In a last act of paternal love, her father was able to pass her out of a window before succumbing to his injuries.

Tabitha was sent to Miri's parents - who had relocared to Trost to be near their two living children (her younger brother had also moved to Trost a few years back to work as a teacher). While she helped with the child as much as she could - itwas an adjustment and was at times, very hard. Miri worked very erratic hours. That combined with Tabby’s struggle with memories and nightmares of the fire - and the always looming threat of the Titans - life was very stressful for a few years.

Luckily, they  were able to get through the rough spots. Miri was able to move up in the ranks and was able to give a little more money to her parents to help with Tabby. Tabby still has the occasional nightmare, but she has come through her tragedy to be a happy young girl.

Miriam had a quiet life as a Garrison soldier for many years. She eventually proved herself enough to be selected to join Mitabi's Jarnach's Elite team. She was proud and grew close to her rough but kind Team Leader and the rest of her squad.  While it is one of the most dangerous positions, it is also one of the best paid - and they need the money. 
While she understands that as a member of the Elite Team, she may not live to see Tabby grow all the way up - Miri does her best to spend as much time with her niece as possible.

Miri is cautiously optimistic about the future. She knows the for every rotten apple in the Garrison there are four or five soldiers who would really give their all for humanity. She certainly aspires to be one of them. That is the best way to protect the two people she loves the most.

YOUR ALIAS:  QuietCelt
AGE:  32

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