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Re: Of herbs and warriors Annie/Sylvia by Sylvia Charpentier
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Re: Of herbs and warriors Annie/Sylvia by Annie Leonhardt
[July 03, 2020, 11:03:02 PM]

Re: Squad Ziegler: Military Police by Yuri Aximand
[July 03, 2020, 04:06:24 PM]

Re: Roll Call #13 by Achilles
[July 03, 2020, 03:11:51 AM]

Re: Roll Call #13 by Senia
[July 02, 2020, 07:10:05 PM]

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    June 16, 2020, 12:03:42 PM
  • fleetingthoughts: Hello! I hope I'm not being too nosy if I ask this, but do you guys usually discuss more on your discord server? Because I am willing to get more involved into this website and I don't really know how to (except for commenting on plotters lol), so I thought I could join your discord server as well if that's alright with you all :)
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Announcements / Roll Call #13
« on: July 01, 2020, 09:43:40 AM »

It’s been a while!  As always, roll calls only apply to folks who aren’t known to be on hiatus (either by posting in the absences board or by contacting staff directly) and who have at least one approved character in play.  Given that we’ve been through a quiet spell recently, and lockdown lethargy is real, there are no activity requirements.

Normally roll calls only last for a week but, given it’s been so long since our last, this one will be extended to 10 days.  It will run until the 10th of July inclusive.

Just go ahead and post below to let us know you’re around. <3

•  Achilles ✓
•  Amanda 🦑
•  Arkhelios
•  Badtz-Milk
•  Bless This Ness ✓
•  Bratti
•  cozy-wolfe
•  Esli
•  fleetingthoughts ✓
•  gehrig002
•  Guardsman93
•  HiddenBaroness ✓
•  Jem ✓
•  JonahWrites ✓
•  Lemon ✓
•  Lou
•  Mercy ✓
•  Mikaaa
•  Puffin ✓
•  Quiet ✓
•  Rose
•  Samara
•  Senia ✓
•  Sora
•  the dear hunter.
•  Vixen
•  Webs ✓
•  Yuri

Applications / Re: Petra Ral App
« on: July 01, 2020, 09:31:59 AM »

Cadets / Re: does not play well with others
« on: June 26, 2020, 12:31:14 AM »
► Annie and Raze

That sounds great to me!  We all know Annie appreciates those people who can keep getting back up again and again, even when the odds are not in their favour.  Plus a familiar face in the MPs might be nice, further down the line, not that Annie would ever admit it.  I’ll get a starter written for us as soon as I can, hopefully I’ll be able to get something posted tomorrow - I’m looking forward to this! 

Oh man, agreed, hoodies are hard to beat. <3


Here we go - Take Your Best Shot!

Plotters / Re: Utopia Event Plotting!
« on: June 25, 2020, 10:40:07 AM »
Annie Leonhardt is ready to rock and roll!

Our current sign-ups are:


Alain Schröder
Annie Leonhardt
Sylvia Charpentier


Mia Kaster (Survey Corps)
Michael Whitaker (Survey Corps)
Tamsin Spiegel (Survey Corps)
Michelle Whitaker (Garrison)
Lynne Waltz (Survey Corps)

Looks like we should be able to get a soldier team set up very soon! :D

Character Development / Re: Character Birthdays!
« on: June 25, 2020, 10:34:49 AM »
I have another one to add! :)

Annie Leonhardt - March 22nd (Aries)

Claims / Re: 104th Cadet Corps Rankings
« on: June 25, 2020, 10:17:49 AM »
Adding Annie to the graduation list!  Keeping her in her canonical position. ^^

Annie Leonhardt - Rank A (Position 4) - Military Police

First Time / Re: Fodlan Chronicles; A Fire Emblem Based RP
« on: June 24, 2020, 11:46:24 AM »

First Time / Re: Ex Malo Bonum (fantasy/cyberpunk, jcink)
« on: June 24, 2020, 11:46:05 AM »

Cadets / Re: does not play well with others
« on: June 20, 2020, 12:02:34 AM »
► Annie and Raze

Thanks for taking the time to type up your thoughts for these two, Sora!  I really hope I can do Annie justice. :D 

I know we’ve talked a bit on Discord, so this is really just to finalise the details.  It always takes something for Annie to invest or show genuine interest in other people, and for Raze that can be him surviving a hand-to-hand class with her as his partner.  I know you said he has some basic moves, but she won’t go easy on him (assuming slacking isn’t an option this time around, haha) and she’ll be impressed with his perseverance if he keeps throwing himself at her.  I’m still not entirely sure about the longevity of their training sessions - Annie is very lazy and trying not to make friends - but if Raze was keen and proactive, he will surely get at least a few lessons.  Then again, Annie is bored a lot of the time, so maybe sparring with Raze could be a distraction?  I guess we’ll see how they get on once we get their introduction thread established. :)  Have you any preference on who starts?

Not related to anything, but I love that they both have a shared love of hooded sweatshirts. ^^

Survey Corps / Re: Paula Sullivan
« on: June 12, 2020, 11:21:31 PM »

First Time / Re: Digimon: Lost Chronicles [jcink]
« on: June 11, 2020, 08:36:51 PM »

First Time / Re: Daloom: a new dog + wolf rp!
« on: June 11, 2020, 08:36:27 PM »

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