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Stohess District / Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« on: March 26, 2019, 02:28:52 AM »
Apparently his day was turning around. The last minute bunk change he pulled worked out much better for him than he thought. Besides, the current commander would probably let this slide, the stubborn ‘morally upright’ taskmaster that he was. Regardless, she was left in good company and at least did not seem like she would be troublesome.

The quartermaster on the other hand cared little for where the cadet wound up. She always said, “So long as the supplies got to the right place and every soldier was clothed and fed the job got done,” she would vouch for anyone who worked to support that goal, and whatever the decision was. He was hoping he could count on that again. Before they parted ways, she showed him to a nearby bucket of water and a brush to clean the flecks of bile off of his boots before returning to the cadets to coral them for their first dinner as Survey Corps soldiers.

Erwin’s boots, now presentable, thudded through the halls with each of his steps as he neared the barracks again, but he noticed that the whispering continued. Everyone noticed how young the cadets were. The average age was perhaps sixteen, and it still struck him as rather odd. Surely there was no dire need to change the enlistment age? Population had been stable for years. Erwin thought to the work he continued to put in on his father’s theory.

Military growth, new expansion, population control… Could it all be tied together? He thought.

As he neared the rooms, he stood just beyond the doors. “Cadets, fall in!” He shouted. It was time to take them to their first meal. Unfortunately, for some, it would also be one of their last. After he made sure that everyone was together, he simply stated, “Follow me,” and led them to the mess hall. Even with its high, almost vaulted ceilings, it was a simple as a large tavern. Large wooden tables and benches dominated the space, each filling with Survey Corps soldiers as they picked up their meals from the serving station on the far side of the room.

“Welcome to the Mess Hall,” he began. “You will be here three times a day and if you’re careful, not scrubbing the floor from one side to the other. Meals are served at five in the morning, noon, and six in the evening. Each typically last a little more than a half hour unless otherwise stated. As our tour is done for today, I will take you back to your rooms when finished and be given the evening to get settled.” He surveyed the group, making note of the red-haired cadet one more time. “I will also fill you in on morning procedures when you return. You’re dismissed, for now.”

Wall Maria / Re: Frozen hopes. [Erwin]
« on: February 25, 2019, 12:14:40 AM »
Erwin mounted his horse as the search proceeded around him. As the woman’s body was removed, he thumbed through the diary. There was little out of the norm. Names of fallen comrades – Erwin recognized a few. Other than that, there were a handful of entries and pictures. It was only about two thirds full. As far as her sketches went, she seemed to like drawing horses the most.

He looked as a flare was fired, it seemed that the abnormals were dead, and his soldiers were starting to gather around the village.

He turned his horse towards the village, as his guards approached and followed him in tow. The squall was passing through, so they would have to hunker down for the while, but the bodies should be easy to find within the confines of the village.

The activity between the search and preparing for the brief storm moved at a quick pace. He dismounted and led his horse under and overhang and saw Gunther. “Any updates on the search?”

Wall Maria / Re: Frozen hopes. [Erwin]
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:18:24 PM »
Gunther had a point. While it was clear that there were two other deaths, a brief search for the bodies still had to be conducted. The snow was not terribly deep, which would help, but if she made it out this far on her own, they died before she made he attempt to leave.

Erwin himself paid little attention to the orders Gunther passed along, narrowing down the options.

Searching the forest could very quickly turn into an ambush – something that would be disastrous for the unit while they regrouped.

Any footprints were probably covered at this point, so searching for those would prove little more than a waste of time.

“Start the search in the village,” he said.  “That would seem to be the most logical place look, and perhaps, their best option at the time.”

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Camp Crashing
« on: January 28, 2019, 01:58:16 AM »
Erwin was thus far unimpressed. Was the firebrand he heard about among them? Or was there another?

Their own secrecy was, in his eyes, paramount. Survey Corps members would be enough of a distraction. There was no need to distract them any further by revealing which specific members they were.

Erwin clasped his hand behind his back and stared out at the training area. “Let us see what they are made of,” he turned to the training officer. “I eagerly await the cadets’ performance.”

Wall Maria / Re: Frozen hopes. [Erwin]
« on: January 20, 2019, 09:43:24 PM »

Three more names to add to the Survey Corps records.
Three more to add to the bodies already in the ground.

Three more deaths that could be difficult to explain. Not because of how they died, but what did they die for. Did all deaths have meaning in this conflagration of violence? Perhaps in his more grim equations, yes.

Erwin had a job to do, and he could not protect everyone, regardless of what he was capable of doing.

Erwin reached out for the tags putting them in the pocket of his uniform. At least the weather was cold enough where collecting the bodies would not prove to be problematic. Or draw attention of any animals that may be around. Notifications, even of squad members would have to wait.

Erwin took the notebook as well, but he felt it rather unnecessary to hold on to it. Squad leaders typically handled personal effects.

“Mark the area so that the bodies can be collected. We’ll have to make room on one of the wagons for them,” he said.

Wall Maria / Re: Frozen hopes. [Erwin]
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:32:12 AM »
Erwin listened and watched as his soldier spoke. He exhaled heavily, almost as if it were a sigh. It was unfortunate to find someone in this condition. It certainly would not boost morale in the slightest. But it was one more name that could be removed from missing to dead. Perhaps this discovery will bring some closure, he thought.

He waved several of his troops onward to what was left of the village. For once, Erwin tried to be optimistic and hoped that coming storm would be little more than a snow squall.

He dismounted his horse as he drew nearer the bodies. “Proceed,” he said, gesturing towards the body with an open hand.

Wall Maria / Re: Frozen hopes. [Erwin]
« on: January 01, 2019, 04:22:11 PM »
Abnormals were nothing new. They were still unpredictable in rate of occurrence, and particularly troublesome, but nothing new. This one, like many others, had sown panic through the ranks and formation, leaving the Survey Corps scattered before they reach the terminus of the first leg of the mission.

The second abnormal fell almost as quickly as it appeared; the first disappearing over the horizon as if it had not even noticed the remaining Survey Corps members along with a handful of his soldiers making sure it fled, or was dealt with if it did.

According to their previous expeditions, near the Survey Corps stood a ruined village, its sparse amount of standing structures hopefully still holding back some of the snow and cold. A storm was coming, and not that of a hoard of titans. This set back would cost them time, and the last thing he wanted to risk was being caught in the elements during a snow storm. A handful of his troops came to him seeking orders and directions, not all of them were squad leaders.

“Find usable shelters for now in the village nearby. I know the idea of spending the night here is not ideal, but the open terrain should prove as helpful as it is dangerous,” he said. “Relay the message immediately.”

Erwin turned his head as he heard a voice call out – it was Gunther Schultz. Turning his horse and taking a light trot, Erwin moved to meet him. “What is it?” He asked, as blunt as usual.

IC / Re: Soap suds. [Erwin]
« on: December 20, 2018, 04:25:20 AM »
They moved briskly across the courtyard. Erwin was pressed for time. After placing the first of his files in the carriage, he turned to the cadet and took the portfolio.

“You have a bright future ahead of you. Do not forget what I asked of you.” As he stepped into the carriage, he waved over the nearest one of his soldiers.

“Take this cadet to see Eld Jinn or Petra Ral. Perhaps their squad will have something for him,” he said. “If I see another cadet scrubbing floors I will add extra shifts to cleaning out the stables for this weekend. Inform my officers to stay on top of this as best they can. I should be back late tomorrow.” And with that, Erwin stepped inside the carriage and the next leg of his journey began.

IC / Re: Soap suds. [Erwin]
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:12:07 PM »
“It is not a question of making the attempt, but waiting for the right opportunity to offer up such an idea,” Erwin said as he stepped outside. It was a bright, almost cloudless day. Some would say the weather was perfect to enjoy all things good about autumn. However, Erwin had little time for such things. They were now frivolous to him, especially at his age and being without children.

At this point other scouts were in earshot. “I suggest we end this conversation for now. Come along.” Erwin’s pace quickened. While enlightened cadets were hard to find, he had to go about his day.

IC / Re: Soap suds. [Erwin]
« on: November 15, 2018, 01:58:39 AM »
“Such coordination is not impossible. Information is indeed shared; however, the challenge is overcoming years of prejudice and tradition.” Erwin paused, thinking about what to say next. “However, our current crisis has not yet created the needed change, because although tradition can be changed by circumstance, prejudice is often not.”

The cadet was not wrong; in fact he had a point. But to say such a thing when did not hold any official rank yet? It could get him in a significant amount of trouble.

“I would advise you to keep these thoughts to yourself for now. Or perhaps, at least not make them widely known,” , he said. “Such things coming from a cadet could create problems that some believe would require drastic solutions.”

IC / Re: Soap suds. [Erwin]
« on: November 08, 2018, 01:38:02 AM »
Erwin could not stay longer, even if he wanted to. But that would not stop him from answering questions. And at least this boy seemed to understand the boundaries set upon him by virtue of rank. Perhaps he could find a way to more appropriately occupy the cadet’s time after he left. The cadets more than likely did enough scrubbing floors already at the training camp.

The question though did resonate with Erwin. Joint exercises were virtually non-existent in the military. That was not for lack of a well formed command structure, but the roles of the units were completely exclusive of each other, at least from the perspective of several of Erwin’s predecessors. The Garrison never left the walls except for extreme situations, much like the Military Police. With the exception of the ranking members of the Garrison, more specifically Commander Pixis and occasionally his aides, Erwin saw very little of the Garrison beyond the day-to-day interactions between soldiers.

“Why do you ask?”

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Camp Crashing
« on: October 24, 2018, 01:04:31 AM »
Erwin looked back at Gunther and nodded. “Agreed,” he said. “Cadets who cannot properly ride a horse are of no use to the Survey Corps. We’ll need to have a look at that as well.” Though when it came to training cadets to ride horses, the instructor would also be his concern – he wondered who Shadis had at his disposal for that task as well. Nevertheless, the cadets could ride in rain if it started to fall. But using 3DMG equipment in the rain could be a much more tricky, and dangerous endeavor.

“Lead on instructor,” Erwin said to their peculiar, and perhaps very skilled, guide. “We’ve no time to waste. Oh, and just to be clear, I’d appreciate if they are left in one piece aft the exercise you have in store for them.”

IC / Re: Soap suds. [Erwin]
« on: October 14, 2018, 01:39:20 PM »
At least the boy was curious, the question did not see much sign of stopping any time soon, but that was by no means an issue. It almost reminded Erwin of himself at that age.

“I have to meet with Darius Zackly and several other officers in the capital to discuss several important matters regarding recent events,” he said.

He turned his head over his left shoulder. “You however,” he began, “Will only be able to go as far as the carriage I will be taking.” The doors to the courtyard were growing nearer as they walked.

Utopia District / Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« on: October 02, 2018, 01:33:09 AM »
An excellent assessment all-round, he thought. Perhaps he had indeed created an ideal cadre of officers after all.

"Good," Erwin said. "I've no doubt about the abilities of anyone we have in the city either, but the situation will be complicate on the ground, so keep your wits about you at all times and stay focused on the task at hand." He turned his head to face Levi. "Levi, take five squads of your choice and move to the inner gate. I want you to support the evacuation efforts as best as possible." He searched their faces. "You're dismissed. I will see you all in a moment." He looked out over the city for a moment, wondering what the future would hold as he ran his hands over his blades. He had all six.

He turned and saw Eld nearby. "Jinn, a moment please," he said. "There is something I'd like to address with you after that battle is finished." Walking to the edge of the wall, Erwin drew his swords and his final orders for the start of their mission.

"You have your orders, now, men and women of the Survey Corps...ADVANCE!" The roar of many voices followed him as he leapt forward from the wall.

IC / Re: Soap suds. [Erwin]
« on: September 29, 2018, 01:32:18 AM »
Erwin’s eyebrow finally made its way back to its normal position. The boy certainly had heart. He returned the salute out of obligation, but quickly addressed the situation.

“In my experience, stoicism and humility, with the right amount of spoken words, go further than pure vitriol,” he said. “I have very little in common with my predecessor. You will find that the diversity among previous commanders is about equal to the diversity of those who serve in the Survey Corps.”

He paused a moment before continuing. “The only promises that matter right now are the ones you make to yourself. You dedication to fulfilling your goals are more than clear to me,” Erwin said to the cadet. “Those promises will take you farther than any promises you make to me, even with the Wings on your uniform.”.

Unfortunately, he had little time to wait to gauge his reaction. He had a schedule to keep. “Shall we proceed?” He asked.

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