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Announcements / Re: Roll Call #07
« on: December 02, 2018, 04:41:43 PM »
Here!  :) :)

Announcements / Re: Staff Promotion
« on: September 12, 2018, 04:01:44 PM »

Announcements / Re: New Staff
« on: September 03, 2018, 04:20:00 PM »
Congrats! That is really awesome and I know you'll do an amazing job!!  :) :)

Announcements / Re: Roll Call #06!
« on: September 03, 2018, 04:17:22 PM »
Quiet here!

Character Development / Re: Housing?
« on: August 09, 2018, 01:50:27 AM »
Regarding the unofficial military housing - my mom says lots of the American troops went to that area because it avoided the roundabouts - which Americans don't seem to understand lol.

I know I have written about the officer's section of the barracks. I imagine it mostly for single officers though maybe if two officers were married - they could stay there as well.  I'm not really sure they would just be rooms (like single dorm rooms) or more like efficiency apartments (room for a couch and maybe a small dining area, etc). Opinions? :-)

I do think everyone would have basically the same furniture, though if they wanted to buy or build another bookcase or something - that would be allowed.

Arkin's quarters would be very cluttered. He would have crammed every available space with his tools and remedies. There would be some herbs hanging from the ceiling. The bookshelves would honestly have more jars and boxes than books. His bedding would be very nice since his family can afford to gift him quality linens and he has a quilt that his grandmother would have made.  His desk (what does not have treatments on it) would be fairly organized. He would have sketches of his family on his nightstand and ones of Luke and Nanaba as well. He'll get ones of his other friends eventually.

Anka's quarters would be neat - but she would have a few extra bookcases and that would make it look smaller than it really is.  It would be very plain.  Anka has never really had anything decorative (other than flowers) so she would not really know what to do with a painting if she had one.  She does try to have flowers when it is the season for them.  She has a few vases that she bought just out of training and she has them spread around her quarters.  Her desk is neat and Anka is organized in general.  Her bedding is still mostly Garrison issue. She did buy a thin quilt more than a few years ago and that is the one she still uses. It's fine. She also has an old travel chest at the foot of her bed that has a few extra linens, her winter coat, and one very old and very patched skirt in it.

Miriam, Owen, and Tabitha live in a small rowhouse and their neighbors are all Garrison families.  It consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen/dining area, a living area, and a bathroom. Owen would have done most of the decorating so it's just very....meh. Basically, everything is blue or beige. Tabby has the room with the most personality. Her room is very fun. She has about as many dolls as Owen and Miri can afford and a friend made a special shelf to display them. Owen uses the dinner table as a desk so there are normally papers to be graded resting in one corner.  It's a boring house but it's easy to tell there is a lot of love in it.

Character Development / Re: Housing?
« on: August 09, 2018, 12:37:19 AM »
Moving houses is the worst. I just feel lucky that my dad has a pickup truck and could help. And we only moved like...two streets down the hill lol when we moved.  I have gotten into a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. So many cool ideas - so little skill to carry them out lol!

I'll do Pixis in one post and drop the others to a different one for organization sake.

For the Commander's house, I am sort of taking from the President of the college where my husband works. It's a large house but much of it is more for school use than family use. There is basically an apartment for the Pres, her S/O, and their kids - but most of the house is for meetings and other college functions.  There is even a ballroom.

So I imagine Dot's house is a bit like that. There are rooms that house his wife and such, but there are also meeting rooms, his other office, formal dining room, etc.   

The picture gives a good idea of how I think the military part of the house would look. The rooms military use would be very "masculine." Lots of dark wood and such. Dot has spent many long and lonely nights with a bottle of booze, ignoring his chess game (that he maybe plays by mail with someone), and just staring into the fire. His home office liquor cabinet is large and well made - but very plain. Also lots of bookshelves along with maps all over the extra tables.

Well that was a bit depressing.

I think Mrs. Pixis would have done the decorating in the family rooms. I image lots of light colors and probably drawings from their grandkids tacked on one of the walls. The bedroom would have a bed with a bright quilt on it. On each of their dressing tables, there is a sketch of their first spouse.

Mrs. Pixis is very homey so she has made most of the bedding and curtains in the house. She has kept the children's rooms fit for occupation since their grandkids stay over a fair amount. It's a happy home for sure. Dot prefers it to the military part of the house, though there are many days where he just goes from office and meetings to bed and then back again.

Character Development / Fall (tumble, plummet, trip) in love?
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:00:47 AM »
So what would make your characters fall in love with someone? What made them fall in love with their current S/Os? What are the traits they look for in a partner? Do they want kids? What would (if anything) make them wary of a relationship?


Dot Pixis- Dot fell in love with his first wife because his antics (yes he was a bit odd even at 19) amused her and she was funny herself. They shared a desire to travel the Walls and she was supportive of his military ambitions. She was also lovely - with lots of curly auburn hair. It was young love that never got to grow old.

Dot fell in love with his second wife (she has curly hair but it was blonde and is now white) because they had faced many of the same hardships (loss of a spouse, trying to raise a child alone). In truth, neither were really in love with each other when they married. They had been friends and they needed each other. Love grew over many years and while it is different than what Dot shared with his first wife, it is not less. It's an adult love born out of sorrow and need. Then contentment with a fair amount of true happiness mixed it. Dot sometimes wonders what life would be like if his first wife had not died in childbirth (along with the child) but he is grateful for what he found and how he was able to rebuild his life.  Dot married at 19, lost his first wife around age 23, had a few really rough years that he does not like to talk about, and married his second wife around age 27. He has a child from his first marriage, a stepchild that he forgets is not his, and he and his second wife share a child. He'd take in an orphan but that is not really allowed at he and his wife's age. 

Arkin Holt - Arkin is someone who feels a lot of love - but very little of it is romantic.  He's only had romantic feelings towards three people in his entire life. Ian, Anka, and Gustav. These were all people who helped/protected him in some way and people he feels have a core of kindness in them - though they have very different personalities.** As he has gotten older, he has gotten further and further from romantic feelings - instead, his love has focused itself on his friends and fellow soldiers and serving them. It's beyond doubtful Arkin would fall in love - but if he did - the person would have to be very kind and very understanding. Arkin has never been in an actual relationship. Ever. What I'm trying to say is Arkin's V Card is eternal  Arkin would take in an orphan if need be and would probably be a good (if maybe too lenient) parent.

** I know we have not discussed the how and why of Arkin's romantic feelings towards Gustav. It could have just been the awesome hair. ;-)

Anka Rheinberger - Anka has had crushes and a few very casual relationships in her life. The relationships lasted a few months and only one was intimate. She has spent most of her life working her way up the ranks and would need a partner who understood her devotion to the Garrison. It is what allowed her to claw her way up from poverty and make a sort of life for herself.

Anka would want a partner who was understanding of the stress and rigors of her job. She would also want someone who would not look down on her family or upbringing. She’s not embarrassed, but she knows her parents are sensitive about some things, even though they are in a much better situation now.

She would need someone who could maybe help her let go a little. Anka would need to really trust the man for that to happen. There is a lot bundled up in Anka and she is not about to let just anyone see it.

Anka would like to have a family someday but she has some fears. She has known two women who have died in or soon after giving birth and she would hate for that to happen. Anka would not want to leave her partner to raise a child alone, but she would also want to make sure she had a partner who could do so if need be. She’d be happy to take in an orphan and would be a strict but kind mother. 

Character Development / Housing?
« on: July 19, 2018, 03:22:37 AM »
So let us talk about living situation and decor! My husband and I are really in the process of decorating our house (after almost 4 years of being in it  XD) so I want to know about how your characters would decorate their living spaces.

I think a lot would depend on where they live. Pixis lives in an actual house (which I headcanon as being owned by the military for the use of the Garrison Commander) so his ability to decorate would probably be different than Anka or Arkin who live in the Officers section of the Garrison barracks. Or Miri who is married and lives in what I imagine is some sort of unofficial military housing. (When my parents were in the military, we lived off base in a complex that was not official housing but was still like, 85% military families.)

So where do they live and how have they decorated?

I'll add Anka, Arkin, Pixis, and Miri tomorrow. I'm curious to see what ya'll come up with!

(Feel free to expand/improve these questions.  :) :))

Chat, Games & Banter / Re: Getting Back into the Swing of Things
« on: June 11, 2018, 02:13:04 AM »
Hi Artsy!

I write four Garrison character (Anka, Pixis and then OCs Arkin and Miri) so I think we could figure out a plot or two lol. :-)

Welcome back!

Garrison / Re: mother of falcons
« on: June 03, 2018, 02:48:45 PM »
Adding to Pixis: Dot's first wife died 30+ years ago and he is remarried to a widow. He's been there with the pain so maybe he could give some advice/comfort to Silke about how to deal with it?

Garrison / Re: mother of falcons
« on: June 03, 2018, 04:28:58 AM »
We talked a little in Discord about her knowing Anka and Arkin from their training days. I’d be up for a flashback thread for sure.

Arkin sort of acts as a counselor for many members of the Garrison. He’s a gentle shoulder to lean on and a non judgmental ear. He also basically runs an apothecary shop out of his room so if Silke has a headache he’d be her guy. (If anyone watched The Terror on AMC Arkin and Dr. Goodsir have similar personalities)  Arkin is a cannon team leader so they might see each other on the Walls fairly often.

Anka is someone who is more comfortable planninng an attack than actually participating in it. She is calm and kind for the most part but can get exasperated...with Pixis. Also...has trouble with beet carts. Anka would probably work with the Elite teams a fair amount as they would be instrumental in any defense tactics.

Dot makes a point to try and know as many members as he can - so he would at least know Silke to see her.

I am open to just about anything.

Domhnall Gleeson as Arkin Holt

Just imagine him with longer hair lol.

Also if you have seen Goodbye Christopher Robin and the new Star Wars movies - he would not make a bad Erwin. But he's my Arkin for sure.

I think it's safe (and just easier) at this point to say Pixis is the overall commander of the Garrison and then there are commanders under him. There needs to be one person in charge of everything, even if each commander has a fair amount of freedom to do what he or she will within their own region. It's always Pixis with Erwin or Nile so I am just going to assume they are total equals.

As the Garrison is huge, it makes sense that it takes longer to climb the ladder.

I think Kitz might be a good "leader" in nonstressful times (sooooo not super useful at the moment). It's well established he does not do well under pressure. I actually like Kitz. He has the potential to be interesting.

I feel like it's lack of world building for the most part. I wish the uniform jackets had stripes or pips or something to show rank lol. Like two stripes or collar pips for a Team Leader, three for a Unit Captian lol. That would make this so much easier lol.

If I am remembering correctly, Eld is Levi's second in command.  So if Levi is a Captain and Eld is his 2nd, Eld as a lieutenant makes sense.  I think the same could be said of any team 2nds. Arkin has the NPC Rahab as his second for example. I would imagine Ian, Rico, and Mitabi all have 2nds for their teams as well.

Gustav and Anka did seem to hold some power at Trost. Maybe power is the wrong word though? I think you're on to something with Anka and Gustav being listed as Dot's own squad (and maybe a few under them). That would give them more movement within the Garrison. I think having them as lieutenants or captains would work for that.

And even if say Mitabi, Ian, and Rico did outrank Gustav and Anka, Gustav and Anka's job/role is to strategize and make plans. So Rico, Ian, and Mitabi would follow their plans but in an actual combat situation, Anka and Gustav would most likely follow what Ian, Rico, and Mitabi told them to. I hope I am making some sort of sense. I'm basically thinking out loud since I like world building.

The SC and MPs are both significantly smaller than the Garrison so I think it might make sense having more than one very high ranking Garrison leader since it's so massive. But Dot is the only one we see in the fight so to speak.

There needs to be much for world building for the military for sure. I know I have how the cannon teams work in my head lol but that is about it. We need charts or a diagram or something lol.

This was very helpful. Especially the comparison between ranks. Colonel, Major, Captain makes much more sense to me than Team Leader, Unit Captain, etc. Draco you are the best of the best. :-)

If there is a fairly large office staff for Pixis (and I am sure there is) I am not sure if they would be considered Anka and Gustav’s “Team” or not. I know we have Anka and Gustav chasing Mitabi and the rest all over looking for signatures and such - but I am willing to bet there is an office manager type person who would handle the day to day work. 

I tried to figure out who Nile's assistants were to see if they had ranks - but I failed.

I tend to put Pixis as equivalent to Nile. He's the only Garrison Commander we see so I assume he is the only one wandering around. I could be 100% wrong though.

Ranking is very hard LOL! My parents both always carried the same rank but had very different jobs. I think having Gustav and Anka slightly "lower" than the Ian, Mitabi, and Rico does make sense. I think I had Anka actually call Mitabi "sir" in the Match Made in Hell thread lol. If the office staff is their team, I could see them being of equal rank to the Team Leaders. I think that is something to decide in world building.  ??? :-\

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