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Topics - Gustav Volk

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Trost District / Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: March 19, 2018, 09:21:26 PM »
Staring out over the top of the Wall, Gustav folded his arms over his chest, momentarily appreciating the morning sun as the sky stretched out seemingly forever. He could almost forget the blood-soaked grass and wrecked districts curving out from the fallen Wall Maria. The villages, obliterated. So little found. If there were still survivors, they couldn't be in great shape. Plenty had been rescued even after the gates were closed.

He didn't want the same fate to befall Wall Rose.

After conferring with Anka on reports of an increase in scratchers, as well as general Titans getting too close to the Wall, he'd set out to talk to those who had reported the change. In conversing with the others, he could compile an even more thorough report, as well as see what he could suggest any ideas that came to mind.

Of course, he wanted to pass it off as just coincidence. But without the full reports from Wall Maria, he didn't want to take any risks. Everything had to be covered. Anything that remotely looked like a sign of a future attack had to be dealt with swiftly. Eyes had to be sharp. Ink needed to compile every note possible.

He set off, boots travelling the edge of the Wall as he made to find Arkin and his squad. While he had sent a messenger ahead of him, in case there were any further reports since the last, or anything had happened so far in their work today.

Wall Rose / Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:59:17 PM »
[ 6 hours before the Assault on Utopia, Krolva District ]

Gustav heaved the box up onto the desk, patting the frame as he took a brief break. Stacking inventory was hard enough - more so when it was either filled with a weight of papers clipped and filed, packed in to the maximum, or when it involved ODM gear. Of course it was all very important, but every so often he felt as though he'd lifted a box filled with cannonballs. Which he wouldn't be surprised with, going through the dusty boxes at the back of the supply room.

"When are they inventing super-thin paper for us to work on?" he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. He could have called in a Garrison soldier to help, but that would simply be a waste of time in fetching somebody else, and he was strong enough to handle a couple of boxes. "This is the last of the 'forgotten paperwork'," he added, tapping the box's label, with a date so sloppily written he couldn't tell whether it was only a few years ago or before he was born.

"There's one more box that appears to only have a few blunt blades collected inside of it, likely used as a bin," he added wearily, not entirely enthused by the idea of trudging back down the stairs.

He was about to fight his reluctance and go anyway, when the sound of running boots thundered the stairs. Turning, he moved to the door's side and opened it, in time for one of the soldiers from downstairs to jog through the doorway. They panted, caught their breath, and announced, "There's movement north of the Wall - more Titans than normal."

Gustav turned to his comrade and commander, swallowing unsure words as he waited for Pixis' order. Utopia, least likely to deal with Titan activity. What was their inventory like? Limited, perhaps even outdated in some cases. It followed no pattern. How many Abnormals could there be? The Armoured and Colossus Titans had attacked south before, would they expect the Garrison to prepare the southern-most districts primarily and prey on any expected weakness?

Trost District / Extra baggage. [Mitabi]
« on: February 22, 2018, 11:25:31 AM »
[ early April, 845 ]

Gazing down on the lost territory of Wall Maria, Gustav felt a pang in his heart for everything that had transpired. It had been perhaps two weeks since the fall of the outer Wall, leaving Trost as the southernmost district and thus the most in need of fortification and soldiers. Chaos reigned as they tried to deal with every problem as it came up, from the mess that was the organisation of the refugees, to protecting the Wall against the surge of Titans. There hadn't been an awful amount, which he had, bile in his throat, put down to them hunting down the remaining humans within Wall Maria.

As he looked across, he spotted distant shapes, shadows of trees, sprinting towards Trost. Definitely people, not wolves, he noted from their shape, however desperate, though there was an extra load... their supplies? That would slow them down too much. It was why evacuation orders asked for limited belongings to be brought, and partly why the refugees had quite so little. It was a group of five people. Some smaller than others. Markedly smaller.

"Mitabi!" he called, looking towards his fellow soldier, waving him over with a hand. "Five to the south-east, it looks like two kids with them." His voice cracked. He couldn't help but wonder what was going through those kids' minds now, racing their way to the Wall, desperate legs carrying them over forbidden ground. How much had they seen? Had they narrowly escaped the jaws of Titans? This was their last shot at salvation.

Children were always prioritised in evacuations... and even with their refugee overpopulation issue going on, Gustav wasn't sure if he'd be able to accept rejecting them from their expected haven. Didn't they need more children for the sake of the future of the military? Wall Rose had plenty, of course, but a few more couldn't be so awful? What would Pixis say?

A large, disproportionate shape lumbered out of the tree line.

"They could make it," he murmured to himself, instinctively reaching for his blades. The nearest Titans to the Walls were some while away, dealt with by another patrol getting rid of scratchers. Five people on foot, especially with baggage, couldn't outrun one Titan though. But they could deal with that.

He wasn't typically an impulsive man, but he still turned quick to Mitabi. "We can save them, if we move quickly."

Trackers & Development / They die for our sake, we fight for theirs.
« on: February 18, 2018, 01:25:22 PM »

GIF courtesy of Puffin!

TAKE WHAT YOU CAN with Ian Dietrich
ROPED IN. with Mitabi Jarnach
AN INVINCIBLE SUMMER with Ian Dietrich, Rico Brzenska, Mitabi Jarnach + Anka Rheinberger

EXTRA BAGGAGE. with Mitabi Jarnach


CAN I FIX IT? with Gladios Haggard
HITTING A WALL. with Anka Rheinberger
THUNDERING HOOVES. during the Assault on Utopia with Anka Rheinberger + Dot Pixis
TEAM SIX: GARRISON REGIMENT during the Assault on Utopia with Anka Rheinbeger + Arkin Holt + Dot Pixis + Gladios Haggard + Ian Dietrich + Mitabi Jarnach + Rico Brzenska + Silke Falkenrath

Season 1 / The Aftermath
« on: February 14, 2018, 10:37:33 PM »
The Aftermath

‹ WHEN ›

April 845


Wall Rose


Cadet - Civilian - Garrison - Military Police - Noble - Royal - Survey Corps - Training Corps


Wall Maria has fallen. Refugees have flooded Wall Rose, and even with the gate shut there seems the chance of more stragglers pushing through, bloodied, chased by Titans, struggling through. The military have a great many challenges to overcome before any semblance of peace settles upon the Walls once more, even with Maria lost.

The Garrison needs every capable soldier at the ready, enlisting the help of the Military Police and Survey Corps wherever possible to help deal with the situation. Wall Rose must be fortified more than ever, with extra equipment brought in and new training brainstormed and taught. Titans who have made it so far as Trost District must be swiftly dealt with, for paranoia is high that creatures like the Armoured and Colossus Titans might be out there. Morale must be built up - paranoia and fear are mounting quickly, and there can be no room for soldiers too weak to carry out their duties.

On top of that, the amount of refugees seems to get larger every count. With the gates closed, there are still some survivors trying to get in, though whether they are allowed in or eaten by Titans is down to those on patrol. Factor in the growing discontent, minimal rations, and overall panic, and you have the potential for mass brawls and even calls to riot. Hungry, homeless, and dependent on others, some refugees would do anything


Extra baggage.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Roped In. [Mitabi]
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:19:20 PM »
Training Corps

Gustav stared in horror at the sight before him. The assault course seemed like it spanned many miles, though it couldn't possibly be. He had the perfect view of a stretch of obstacles. Training had been going decently well - he had already decided that he had a poor chance of becoming Military Police - but this looked like every nightmare about training had come true and rolled into one. Swings, ropes, walls, fences, stretches of mud, sand, and was that wall-climbing?

He was not the fittest of boys, he had to admit, but he was determined not to fall behind everybody else. With deep breaths that calmed some amount of the apprehension within, he started trying to plot a course before him, noting that it would be best to jump onto the second rope rather than the first if he could reach it, and then he would gain a good distance.

Three... Two... One...

The boy broke into a sprint, vaulting the first hurdle by planting a hand on the fence and swinging his legs over. Next, he slid under a higher fence, mud caking up his leg but no matter - it would have been more of a struggle to climb it. Then there was the rope. Five in a row, knots at the bottom big enough to get some footing. He kept running, and then leaped, hand out to grab the second rope. It caught, burning his palm immediately as his body kept going. Boot out, he tried to find his footing, but he couldn't find it at all, the rope swinging too wildly thanks to his momentum.

"No!" he gasped, the burn increasing as he fell to the ground. More mud.

Collecting himself, he went back to the start of the ropes, and tried again, this time aiming for the first rope. When his hands grabbed hold of it, the soreness of one palm was triggered once more, his hand practically on fire for all his nerves cared. He clutched it, using the knot for footing, and struggled to hold on. Biting his lip too hard, he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to breathe through it. Then his hold failed, and he began to slide down. Out of fear of furthering the pain in his hand, he let go, greeting the mud with his back.

Wall Rose / One step forward, a hundred steps back. [Rico]
« on: February 02, 2018, 02:00:58 PM »

It felt like years had passed since the news of the fall of Wall Maria, yet it had only been weeks. The news had spread like wildfire, crackling with rumour and fear, accelerated by the difficulties of organising so many refugees within Wall Rose. A rising tide of discontent had rose, with worries over food and where to put Wall Maria's former residents. Gustav had seen the numbers, of people and production. It didn't look good at all. Unsustainable. But what could they do?

Stood atop the Wall, the brunet gazed wearily into the territory of Wall Maria, where Titans lurked and blood likely was still spilled. Not everybody got out, and how many of those were still alive, trying to flee from the Titans, or to hide, he didn't know. How many survivors could there be? How long until they might think that it was over? And then they'd come for Wall Rose. He had not needed to hint to that future certainty, nor voice his concerns yet. It was a struggle just to deal with the present issues. But they needed to prepare for the Titans to come forwards once more.

A sigh left his lips. He walked on. Squad Leader Brzenska should be nearby, and he was intent on finding her. Her opinion was valued, after all, and selfishly he didn't want to be the only one thinking about it. Of course the others likely were, there had been some brief mentions of it, but nothing yet in-depth enough to begin to calm his nerves.

IC / Hitting a Wall. [Anka]
« on: February 02, 2018, 02:32:30 AM »
The Wall appeared quiet, stray Titans wandering the outside. Except he still struggled to see it as such - the grass growing wild, the buildings in the distance, they weren't outside the Wall. They should still belong to humanity, not languish in chaos, flowers trampled under the footsteps of lumbering giants. Once, he could have looked over the edge and gazed to farmland and gentle life.

Gustav snapped back to the present as another Titan staggered into view, arms dangling awkwardly at its sides. "I'm surprised they don't trip over their own feet more often," he commented to his companion.

They hadn't travelled far in their patrol of the Wall. It seemed quiet, at least for the southern side generally. He'd heard of some migrating Titans coming closer, the usual scratchers as well. He could almost describe it as 'peaceful', except he would never let his guard down.

"It looks like it's following us," he added after a moment, glancing to Anka. Of course it was. Yet he still found it peculiar, no matter how many times he stood so high above them, seeing those... creatures get closer and closer. Sometimes, the reality of the districts made him feel sick, in those moments of weakness and regret. Decisions were made with reason, and logic, and what was best for humanity. If this was it, then so be it.

Garrison / Too much time, not enough work.
« on: January 30, 2018, 01:45:44 AM »
Escort to Pixis | +respectful | -stern

There are plenty of benefits in friends, but Gustav struggles to make them. With most of his time dedicated to work, both in work hours and not, he spares little time to relax with anybody but those he works closely with - after all, Titans are unpredictable, and he could be needed at any time. That said, he's typically 'attracted' to befriending people with similar aims as himself, and especially those who are just as obsessed as working as he is.

The only enemies he has are those who are enemies of the people. Rivalries are also swept away - he does his best not to have poor opinions of others as he needs to work with anybody possible. He holds little patience for people who cannot get over their personal issues and let it get in the way of their work. Similarly, he finds those who slack off or ignore their duties particularly frustrating.

If it happens, it happens, but nothing will get in the way of his work. He holds 'great admiration' for people who give their all for their Regiment though - it's not a crush, he claims.

The King: Gustav and X work together to clear the Wall of some Titans.
The Queen: Paperwork is meant to be boring, he claims. Somebody tries to prove that wrong.
The Rook: While stationed in Krolva District, Gustav bonds with his comrades. (pre-945)
The Bishop: Strategy game bonding: chess, draughts, or card games.
The Knight: Gustav is put on 'guard duty' for a 'VIP' visitor for Pixis.
The Pawn: Confronted with somebody upset over the death of a Garrison soldier, Gustav tries to console them.

Garrison / Gustav Volk
« on: January 30, 2018, 12:56:01 AM »

NAME: Gustav Volk
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 20 July 816 (29)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Krolva District, Wall Rose
FACE CLAIM: Gustav, Attack on Titan

APPEARANCE: Standing at around six foot tall, he has a solid build due to a readiness to engage with Titans if he must, owing to some amount of personal training as he infrequently needs to fight. His dark brown hair is immaculately combed back, unravelling in times of great stress when he has no patience to correct it. Often appearing emotionless or grim-faced, his brown eyes are usually set in a slight natural frown.

PERSONALITY: Gustav may seem as though he is not affected by the great risks taken to defend humanity, but this is only in public, where he evaluates strategy over giving in to empathy. In private, his nights are strewn with nightmares - if he can manage to sleep. After times of great struggle, he can often be found in his room forcing himself to focus on something without emotion, such as strategy games or information pamphlets. A particular fan of chess and card games, he regards himself as a keen strategist, as he relies on this during work.

When it comes to strategies, he evaluates every risk that he can see, trying to find ways around them where possible, but ultimately knows that with success comes sacrifice. In combat, he prefers to assist others, engaging to kill only when the risk has been evaluated, or else somebody is in danger of being killed. As escort to Pixis, he carries out tasks with little complaint other than to remark on statistics, ultimately trusting his commander to make the best judgment with all resources considered. He would not describe himself as ambitious, but he wants to be where he can do the most to help, which is primarily in positions with high-ranking officers.

Quiet but firm, he chooses every word carefully, with the occasional slip when stress mounts. He respects the opinion of all who speak to him, taking in their opinion and judging it against fact and his own experience - when rejecting the opinion of another, he comes off as tactless, as he would sooner quote a number than gently disagree. Though he appears calm and dependable, his lack of emotional expressions make him harder to approach, something solidified to those who have seen him during his most devoted-to-the-cause moments where emotions seem to fail to grip him. Ultimately, he buries signs of emotional weakness.

+ astute
+ honest
+ industrious
+ methodical
+ respectful
+ strategic

- dogmatic
- escapist
- phlegmatic
- stern
- tactless
- workaholic

+ to be alive during their first few victories against the Titans
+ to never let Pixis down

- being responsible for high death counts
- others dying for his sake


Gustav had a rather bland childhood - the oldest of three, he did what he could to relieve the stress from his parents, taking on more chores than he could handle, often with disastrous effects that he then learned from. He struggled in caring for his siblings, much preferring to handle tasks that were repetitive or served some purpose in looking after them without actually interacting with them, such as housekeeping.

The decision to enlist in the military was taken carefully. His siblings were old enough to take over the majority of chores, and he was, in the eyes of his father, already well-suited to the military with his demeanour. So off he went, a boy who struggled to connect to those he trained with, who would sooner pick up somebody's slacking off during duties than watch them fail at doing it. He thought he would be a great cadet, starting off with some arrogance as he could handle himself well and didn't panic or slip up frequently at first, though as time went on he became more humble, realising that he was no prodigy.

On graduating, he chose to go with the Garrison. He felt too scared of dying to join the Scouts, and he was nowhere near the best students of their intake. Stationed at first in his home district, he found solace in strategies, and routine operations. When it came to dealing with the odd few Titans scratching too much at the Wall, he did best in assists, or else pointing out the best way of dealing with them.

Eventually, he was picked to be escort to Dot Pixis, something that proved to himself that he was worth being a soldier. Even if he had not been brave enough to actively fight for humanity, he could still assist in the war from a position of worth - being able to communicate with Pixis and other top officers of the Garrison to cover every possible risk.

AGE: 21

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