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  • Puffin: Axhxhagw, I ship them so hard. ;-; <3
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    Today at 02:43:16 AM
  • Mitabi Jarnach: Oh my  goodness That would be wonderful
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  • QuietCelt: Gawd I hope one of them talks in their sleep.
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  • QuietCelt: "You were just dreaming! Just a dream...a dream...just a dream!"
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  • Mitabi Jarnach: when she wakes
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  • Mitabi Jarnach: Mitabi is hoping she doesn't remember
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  • QuietCelt: He would do it on accident and then feel really bad. He'd make it up to her somehow.
    Today at 01:52:08 AM
  • Lou: lots of sorrys to follow
    Today at 01:51:27 AM
  • Lou: >.>  Wouldn't put it past him
    Today at 01:51:13 AM
  • QuietCelt: Then he smacks her into a doorframe.
    Today at 01:49:54 AM
  • Lou: Awww Mitabi is like it is wonderful up high and you don't have to worry about looking up at people and seeing boogers
    Today at 01:48:31 AM
  • QuietCelt: I doubt Anka is used to seeing from that up high.
    Today at 01:35:16 AM

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Wall Rose / Long Overdue (Nanaba)
« on: January 26, 2018, 02:17:07 AM »

The raven haired man didn’t normally spend so much time with his squad as he should, but normally it would be because he was too busy dealing with messing with new people (and his favorites to bug), or training. He had skill, and had to put it to use and practice. If not, well... Ending up in the belly of a titan didn’t seem like a pleasing end, he wanted to avoid that fate for as long as he could. He enjoyed the thrill of the expeditions, showing off, to a degree. But meddling with people when tensions were high... in some ways, Evan supposed it actually helped them, not that he cared, taking peoples minds off of the titans by mocking them.

Evan found himself walking about without purpose, when the woman stepped into view, and he recognized her as one of his squad mates. The dark haired man smirked, and walked over, hands crossed behind his back, and he cleared his throat before leaning over and speaking, using his gift of the voice to mick Mike, their belovedly odd squad leader, he leaned over and sniffed her neck, ”You smell much better when you’re awake.”

Trackers & Development / I’m posting too much
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:01:20 PM »




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IC / Good Day, Bad Year (Kazushi)
« on: December 22, 2017, 06:59:21 PM »
Keith rolled out of his bed, flopping against the floor with a grunt. The sound of shuffling had woke him up, and now he was face down on the floor, wishing he could have continued his beautiful dream of being the commander of the scouting legion. Oh well, everyone else was up and getting ready, it was already past time to be getting dressed.

The dark haired teen fought his way out of the blankets over him, standing quickly a d throwing his uniform on, "Another day, another dream." He sighed longingly, showing a beaming smile, quickly waking up all the way. "Hope it's  not too cold still, I hate having to bundle up."

OOC: dated back to year 1 of training)

IC / Making Food and Friends [Tobias]
« on: July 20, 2017, 10:48:59 PM »
Armin entered the kitchen on time, as he was someone who absolutely despised being late, and started to put on the required clothing you had to wear when you were put on cooking duty. Of course, this was only for the people in one section of the training grounds so there were only two people making the food. Unfortunately for Armin it wasn't cooking that was the problem, nor was it having a partner helping him cook. The fact was, he simply didn't know who it was. It could be a total stranger, one who may not know what he was doing for starters. Worse case scenario it would be Jean or Eren, or a stranger like Jean or Eren. Jean he didn't work well with and Eren... well he personally knew Eren couldn't cook to save his life. Sasha wasn't allowed to be on cooking duty after... previous accidents and almost every one of his small list of friends had already told him the jobs they had assigned that night. Armin took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled as he tied his long hair up as he usually did when it was hot- since the mess hall was nearly as hot as outside, and rolled his sleeves up before he looked around to see if his cooking partner was there yet.

No sign of anyone being there alerted Armin, but he continued on anyway. Part of him was hoping whoever it was wouldn't show up, he could work the job himself if he had to, in all honesty, he would prefer to work alone. He looked over what he had to work with and huffed. He was glad they didn't have to make meals from scratch or anything. Armin was a rather good cook, but cooking for the entire 104th cadet corps would take more than just the two hours he had to work with. He looked over at the dry erase board with instructions for soup, practically the easiest thing to make for a large legion of hungry teens. Armin sighed in relief, a small smile coming to his lips as he set to work with the large vats used for cooking, setting them up before he started to do a little extra, cutting carrots and mushrooms to add to the vats when the time came.

Absences / Vacation :)
« on: June 08, 2017, 01:45:24 AM »
Tomorrow night I'll be leaving or a trip to the rocky mountains so needless to say I won't have service, and where I'm staying doesn't have wifi ;-; ill be gone at least two weeks, but if I can find someway to get WiFi and get online then I will check in with everyone :)

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