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Trackers & Development / Snowfall [Avent Tracker]
« on: February 06, 2020, 04:35:53 AM »

Halcyon Days ft. The Carello Family & The Winter Family

Alternate Universes / Happily Ever After?
« on: January 09, 2020, 04:44:54 AM »
What if your character could live their "happy ending?"  What would it look like? Is it their dream come true? Or would it be an ending that's just bittersweet? Even if it's just a fantasy, what does their happily ever after look like? Had this idea from one of my own OCs, who practically has his own happy ending planned out that HAS to come true. Come share the possibilities here!

Rosebelle Renée
Unfortunately, since Rosebelle was essentially created to die, I can't really imagine what her happy ending would have been, or would be. Her ending still ends in death and really, it fits her the best. All she really wished to do with her life is to be a hero, an inspiration and through her death, I think that would be the "happiest" ending for her. Simply being a good friend and having a fun time, and maybe even seeing the world outside the walls, all of those are left "unfinished" for Rosebelle because of her early, unfair death. In the end, that would be the most fitting way for her end to come, that it leaves on impact on the people she knew and loved.

Javier Renée
Javi's happy ending comes in the form of one day settling down with a girl and becoming a father. All his life, he just wanted to make people happy and keep them safe. As a soldier, he would have lost a lot of friends and people close, so a happy, simple life is really what he deserves! He would have lost his family through Utopia, but the chance to start a new one, in a world that's free of fear would be the ultimate happy ending for our guitar boy! Of course, he'd take over the family bakery and maybe even turn it into a cafe. And then, there's also the idea that his neighbors, Cee and Andy, will be great godparents to his kids!!

Malcolm and Mercy Watanabe
Malcolm and Mercy have an ending together because they are so tied to each other with hurt and pain. After the two would have met up again, I imagine it would have led to several more awkward encounters to borderline to the death clashes. This ending is not a happy one, but the two of them really could never quite forgive each other. If Mercy doesn't meet her end by the hands of Malcolm, then the two of them would agree to never forgive, but never forget. Mercy likely would have left the Military Police, too tired of things like war and being told what to do, to return to a life as a wandering criminal/mercenary. And Malcolm simply would  remain a Scout for the rest of his days, a thrill-seeking and reckless flirt. However, even if they never saw each other again, both would always remember that they truly are family.

Avent Winter
After giving his services to the Military one last time, Avent would eventually resign from the training corps. He would finally get a chance to live that quite life in his cabin in the woods, finally be able to sit down and watch the snow fall on a cold winter day. He's likely never marry again and probably would fade into obscurity, but he'd be alright with that. He would like to be assured that the soldiers he trained defended humanity and triumphed over the greater evils.

Marjorie Hadley
Ideally, Marjorie helps end corruption within the MPs and the Scouts breath though wall Maria to reclaim the outside world once again. She may or may not settle down with her handsome soldier of her dreams husband, but certainly he would have to learn how to keep up with her. Marjorie would never stop trying to help the unfortunate and the needy, and of course, she would remind every one of her closest friends that if they ever needed someone to talk to, she would be there to listen.

Character Development / Character Birthdays!
« on: January 04, 2020, 10:25:19 PM »
A way to keep track of all these Character birthdays! Also, Character Zodiacs!

1st - Mercedes Carello (Capricorn)
1st - Einarr Brandr (Capricorn)
30th - Eld Jinn (Aquarius)

6th - Axel Falkenrath (Aquarius)
14th - Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus (Aquarius)
17th - Ymir (Aquarius)
18th - Farran Falkenrath (Aquarius)
23rd - Alice Stamper (Pisces)

1st - Siegfried Justica (Pisces)
10th - Ian Dietrich (Pisces)
21st - Claude Larsen (Aries)
30th - Eren Jaeger (Aries)
30th - Julia Carello (Aries)

1st - Sebastian Schwarz  (Aries)
12th - Aderyn Rossi (Aries)
17th - Laria Rockfield (Aries)
20th - Alain Schröder (Taurus)
22nd - Mara Sonnenschein (Taurus)
30th - Amanda Marauder  (Taurus)

6th - Struna Mayberry (Taurus)
13th - Kaien Engelbrecht (Taurus)

9th - Damien Nyström (Gemini)
16th - Marco Bott (Gemini)
18th - Nack Tierce (Gemini)

1st - Rosebelle Renée (Cancer)
5th - Sylvia Charpentier (Cancer)
20th - Gustav Volk (Cancer)
30th  - Gunther Schultz (Leo)

13th - Malcolm & Mercy Watanabe (Leo)
21st - Gideon Azulyss (Leo)
23rd - Dalton Lightbody (Virgo)
24th - Avent Winter (Virgo)

19th - Javier Renée (Virgo)

6th - Valeria Falk (Libra)
13th - Quirin Drexler (Libra)
31st - Faolán Aue (Scorpio)

3rd - Armin Arlert (Scorpio)
10th - Saul Holloway  (Scorpio)

1st - Mia Kaster (Sagittarius)
2nd - Jarek Valdeze (Sagittarius)
15th - Marjorie Hadley (Sagittarius)
16th - Tamsin Spiegel (Sagittarius)

Military Police / No Mercy [Mercy's Plotter]
« on: January 01, 2020, 07:36:10 PM »

Military Police | Former Criminal | Born: August 13, 820 | Leo | ISTP-T |
Heterosexual | 5'9 / 175 cm | 132 lbs / 59.8 kg
AKA "The Worst" or “No Mercy”

Meet Mercy, better known as “No Mercy.” She used to be a contract killer who bounced around the walls until eventually, she ran into a target she couldn’t kill. Some old MP told her she should’ve put her skills to good use. So, one day she signed for the cadets and joined the Military Police for the basic necessities of a roof over her head, food, and salary for some strong liquor. She has a past she doesn’t like talking about and has a certain thirst for all things blood and blade related. She doesn’t mind being called a sadist, because truly, that might be what she is. Mercy is out for herself and threatens one day to leave the MPs once she’s gotten too bored of being told what to do.

Mercy doesn’t make friends, save for maybe a drinking buddy or two. In essence, she’s used to being alone and trusting no one. Even those in the Military Police who scarcely have good intentions, she hardly is trusting towards any pretty words. Mercy truly believes that people are only out for themselves, but perhaps she can find a kindred spirit.

Basically, everyone is on some level of annoyance with Mercy and very few can make it past that. However, most of the time, she can restrain herself from going out all unless she thinks its truly worth her time. She normally doesn’t hold grudges, after all, its just business, and nothing personal. Though there are a few instances in which, if you make her mad enough, Mercy knows that revenge is a dish best served cold.

If you’re brave enough to love Mercy, then you must be one crazy helluva of guy. Of course, Mercy has had partners over the years, but hardly any lasts more than a night, and more often a drinking-induced one. More obviously, Mercy is not a romantic, even if she can be more sensitive relationships than one would think. But, quite honestly, the girl has walls she won’t let anyone tear down.

Chat, Games & Banter / What's in a Name?
« on: December 28, 2019, 05:04:17 PM »
What's in a Name?? I love finding out why characters are named the way they are! Sometimes a lot of thought it put into a nice sounding name and sometimes it can just be "I thought it sounded cool" haha! Explain your OC name origins here!!

  • Malcolm Watanabe / Mercy Watanabe -  I love the juxtaposition of mixed names! Plus Orient(?) names in AoT-verse are so rare! I actually had these two as another OC pair on a different AoT RP I was on previously. Malcolm is just a name I like, it’s actually Scottish in origin apparently! I've also used this name before for another OC for another fandom, that ironically had a personality that was very opposite to Malcolm here, a dark-haired, veteran smoker type who was cool and apathetic. As for Mercy, it’s just an M name that I wanted to have match Malcolm since they are twins. And really, it is just a nice sounding name! Also, the obvious meaning is that her name is opposite to her ‘real’ personality of being vain, sadistic, and cruel >:)

  • Rosebell Renée / Javier Renée - The Renée siblings! Rosebelle came first. I just love ‘-belle’ names and think they are so cute and pretty sounding (proto-names were Anabelle or Izabelle). I also love flower names! (other proto-names were Dahlia, Rose, or Daisy). I decided to combo the two and create Rosebelle! And since she ended up being a wanted ad for Levi, Rosebelle is close enough to Izabel She normally goes by Rosie because it's such a cute nickname. Plus the red ribbons in her hair are like the colors of roses! The last name Renée, means "Rebirth" and is a common first name. In a sense, Rosie, being naive and a believer in heroes, represents an idea of new beginnings and hope or "Rebirth." Renée is also just a really pretty name!! I wanted her name to mean something a little special.  As for Javier, it's low-key inspired by the fact that his FC is Spain! So he has a bit of Spanish influence. It also just sounds really soft and like Javi is a very soft boy.

  • Marjorie Hadley - I like M names. I wanted a name that sounded a bit old and even a little presumptuous, but also just nice to hear. I also spelt it a little differently to give it that old world feel. She casually goes by Marjie, which I always just like to make cute nicknames for characters. It means "pearl" which I find very fascinating because it's similar to Marjorie's own belief that everyone has the potential to be great inside themselves, or in other words, have a little "pearl" inside an otherwise rough outer shell! Hadley is a surname that I came up for another OC in another fandom, it means "Green Fields" which resonates a feeling of peace and calm.

  • Avent Winter - It just sounds so cold and harsh, like how Avent is. Actually a combo of a first name and a surname from two different OCs I had. There's no real meaning behind them, I just enjoy the coldness of the name itself! His nickname is "Ave" which sounds a bit softer, but is only reserved for people who would have known how soft he could be.

Chat, Games & Banter / Character Pokemon Teams!
« on: November 30, 2019, 03:06:48 AM »
Pokemanz Teams for all your Characters!


  • Froakie -> Frogadier -> Greninja
    Malcolm's Starter, Malcolm needs a starter that is edgy and cool because Malcolm lowkey is pretty angsty. Well, no not really. Malcolm probably would've though Froakie is this weird cute frog thing that he could totally hang out with.

  • Sneasel -> Weavile
    This pokemon is a trickster and it has blades (huge claw things) for hands, which is both cool and crafty and would totally play pranks with Malcolm around the barracks. And for some reason, I can totally imagine Weavile running across rooftops while Malcolm swings around on his 3DMG.

  • Jolteon
    I love Eeveelutions, and Malcolm is going to get one! Electric types are fast and well, electrifying, which fits Malcolm's personality a lot! He definitely needs something that can keep up with him!

  • Delibird
    Get it, because it's a Delivery Bird?? It's just so derpy looking, Malcolm would 100% love it and it also is a reference to when Malcolm used to be Delivery-Man himself.

  • Ponyta -> Rapidash
    Malcolm loves horses! Plus fire horse is best horse.

  • Talonflame
    As a Survey Corps member, of course Malcolm is going to get a bird to represent the Wings of Freedom. Fire bird is the coolest bird, excuse my puns.


  • Chimchar - > Monferno -> Infernape
    Chimchar was my first starter! It fits Rosie because it's a cute lil'monkey. Plus it's based off of the legend of Sun Wukong (it's later evolutions), who is a hero!

  • Rufflet -> Braviary
    Rosie's birb to represent her as a member of the Survey Corps!

  • Budew -> Roselia -> Roserade
    Of course Rosie needs a pokemon based on her namesake, roses!

  • Sylveon
    Rosie's Eeveelution, of course, because it's adorable like Rosie and because it's got ribbons, like Rosie!

  • Noibat -> Noivern
    A dragon type, but a bat that flies around because it would have to keep up with Rosie as she's flying around on her 3DMG.

  • Buneary -> Lopunny
    Just a cute little bunny that can pack a powerhouse punch or kick, which basically described Rosie to a T.


  • Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venusaur
    It's a small, unassuming plant-frog thing. I Imagine Javier just has a fondness for grass types in general, as well I think it's one of the more overlooked starters? (I mean I love it) but also, like Javier just kind of... forgotten about.

  • Flareon
    It's just so fluffy! It's nickname would be Tomato (in favor of Javier's Spain FC, haha).

  • Pidgey -> Pidgeotto -> Pidgeot
    It's a birb, 'cause one day Javier will join the Survey Corp and he needs a birb for the wings of freedom haha.

  • Ralts -> Kirlia -> Gallade
    With the cool elbow/blade things, this is another pokemon I can totes imagine running/parkouring across the rooftops while Javier is flying around on his 3DMG.

  • Absol
    A bit of a foreboding pokemon, but I feel it really works with Javier because while not necessarily misunderstood, Javier is the type of guy who 'feels' when disaster is coming. (And of course, the impending tragedies)

  • Golett -> Golurk
    It's a pretty sturdy pokemon, which I think is quite fitting of the type of guy Javier is. But also, it relates to being a 'tomb' or a 'gaurd' of the dead, which lowkey reveals just how somber Javier actually is

OOC / This Character is Already Dead
« on: November 21, 2019, 01:31:31 PM »


I have an idea for a character, but the main thing is. I'm planning to make her so she can die. Final details need to be hardened out, but her main purpose will essentially be to serve as someone else's drive/character motivation or their ultimate tragedy. She would be a young member of the Survey Corp basically fresh from her cadets or quite possibly in her cadet days.

She would be a bit of a loner/oddball(?), but eventually becomes fast friends with another character (or a few others). However, on her first real mission, she dies. Was considering using the Utopia Event as her death, or it could be any old regular Survey Corp Scouting Missions Gone wrong.

Basically, her character lifespan will be very short, a span of 3-4 threads.

  • Thread 1 - Meeting thread. She and Character X meet for the first time and become friends.

  • Threads 2 (and 3?) - Friendship thread(s). The pair share dreams and aspirations and some good times for a little. Maybe one of them promises to protect the other or do something after they retire from the military (is retiring a thing?), anyway the death flags begin waving.

  • Final Thread - Death Thread. The pair are sent off on a mission. It would be her first 'real' mission (again either the Utopia invasion or a regular ole scout mission). Something goes wrong and she dies. Aiming for the idea that Character X has their gear malfunction/is out of gas and cannot run away for some reason and she will 'distract' the Titan by getting in the way and dying, a la cruel self-sacrifice because Character X is her friend.
Hoping for another Cadet or young member of the Survey Corps! Don't really prefer a gender. Or just a regular member of the Survey Corps as well, the two of them just need to develop a fast little friendship before ultimately, she loses her life for Character X. I also don't mind if she ends up becoming friends with a small group of people as well.

Some Traits for her
  • She will be young, 15-16 age range
  • She will be something of an oddball, loner type with Character X being the first person to really acknowledge her as a friend.
  • She will have some self-confidence issues, but aiming for Character X to give her that confidence boost
  • Her reason for joining the military will be that she wants to be a Hero (which will eventually translate to her wanting to be Character X's Hero)
  • She could have a crush on Character X (whether the feelings are mutual is decided by Character X)
  • Her face claim will be as appears above, Seychelles from Hetalia

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