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Topics - Erwin Smith

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Stohess District / The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« on: June 05, 2018, 12:24:48 AM »
Early Summer, 833

While he certainly hated inventory duty, it beat being out in the bright sunlight. Erwin got caught at inspection hungover...and the current commander of the Survey Corps certainly was not having it. Although it was his own fault, he failed to clean all of the vomit off his boots. Had he been able to, he would have escaped suspicion.

As punishment, he got the second noisiest assignment in the entirety of their headquarters. And every last man and woman he was put in charge of was doing their best to torment him for it. From backslapping to shouting at him from a few feet away to scraping blades against one another while they were being counted...another round of vomiting would have been preferable.

Did he have an excuse? No. He was drinking off thoughts about Marie again. Why he was stuck on her nobody knew, and he did not either. The human mind could be such a devious thing sometimes. Erwin warily turned back to the desk he was sitting at and the massive tome of supplies he had to go through. As he turned the page, he was greeted with what felt like an apocalyptic slam behind him as a woman dropped a crate on the floor behind him. He groaned as he buried his face in his hands.

"Hey Erwin, how ya feelin?" she asked with a snort. "You keep lettin' that old flame of yours get you this down you may want to build your own still!" She picked the crate up with a scrape as Erwin rubbed his eyes. Today was going to be a living hell. And, well, she had a point. His salvation came quickly - and loudly - from his commander.

SMITH! GET OUT HERE, NOW! Erwin looked to see the man standing in the doorway. Erwin approached and saluted him. "Sir," he said. The commander then handed down the next part of his sentence for the day. Looking him dead in the eye, the commander spoke with a smug tone. "You will be needed to escort our new recruits around the headquarters. We have 57 this year. Some look pretty rowdy. Delegate someone to take charge here." He gave a sharp nod in response, and the commander grudgingly accepted it.

Erwin walked back to the desk relived and delegated his task, and he walked out, the usual behavior began.

"Hey guys," one of the soldier said, "The fresh meat is here!"

"Just what we need, more titan bait," another said with an eye roll.

"Hey, Erwin, let us ladies know if you see an good looking guys huh?" The soldier asked him from earlier.

The last one by the door way said, "And don't forget to check out the girls!" The youngest hollered.

Erwin walked into the courtyard to see the new recruits. Damn he thought, They slashed the enlistment age again? He was nineteen, almost twenty when he joined the Survey Corps. These kids couldn't be more than sixteen. Their training was longer at least, so perhaps that counted for something.

He cleared his throat. "Good afternoon, I'm Erwin Smith, welcome to the Survey Corps."

Trackers & Development / The Sorely Needed Erwin Tracker
« on: May 27, 2018, 03:54:25 PM »

The Welcoming Committee – Early Summer: Erwin Smith, a seven year veteran of the Survey Corps is enjoying just another day of military life. As a reward for showing up hungover to more inspection, Erwin is in charge of inventorying supplies with a handful of others. Around midday, his duties change – he gets to show the latest batch of Survey Corps recruits around the barracks and headquarters. One rather excitable red haired cadet stands out – Laria Rockfield.

No Good Deed – Mid-Autumn: Four years prior to the fall of Wall Maria, the Survey Corps embarks on a perimeter sweep. It should be easy…ridiculously so. But nothing ever is for those who carry the Wings of Freedom. Erwin, Laria, and several of their comrades face off against a group of abnormals. The odds are usually never in their favor, and this time, the losses get personal for Erwin. (TBA)

All in a Day’s Work – Three Weeks After the fall of Shiganshina: Erwin has yet another day of search and rescue ops planned. Here’s hoping everything goes well.

Rain and Blood – Late Autumn: A scouting mission in a thunderstorm goes sideways as Erwin tries to reduce casualties and find a way out of a ravine.

Clean Sweep – Late Autumn: Erwin has some ideas planned for Levi, and thinks that a surprise inspection from the MPs is the perfect catalyst to their conversation.

Rate of Change – Mid-Winter: Erwin has started to trust Hange, and thinks its high time he fill her in on two of his latest plans and learn more about her research. She is the closest he has to and Executive Officer after all – but that doesn’t mean he can trust her with that level of responsibility just yet.

Dining, Dancing… – Mid-Winter: Yet another Donor Dinner and this time Levi actually showed up! Erwin’s skill at playing politics once again shines through as he stokes the fire of victory and futures with Nobles, and has a long overdue discussion with fellow officers. But things run the risk of getting awkward for him when he bumps into his ex, Marie, now Nile’s wife. (TBA)

…and Drinking – Mid-Winter: The dinner is certainly over, and the Survey Corps and Garrison Officers decide to blow off some steam, and Erwin makes the poor decision of getting involved in a drinking contest. Things get stranger still as a thoroughly trashed Ewrin opens up to Hange. (TBA)

Whispers of Discontent – Late Winter: Erwin, Hange, and Levi take a walk through Stohess stewing over the orders they have received from high command – the Survey corps is to lead hundreds of thousands of levies in a foolhardy attack on Shiganshina District. The goal is clear. They are to intentionally kill their own people to make it through the winter. Some of Erwin’s truer motives shine through his stoic exterior, and things get complicated when they bump into a group of MPs having a laugh about it. (TBA)

Let’s Make a Date – Mid-Spring: After a rather rough winter Hange puts her latest plan into action. Her objective is simple; finally put together Erwin and former Survey Corps member Laria Rockfield. To do so, she will enlist her assistant, Levi and others to complete the plan. Will Hange get the exothermic reaction she’s hoping for when she puts them together? Or will her courageous commander shy away from what could be a final chance at creating a personal life? (TBA)

Utopia Team Seven – Battle for Utopia: Erwin and Several members of the Survey Corps are sent with haste to Utopia to prevent a repeat of Shiganshina two years prior. Too late to stop the initial assault, Erwin, Levi, and several others launch a surprise counterattack on the remaining titans within the walls.

Wanted Ads / Everyone’s FAVORITE rule follower…
« on: April 21, 2018, 03:47:01 PM »
Nile Dok – 37 – Married – Commander of Military Police – Wall Rose
Ah Nile, everyone's favorite rule following piece of…okay maybe I can’t say that but you know where I’m going. Commander of the Military Police and ranked fourth in his cadet class (just behind Erwin in third) they were thick as thieves, and treated as brothers by their instructors. This also meant they caught hell when either got in trouble; which they did – a lot. It was on the night of graduation where they finally had their falling out. Erwin threw a punch, Nile got the girl and started a family, and the two most inseparable cadets in recent history hated each other.

Key Things to Know and Keep in Mind:
There were never any romantic ties between these two, period. However, they were both interested in the same woman, Marie – their bar tender (she was the barkeeps daughter).
Nile and Erwin certainly “hate” each other but they still have deep respect for one another. But it's not like anyone would notice now that they have their professional rivalry as well (MPs vs Scouts).
Nile is a rigid follower of rules and orders…something which always got under Erwin’s skin, as he lived to question the status quo.
Nile is married to Marie and a father of two, a true family man. They live within Wall Rose.

Wall Rose / All in a Days Work
« on: February 02, 2018, 10:20:08 PM »
Trost District
Three weeks after the fall of Shiganshina District

A Garrison soldier approached Erwin as the Survey Corps moved in column formation towards the gate leading out of Trost District towards Wall Maria. A place that was once populated with humans now just little more than a frontier. Erwin raised his hand and the column came to a halt without him ever having to speak, even as subordinates echoed the command down the line. The garrison soldier, apparently still a little green, had to take a moment to take it all in.

The soldier then offered a belated salute. “My apologies sir,” he began, “But we’re not able to let you and your troops through the gate yet, we have another group of refugees entering through the district.”

“Very well,” Erwin replied, “How long of a delay should we expect?”

“I would assume no more than an hour, sir,” the soldier said scratching his head nervously.
Erwin nodded and saluted the soldier before he jogged off, almost as nervous as he was when he came over. “Runner!” he bellowed. One of his soldiers came up beside him. “Send word down the column to dismount and move our horses and equipment to one side of the road. We need to let the refugees pass and this is the easiest path through the city for them to traverse. Officers are to meet with me up ahead. Everyone else may dismount and rest a while.”

“Yes commander,” she responded, and off she went as Erwin moved closer to the gate before dismounting himself.

It seemed that their latest rescue mission was going to be off to a late start. It was the sixth this week alone, and more often then not, they would find little more than empty villages with the residents having long moved behind the walls.

OOC: Two rounds of posts will be follow. Round will start with first post, then go until all those in the RP have posted once and replied once. Mission will then continue. Erwin has moved nearer to the gate to observe the group coming in, and rest of the Survey Corps is about two blocks behind him.

Chat, Games & Banter / Notebook Entries
« on: August 20, 2017, 06:15:23 PM »
Hey all, so as you already know, Erwin's father left his research notes behind, so I will begin posting a series of excerpts here! Enjoy!

In those years I have served as a teacher I have discovered something truly odd about our world...or what may be left of it.  These walls, this island - it cannot be everything.  Humanity extinct except for all but a few hundred thousand people?  There is something wrong there indeed.  Why is knowledge of the outside world banned as well?  And could this be attached to the clashing dates I've found in some earlier textbooks during my time as a student?

While I do fear that i may have stumbled on to something that is much greater than myself, I feel that I must unearth this secret for the good of the people, I must find the answer.  However, I do not know how deep this will go, or how many new mysteries will I stumble upon in the process.  Or if it may get me killed.

But isn't the truth sometimes more important than anything else?

Survey Corps / You'll have the facts soon enough. [Erwin's Plotter]
« on: July 19, 2017, 04:39:45 PM »


Each one of you has my respect.
Let’s talk personality here for a moment: Erwin is decidedly complex.  He is serious, self-assured, pragmatic, perceptive, and always planning far for the future.  Furthermore, he is what could be called a “strong and silent type”, and doesn’t speak more than is necessary; whether he is calling someone out, or speaking to a crowd to stir up support.  As such, he has a stoic charisma that draws people to him.  Despite this he does have a softer side and has a deep concern for his subordinates. But underneath this exterior is a man who is riddled by self-doubt, guilt and many regrets.  Perhaps this, or something darker, drives his almost single-minded determination to defend humanity.

It is interesting to note however, that he seems to sit somewhere between his two immediate subordinates, Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoë.  Where Levi is rude, anti-social, and aggressive, Erwin is polite, direct, and calm.  Where Hange is loud, outgoing, and impulsive, Erwin is quiet, introverted, and patient.

Who do you think the real enemy is?
Erwin may not always play well with others, but that doesn’t mean that he is beyond hope of building bonds of trust and respect with others within his unit.  After serving in the Survey Corps for well over a decade, it would be impossible for to not have built even a handful of these relationships despite his trust issues. 

As for romantic relationships?  Perhaps it would be best to play it by ear, but as a man wholly dedicated to his cause, they are highly unlikely.

Sir, I have a proposition…
Here are some RP ideas:
Mission planning – Erwin is the head of the Survey Corps, but despite that, he seems to value the input of everyone in his unit when the situation demands it. 
Simple conversation – I know this is more than vague, but Erwin has been in the Survey Corps for more than a decade and though he isn’t much of a talker, it’s fair to say he may know almost all of his subordinates.  Maybe he is reminiscing with someone about life before the war or a mission with Keith Shadis?  Perhaps they are discussing the state of politics behind the walls?  Maybe he has to make an inspirational speech?
Daily operations – As commander, Erwin has to deal with the daily issues of commanding a military unit.  This could include requisitioning supplies, resolving conflicts between squad leaders, reviewing potential new recruits to the Survey Corps, and so on.  While many may find this hum-drum and dull, this is now his daily life.

Let’s talk Scouting Expeditions!!!

What are your ideas?

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