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Wanted Ads / Karanes, represent!
« on: December 30, 2018, 01:27:09 AM »
[ an assortment of Karanes-based wanteds ]
face claims are up to you, as well as all other details! think of them as adoptables you can build off of, which still have connections to ground them

[ Verena [former surname: Tierce] ]
+ focused / independent
- aloof / dramatic

Verena Tierce, 19 years old in 845, older sister of Nack. Raised by street criminals and with beauty in her step, her brother only ever pulled her down. She had dreams of marrying into money, of tempting local nobles with fluttering eyelashes while she pinched gold from their pockets. Far more careful than her mother and 'aunt' Fredda, Verena has built a life for herself. As soon as her brother was conscripted, she had true freedom. With a surname of her own and her family gone, she can take hold of life for herself.

[ Helga Pedersen ]
+ earnest / humble
- gullible / messy

She travelled with Nack to Trost District, a neighbour of his for only a short time before the two were conscripted. Only 13, but she had wonder in her eyes, and believed everything she was ever told. It was easier this way, to feel at peace with the tragedy soon to blight her path. Titans weren't a worry for her family, they had riches to settle on as soon as her sister married into nobility. Then it wouldn't matter that she had to train to be a soldier, she could go back to ordinary life. Or so they told her on her last night home.

[ Marius Novak ]
+ eloquent / precise
- materialistic / possessive

The son of nobles, living in the height of luxury within Karanes, never to take his place as head of the family. Marius was the youngest son, but he had a taste for action - when Holle Tierce was first brought to his attention, he was thrilled to hunt her down. A member of the Military Police, he investigated the crimes of a ring of businesses shredding through Wall Rose, stealing as much as they could. He brought her in, the queen of the market whose produce was stolen from across the territories. Ever since, the name 'Tierce' has been blacklisted in his book.

Chat, Games & Banter / Anime Season THREE: Discussion
« on: November 08, 2018, 04:59:21 PM »
Feel free to discuss all things season three here! Did you have any theories that ended up confirmed or denied? Who were your favourite characters or what were your favourite scenes? Was there anything you wish had happened but didn't, or vice versa? What did you expect to happen?

Please note that SEASON THREE and its manga equivalent chapters onwards should be marked as SPOILERS throughout the site, not spoken about in Discord (other than the #spoilers channel) or in the chatbox, per our spoiler policy. This is your spoiler zone to go wild in!

For those who want to get into reading the manga, the appropriate chapters that tell the story of season one are: Volume 13, Chapter 52 - Volume 18, Chapter 72.

Please don't spoil anything from the manga or future seasons (when the next is out, if I forget to update this in time) in this topic! Small differences in the manga chapters (up to chapter 72 as above) are okay, but otherwise feel free to start up your own topic on the manga!

Chat, Games & Banter / Anime Season TWO: Discussion
« on: November 08, 2018, 04:47:47 PM »
Feel free to discuss all things season two here! Did you have any theories that ended up confirmed or denied? Who were your favourite characters or what were your favourite scenes? Was there anything you wish had happened but didn't, or vice versa? What did you expect to happen?

For those who want to get into reading the manga, the appropriate chapters that tell the story of season one are: Volume 9, Chapter 35 - Volume 13, Chapter 51.

Please don't spoil anything from the manga or future seasons in this topic! Small differences in the manga chapters (up to chapter 51 as above) are okay, but otherwise feel free to start up your own topic on the manga!

Chat, Games & Banter / Anime Season ONE: Discussion
« on: November 07, 2018, 09:03:21 PM »
Feel free to discuss all things season one here! Did you have any theories that ended up confirmed or denied? Who were your favourite characters or what were your favourite scenes? Was there anything you wish had happened but didn't?

For those who want to get into reading the manga, the appropriate chapters that tell the story of season one are: Volume 1, Chapter 1 - Volume 8, Chapter 34.

Please don't spoil anything from the manga or other seasons in this topic! Small differences in the manga chapters (up to chapter 34 as above) are okay, but otherwise feel free to start up your own topic on the manga!

Character Development / Rumours
« on: April 21, 2018, 01:07:02 AM »
Paradis is not free from gossip-mongers, and rumours are bound to fly with no television to keep them entertained. Feel free to write down any rumours about your characters here! Bonus pretend points for extra detail (like who might know about it, how true they might be, etcetera).

[ This was done before as a character development question, so you can pop down old rumours from that here too! ]

Character Development / Character Development Questions
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:57:06 PM »
This is a record of all questions asked in the Discord server, categorised and semi-chronological.

Thinking about that next character? Want to build up on an idea you have? Hoping to develop a current character further? Look no further!

Every few days, I post two questions in the Discord to plunge into the development of characters, going over a variety of topics and hopefully helping create new avenues of arcs to explore. Sometimes people find it helps to consider an angle they wouldn't have otherwise, or find that two characters might well get along by their similar views on something in particular.

Feel free to use these questions as you like!

Plotters / Open Threads
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:23:31 PM »

Sometimes, you just get that drive to write a plot, without an idea for who might want to write it with you. That's where open threads come in. This thread is to highlight threads you put up and to compile it in one place, so anybody can browse through. We have a small code to fill out to give enough information for prospective repliers.

If your thread fills up or is taken, please edit your post to say that it has been, so we can remove it promptly and keep it clean!

Code: [Select]
[b]Thread Link:[/b]
[b]Characters Involved:[/b]
[b]Open To How Many:[/b] (# of spots)

Thread Link: Requires a link to the thread.
Setting: What board is it in? What year is it set?
Character Involved: Both the topic starter and any others who have already joined.
Open To How Many: How many characters can join?
Description: A short summary that sums up the thread and any ideas you might have connected to it.

Avatar: The Legend of Aang. Four nations. Benders and humans alike.

Haven't watched TLOK yet but any sub-bending powers count under the four flags right?

If this were an ATLA AU, which element would your characters bend, if any?

AXEL: fire
Fire is passionate and sweeps through with fury. It's also light and quick. Air would also fit really well.

MARA: water.
Water symbolises healing often, and it caresses just as well as it attacks.

NACK: earth.
Boots on solid ground, surveying the Wall? He'd rather breathe in the fresh air than rush through it, and keep to the ground where possible.

YMIR: earth.
Earth is sturdy, mostly reliable, and defensive. It also sprouts new life.

GUSTAV: human - earth.
He wouldn't be a bender, because he's far more into theoretical movements. However, he values the same ideas as written for Ymir.

Worldbuilding / Phrases, Slang & Terms
« on: March 10, 2018, 05:05:52 PM »
Common phrases, slang, or terms that those within the Wall know and say. Add as many of your own as you like! Preferably add where it originated / what kind of person would generally say it (such as by regiment or by Wall).

"Wall-burn" - term for the rash you get by grazing your skin on a Wall, easily enough to deal with (our equivalent: road rash, carpet burn, etc.). Mostly used by the Garrison Regiment.

"Break a blade!" - phrase used by the Survey Corps to wish good luck, as breaking a blade suggests fighting enough Titans to break them (our equivalent: 'break a leg!').

"Scratchers" - term used most often by the Garrison Regiment to describe Titans that scratch at the Wall in an effort to climb up. Likely also used for the Survey Corps on Titans who fail to climb up trees.

OOC / She sought counsel from the falcons.
« on: March 04, 2018, 12:14:28 AM »

Garrison Regiment | 30s | Mother to Axel

    Naomi Misora (Death Note)  |  Dian Rubens (Spice and Wolf]
Silke Schneider married into the family young, meeting Tybalt Falkenrath after a brief station in Shiganshina District, having graduated the cadet corps and joined the Garrison Regiment. Unlike his brother, Tybalt had not enlisted in the military, and instead worked as a baker when he met Silke. They moved to Trost District when she was moved there, and he opened a bakery with a close friend. With a promising start, Silke aspired to become somebody of worth, though her ambitions were cut short when she became unexpectantly pregnant. Though she could have chosen against it, she did due to Tybalt's positive reaction, and took the hit to her career in order to, thankfully without trouble, give birth to Axel. Tybalt raised him primarily, allowing her to throw herself back into work, though she taught the boy some fighting skills.

After news of Tybalt's death reached her, she urged Axel to become a better fighter, and to do his best for his father's sake. She kept working, determined to guard the Walls for as long as she could to give her son the chance to improve himself and find his way in the military, swapping letters periodically with him. Though they are not incredibly close, she would be proud of him, and knows Tybalt would be as well.

Being stationed in Trost, she could be in any squad you wished, with the potential to lead her own squad in the future if wanted, as it has been a decade and a half since her career took a hit. The Schneider family is open to your interpretation. Axel's paternal uncle (Farran, to be played by Puffin) may the closest connection to her when it comes to family, as her brother-in-law. I'm extremely open to interpretation on her, though I envision her to have brought about Axel's determined, rule-abiding side, with some strictness.

I'm very open for more ideas, and depending on what you wish to explore!
× Pre-Wall 'bonding': a series of flashbacks to set up their relationship.
× Axel waits for her to come home after Wall Maria falls, and she returns with news of his father and family dead.
× Silke teaches Axel fighting techniques before he enlists.
× Letter threads, always open to what they're about.
× A festival thread, in which Axel sees his mother once more.
× Post-Utopia: Axel returns home following Utopia for his mother's comfort.

Worldbuilding / Population Control
« on: March 03, 2018, 03:25:47 PM »
I've been discussing this headcanon with Puffin, putting it down here... yes it's long, it's my usual rambling!

Heads Up: infant mortality and death via childbirth discussed in this

Every year, approximately 140 teenagers (or just-below-teens at 12) are enlisted/conscripted into the cadet corps. There are also kids who are never conscripted and never enlist. The Walls can only support so many people at a time, especially with Wall Maria gone - like in canon, they send thousands of people to their death because they can't handle it. Whether this happens in RH canon or not... there's still a population problem.

The Walldians simultaneously need to have enough children to give to the military and handle daily life within the Walls WHILE not having more than their farms can handle. Roughly 30% of Scouts die each expedition, which roughly work out to one per two years before now - if 104th Cadet Corps sends in the most Scout intake for some while, there's presumably only ever about 10-40 new Scouts per year, and we don't meet many Scouts that are from the 100th-103rd Cadet Corps.

There's also infant mortality rates and childbirth problems, bearing in mind there would be a decent amount of women dying during childbirth. Having a LOT of kids per woman is probably more likely within Wall Sina, who are less likely to have kids going into the military. Farming families would have more children for free labour, while those within the Walls probably had 1-3 children on average, though the more children they have, the more likely they'd be poor or live in more of a slum than get special treats.

SO GETTING TO THE POINT and less maths:

They need babies. They have rations. More babies, the more rations you get. There's likely a surplus of women over men as there is at least SOME expectation for women to stay at home and more men being in the military (it's certainly not even). We know they have brothels, for instance, which could even become baby factories, as they can easily have children fathered by multiple men, rake in the rations, and sell the children if they truly wish to.

What this could affect:
- children being kidnapped young for extra rations / workers
- male soldiers (especially Garrison/Scouts) fathering multiple children and marrying young
- polygamy? more women than men, after all, and if their husband is a soldier then they'll need the help with child-rearing, employing nurses/nannies could be a Wall Sina luxury most of the time
- brothel baby factories
- risking childbirth because the family needs some extra rations
- kids being 'encouraged' to enlist by their parents so there's one less mouth to feed
- orphanages? or under the table adoptions?

Meanwhile, what do they do about population control? Well, life expectancy is probably around 30 years old on average, though obviously characters can end up older. We don't know an awful lot about canonical illnesses but their medical abilities seem limited, the streets look relatively clean.

What this could affect:
- young families and quick marriages
- while most Scouts die, Garrison soldiers probably still lose a fair few on Wall patrols taking down Titans scratching the Wall, while the Military Police likely rarely lose people during work (unless they actually try to combat crime)
- if there's a particularly 'good' year, rations become smaller to accomodate as many people as possible, leading to an increase in enlistings or conscriptions of kids that or the next year
- unemployment is probably REALLY looked down on unless they're injured / disabled
- with the risk to childbirth, female soldiers rarely have children and are perhaps even warned against them

Thoughts? Concerns? More theories? Bring them here!

Graphics & Fan Works / Webs' Aesthetics
« on: February 19, 2018, 11:08:18 AM »
Willing to make some for others - if anybody has a Tumblr tag dedicated to aesthetics for their character, or even better a We Heart It collection, I can stitch them together. I'm not so comfortable or good at finding images for somebody else, so you can always just provide 6+ images for me and I'll put them together as best as I can! (or 5 images and a quote of your choice)

Axel Falkenrath
While Axel is a pretty 'grey' character, I wanted to highlight the contrasting sides: his grey eyes, his (disputed) small form, his baking, against the cry for battle, his need to be harsh against the Titans, and his hands so often curled into fists.

Axel x Mara spoiler alert
The Three stages: a young friendship, their training and the more time they spend alone with one another, and then Mara's death. Each will get a development thread - the first time they hold hands, spending time during a hike together, and then a post-death thread where it sinks in even harder than rage.

Character Development / Character Weaknesses
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:22:29 PM »
This is my favourite part of character development: weaknesses. To balance a character fully, they should have as many 'primary' weaknesses as they have strengths. Normally, these are social/personality traits, and obviously skills, physical attributes as well. Attack on Titan handles balanced characters pretty well with the main characters, and even the strongest have things that hold them back to a great extent.

Basically, any questions we might have related to characters being developed through (other people mostly) dying can go here, and everybody can answer here with any/all their characters they like. Let's start with:

What is your character's greatest weakness?
Are they physically weak? Does their personality almost entirely cut them off from most other people? Are they so terrified that they'd freeze up right in front of a Titan? Do they never get any proper work done? Do they have vices (like alcohol, drugs, and so on) that they could never give up?

Character Development / Development Through Death
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:16:43 PM »
This fandom is littered with death, it's bloody, gory, and sometimes just... a thing. Yet it's so powerful still, affecting many characters, causing them to fear particular ways of dying, or particular people dying on them. And there's no philosopher's stone or fountain of eternal youth here!

Basically, any questions we might have related to characters being developed through (other people mostly) dying can go here, and everybody can answer here with any/all their characters they like. To kick it off, I ask you to:

Describe a scenario that your character would be unable to save themselves from without help.
There's no way out, this is the end of the line. No escape, no fight left. While there are many ways for people to die, how do you envision your character dying in a way that they can't help themselves at all? It could be illness, an accident, naturally a Titan... anything really!

Character Development / Character Growth
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:12:11 PM »
So since this is what Character Development is all about, let's kick off the shiny new board with this topic! :)

Basically, any questions we might have related to character growth can go here, and everybody can answer here with any/all their characters they like. To kick it off, I simply have to ask:

In the past three years, how has your character grown?
Essentially: Since Wall Maria fell, what has changed in your character? Do they have any new beliefs? Have they softened or hardened in personality? Do they have any new fears, or worries? Has anything major happened to them, like a change in their career path, or the loss of somebody close (this can be covered in the Development Through Death topic more so).

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