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Topics - Mara Sonnenschein

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Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / [OPEN] wild flowers. [Tyler]
« on: January 27, 2019, 02:37:14 AM »
[ early spring, 846 ]

It hadn't been quite a year since the 104th Cadet Corps had begun their training. With spring flourishing across the training grounds, Mara had taken it upon herself to take advantage. Snow had receded, allowing fresh blooms of plants to appear. Slowly but surely, nature showed that it was never over. A season of frost and snow couldn't stop flowers from budding, and even then winter had brought its own petals to spread.

Brushing back a curl of hair behind her ear, the cadet kneeled in the grass as she examined some flowers. She had studied a guide of wild flowers before, and she took that knowledge to identify the flowers she saw clumped against a bush. Bluebells, with vibrant purple petals drooping. Coralroot, with pastel pink petals spread wide. Primrose grew a few lengths over, more into the sunlight, with soft yellow petals.

She wished she had a basket with which to carry them off with her, to decorate and spruce up the barracks. But she knew they had better uses. Still, lingering over them, she closed her eyes and breathed in the air, fresh scents wafting about her.

IC / Ready, aim, help. [Voltaire]
« on: December 18, 2018, 03:39:49 AM »
[ march 846 ]

Ballistics and firearms - her least favoured part of training. Firearms especially. They were so cold. Brutal things, not meant for her dainty eyes. Every gun she so much as saw terrified her. Blades were bad enough, but they could be held so easily, there was a grace to them. Firearms were ugly, sudden things with loud noises and too much pain behind them. They weren't all that effective against Titans either. But quite simply, it was scary.

Their task for the day was shooting practice. While others headed off to the targets, Mara stood, frozen, unsure of what to do. There was no backing out - she had to train just as others did. Some of her friends had already moved on. She even saw Axel head off, intent on perfecting things as he always did. Not likely to help her much. If at all.

She turned, instead, to the person closest to her. A boy she wasn't certain of, but had heard his name. "Um, excuse me? Voltaire?" the brunette said quietly, shuffling a foot forwards.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Wandering nostalgia. [Hilda]
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:56:48 PM »
[ summer, 845 ]

It was peaceful, sitting aside a friend while you studied. Mara liked it, she loved having company while learning because she could casually ask questions not answered by the text before her, or check to see how her friend was getting on. Not everybody made good companions for quiet reading. She definitely wasn't one of them, because she liked to interject with conversation every so often. It was like a little break. A reward for getting to the end of a long string of information.

Sitting by Hilda, she fixed her eyes on a book about various flora out in the wilderness that could be useful, whether for medicinal purposes or to be eaten. It was a struggle to remember them all, but she definitely remembered some of them from hearing her mother speak of them.

"Have you ever tried eating blackberries?" she asked, glancing towards the girl. She sat at a table, book splayed out in front of her, her elbows pressed either side of the pages. "I've had them before, once, back home. I think one of my friends went foraging for berries and came back with some to share." The memory brought a smile to her lips.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Daisy chains. [Struna]
« on: March 17, 2018, 11:18:53 PM »
[ spring 846 ]

Spring bloomed around her, with tufts of green grass sprouting colour on the edges of the well-worn dirt. The cold that had wrapped its icy fingers around the training grounds had faded into the air, leaving a bright sun to cast its glowing rays of life on. It seemed the only clouds in the sky were wisps that scarcely obscured the sun, and warmth radiated. Everything seemed peaceful.

Mara could almost forget she was training to kill one day.

She sat in the grass, while others milled about, her fingers working deftly. Nails pinched into soft stems, spilling the slightest moisture and tearing small holes in which she slipped in another's stem. The daisies entwined, a close band of flowers whose petals touched. There were plenty here, and while she didn't want to pick all of them, she loved to have tightly knit daisy chains. This one, she'd decided, would go upon her own wrist, and she slid it on. Holding out her arm, she admired it.

Bright-eyed and happy, she smiled to herself as she plucked a few more daisies from the grass. She debated the dandelions, then pinched the stems of some to begin patterning with the white-petaled, smaller flowers. Perhaps it was childish, but she found it incredibly relaxing. Being surrounded by flowers, of the fresh feeling of spring gracing them all... it was nice. All she needed to do now was finish the second chain and find a friend to bestow it upon.

IC / A trip in the forest. [Bertholdt]
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:52:19 AM »
[ autumn 845 ]

A simple enough hiking exercise should have been easy, following the path and occasionally checking the map for reference and to get used to any landmarks there might be in the forest of giant trees. They had been training for some months now, yet it still didn't feel like they'd learned all the basics. Perhaps that feeling would last, she mused, until the very end. Surely there would be further trainingt to do after they graduated, when they took up place in the military regiment they chose. A never-ending cycle of learning didn't sound too bad. Everything changed, and there were so many threats to avoid.

For the hike, she'd been paired with the (much, she thought, with a glance to him) taller boy Bertholdt. She walked by his side, quiet in her focus as she gripped the map, only speaking when it was relevant to point out a landmark or, at one point, making a comment on the changing colours of the leaves. She thought it was beautiful, to see the shift from summer to autumn, and how some plants took so long to display that change.

It was thanks to the leaves that she tripped over a hidden root. Her boot caught in the gap between root and soft earth, and tumbled forwards. The map slipped from her grasp. She tried to catch herself with her hands reaching out for the crisp leaves, but her knee caught a sharp sting as it pressed into a nut - an acorn, maybe, but she didn't check. Wincing, she turned to sit and clutch her knee, smoothing a hand over the throbbing dip in the skin. The breeze around her rustled, and whisked the map away.

IC / Don't catch a cold, catch a friend. [Axel]
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:24:52 PM »
[ the first time they met - autumn, 845 ]
[ for the sake of development ]

At first, drizzle had covered the barracks in a sheet of grey droplets. It picked up in pace soon enough, lashing against the windows, forming puddles in the slightest of dips in the ground. She sat at the window by her bed, looking out onto the grounds, eyes circling the plops of rain into fast-growing puddles. It would ease up soon enough, she thought, noting the direction of the clouds and the stretch of empty sky that edged its way towards the training grounds.

In the distance, a shape caught her eye, pressed down in the rain. They were so drenched, their clothes sticking to the shadowy heap of body, that she at first had mistaken them for a puddle too. As she looked closer, she noted the shape seemed to be that of a small boy, perhaps a little shorter than herself, and that he had no coat on. Concern spread through the girl. Staying outside in any such rain was a surefire way of catching a cold, and while that was hardly anything big, it could turn bad. Especially for somebody who apparently wanted to train so hard that they were doing push-ups in the cold autumn rain.

Collecting a coat, she hesitated before simply slinging it over her head. Bringing a boy into the girls' barracks would not be so nice for others, so she would have to lead him somewhere else - his own barracks, preferably, or else the mess hall, if they could get in. A cover of coat would do better than to wrap him up and trap the cold in further. Hopefully he was smart enough to realise how to avoid a cold. Better, hopefully he was smart enough to never do this again.

Mara left her barracks, shutting the door firmly with one hand, the other balancing the coat above her head. She'd rather something else, but there was an urgency in her step as she made her away across the puddle-strewn dirt and reached the shape of the eager cadet. From such a closer distance, she could see how the water had swamped his features, plastering dark hair to his head, his uniform sticking so much that he looked like a half-drowned cat.

"Hey," she called above the sound of the pelting rain, "Come on, you'll catch a cold. Stay under this." She crouched over his head, quick to give most of the coat's shelter over him. Raindrops trickled down her back, causing a quick shiver. She pushed it away in favour of focusing on the one who needed her assistance.

Trackers & Development / The cries of the damned.
« on: February 18, 2018, 01:22:17 PM »


A TASTE OF FREEDOM with Elena Vogt
EXCHANGING OF HEARTS. with Hilda Meissner
WANDERING NOSTALGIA. with Hilda Meissner
DON'T CATCH A COLD, CATCH A FRIEND. with Axel Falkenrath
A TRIP IN THE FOREST. with Bertholdt Hoover
HELLO COLD DAYS with Dalton Lightbody + Jean Kirschtein + Tobias Solomon

DAISY CHAINS. with Struna Mayberry
WILD FLOWERS. with open
READY, AIM, HELP. with Voltaire
FORGET-ME-NOT with Axel Falkenrath.
GREEN TO GO. [ODM APTITUDE TEST] with Sophia Maier + Reiner Braun + Struna Mayberry
COLOURS IN THE SKY. with Dalton Lightbody

OF STRONG AND WEAK with Leo Ritter
A FUTURE OUT OF REACH. with Ian Dietrich + Rico Brzenska
THE BINARY SUNSET. with Adrian Sonnenschein
ILLUSION OF YOUTH with Sophia Maier
THE CITY OF THE DEAD during the Assault on Utopia
TEAM TWO: SUPPLY RUNNERS during the Assault on Utopia with Marco Bott + Dalton Lightbody + Tobias Solomon

Wall Rose / Green to Go. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« on: February 07, 2018, 10:44:03 AM »
[ open to up to 6 cadets, June 846 - ODM Aptitude Test ]

CURRENT TEAM and posting order
Mara | Sophia | Reiner | Struna | 5 | 6

The trees before her seemed to stretch right up into the clouds, the canopy a dark mess of leaves and disappearing branches. She swallowed her nerves, thinking of just how high they were, and thinking they might well pale in comparison to other forests outside of Wall Rose. How far did the forest stretch though? Four sashes to collect, in such a mass of trees, with lurking Titan dummies throughout. It could take hours, or even days, to cover so much of it. No, of course it wouldn't take days. But it was still a race to get it all quickly, and if it took hours to cover the entire forest, then that meant they were all wildly spread out. How many dummies were there? Did they have to take them out? There were so many things to consider!

Fiddling with her coloured armband, Mara glanced at the rest of her team. She thought they'd do well, as long as they could work together. Those seeking to join the Military Police more than others, since maneuvering with their ODM gear was a fairly important part of getting high scores. Did they get points for this? She thought they did, which would just increase it. Those who strived to rank high were probably under a lot of stress. While glad she wasn't aiming so high, just doing her best, she didn't want to let anybody in her team down. They had to work as a team - that was important.

"So, um," she started, letting go of the green armband. "What should we do?" Aware that the other teams were likely preparing to get ready to go now, she itched to make sure that she didn't fail her teammates. However they did in this test, they had to do their best, and that meant working together well. She wasn't a leader, and she wasn't about to try, looking for somebody in the team to take over command and push them on.

IC / Mastering misshapen monstrosities. [Armin]
« on: January 29, 2018, 09:48:41 PM »

Mara had come up with a cunning plan to help her visualise Titan anatomy some more. After receiving permission - because she was worried sneaking a hoard of pillows might get her in trouble otherwise - the girl found herself by the classrooms, a blanket laid down in case she dropped any of the fluffed, but not currently in use, pillows on the ground. A simple post served as her support, and she used rope to tie them together.

When she was done, she had a rather disproportionate pillow-person stood from her, slightly taller because the top of the head wasn't useful for the 'lesson' she was teaching herself. From the blanket she picked up several trails of ribbon, as well as some buttons, and fixed in the eyes and mouth.

Stepping back, Mara frowned. Having never seen a Titan before with her eyes, only drawings they were given and the descriptions taken from others, she thought the pillows constructed a misshapen monstrosity. They'd be a lot bigger, of course, but this way she could properly visualise the shape of the Titan - drawings didn't do 3D all that well. It also didn't look anywhere near as terrifying when she really had to think about it.

"So... the nape is here..." she murmured to herself, circling her creation and tying a ribbon at the nape, trying to make it big enough to cover the area where they could be killed. "So if the head was tilted back," she continued, moving the pillow-head back so that it covered half of the ribbon, "it would be much harder to get to. Or if the head was too big... Hm. What if there is no neck? Does just cutting the back of the head down to the back still work?" she wondered aloud, trying to envision it. Why did Titans have to be so strange?

IC / Exchanging of hearts. [Hilda]
« on: January 27, 2018, 02:36:33 AM »
Settling into her new life had proven to be easier than she'd thought, though Mara was hesitant at first to reach out to her fellow cadets. Some looked fierce, with cold eyes and dark expressions, while others seemed more glad to not be alone. The first few days had been incredibly difficult, especially that first day, lined up and being shouted at. She'd noticed some hadn't been, though she felt more glad for them than envious. If they hadn't been yelled at, then perhaps they had already gone through things more stressful - an utter understatement.

Arranging her uniform across her bed, the girl glanced to the closest window as the outside lightened. It would be breakfast time soon, but she'd woken with time to spare. With a quick glance to the other girls in the room, she waited until she thought nobody was looking, and then pulled out a paper-wrapped package from beneath her mattress.

She had brought only what she could not bear to be without, trinkets from home that gave her hope or contained cherished memories. It was unlikely that she'd be allowed to just have them, so she had chosen to hide them. For a girl who appreciated the order rules gave life, to hide a secret such as this made her heart quicken and her mouth dry. There wasn't much harm in it, she reasoned, if they were truly not allowed - she daren't ask, her paranoia that they might be taken from her too gripping.

As quietly as possible, she unwrapped the package, her dark eyes set on the sparkling brooches and smooth stones hidden there. A ribbon, much like the red ribbon she used for her hair though a brilliant blue in colour, curled around them, frayed at the edges from use.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / The binary sunset. [Adrian]
« on: January 16, 2018, 02:41:11 AM »
It had been so long since she had enlisted alongside her brother, fit for duty and hoping that it would help their family cope with the pressures that had come. Since being that small girl, hopeful for a sense of purpose, Mara had transformed. No longer did she play with wooden toys and curl up nice and warm in her bed. She had trained as hard as possible to be not just a good cadet, but a good soldier too. Her soft side had been more of an asset than she'd thought.

Standing out in the training field, she sought out Adrian, eager to partner up with him for their hand-to-hand practice. Once, she had felt closer to him than any other, and while she still cared so deeply for him, she knew things had changed. They were bound to, and she'd always known it. When graduation came, where would their paths take them? Her intention to go into the Garrison wouldn't be broken by anything, it was the perfect place for the gentle, smiling cadet.

"Come on, Adrian," she grinned, "Bet I can put you down on the ground quicker than you can say 'You're such a good fighter, Mara'." If they were to go their separate ways, then this would be one of the last chances she could still train with him, maybe even see him for months or years on end. As much as she wished that didn't have to happen, she knew too that it was inevitable. So many of her friends would be leaving her side. Not everybody was so certain on what regiment they'd go into, though she already knew her relationship with Axel was to come to an end - he wanted to be a Scout. If Adrian definitely earned a place in the Military Police, she'd be without either of them.

Cadets / Please don't take my sunshine away.
« on: January 03, 2018, 02:18:09 AM »
Utopia District | +warm -materialistic

The most important thing in life to Mara is friendship. Without friends, she cannot smile, she cannot have purpose, and she cannot have something to fight for. She will always strive to befriend others and to make others happy, even above herself. Being from Utopia District, she has not yet known the true might of the Titans, but her compassion for others, especially refugees, makes her eager to help all.

Enemies and rivals are rare things to Mara - why should she hate anybody? Surely she should be focusing her hatred on the Titans, and compete only with herself in learning. She is unlikely to notice when others hate her, and would feel hurt to be told that she is not liked - which would only encourage her to befriend somebody more.

As of spring 847, she is in her first relationship with Axel Falkenrath, though she would certainly have had crushes on other cadets before then. She would fall for people either sweet and eager to put a smile on her face, or those who are selfless and wish to fight on behalf of others.

Cleaning Duty: Mara pairs up with a fellow cadet to clean the mess hall.
Patient Panic: A fellow cadet panics over something/their future, and Mara tries to calm them - though it takes quite a while.
Lick Detective: Mara swears she can work out what a pendant/brooch is made of just through licking it.
You Fell For That?: Another cadet preys on her gullibility.
Uh, Bye?: Mara attaches herself to another cadet and keeps talking to them even after the conversation supposedly ended.
Petal Jewellery: When flowers first bloom, Mara begins making bracelets and necklaces of flowers for everybody nearby.

NOTE: Mara will die during the Assault on Utopia event, so all threads will take place up until then. This will hopefully help add to the development of other characters - to lose a friend so late in their training, at such an event.

Wall Rose / Colours in the sky. [Open]
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:46:39 AM »
Browsing the stalls set up for the Festival of Lights, Mara stopped at one in order to pick out a hand-knitted scarf, plain blue but more beautiful in colour than any scarf she'd set eyes on before. Her eyes softened as she held the fabric close to her cheek, warmth emanating as she stroked it against cold skin. Exchanging money for it, she smiled in thanks to the vendor.

The brunette wrapped the scarf around her neck twice, tucking it in so that her neck would remain warm in the winter cold. With gloves defending her hands and a thin jacket, she still felt the chill though her constant shivering stopped. She had little money to spare on things for herself, refusing to take any more money but the coins she'd come to the training corps with, and this gift to herself reminded her of childhood. Once, she'd hoarded all she could buy, and even though her eyes still darted between stalls, picking out possible trinkets, she summoned all her willpower not to buy anything else.

It was difficult. Determined to find a distraction, she walked away and found herself at one of the decorated trees, glass jars patterning its leafless branches with so many colours. Blue attracted her the most, and she wondered how anybody could turn their back on such a place and not be enchanted by the beauty of a thousand colours painting the night.

Wall Rose / A future out of reach.
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:29:09 AM »
Mara stared at her reflection in a puddle, for once not looking for out-of-place hairs, but looking deep at herself. This internship would show her what it would be like to be part of the Garrison, to meet members who she might one day work under. It was a step from being a merchant's daughter, into becoming a true soldier. She knew that this was what she wanted to do - to defend her home, to defend humanity, and to defend everything she had ever known.

A boot caused ripples to distort her reflection, and she looked quickly up. Standing around staring at herself wasn't going to do anything for her. With a calming breath, the cadet nodded to herself and stood to attention - somebody was approaching the place she'd been sent to wait for the Garrison contact.

She smoothed down the front of her uniform and stood a little straighter, head held high. One thing she'd learned about being a cadet was to always look professional where possible, and to show that she meant business. In this case, it was ensuring that she wasn't seen as some slouching teenager with no respect for the uniform she wore.

Cadets / Mara Sonnenschein
« on: January 03, 2018, 12:38:16 AM »

NAME: Mara Sonnenschein
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 22 April 831 (14)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Utopia District, Wall Rose
GENDER: Female
FACE CLAIM: Mitsuha Miyamizu (Kimi no Na wa)


Her brown hair flows freely down to her shoulders, though she always ties it up before training or when something important is going on, tying it with a red ribbon given to her by her mother. Mara keeps herself tidy, her uniform neat and not a hair out of place once she's finished dressing - the thought of anything getting snagged by a Titan or her own gear terrifies her. Standing at slightly below average height, she doesn't let this phase her. Her eyes, a soft brown, often show her innocence as they widen in curiosity.


Though she came from humble beginnings, she has developed from a girl unable to imagine the damage Titans can do into a girl who understands that she is part of the stand against them. Seeing refugees has helped her understand the need to fight back, and she will give her life in the fight to get rid of them, to protect humanity so that they can live on.

Soft-hearted around others, it can come as a surprise to see her so deeply determined to fight. While she can laugh off and smile outside of training, give her a task and she won't stop until she's achieved her goal. The most important thing in training is teamwork, she says, and if she knows that the people fighting at her side are people she loves, then she'll fight all the harder.

Her surname has become a kind of joke, meaning 'sunshine', for she seems to have such a sunny personality when surrounded with others.

+ appropriate
+ cooperative
+ fair
+ patient
+ tidy
+ warm

- clingy
- finicky
- gullible
- materialistic
- superstitious
- vain

To become a member of the Garrison, and to protect the walls with her life.

Losing her District to the Titans, and losing her friends because she couldn't reach them in time.


Mara was born and raised in Utopia District, her father a merchant and her mother stayed at home to raise her, her brother, and her younger sister. A pleasant child, she liked to play with the other children and seemed to only ever step out of line when encouraged by the others - she fell for their lies easily, because she trusted everybody far too easily. While her father was often away, she missed him greatly, and aspired to one day learn how to help him, starting with counting money for him at home and trying to help with his inventory.

When Wall Maria fell, Mara and her brother were both enlisted into the military, something they had never even considered would happen. But it would help their family thrive, their father said, and their little sister would be able to eat more food without them being there. So they went, and Mara did her best to learn how to become a soldier. She dreamed of becoming a member of the Garrison, so that she might be stationed in Utopia and defend her family there, and to defend all of the refugees who made her heart thump in pain for them.

During her training, she became close to a fellow cadet, Axel, who helped practise with her. He taught her the importance of standing up and fighting against the Titans, and she taught him that training isn't everything - to fight for another would give them more strength than they ever would. In the spring of 847, they became a couple, an unlikely match but one that strengthened the other.

AGE: 21

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