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Chat, Games & Banter / In 2020...
« on: January 05, 2020, 05:43:19 PM »
In 2020...what would you like for your characters? What type of threads, relationships, scenarios, growth, etc do you hope for regarding your characters?

I know I'd like Hugh to form one or two very genuine relationships (because a Grinch needs love too) and I'd like Arkin to have a lot of his faith in humanity very very tested. 

What about you?

Chat, Games & Banter / Fave Rare Pair? Friendship?
« on: October 25, 2019, 02:14:15 AM »
So since rare pairs are sort of my thing (look at my Tumblr for about two seconds and you'll see that lol) - I'm just wondering what yours are (if you have any).

Or what are some of your favorite friendships? Those don't always get the attention they deserve!

Garrison / Not So Icy Queen (Rico's Plotter)
« on: October 23, 2019, 12:36:19 AM »
Rico Brzenska
31 | Garrison | Loyal | Blunt | Does not fear death but would want a good death | Likes to sew.

Friendship - Rico is not fast to trust so any of her close friends are people she has known for decades. Probably from her training group. She'd be kind (but not gentle) to others most of the time. She is fiercely loyal to those she cares about and will always go to bat for someone she thinks is in the right.

Enemies - Yes. She would have those. Her blunt nature would probably earn her a few enemies. She won't lie and she won't sugar coat. She's pissed people off before...there is no doubt about that.

Romance - TBD (I'll get back to y'all.)

There are some threads that had Rico in them before I took her over. I know the Utopia Blood Bath is one of them. I'll look for others - but if you have one - please let me know!

I'd love to hear other ideas for connections!

Character Development / Fall (tumble, plummet, trip) in love?
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:00:47 AM »
So what would make your characters fall in love with someone? What made them fall in love with their current S/Os? What are the traits they look for in a partner? Do they want kids? What would (if anything) make them wary of a relationship?


Dot Pixis- Dot fell in love with his first wife because his antics (yes he was a bit odd even at 19) amused her and she was funny herself. They shared a desire to travel the Walls and she was supportive of his military ambitions. She was also lovely - with lots of curly auburn hair. It was young love that never got to grow old.

Dot fell in love with his second wife (she has curly hair but it was blonde and is now white) because they had faced many of the same hardships (loss of a spouse, trying to raise a child alone). In truth, neither were really in love with each other when they married. They had been friends and they needed each other. Love grew over many years and while it is different than what Dot shared with his first wife, it is not less. It's an adult love born out of sorrow and need. Then contentment with a fair amount of true happiness mixed it. Dot sometimes wonders what life would be like if his first wife had not died in childbirth (along with the child) but he is grateful for what he found and how he was able to rebuild his life.  Dot married at 19, lost his first wife around age 23, had a few really rough years that he does not like to talk about, and married his second wife around age 27. He has a child from his first marriage, a stepchild that he forgets is not his, and he and his second wife share a child. He'd take in an orphan but that is not really allowed at he and his wife's age. 

Arkin Holt - Arkin is someone who feels a lot of love - but very little of it is romantic.  He's only had romantic feelings towards three people in his entire life. Ian, Anka, and Gustav. These were all people who helped/protected him in some way and people he feels have a core of kindness in them - though they have very different personalities.** As he has gotten older, he has gotten further and further from romantic feelings - instead, his love has focused itself on his friends and fellow soldiers and serving them. It's beyond doubtful Arkin would fall in love - but if he did - the person would have to be very kind and very understanding. Arkin has never been in an actual relationship. Ever. What I'm trying to say is Arkin's V Card is eternal  Arkin would take in an orphan if need be and would probably be a good (if maybe too lenient) parent.

** I know we have not discussed the how and why of Arkin's romantic feelings towards Gustav. It could have just been the awesome hair. ;-)

Anka Rheinberger - Anka has had crushes and a few very casual relationships in her life. The relationships lasted a few months and only one was intimate. She has spent most of her life working her way up the ranks and would need a partner who understood her devotion to the Garrison. It is what allowed her to claw her way up from poverty and make a sort of life for herself.

Anka would want a partner who was understanding of the stress and rigors of her job. She would also want someone who would not look down on her family or upbringing. She’s not embarrassed, but she knows her parents are sensitive about some things, even though they are in a much better situation now.

She would need someone who could maybe help her let go a little. Anka would need to really trust the man for that to happen. There is a lot bundled up in Anka and she is not about to let just anyone see it.

Anka would like to have a family someday but she has some fears. She has known two women who have died in or soon after giving birth and she would hate for that to happen. Anka would not want to leave her partner to raise a child alone, but she would also want to make sure she had a partner who could do so if need be. She’d be happy to take in an orphan and would be a strict but kind mother. 

Character Development / Housing?
« on: July 19, 2018, 03:22:37 AM »
So let us talk about living situation and decor! My husband and I are really in the process of decorating our house (after almost 4 years of being in it  XD) so I want to know about how your characters would decorate their living spaces.

I think a lot would depend on where they live. Pixis lives in an actual house (which I headcanon as being owned by the military for the use of the Garrison Commander) so his ability to decorate would probably be different than Anka or Arkin who live in the Officers section of the Garrison barracks. Or Miri who is married and lives in what I imagine is some sort of unofficial military housing. (When my parents were in the military, we lived off base in a complex that was not official housing but was still like, 85% military families.)

So where do they live and how have they decorated?

I'll add Anka, Arkin, Pixis, and Miri tomorrow. I'm curious to see what ya'll come up with!

(Feel free to expand/improve these questions.  :) :))

Okay friends - I need your collective brainpower!!  :D :D ^_^ ^_^

I have an Ask about the ranks and successorship in the Garrison and I am more than a little bit stuck. 

Basically, the question is who would Dot's successor be and would it be based on rank or would Dot handpick the individual who replaced him. The question specifically asked if Anka, Gustav, or Rico would be possibilities to replace Pixis as his immediate successor.

Per the wiki, Rico (along with Ian and Mitabi) are Hanchos/Team Leaders. Weilman is a Taicho/Captain and Hannes is listed as a Butaicho/Unit Captain. Anka and Gustav, per the wiki and what I remember from the manga and series, do not have specified ranks - though I am inclined to have them of equalish rank to Rico, Ian, and Mitabi (but I am not 100% on that).

So what do you all think? Do you think successorship is based on rank, Dot picking an "heir" or a mix? Also, what ranks do you think Anka and Gustav hold?

Thank for your help!!

Ps. I imagine it goes Rico, Ian, Mitabi —> Hannes —> Kitz in the rank hierarchy.

Pps and Chapter 105 spoiler. Lobov the Garrison/SC transfer is listed as a Sidancho/Commander.

Character Development / 3DM Style
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:31:59 PM »
How would you describe your character's 3DM style? Are they elegant, like a cannonball, slow but strong? How would you rate their ability? I am aware this may be confusing lol. I'll do my characters first so there are examples.

Anka Rheinberger -  On the rareish occasion that Anka finds herself facing off against a Titan, she relies on the fact that she is small and fast. She teams well with larger and stronger partners. Is good at launching with speed and using the momentum to add to the power behind her blades. Struggles with landings and will find herself glancing off the Walls and not stopping like she meant to. Was actually very good at running up and down the Walls when she was a regular solider. Unsure how well she could do that now. Rating: B-

Arkin Holt - Though a cannon team leader, Arkin and his team do utilize their 3DM gear a fair amount. Cannons are good for slowing down and re-directing Titans, but blades are needed to truly end them. Competent with 3DM gear, Arkin is strong and prefers to wait until the Titan is as close to him as he can manage before attacking. Teams well with someone faster. His attack style can best be described, fittingly, as a cannonball. Grade: B+

Dot Pixis - As a younger man, Dot was very skilled with 3DM gear.  Now he is slower than he used to be, but Dot could still hold his own in combat if need be. He posses a good mix of strength and speed and his decades of military life have given him a skillset and senses that could only be gained through experience. Adaptable and could team with just about anyone.

Kicks his feet a little more than necessary if he has been drinking. Grade: A

Worldbuilding / Clothing?
« on: April 08, 2018, 07:41:13 PM »
I had an Ask a little while ago about what kind of wedding dresses Anka and Rico would/could wear.  My answer was the I doubted they would have a white one-time use wedding dress and would be most likely just wear their best dress. Wedding dresses as we know them are a relatively new thing and I think women of Rico and Anka's social/economic status would just wear a nice dress for their wedding. I don't imagine the Garrison soldiers are rolling in dough so a one time use dress would just be a waste. What do you clever people think?

That also got t me thinking about clothing in the SNK world in general. I am just wondering how the clothing is made. I know many children would have their clothing made by their mother or grandmother but do you think there would be ready to wear clothing? Where do the uniforms come from? How many sweaters do you think Mama J has actually knit in her life? ;-) What kind of fabrics/materials do you think are available?

I think we have touched on this, but do different districts have distinctive clothing? I have seen people comment that Marco and Mina were dressed a little bit like so maybe they were from the same District. I think that makes sense.

So...clothing in the SNK world! Discuss if you would like to. :-)

Garrison / Blue Eyes...What's The Matter? (Arkin's Plotter)
« on: March 15, 2018, 08:07:51 PM »
Arkin Holt
31 | Garrison Team Leader (Cannons) | Listener | Shy | Herbal Knowledge | Just Wants To Help

Friendships -
Ary is a friendly guy, though not the most talkative. He's a good listener, can give solid advice, and uses his knowledge of herbs to help where he can. He won't step on the medics toes - but his door is always open to those who need quick or very specific help. Sometimes you just don't want to fill out all those forms...

He's a good friend if you don't mind doing most of the talking - unless it's about herbs, your health, or cannons. Then Ary can talk your ear off if he is comfortable with you.

Enemies -
He's such a mild person that it's probably doubtful he would have true enemies. There are probably people who don't like him because not all personalities mesh.

It's probably known what his mother and grandmother do (helping girls in trouble) so maybe someone against that would dislike him based on that.

Romance -
At this point in his life Arkin feels little to no romantic love. At different points in his life he was in love with Ian Dietrich, Anka Rheinberger, and Gustav Volk - but now his love is kept to deep platonic love for his friends and humanity in general.

I'm always open to ideas! You guys are so creative and always seem to think of things I don't!

Garrison / Arkin Holt
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:29:42 PM »

NAME:  Arkin Holt
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Garrison (Cannon Team Leader)
FACE CLAIM:  Lindel from Ancient Magus Bride

Arkin is a man of average height and has a solid build. He has longish blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. His face has a kind countenance to it and he tends to be smiling. Though Arkin looks youthful from a distance -  years atop the Walls in the sun and wind along with his tendency to smile have left him with visible lines around his eyes and mouth.  It’s not something he really thinks about. Most men and women in the Garrison around his age have the same weathered look.

Arkin is missing his left pinky and ring finger (a good chunk of his left hand in general).  They were blown off during a cannon misfire a few years back. He functions fine without them but does tend to hold his left hand in a way that does not show the disfiguration.

Arkin is a friendly man with a genuine smile and kind eyes. He is a loyal soldier and a competent leader though would not, at least at this time in his life, do overly well leading more than one or two crews. Still, he is a relatively young man and has time to grow and gain more leadership skills.

He is actually very shy and will almost always try and guide the conversation away from himself and towards the person that he is talking to.  Arkin is someone who is often sought out for advice because he listens and is not inclined to be judgmental. Growing up in the Apothecary shop - he met all kinds of peoples who had all sorts of needs and hardships and he learned to be compassionate.

While it may seem odd that Arkin did not head into the medical section of the Garrison, he was found by his instructors to be of a mechanical mind and for all his issues in combat training - to have a stellar aim. So to the cannons he went. He was able to rise up to become a Team Leader with the cannon group. It took him a little while to find his feet, but his troops would now say he is a  fair leader who is always willing to pull his own weight.

~ Leadership in small to medium groups.
~ Phenomenal aim with both his cannons and with rifles.
~ Very mechanically minded/Good with hands in general.
~ Easy to talk to/Gives solid advice.
~ Has an extensive amount of medical/herbal knowledge (family runs an Apothecary shop).

~ Can be shy at times. Prefers to talk about others and not himself.
~ Was weak in most academic subjects and not the strongest combatant. 3DM training was rough.
~ Does not always say what he feels.
~ Struggles to delegate at times.

~ Defend the Walls and especially protect his home. He was born and raised in Trost and his family is there.
~ Keep his troops alive if at all possible.
~ Hopefully live long enough retire. His older brother is preparing to take over his parent's shop and they have discussed Arkin joining him in (many) years.

~ Death. Knows and accepts  it may happen - but he still finds the idea frightening.
~ Trost falling. It’s his home and everything and everyone he loves is there. It’s his duty to protect it.
~ Cannons failing. The cannons are his responsibility and are an important part in protecting humanity. Often they slow Titans down enough to give the 3DM troops a real edge. They must not fail.
~ Humanity being defeated. He fears death greatly, but he would lay his life down if need be.

Arkin was born the second son Perkin and Lyra Holt. He joined older brother Oscar and spent most of his childhood in the back room of his family’s  Apothecary shop. There he learned from his grandparents and parents all about medicinal herbs and how to formulate remedies for many common - and not so common - ailments.

Arkin learned to mix tinctures, salves, syrups and other remedies. He learned what herb was helpful with headaches and how to treat the ever common Wall Burn. He also learned about how his grandmother and mother helped girls and women who “were in trouble.”

Mr. and Mrs. Holt had a good reputation as healers and as the business was close to the Garrison HQ, many members of the largest branch of the military would frequent the shop. Arkin found himself intrigued by the men and women with roses on the jackets. When possible, he would chat with some of them and many were kind to the quiet boy with many questions.

As he got older, Arkin would watch the Garrison soldiers go about their duties on the Walls and as a peacekeeping force within on streets. After some thought and a discussion with his parents and grandparents, he was allowed to enlist. His older brother would keep the shop going and Arkin could join back into the family business if and when he retired.

Arkin struggled in most aspects of training.  He was fast but often clumsy and struggled with most classroom work. For a little while, it looked like he might wash out. However, receiving help from a few close friends and the instructors noticing that his mind was mechanical and he had very true aim meant that Arkin was able to graduate, albeit fairly low in his training group.

While Arkin had proven himself useful in caring for ill and injured cadets -  it was decided that the cannon crews needed more members and as Arkin had proven to be a fairly crack shot, he was placed where the need was the highest.

Arkin has been on the Walls for more than a decade at this point. He is now a Team Leader and has earned the respect of his men. Arkin has a soft spot for the men and women who come from the lower end of the training groups. He knows what it is like to be an underdog and will do what he can to help them get a boost up.

He also essentially runs a small Apothecary shop out of his quarters. Arkin can treat simple maladies like headaches and Wall Burn and can provide remedies for soldiers who need to not get into trouble. He’ll send them to his mother if they are already in trouble. He only charges the cost of the herbs and other materials he needs for the remedies and will do things that the medics cannot do. Arkin just wants to help.

Arkin feels like he is doing good in the world and is doing his part to protect humanity. Sometimes he wonders if there is more to it - but he is content for the most part.

YOUR ALIAS:  QuietCelt
AGE:  31

Character Development / On The Catwalk!
« on: February 22, 2018, 03:53:42 PM »
I love clothing, hair, jewelry, and makeup! 

I know many of the characters wear a uniform on the daily - but in their downtime how do they dress and style themselves?

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