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Trost District / Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: October 22, 2018, 11:15:33 PM »
Gustav dipped his head. He had faith in Arkin and his squad to do their utmost best. As the soldier ran through what they had done, the way he had distracted the second Titan in order to give a chance for his squadmates to take it down, he nodded again. Distraction was the best tactic with multiple, to take them down one by one rather than cross wires as they tried to take down as many as once.

The request for an extra squadmate earned a slight grimace. "I know, but we're spread thin as it is. There'll be cadets graduating soon, but we still need more soldiers. While there's less Wall to defend, we lost a lot of capable soldiers. Add onto that the issues with population and fights still breaking out on the ground..." He spread his hands out in a gesture of 'what can I do?'. "I'll talk to Commander Pixis about it, I promise."

The approaching team brought some relief to them all. It meant more alert, energised soldiers were ready to begin their shift, and Arkin's squad could get their much needed rest. "We'll work it out," he murmured, already running through thoughts. Training would have to take precedence. They couldn't conjure more soldiers out of thin air, they'd already exhausted attempts to bring in as many as possible. The current cadet intake was high, but it all took time.

Hopefully the Titans would take longer to get organised into a bigger threat.

"I'm on it," he said. "Get some rest, Arkin. I'll get you an update on what we're going to do as soon as we have details." Turning, he looked over his shoulder as he heard Arkin call back. A brief flush warmed his face. "Yes, doctor. For cobble burn." He could hear the disbelief still.

He headed off, making notes for his own report mentally on the way.

Utopia District / Re: Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]
« on: October 21, 2018, 12:17:55 AM »
Anka had fallen. Gustav did his utmost best not to replay that moment over and over within his mind. She had been sent over, intent on giving the message from Pixis, only for a mass of rubble to rush towards her. He hadn't seen it all, only gathered the facts. It had either hit her, and hopefully given her a quick death, or it had caught her wires, and sent her to her doom.

The fact was, they had to keep moving. One death was small in the face of hundreds, or even thousands.

He had needed orders, and Pixis had given them. Their maps both showed the markings of the plan they had devised, ensuring that if even one of them was taken out, the other, should he live, would still have the correct details. Gustav tucked his map into his jacket, concealing it, keeping it safe. It might prove a lifeline to the entire district.

"Listen here son, the most important thing is this plan gets to the Elites. We both have copies and we both know how to carry it out. But the Elites have to do the heavy lifting. So...if I go down you keep going...because if you go down...that’s what I’ll do. Keep. Going. Always keep going. No matter what. That’s an order Volk."

Pixis' words cut him deeper than any blade. Teeth grit, the sharp-eyed soldier bowed his head. "Understood." Emotion was not just a weakness here, it was a distraction. They had no time to grieve Anka's loss, instead needing to focus on their task. Yet, here he was, struggling to do such a simple task.

"Be careful, sir," he added, taking grips into his hands, and launching himself into the streets. The long way around was just that - avoiding Titans and the area where Anka had last been seen, he rushed past buildings with keen sight. Anka had quicker reflexes, lighter and quicker, but he still had his own advantages. Every few heartbeats, he glanced over his shoulder, searching out his commander to ensure that they were on route. If a Titan had appeared, he would have launched into it with the fury of a thousand soldiers had he needed to.

Pixis was right, but the Walls could spare him more easily than the Garrison's commander.

With a spurt of gas, Gustav scaled the grey height of the Wall, clawing his way up with a firing of his hooks. He landed on the edge with a hand already reaching for his blade, as though about to jump straight into the fray, but his eyes only sought out his charge. He greeted the other soldiers of the Garrison with no words, only a slight rise of his other hand. Anxiety patterned his eyes. Until his commander was safe, there would be nothing else on his mind. Not after losing his squadmate.

Wall Rose / Re: An Invincible Summer
« on: October 10, 2018, 06:14:19 PM »
Gustav watched them, somewhat enviously. Their confidence was something he couldn't quite share in, but he nevertheless willed himself to. If this was his last chance to have fun with them, without the pressure of work and worry breathing down his neck, he needed to share in the joy.

With a sigh as Mitabi charged into the water, the boy ran fingers through his sweat-damp hair. He removed his shirt with care, folding it into a square, and placed it beneath his boots. Pausing at his trousers, he hooked a thumb beneath the waistband, then unbuttoned and slid them off. No sense in wading back to barracks soaked from the waist below completely. At least if his underwear was soaked through, he could cope with that. But a double helping of dampness would end up giving him chill.

Walking out to the lake's edge, Gustav placed his hands on his hips, and then waded out. Once the water was deep enough, he pushed forwards with a foot, moving down into a smooth swimming stroke to reach Anka and Mitabi. Taking a breath while above surface, he closed his mouth and went down, then sprang up once next to the other boy, intent on showering him with water in return.

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: October 09, 2018, 06:03:07 PM »
As Gustav fixed his attention on the gate and its hopeful evacuation begin, he wondered for a moment how many would even manage to reach the gates. If the Titans surged forwards and overpowered the remaining soldiers stationed in Utopia, it was a very real possibility that they might overrun Wall Rose. He only hoped that the inner gate's guards had scouts on hand to send out in warning for the possibility. It was too late to pull from their own position now. The focus had to be on ensuring the evacuation went well, and attempt to rid Utppia District of all Titans.

He looked back, searching for Anka's form. A boulder flew through the air, cutting between their position and that of the Elites. Frantic, his dark eyes searched for her, and caught the shadow of her shape. "ANKA!" he screamed in warning, starting forwards. Specks of stone kicked off of the Wall as he forced himself to stop, staring in wild panic at the sight before him.

The seconds blurred. He lost sight of her.

"She--" he began, cutting off his words of agony. Not even a Titan. His eyes darted down, into the depths of Utopia District. Below, it was easier to avoid the sight of the boulder's crumbling form lodged in a roof.

The idea of writing her name down in a death notice, bringing it to Pixis to sign... he could already see himself, bent over the desk, head bowed, refusing to look his commander in the eye. The grief that would pulse through him, the sting at his tear ducts as he forced back his emotions. Their silence in the office as they adjusted to her loss. The idea of people asking what had happened. Of him retelling it, how he had been nowhere near. That he had just let it happen.

"Sir. I need orders," he whispered, not trusting his thoughts. Those vicious bubbles, threatening to pop. Orders would be carried out without thought, with precision and no conscience to consult.

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: October 08, 2018, 12:52:36 AM »
Dismounting Quill, Gustav more tossed his reins towards Anka, settling into the rhythm of actions that would bring them quick entry into chaos. His movements became ever more instinctive, muscle memory kicking in like a bad dream. His back straightened, shoulders tense, as he cast another glance up the Wall. The gate should be open. Why in the Walls wasn't it?

"Sir," he murmured, waiting for his commander to position himself. At the Wall's edge, he began his ascent in unison, firing grapple hooks up to dig into the wall's surface.

Atop the Wall, it was worse than he had imagined. A crowd of people sprawling near the shut gate. Surely there would be soldiers there attempting to pry it already. That couldn't be the commander's main worry, not with Titans staggering through the district's streets, snatching up people like a child's toy collection. Even in the distance, he saw one snatch something dark from the ground, and shuddered as its blurred jaw opened and slammed shut.

"Too many, sir," he whispered. As quickly as the words exited, he shook his head and pulled himself together. "Dozens. They're spread out. One seems to appear in sight as soon as one goes down. There can't be many soldiers left out here, even with the reinforcements." It was a horrible answer, one of uncertainty yet realism.

Turning to the map, the escort surveyed it with keen eyes. "Place cannons here," he tapped the paper, indicating four roofs. "By separating out the cannons, we can avoid them going to any one collection. The largest might well be able to swipe them out. If we position our soldiers behind the line, the draw of people should keep them on track." It was the best he could suggest. Hardly perfect, but none of it was. His mind was solely on the strategy, though the mention of Pixis' odd little obsession managed to pull a slight frown to his face.

His dark eyes swept across to Anka. "Go as high as possible. You'll need to go direct, but the longer you can stay out of reach, the better." It was as close as the pointless phrase be careful he could get.

"Yes, sir. I-- The gate," he cut himself off, taking a closer look at the internal gate. It appeared to be not quite fully closed, perhaps opening even then. "Evacuation should begin soon. The sooner we can arrange those cannons, the better. Utopia's remaining forces should surely be focused on pushing against the Titans getting too close to the crowds."

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: August 04, 2018, 01:42:47 PM »
Gustav nodded to Anka's words, glad that Holt was on the way already. The Elites would be able to provide backup where necessary. Provided the Titans hadn't broken in, it might mean a few days of clean-up, but they'd see for themselves soon. Perhaps the monsters were attracted to something further north than Utopia, and it was just going to be a case of watching them and trying to work out what they were after. It was preferable to the alternative.

Could the Colossus Titan be moving for Utopia and attracting its underlings? They knew so little, and he loathed it. How were they meant to fight an enemy they could never truly predict?

As Pixis spoke up, Gustav gazed at him. The final remark earned Anka a quick glance, one that might as well read as, not if I have anything to say about it. He would sooner dispatch of any 'gorgeous' Titans and keep Pixis out of line of sight before finding out what the commander had in mind. Not that it was likely - they hadn't found any gendered Titans so far, so why would things change now? But even as he wondered the question, he was already reminding himself that things were changing.

The messenger's arrival earned silence from the escort. Gustav lingered, listening to the report, his face paling. He almost wanted to throw up, but he kept control of himself. So the Titans had marked out their next target as Utopia. Worse, they were already inside. Yet there was no mention of the Colossus or Armoured Titans, only that the gate was open. How? They needed more information, but he knew they wouldn't get any before their arrival.

He thanked the messenger himself before draining the contents of his canteen. It emptied, and he refilled it before preparing Quill for the next ride.

The continued journey was agonising. Despite their accelerated speed and a near record time of the last stretch, Gustav still wanted to be there quicker. The looming wall of Utopia rose higher in the sky as they approach, the inner gate... shut. That wasn't right. They should be evacuating the citizens, not barring them in. Had somebody made the decision to trap them inside with the Titans? No. That would be a fool's order.

On order, he reached into his jacket and pulled from it the gun, fixing a canister in place. Raising one hand, he cringed away as he fired the shot, ears ringing. But he didn't want to take his hand from the reins, as he steered his stead on.

"Sir, with the gate shut we'll need to go over the Wall," he called across. "If we go over now, we can tether the horses to that tree - they'll be out of the way of an evacuation. Anka, if you could tie them while we go over, we can rendezvous atop the Wall and see the full picture?" he suggested, with a glance to Pixis for agreement.

Trost District / Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: August 04, 2018, 01:09:18 PM »
A gap of two minutes. Hardly enough time to dispatch of one Titan if a team wasn't perfectly aligned. They had to get into position, work out whether the ankles needed to be sliced, and find a path to the nape while avoiding both the mouth and hands. Easier for the more agile-focused Scouts to take down a Titan within two minutes. But to the Garrison who could go for a while without needing to take down any? Gustav was already considering his suggested course of action. He'd have to talk to Pixis about proposed new training strategies so teams would be a little more prepapred and have the strategies fresh on the mind.

"I'm thinking that this isn't just odd, it's peculiar," he commented. Changes in Titan behaviour were concerning. Were the Survey Corps dealing with the same issue? Maybe he'd pass on a note to Nanaba, see if she'd noticed anything off-the-record, while going through the official channels for information as well. Whether Nanaba had anything, or wanted to tell him anything, at least he could give it a shot. "It doesn't bode well. We don't know so much about the patterns before Wall Maria was breached. Is this a sign?"

The brunet paused, then turned his gaze onto the team leader. "Apologies. Hopefully it isn't, but I want you to keep a closer eye on it at the least. You're already doing a great job of it, of course." But it was never enough. Not where the Titans were concerned. "I'd like you to run me through the strategy you used to deal with the surprise second Titan, and let me know if there's anything you think might have made it easier. I'll look into ensuring soldiers are brushed up on some techniques on multiple targets, blend it with some other refreshed training if anything to avoid any panic if Anka and the commander think there's concerns there. Make sure we're fully prepared if double appearances becomes more regular."

He was still thinking. "I don't think it's too pressing, but I don't want to risk any of us passing over it. We need to evolve if the Titans are changing their behaviour. If this is the start, we'll be ready. If it's not, we'll just be a little more efficient."

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: June 13, 2018, 10:30:15 PM »
Manoeuvring his horse to the lake's edge, Gustav dismounted with a quick movement, giving Quill a gentle smooth over the rear before stepping away. From his jacket he removed the map, unfolding it as he approached his commanding officer, offering it out simply. The commander's words were daunting. "Whatever awaits us, we can only do our best," he murmured, eyes flicking to Anka. They had to trust in one another, and hope that Utopia was holding out for them, whatever the Titans were doing there.

Bowing his head, he looked across the lake as he listened. "The elite teams will be on their way, they'll likely pass us, which would be best," he offered, "They have the stamina and training to serve them well, provided their horses have been paced. We should debate our next move. How many cannons can we have moved from Karanes and Krolva now?" he wondered.

With thirst burning his tongue, he moved back to his horse to retrieve a flask of water, taking a gulp as he studied the rocky terrain ahead that separated them from Utopia District's distant edge of wall.

In the distance, a shadowed shape rode out towards them.

"That might be our messenger now," he noted, stepping out from beneath the shade, placing a hand above his eyes to shield them from the glare of the sun.

Trost District / Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:36:41 PM »
Arkin's emphasis briefly caused him to tense, before relaxing to appear normal again. He clearly suspected that their story wasn't quite accurate, but so be it. To keep the story, he would just have to pretend it was fine, to shrug it off as if it were nothing. That's what it would be like were the story true. So Gustav shrugged, a little 'what can you do?' motion, and nodded in agreement. "Yes, Doctor Holt," he winked at the man.

Listening as Arkin went through the basics of the report, he dipped his head to acknowledge Rahab. So many Titans, out of sync from the expected. Scratchers were hardly new, but their behaviour was admittedly less familiar to those who hadn't served on Wall Maria - there was no doubt data lost to them now, reports that hadn't made it out of the carnage. Few soldiers could compare the behaviour of the Titans outside Wall Maria to these intruders simply by memory. Even he didn't have much experience in typical Titan movements.

The same direction? He paused, brown eyes sharp as he gazed at the squad leader. "It's something to consider," he finally muttered. It could well confirm that there aren't further breaches in the outer Wall, if they were coming directly south, or thereabouts - Titan movements weren't always restricted to one place. If it wasn't from directly south, then that would suggest another breach.

"Back to back is problematic though, we don't want them moving in crowds. The more groups of Titans we have to dispatch, the more difficult it gets." The more likely casualties were. A team taking down one Titan wasn't guaranteed success, but the percentage of success was a lot higher. They couldn't afford to lose more soldiers. Not now. "How long between the two back to back? Did they seem as though they were sticking together or just odd / convenient timing?"

Trost District / Re: Extra baggage. [Mitabi]
« on: June 03, 2018, 09:49:07 PM »
There had been so much death. Had the numbers even been confirmed yet? With attempts to scavenge out the odd survivors. There could be plenty out there, or there might be less than ten. The Titans had had a fortnight to hunt them down, to tear them apart, to litter the streets and abandoned farms with corpses trapped in gel-like vomit. Every new death was a fresh blow to the gut. What could they do but wait? The Titans had broken through Shiganshina's gate without warning, with an ease that would terrify any, and they still didn't know how to stop it happening again.

And now they could see more fodder for Titans.

Brown eyes wide with fear, with determination, with desperation, he gazed at his comrade. Of all people, he was glad to be on patrol with Mitabi, more than ever. So with relief did he listen to Mitabi's words, reassuring him that he was prepared to help. They needed a plan.

Gustav stared at the Titan, deliberating its steps and speed. "The left leg is bending at a more awkward angle, if we can take out the right heel then it should topple over," he noted, grasping hold of his hand grips. There was hardly any high ground for easy evasive manoeuvres, but they would have to put up with it. The least they could do was save one part of the family, but even that snatched at his heart and threatened to tear it out.

There could be no further delay.

"Can you take the leg, I'll distract it?" he said, edging forward, prepared to leap forth. He could do it. Grab its attention from its human prey and provide enough a spectacle until Mitabi could take out the right ankle. It should be easy, it didn't appear to be an Abnormal after all. One Titan, five victims, and two soldiers? Sure.

He was caught up in the idea of saving them that he didn't look back to the treeline, where he might have spotted the shadowed distant figures of other Titans following their friend.

Launching forwards, kicking in the air, he descended the Wall, angling himself to best make use of his gas and avoid wasting time.

Trost District / Re: Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: April 17, 2018, 12:52:52 PM »
Noticing Arkin ahead, a smile touched his face as he continued onwards. He had to admit, the job was all the more easier when you got along with those you had to bother at all hours. There were a few squad leaders within the Garrison that were a little more delicate and sensitive to any kind of communication that delayed them or caused interruption, but it couldn't be helped. As long as he didn't have to talk to Weilman; the man was one of the more difficult, and while Gustav was assured of his ability to remain calm and rational, he couldn't for others.

"Good morning," he returned, with a quick glance to the sky. Was it? He couldn't tell what constituted a good morning any more. The man spoke again once he stopped by him, a tighter smile on his lips. A little forced.

"Following up on reports, chasing down any extra data there is. Seems to be an increase in the amount of scratchers as of late. You were among the reporters, so I'm here to fetch any extra reports or more details you might have." He tapped the bag slung to his side, in which he kept his trusty clipboard and writing implements. Making his own notes could be quicker, when there weren't any easily taken away.

Hesitant on the second part, he brushed it off with a shrug. "Better. Feels a lot like wall-burn, except more gritty. All those dips and bumps in the cobbles," he said. He'd be lying if he hadn't thought of how he was going to explain it away as being as bad as wall-burn - after all, cobbles were harder to slide across quite so smoothly. "It'll heal in no time," he added.

Wall Rose / Re: Thundering hooves. [Anka/Pixis]
« on: March 22, 2018, 03:08:39 PM »
A hole would be the simplest and almost the most relieving of reasons for any attack on Utopia. It was almost unbelievable that it could be attacked. What if it were a ruse to take soldiers from Trost District? No. That was even more improbable. Leaning low to his horse's mane, he stared ahead.

"Commander," he acknowledged, while he reflected on Anka's words. The lake would be the best point of rest, to allow the horses to drink and they to refresh themselves before the final stretch into whatever awaited. He could only hope that nothing would break through the Wall.

Glancing to Anka, he called: "Just another thing for the Scouts to check out then." There was a reluctance to his tone. If it were easy to get across to Wall Maria, perhaps they could do more. But not without digging out tunnels and hope no Titans fell down them or dips in the terrain caused them to crash down.

"With any luck, nothing will come of it," he continued. "The best scenario is that there's some kind of attraction at Utopia or further north, and the Titans are reacting to it. The least amount of refugees went to Utopia, didn't they?" He paused, unsure of the statistics. If that were true, then it could hardly be the amount of humans in Utopia drawing in more Titans. Something about abnormal behaviour, maybe. The Scouts might know more.

Trost District / Scratching out reports. [Arkin]
« on: March 19, 2018, 09:21:26 PM »
Staring out over the top of the Wall, Gustav folded his arms over his chest, momentarily appreciating the morning sun as the sky stretched out seemingly forever. He could almost forget the blood-soaked grass and wrecked districts curving out from the fallen Wall Maria. The villages, obliterated. So little found. If there were still survivors, they couldn't be in great shape. Plenty had been rescued even after the gates were closed.

He didn't want the same fate to befall Wall Rose.

After conferring with Anka on reports of an increase in scratchers, as well as general Titans getting too close to the Wall, he'd set out to talk to those who had reported the change. In conversing with the others, he could compile an even more thorough report, as well as see what he could suggest any ideas that came to mind.

Of course, he wanted to pass it off as just coincidence. But without the full reports from Wall Maria, he didn't want to take any risks. Everything had to be covered. Anything that remotely looked like a sign of a future attack had to be dealt with swiftly. Eyes had to be sharp. Ink needed to compile every note possible.

He set off, boots travelling the edge of the Wall as he made to find Arkin and his squad. While he had sent a messenger ahead of him, in case there were any further reports since the last, or anything had happened so far in their work today.

IC / Re: Hitting a Wall. [Anka]
« on: March 19, 2018, 08:15:03 PM »
"Why would there ever be problems with Titans?" he asked, eyes glinting as he glanced over to her. "We're professionals. Completely unpredictable merchants on the other hand..." A chuckle broke his lips as he listened to her claim. "Perfect, that will solidify the embarrassment." As well as avoid any jokes flung their way.

Meeting her gaze, he hesitated. The reports would need a close follow-up to determine what they could do about it. "We'll have to follow up. I can head out to each of the reporting teams, and gather any additional reports. We can't waste any time." If more Titans were approaching, it could potentially result in the same fate as Shiganshina. How many reports before the Armoured and Colossus Titans arrived were left to check? Perhaps there were signs. This could be one.

"We'll get through it. Tomorrow, I'll speak to them all - I'll be too slow today, and if I start in the morning it gives us time now to dredge up any more reports we can follow up on while I'm gone. You can brief Pixis." He hesitated, pausing in his continued writing. He didn't even want to delay for a few hours. But the more they had, if there were any further smaller reports, the better. "Hopefully it's just strange migration patterns and nothing to worry about."

ooc: Happy to end it here or on one last response! Just let me know.

IC / Re: Hitting a Wall. [Anka]
« on: March 14, 2018, 11:57:29 PM »
Gustav chuckled, the imagery of her actually attempting to skip through any field conjuring amusement. "I'm sure you must be very disappointed at having your plans dashed," he remarked, with a small shake of his head.

His own plans for the day would rest on work, as always. Days off were rare not due to actual commitments but his own need to continue on. He would sooner take whatever paperwork he could with him to work on. If not, he could always spend the time thinking on it or taking an unofficial patrol and visit some colleagues. Perhaps he could take such a time to take a small break.

"They'll be disappointed if we don't have details," he mused. "The next time there's any beets being marketed around, we'll have to endure that too." It would be something to endure, and they would. The alternative was far worse.

At the revelation of sorts, Gustav turned back to her from his writing. "We'll need to be sure," he murmured, a pointless consideration given their efficiency. If there were more scratchers, there was potential for eventual damage to the Wall. "We'll need more patrols if we can prove it's increased."

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