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Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Camp Crashing
« on: January 05, 2019, 05:19:35 AM »
Sighing loudly, Kieran finished checking his blades and hand grips, ensuring that all worked correctly. He didn't need another mishap and another venture with a cadet practicing their stitching skills on him. Scars were a nuisance and a waste of time.  Following the other cadets, he lingered at the back, taking a moment to glance up at the sky as they headed to the practice yard.  Blue eyes found a dark and angry sky that threatened to unleash its rage upon the group.  Welp, it was going to be a shitastic day to be practicing with the ODM gear.  Rain and wind meant cadets who don't know left from the right would only get in the way.

Just great

A gust of wind kicked up his hair, and for a moment, he felt like challenging the impending storm, but that would be silly. Lowering his gaze, he watched the backs of his fellow cadets and wondered how many of them would try their hardest during today's exercises?  There would be a few,  there always were.

Suck ups. 

As they entered the yard, he caught in the corner of his eye a group of hooded figures alongside the ODM instructor. Quirking his brow, he elbowed the closest cadet and threw his head in the direction of the visitors. "Looks like they're here for a show, and we're the entertainment."

Utopia District / Re: Test of Mettle
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:10:07 AM »
His head throbbed. 

Today he was supposed to be free from the annoying Training Corps officers and their nagging, but of course, they couldn’t let him go without squeezing in one more lecture rattling on about behavior and punishment. Kieran couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of pissing off his instructors by giving his placement trouble. It was quite an amusing thought. Of course, they did not appreciate the smirk, and it only earned Kieran a slap on the back of the head and more lectures.

It was all worth the headache. 

By early afternoon, Kieran was on his way to meet his placement, pep lacking from his step. Kieran imagined that other cadets, such as Axel who was always eager to impress, couldn’t wait to meet the soldiers they were to shadow for the next two weeks, but he was not.

There was no point.

He had no plans to specialize within the Garrison branch of the military; he had no plans to be a decent soldier. His time in the Training Corps was just a temporary setback in his plan to hunt down a different type of monster. 

Why waste his time caring for fellow cadets and future comrades when all he planned to do was use his position as a means to achieve his goal? Touching the goggles that sat on top of his messy black locks, Kieran thought about Tomlan and the others, a thing he tried not to do often as he always felt so vulnerable when they were on this thoughts.

He hated feeling vulnerable. It made him feel weak.

Closing his eyes, Kieran took a deep breath and pushed his past to deep, dark depths of his mind and focused on the fact he was to learn under some soldier, who he figured was a paper pusher as he had his own office. But that was just an assumption as Kieran didn't know much about his placement save for where he was supposed to go.

At least he will have a break from his fellow cadets, though he had to admit that he was going to miss Nack’s stories at lunch. If only Kieran had met Nack before the fall of Maria, they could have made a great team on the streets of Quinta stealin’ from the rich and greedy.  Coming to a stop at the door of the office, Kieran hesitated for a moment -  enjoying just one more second of alone time - before knocking.

“Come in”

He did as he was commanded, entering the office and shutting the door behind him. Standing there, Kieran faced the Garrison soldier sizing him up and trying to get a read on him, and forgetting in the meantime the first thing he learned in training - salute. 

Oh yeah

 His salute lacked the sharpness that nearly three years of training should have perfected. There was reluctance in his eyes, not the eagerness to take on titans of might or impress future superiors. He was just there -- a fist over his heart, but not truly ready to offer his heart to humanity. "Kieran Ashmiller. Was told to report here for my internship."

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Incy Wincy Spider [Kieran]
« on: June 24, 2018, 12:28:28 AM »
As usual, Kieran was among the last to eat. Having gotten himself in trouble for muttering an insult at the instructor, Kieran had to stay out longer running laps as punishment. He was not going to be easy to break, and yelling at Kieran did little, but perhaps make him more mouthy. So now with his bowl filled with cooled stew and bottom of the pot stew to boot, he moved to find a seat in the hall.

"You. Move." He jerked his head to emphasize his words; blue eyes narrowed as he glared at the other cadet, a look that promised trouble if the other did not do as he asked. There were many other seats in the hall, but this one served as the best vantage point. His back to the wall facing all others in the room, so no possible attack from behind and he keeps an eye on the others while he ate his stew.

Old habits are hard to break.

The cadet looked at his bowl, now empty save for the spoon and remnants of broth that clung to the bowls side and pooled at its bottom, and then back up at Kieran. The other's dark eyes bore into his own,  challenging him.

The cry of surprise caught Kieran's attention. Breaking from the staring contest, he turned his head, spinning on his heels to face the commotion,  his stew sloshing from one side of the bowl to the other from the sudden disruption.

“There’s - there’s a spider!”   

A spider? How Pathetic.

Kieran thought inwardly as he reached for the spoon that in his soup, his hand finding it just as a raven-haired cadet bolted towards the speckled face boy who was about to squish the little pest. 

Huh? Now this is interesting

Kieran quirked a brow as he ate the first cold spoonful of stew, slurping at the spoon to make none of the thickened liquid spilled. The years fighting - earning - his meals had thought him to eat fast and let none of it go to waste, so cold or not, the stew would not go to waste.

He watched as the girl slammed into the boy whose face was an unfortunate mess of blemishes, her anger about killing such a meaningless little thing piquing his interest. As the group left, their laughter no longer loud and uninhibited, Kieran walked over, his bowl still in hand. He didn't dare put down his bowl - there was a cadet known for having a bottomless stomach and a love for food.  He didn't know why he decided to wander over to the girl who was still on her knees looking for the creature, but at least it was more interesting than staring into another boy's eyes for the rights to a seat.

Coming to a stop next to the girl, Kieran bent down, squinting his eyes as he tried to spot the spider. "Why such a scene for  a measly spider?


That look. He knew it well. There was a thing about Ymir - her looks said more than her words. Though Ymir's words weren't usually lacking in expression. Over the last three years, Kieran has learned that those who dare to press her while she wears  THAT look usually end up on the ground crying.  Instead, narrowed eyes met the brown-haired cadet's for a moment before snapping them away when Krista spoke.

"Well" He started with more annoyance in his voice than he intended. "Now that we have sorted that out. Let's get off this street; we are prime pickins' here. Not in the mood to become titan chow just yet." He turned away from the girls, his hands finding his controllers once more. Not waiting for any response, he shot his hook towards the nearest roof.   

Once on top of the building, he looked over Utopia, the city swallowed by a sea chaos. Titans lumbering through the streets swatting at those who engaged them as if humankind were nothing but pesky flies. A choir of horror and panic filled the air.  By the walls,  humanity was pathetic.

A flare went up. Then another.

The flares were near the lumbering creatures. There was a part of him that still questioned their tasks at hand; there was part of him that still wanted to disappear and seize the opportunity to seek out Rosto. He knew to go after those flares was a lost cause,  but Kieran did not turn away. Tightening his grip on his controls, he unsheathed his blades.

 Those ugly assholes making humanity look pathetic. It pissed him off. 

Looking back to his partners. "Oi, let's get goin'." He pointed in the direction of the flare just in case the other two were too busy ogling each other or whatever. Turning, he paused for a moment, before reaching up to the goggles that sat upon his messy tresses. Smiling, he lowered his goggles and lept off the building.

IC / Re: Practice makes perfect {Keiran}
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:02:21 AM »

Kieran sat propped against a tree, his right hand grasping his shoulder, blood seeping through his fingers and down his arm. His jacket, sprawled on the ground, its sleeve stained crimson, had a large gash where the edge of his blade had cut into it - deep enough for it to bite his flesh underneath. 

His own damn blade.

Who gets cut by their own damn blade? Well, apparently, Kieran Ashmiller does.

“You had it coming to you Ashmiller.” Gavin Cartwright, a cadet of the same year, laughed. Jankin, who did not partake in the laughter, instead creased his eyebrows together in worry and chewed on his bottom lip for a few moments. “He is hurt. This wasn't supposed to happen”  he hissed at Gavin before kneeling down in front of Kieran, reaching out to help him.

“Keep yer filthy hands off me”
Kieran growled as he used his right leg to kick Jankin firmly in the chest. “Why you little..” Gavin started “Cartwright!” a voice boomed from behind Kieran. The instructor walked up, stopping next to Kieran, his features contorted into a look of worry and anger. It was such weird look for the instructor to wear. “Why is it always you, Ashmiller?” The instructor sighed, frustration lacing his froggy voice. Kieran opened his mouth to argue, but the instructor held out his hand “I don’t want to hear it Ashmiller.  I already know what happened - you pulled another one of your stunts.” He knelt down beside Kieran and examined his wound.  Kieran glared at the other boys who wore smirks on their annoying faces, even Jankin who had been nervous just moments before, smirked now that he knew they faced no consequences for their ill thought out plan.

“Well Ashmiller, you will be fine, but that cut is a nasty one. Perhaps now you have learned your lesson, though, I doubt you have.” He sighed once more as he stood back up, his bones cracking as he did. Looking to the others, he growled “help Kieran out of his gear. It will only be a nuisance in the infirmary.” Gavin, 'eager' to help, hurried to Kieran’s side, stopping for a moment, the other cadet whispered in his ear. “Next time you will think before taking our sashes.”


With a cloth held to his arm, which it too was stained crimson, Kieran followed the instructor to the infirmary, grimacing slightly every time he took a misstep and moved the arm that held the rag over the wound. The initial high that had blocked the pain from settling in his arm was gone, and while the wound was not grand, it probably was going to require stitches.

Stepping into the infirmary, Kieran lowered his gaze, looking at his wrapped wrist, which was also blood soaked. Everything was soaked in his own blood from a cut that own fucking blade made in his skin. 

How pathetic.

“I have a surprise for you” the instructor’s voice feigned excitement as he spoke to the other instructor in charge of the infirmary. “He is your problem now.” The instructor pushed Kieran further into the infirmary before turning to leave. “My office after you are patched up, Ashmiller. You better show up.” The man warned as took his leave.

"Let me see" the other instructor beckoned, waving him over. Kieran reluctantly did as he was told. It was then, as the instructor examined his arm, did Kieran look up, his eyes falling on the small form he knew well. Evony.

The plan was to find a spot in the practice yard that would allow him to go unnoticed by the instructor - he'd skate by and watch with amusement the others cadets flail around like damn fools. Should it not prove entertaining, he will just take a nap. The day was nice enough for one. 


A cadet darted in front of him, cutting off his path. The look and posture of the other boy was one that Kieran knew all too well. Living on the streets, he had to stake claim over territory; he had to make a name for themselves. That did not come without a price. Even amongst Rosto's gang, there were days, which if he wanted to eat, Kieran had to fight a brother or a sister for his meal. It felt so familiar that his own body reacted at the sight of the other boy. Instinctively, he squared up, tilting his chin as to gauge the boy who stood in front of him, hands curling into fists as he did.

Above fighting?

The cadet was one those - righteous good-doers. Kieran assumed the blonde, whose feelings must have been hurt by the rejection, ran to the nearest cadet and cried about the big meanie who wouldn't play fight with him. And now the brunette stood in front of him.

How annoying.

"Better? Me?" Kieran snorted clearly amused. "Funny words comin' out yer mouth. You on yer high horse - Fightin' other people's battles." His stance softened slightly, though, Kieran was not the trusting type and remained ready just in case the other cadet's clenched fists decided to fly.

He took a step closer to the boy and looked him once over. "Piss off before you get hurt" Kieran warned, his eyes locked with the other's boy, a taunting smirk pulling at his lips. "Little boy" the words lingered on his tongue as he drew out the insult. Kieran then attempted to move around the cadet, his shoulder intentionally bumping into the other as he did.

Wall Rose / Re: Ragtag Rogues. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« on: March 19, 2018, 06:47:50 AM »
For a moment, Kieran thought Ymir was going to crush the plan and ruining any enjoyment he could get out of this stupid test. His blue eyes narrowed as he watched her suspiciously, waiting to see if she would move against or align with him. She agreed. Good. A devious smirk pulled at his lips when Ymir looked back at Kieran with her golden eyes. He was glad she was proving to be the person he thought she was.

To be honest, he had not expected such a warm reception when he first suggested the idea. It had been a spur of the moment idea that he decided sounded rather entertaining. One by one his teammates spoke up in agreement with his idea. All of them were on board, albeit for different reasons, but still on board.

There was one who he did not expect to be on board, and that was the tiny little blonde named Evony. Kieran couldn't figure out why the instructors placed her with them, but her willingness to go along was a welcomed bonus. Quirking a brow at Evony, he studied her for a moment before snapping his attention back to Nack.

Nack had a way with words that even Kieran could appreciate. He was the type of guy would have been a perfect addition to their pack back in Quinta. Not very many were gifted in the art of using words as Nack was. Letting out a short, sharp laugh Kieran stepped towards Nack and patted him on the shoulder. "Nack is right. The other team will be focusin' on collectin' their four sashes. They ain't goin' to realize that there is another - better - way to tackle this challenge. But as Nack said, the only way this plan is goin' to work is if we have a strong start." He paused realizing that he had not thought about an actual plan. His eyes studied his teammates for a brief moment, thinking of how they could pull this off without giving away their plan. 

"Stealth is the only way this plan is going to work. Stay within eyesight of one another, and don't go shoutin' whenever you see a titan or sash.  We don't need any groups gettin' a heads up or anything. See a sash, grab it. See a titan, take it out. No one person should have all the sashes, so make sure to divvy them up as we go." Stopping he turned to Evony. "Shortie, handoff any sashes you find to one of us. If we come across another team, you will be our secret weapon".

Quinta District / I'll be your savior [Rosto]
« on: March 14, 2018, 08:30:02 PM »
Early 840

With a head tilted towards the main street that led to the market, the young boy listened for the sound of shuffling feet or voices growing closer- the loaf of bread clutched tight to his chest - but he did not hear anything. Letting out a deep sigh of relief, Kieran slumped against a stone wall, sliding slowly down it until he sat on the unpaved ground.  For a moment, he was sure a soldier was going to round the corner and lock him away for stealing a measly loaf of bread. That is what papa told him happened to boys who stole things, but he was just so hungry. The pangs of hunger clawed at his stomach like a beast trying to get out, and like a beast, his stomach's growls were deep and guttural. 

It had been two days since he ate last and several more days since he had roof over his head and a comfortable bed to call his own. His papa was no longer here to lecture him on good and bad; right and wrong. No. He was gone, his body nothing but ashes now.

Kieran was all alone.

No longer able to handle the pain, he caved and swiped a loaf of bread when the stall owner was not looking, and now, he sat on the ground, his stomach growling as if commanding him to eat the stolen prize. Licking his lips, the boy's eyes widened in delight as he lifted the loaf and sunk his teeth into his prize, the crust crackling and breaking as he tore into it, ripping a chunk off in one swift, animal-like movement. Closing his lids, Kieran leaned his head back against the wall, savoring the taste of the first bite.

"Oy, what do you think you are doing?"

Snapping his eyes open, Kieran scrambled up to his feet. Once again clutching his bread close to his chest, he swallowed his bite with a gulp, his eyes wide with fear, frantically looking between the two boys who blocked his only exit.

"I..I..was h...hungry" 

"You think we care if yer hungry? This is our street. We can' be havin' the likes of you ruinin' our spot." The boys, older and much bigger than him began moving closer, causing Kieran to back further into the alley. Into the darkness where a passerby would less likely notice the beating. "Yeah, 'pose we need to teach 'u a lesson..." They grinned as they approached, a look of pleasure filling their eyes as Kieran's felt his back hit another stone wall. He reached the end.

"P...please take it back. I  won't do it..." His words were cut off as knee found his stomach causing the bread to fall from his hands as he doubled over.

Why was this happening? All he wanted was a bite to eat...Why?

He remained focused on Reiner - whose hulking form made it easy for Kieran to track - but not too focused that his surroundings became nothing but a blur. The chaos around them was too much to succumb to tunnel vision now.  Below him, People ran in a desperate attempt to save themselves from a most horrible fate. In the distance, a titan lumbered through the streets, away from his squad, but most certainly towards another. It was weird. To be above the chaos and not below it, running between the legs of titans hoping that you were faster than the giant hands that reached for you - or at least faster than the person running next to you. It was weird that his feet had not stilled when the opportunity presented itself back on the wall. Three years ago, he had convinced himself that these people were not worth dying for, yet, three years later, here he was plunging himself into the unknown without a lick of a plan all to keep up with a small, blonde, who must have cracked her nob in the chaos of preparations because no sane person would just fucking take off as she had.

He was last to touch down, his feet landing firmly on a road painted with blood and rubble. Placing his hand controllers back into their holsters, Kieran looked towards where Krista and Ymir were. There was no doubt that anger swelled within at the sight of stupid blonde as she put all of their lives at risk for such stupid act.  He started towards  Ymir and Krista, fists balled, but when he went to open his mouth, he stopped.

Evony nearly backed up into him, the fear clear in her eyes as she looked towards him and the others. Kieran had forgotten that for most of them, this was the first time they had laid their eyes upon such a gruesome sight. He wasn't the comforting type, and under any other circumstances, he'd have made some terrible comment, but perhaps it was Evony, with those big grey eyes, that reminded him of Eleni, he attempted to be - well  - a friend for once. Though he failed miserably.

Once Evony found the strength to stand up, he placed a hand on her shoulder. "It.." he had no idea what to say "..it ain't going to get any prettier from here." Though the words that fell from his mouth spoke truths, they weren't the truths he meant to say. Luckily before the feeling of awkwardness set in, Reiner interrupted with a call to gather around.  Removing his hand, Kieran nodded towards where Reiner stood, signaling her to follow, the hand that had been on her shoulder now by his side clenched into a tight fist.

"Aye, we ought to get our nobs screwed on straight before somethin' else happens " tossing a look towards Krista, Kieran agreed. "I'm not much suited for fixin' up people" ironic considering he was placed with the medical team, "sign me up for fightin'. Don't have to worry about me freezin' up or anything, this ain't the first time I have seen their ugly faces." Although he never killed one, after coming face to face with a titan as he did back on the grassy knoll somewhere between Quinta and Wall Rose, being armed with blades, Kieran felt confident that he would not falter in his duty today.

He was not going to become titan chow as long as Rosto lived and breathed.

Utopia District / Re: Team Five: Battlefield Medics [Assault on Utopia]
« on: February 25, 2018, 08:32:43 PM »
"You gotta be kidding me!"

Kieran's hands went up in anger and disbelief as he watched as Krista jumped into action before they could formulate a strategy, taking off almost as if she was asking for death to find her, with Ymir following moments after, shouting off sound advice, despite it lacking in substance.

Had they been knocked over the heads and lost their minds? Shit like this was what Kieran wanted to avoid, and here, he thought he has a solid team. Sure he expected someone at some point to dash off in attempt to play the role of hero, but he had hoped that would come after some sort of game plan had been established.

Looking at his remaining squadmates, Evony and Reiner, Kieran frowned. They had only one choice, and he didn't like it one bit.  Evony's eyes, filled with fear, hit him hard in his chest. Those grey orbs reminded him of Eleni's own; the fear they held within was reminiscent of the fear in Eleni's they day the titans found their way to Quinta.  Kieran, with a worried look that was foreign to his features,  watched as the girl pushed through her fear, taking off after the others, the image of Eleni still playing in his mind as she sailed away.

“I hate to admit it, but Ymir is right. We should stay close together. "


Reiner was right. Ymir was right. He hated that right here, right now, they were right. Kieran did not want to go in half-cocked, and yet, that was exactly what he was going to do.

"Fuck me!"

Shaky hands grabbed the controllers, and before his senses could still his feet, Kieran ran, letting out a frustrated growl as his feet lept off the wall, aiming for the nearest building that his grapple could sink its teeth into,  his blue eyes focused on his teammates in front of him.

Year: 845 

The streets called out to Kieran like a siren's song,  tempting him to forget this place and seek out his kind: the slums of humanity.  He itched to return to where he felt at home and welcomed for what he truly was.  Despite the temptation,  Kieran did not answer the call, as the streets could no longer be his refuge.  At least, not while Rosto lived and breathed.

That rat.

He had been stripped of everything he had ever cared for.  He had no home or family. Alone in this curst world, Kieran learned it was better this way.  People like him didn't get to have friends and family, and anyone who says otherwise is a fool blinded by the illusion of happiness. So now he would have to call this place his home, despite every inch of his being hating it. Groomed to despise the very thing he was training to become, Kieran struggled to adjust to his new life. For one, he did not fare well with authority, which found him at odds with his instructors.

Even though he raised his heckles, Kieran knew it was unwise to bite the hand that determined his fate.  They tolerated the trouble he created, but if he were deemed too wild to train, he'd wash out. Surely then, he'd be put out of his misery.

He could not wash out.

"Pair up!" A voice boomed throughout the yard, ensuring that all the cadets heard the instructions. Cadets moved swiftly to find a partner, most choosing to team up with those they had befriended in days prior.  A blonde haired cadet approached him. "Um...will you be my partner?"  The cadet clasped his hands together,  thumbs fiddling as he spoke,  his meek eyes, incapable of finding  Kieran's own, cast downwards towards his boots.


Kieran rejected the boy, his blue eyes filled with an unwarranted coldness. "No. You ain't worth the effort." With nothing else to say, he turned,  with all intention of eluding training, and walked away "But..but" the cadet's weak voice trailed behind Kieran, but he paid no mind to it.  This was a waste of time. Time spent out of the streets had taught him all he needed to know about hand to hand combat, he did not need to relearn how to fight against another human being.  A laugh rolled from his lips at the idea they could teach him something the streets could not.


Wall Rose / Re: Ragtag Rogues. [ODM Aptitude Test]
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:47:16 AM »
Leaning nonchalantly against the trunk of a tree, arms crossed over his chest, Kieran eyed his teammates, getting a feel for what he had to work with. No longer strangers, he knew the names of those who the instructors had placed him with.

Kieran was a troublesome thorn that bit into the skin of the instructors, its bite digging deep, stubbornly holding on when attempted to be plucked, and he was sure they were ready to toss him to the next group and wipe their hands clean of him. Hell, it wouldn't surprise Kieran that he had intentionally been placed with this group to give the other cadets - those with a sure future in the military - the chance to shine.

Nack was of the same mind as Kieran, and that he could appreciate. Speaking more so to himself than to anyone of teammates, Kieran replied, a hint of laughter trailing his words. " It should be as easy as pickin' the pockets of a fat man too busy stuffin’ his mouth with cakes to notice his coin has gone missin’.”  This kind of people reminded him of prey - of chickens all plump, clucking away, utterly clueless of the purpose of their existence. The rich of Quinta were the chicken just right for the pickin’.

Pushing off the tree trunk, Kieran glanced at the yellow band, which rested snugly on his upper arm, his mind thinking of a plan. He had done plenty of plannin' back in the day,   with his gang of streetrats, taking advantage of those who had become too comfortable wandering around the marketplace to keep their coin secure from grubby little hands of hungry boys and girls. He had watched the homes of the more fortunate, figuring out schedules, so that later they could take what they wanted. 

 He could care less what team he had been placed in, as he did not care about scores, but if the instructors were going to try to keep him from creatin' trouble than he was obligated to do just that.  Soon the Garrison and the drunks that accompanied it would be his home; soon he'd be able to properly look for Rosto. To be honest. Kieran didn’t mind the team he had been placed with. He saw them a better company than some of the more - righteous - cadets. Still, it was the principle of the matter.

"Sure we can collect our yellow sashes,” he said looking up from the armband and to his teammates, boredom obvious in his voice.  “but wouldn't be smart of us to take the sashes of the other groups as well? If they don’t collect four, they can’t win.”   A smirk spread on Kieran's lips as he thought about the fun to be had if his teammates agreed to play along.

Trackers & Development / Kieran's Tracker
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:48:07 AM »

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« on: February 17, 2018, 05:47:05 AM »

   16 || Civilian || Old Friend || Kind || Rosto's pawn || FC (suggested): Tsubame - Karneval or Enri Emmot - Overlord 

So this is Flory, she and Kieran pretty much grew up together. Their families' farms were a few miles outside of Quinta District. I don't have much set in stone, except that she moved away around the age of 9 because her family lost their farm. I'd like her to have ended up somewhere behind Wall Rose. Anyways, shortly after Flory moved, Kieran's parents died, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets of Quinta, so all communication would have been lost between the two. You can check out Kieran's app for more information. 

Back in Quinta, Rosto employed young children to do a lot of his dirty work and shipped them off to factories in the Industrial City when they got too old. Kieran was one of his kids who worked the streets for him.  Rosto is trying to step up his game, having established connections in Wall Sina.  My idea for Flory is that somehow she gets involved with Rosto - informant working in a noble's house perhaps? - which would get Kieran involved with Rosto again. I'd love to hash out any ideas over PM or discord, so don't be afraid to hit me up.

Utopia District / Re: Team Five: Battlefield Medics [Assault on Utopia]
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:27:01 AM »
The realness of the situation did not set in until he stood alongside his squad, looking down at the city that was sure to fall to ruin if they could not do the jobs assigned to them.  A whirlwind of emotions flooded Kieran, the great wave threatening to break the cadet who was ill-equipped to handle such an onslaught. 

Tomlan, Benek, Iris, Keon, Eleni, Squeak.

Blue eyes looked out at the city, at the civilians fleeing to the inner gate in hopes of finding safety behind it, his fists tight and knuckles white, as names from his past played in his head over and over.  His breath hitched in his throat as memories that once seemed so distant, now were so close they pressed upon his chest making it hard to breathe. 

How many Tomlans and Squeaks would perish if the Garrison could not do their job? How many Elenis and Keons would be father or motherless if his own squad could not do their job? 


Kieran’s  thoughts were poison to him at the current moment; it would make him vulnerable - lead him to his doom. They had to go; he had to focus on the here and now. “What are we goin’ to do when we do see somethin’?” Ripping his eyes from the city, Kieran turned to his squadmates, all of which were quality cadets, although, he did find the tiny blonde to be sickeningly sweet. It was trait Kieran could live with at the moment.

“I’m not about to go down there half cocked.” Soon enough their squad would be heading straight into the wolve’s den, except he’d give anything for it to be wolves and not the monsters that they were to face. All of them carried medical supplies on their back - a hindrance to their maneuverability that they would have to keep in mind when facing or escaping any titans - but if not careful, they would find themselves in the same situation as the ones they were trying to help. 

They needed a plan.

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