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Chat, Games & Banter / Re: Housing?
« on: August 08, 2018, 11:27:47 AM »
Ahh, I love this!  My hubby and I are currently moving house (well, we’ve sold our current place, we just need to actually find/secure somewhere to move to…) but it’s rekindled my interest in colour schemes, decor, etc.  I’m hitting Pinterest pretty hard these days. XD  I hope your redecorating is going well, Quiet!  It’s always nice to put your mark on a place. <3

I think it makes absolute sense that the military owns the house for use by the Garrison Commander.  What do you imagine it’s like, Quiet?  I’d love to hear how Pixis would have it decorated!

As for others, from what we see in the show/manga, newly qualified soldiers room-share or are in larger dorms together (as an example of the former, I’m thinking of Annie and Hitch being roommates).  I imagine it would depend on the faction and where they are placed, how many soldiers are stationed in that region, etc. 

But those who have served longer would surely, eventually secure a room of their own or even a house.  I wonder, would getting married, or having children, boost the likelihood of a soldier being assigned their own home?  And would their military performance have an impact?  Like a payrise or promotion, getting larger or more private quarters - or a house - would be a tantalising reward.

I find it really interesting that there are unofficial military housing regions, I had never really thought about it before, and I feel it would make sense in the AoT universe.  It would be a way to be committed to the military, but perhaps also have one foot in the stirrup of more ‘civilian-like’ living… I could be wrong about that though!

Ooft, this is basically a wall of waffle.  I’m going to mull over the details of my own characters’ living situations and then mosey back.  Farran for sure would live in one of those unofficial military housing areas, with his wife and little one.  Marco, Dalton, Struna are still cadets and don’t really feature in this discussion (poor Dalton will never get to count, RIP).  Laria would have quarters within the Training Corps barracks, and move with the cadets every year.  Eld, I’m not sure about, to be honest.  Obviously he would travel with the Special Operations Squad to wherever their next task takes them, but he must have some roots somewhere.  Ian I can see living in the barracks, and being happy with that, but his mother is probably nagging at him to work towards a house.

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