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Wall Rose / Natural Selection [Sasha]
« on: August 19, 2017, 07:02:26 AM »
((I apologize for how long it took to make this! My computer farted out, and now my dad is in town, so free time was, and still is, rather limited.))

It was early in the day; the nights chill still being warded away by the sun which was held high above the distant tree line. It sent scattered rays of yellow across the area, broken up and dispersed by a few thin wispy clouds that flecked and curled high in the sky, fading at the edges with a translucency that vanished entirely in a soft gradient. A light breeze flicked over it all, causing foliage to shuffle and dry brittle grasses to shift in reply, carrying the fallen leaves away into the corners of buildings where dead spots formed. It really was poised to be a peaceful day; one the cadets could use to recover from their rigorous training the day before, but that wasn't really going to happen for some that had other plans.

Connie stood a short distance away from the girls barracks, leaned up against a nearby tree that was spindly and rather young compared to those further into the forest. Its branches twisted and spiraled up towards the sky, casting minimal shade for the boy while he waited.

He didn't want to be too close to the barracks that he was labeled a 'pervert' or anything else out of line, but he still wanted to wait for Sasha to get out and catch her before she ran off to do something else for the day. Connie didn't think there would be issue with his waiting position, since he had done this multiple times before. The gray haired teen was almost a regular at this point, most if not all of the girls understanding exactly what he was there for. It was this familiarity with his spot, which left him toeing the ground with his shoe to push and shove around a small rock that he had come to recognize well at this point.

There was movement then towards his side, and he looked up, attention perked and interest high, thinking he saw the brown haired girl, but instead, it was a different pair, who were chatting as they hopped down the steps, and veered to the left to keep going about their day, not even passing him a second glance. In response to this, Connie simply huffed slightly, his shoulders stooping as he seemed to deflate, wondering if Sasha was sleeping in or slacking off. For all he knew she may have left the other exit, and he was waiting for nothing!

It wasn't like he could check on this however. He knew, KNEW, the second that he would leave this point to look at the other side, that she would leave and they would miss each other entirely! That was just how luck tended to go with this stuff! And he couldn't walk inside, because the wrath of every female in the area would be upon him in an instant. With this thought, he concluded that he would ask the next girl that would exit, if Sasha was even still in there or not.

He hoped they didn’t miss each other entirely or that she wasn't sick or didn’t injure herself or something else bad. He had planned this for awhile now, and they didn’t really get 'off days' like this too terribly often. Connie knew they could probably do what he had planned after training sometime; it wasn't THAT time sensitive... but... that didn't mean he would favor it if he could do it on a free day.

With this in mind, his gaze flicked back down to the ground so he wasn’t creepily staring at the building, going back to toeing the stone by rolling it back and forth beneath the sole of his shoe with a crackle of gravel and grit.

Cadets / Re: Sorry, but I'm a Genius!
« on: August 06, 2017, 04:54:00 AM »
No problems! Real life always comes first!

I am happy to hear that you love the slingshot idea though, because I have wanted to play that for a bit now and think it could be absolutely fabulous ahhaa. I am more than willing to start an opener; I got an idea for it already. It just may take a day or two for me to complete it however if my laptop struggles to comply. My main computer is getting repaired because it crapped out this morning.

As for a follow up thread, I will try to come up with something Connie could try to hide that has some significance to it in the meantime. -salute-

Trost District / Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« on: August 05, 2017, 08:59:59 AM »
When Armin said that he could make it to the Military Police, without any sarcasm or snide tones, pretty much everything else that had been said was buzzed out and not heard fully through the wave of validation and eager joy that surged through him.

"Finally! Someone that understands greatness when they see it!"

Connie slapped his hands down atop his knees while he said this, his voice pitched higher and projected loudly with excitement and happiness that cut through the silence of the immediate area like a blade. Not many people responded and gave him praise like Armin just had, the majority teasing or knocking him down, or trying to belittle him by saying he can't compete with people like Annie. Who cares if he can't beat them? He just had to make it into the top ten! He could be tenth! His height and smaller muscles weren't going to define him!

The sharp movement Connie had made during his excitement however, decided to betray him, making him wobble forward unintentionally in tandem with the slapping impact of his hands hitting his knees. The young teen's balance was pitched forward because of this, and he already knew what was going to happen, before it even did as everything seemed to slow down for a brief moment. While the drop wouldn't kill anybody unless you somehow went head first and landed perfectly, it still could twist an ankle or sting, and a momentary spike of adrenalin shot through him.

There was one thing Connie was good at however, and that was moving fast when he was really put under pressure. It was only this bit of hyperactive speed that allowed him to slice his hands backwards with a sharp snatch, able to clutch onto the back edge of the branch just as his seating slipped completely off. What would have ended with him careening out of the tree feet first, instead just made him kick wildly at the air for a brief moment, until he could wrangle himself back in place. Once he did so, he dusted off his hands, acting like that was completely normal.

"Yeah I'm good."

Connie smugly murmured this, a sort of smirk pulling back while he basked in his own greatness. It was only then he tried to catch up to what Armin had said however, his mind clunking along to fill in the gaps while his heart rate still sped a mile a minute from the spook a moment prior.

"Wait you want to see what now?"

Grade A+ listening skills there Connie...

Trost District / Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« on: August 02, 2017, 07:17:44 PM »
Armin's comment about how people have days where they just want everyone to go away, somewhat confused Connie. Was that the blonds' way of telling him to back off and leave? Wouldn't it be a lot easier for Armin to go away instead since he was a good eight or so feet up in the air? Instead the other teen had sat down at the base of an adjacent tree, settling in while casting a stone at the nearby pond.

The stone that had been thrown plunked audibly a short distance away, the skipping pops causing heavy ripples to radiate out. It broke up the reflective surface with broad rings that faded the further they got away from the source of agitation. It would not take long for it to even out again, faint reflections from the trees above flicking over its surface. Really, this was a good secluded place, one where people could try to escape, but if everyone had the same idea, it could lose that quality quickly.

Looking down at Armin, Connie didn't make any moves to get down from the tree, rather comfortable where he was for the moment as a breeze shifted past. It had been a bit of a chore to get up here the first time, needing to effectively shimmy up the trunk since he could not reach the lowest branches. As far as he was concerned, there were two options. He would get down with the dry branch he wanted, or he would fall. It seemed to work for now, Armin still talking to him though the conversation took a different turn that he didn't expect.

Connie garbled out a bark of a laugh at Armin's last words, it couldn't be helped. Eren was rather... psychotic... and his ambition to murder things that could sneeze on him and kill him was crazy in his eyes.

"Hahuh- yeah, guy is going to get himself killed."

Pausing after he said this, he realized that saying that about Eren to ARMIN of all people probably wasn't smart, though it was honest, and Connie wasn't one to lie. After this, he proclaimed proudly what he hoped to accomplish, his spine straightening and head held high, as if the branch he sat on was a throne and he was something to be admired and worshiped.

"I am going to join the Military Police!"

It was a common goal, Connie not processing deeper philosophical questions very well. He did not realize that Armin's inquiry may have had more to it than simply the surface level.

"I got plenty of people back home who need their noses rubbed in my success!"

Determination, his hands planted down on the branch so he could lean forward a bit, a broad grin slapped into place. While he did not hold the near unhinged look of Eren when he spoke of his goals and became focused on something, there was a bit of fire in Connie's eyes that conveyed that he was really going to try for this, and that it meant a lot to him.

Announcements / Re: Roll Call #02!
« on: August 02, 2017, 07:01:33 PM »
I'm here still!

Trost District / Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« on: July 31, 2017, 06:57:56 PM »
The explanation for all the water made a lot more sense after Armin pointed out the rest of the visual clues, Connie throwing his first deduction off and to the side without further question. He was thankful Armin didn’t get unhappy that his first impulse assumption had been not only completely wrong, but would have been incredibly embarrassing for the other teen, and instead just moved on. He liked that about him. He didn't seem to get really angry at anything! Well... other than what happened a few minutes ago...

"Jean seems to like to do that huh?"

Some amusement flicked in while he said this, a partial smirk pulling back across his features. Jean was just... Jean... and him being a confrontational dink, was about as expected as Eren being rage triggered by Titans, or Krista being overly kind and accommodating, or Sasha being a psycho for food... Connie knew that rolling with the punches was a good way to avoid such things with the antagonistic individuals, and he could bite back himself if pushed too far, but it seemed Armin really wasn't used to that sort of stuff maybe? He was uncertain.

Connie may like to play games, and joke, and could be rude if the situation called for it or he was being particularly defensive over something, but he was not cruel, and he could tell the other teen was truly bothered by what had happened. It curbed down some of his amusement that had formed a moment prior, his gaze softening while Armin asked him not to say anything to the others.

Maybe in another life, Connie would have considered toying back a bit, maybe trying to use it as a bit of blackmail to get Armin's help with a few things, but that simply wasn't who he was. He knew what it was like to be teased and poked at, and because of that he had no intention of betraying him and making him feel vulnerable in his weakened state.

"Yeah, no problem."

With a rock of his weight, Connie pushed his body back enough so that he could swing his right leg up and over the tree branch. This twisted him around so that he was facing Armin fully, both legs hanging off the side of the limb, while his hands planted down on either side to remain steady. His shoulders were partly hunched; spine hooked forward a bit while he peered at the other male.

"Anything you... want to... talk about?"

A genuine offer, one made to a friend to try to offer condolences or help with what was bothering him, but Connie knew he wasn't the best at this sort of stuff. His question seemed stilted and awkward, a true want to help, but not really knowing how to do so very well. He was much better at the 'Let's do something else to distract you from things' approach, which was his current fall back if this didn't work out.

Cadets / Re: Sorry, but I'm a Genius!
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:20:13 AM »
Ahha! Connie best ninja! Hidin' from yah ;D

I am game for all kinds of shenanigans; I love that kind of stuff! I actually had posted some ideas for the comedy twins on your plotter, though they are a bit more action and open ended such as firecrackers at the festival, or hunting pigeons or rats with a slingshot XD I am actually working on the latter one In-Character already. Connie is looking for the right wood to carve the handle, and is going to make it his big project for a bit to show Sasha later, all proud of his accomplishments. It combines some of their interests, as if they are lucky and nail a less than conventional snack?... well... meat is meat.

I do like the idea of the secret thing, but I am kind of at a blank on what it could be at the moment, since I am still roughing out the character and trying to develop him a bit more in my head. I will have to put a pin in that for a bit, until I could come up with something I think is fitting, and that he wouldn't readily share with what is basically his best friend.

Studying could go very poorly for the two of them, for exactly the sort of stuff you pointed out. Can you say nothing accomplished? -cackle-

Really, I am game for all sorts of stuff! Could just shove them at one another and see what adventure forms!

Trost District / Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:02:27 AM »
Connie had been so focused on his current adventures, that he had not noticed Armin until the blond had moved effectively beneath him, and started a raging assault on a tree with a stick. There was a cruel sort of irony at the idea of someone trying to hurt a tree with a little baby version of itself, but such thoughts were not important and not really a focus here. What mattered was the fact that the smart kid who always seemed so meek and kind, was having what could be equated to a total freak-out.

A choice had been made in that instant to try to stay quiet, and stop moving; not wanting to gain attention. This seemed to be futile however, as only a brief moment later Armin had addressed him directly, and at that point, it was clear that his attempt to remain sneaky had failed. Now he was possibly on the receiving end of a little psycho's lash out!? In his mind, all he could think of were all those horror stories of how it was always the person you expected last who was the murderer, and how 'You would have never known they were a killer!' was said so many times by the community.

Ahh... who was he kidding, Armin was a friend.

All jokes aside, and as out of the norm this incident seemed, the blond was someone nice and was enjoyable company, even if the two of them had not really spent much time together. Most of their interactions had been in the living quarters, or in training, it mostly group environments where Armin was stuck on some invisible lead by his friends. He and Connie didn't really have much one on one interactions, but it seemed that was about to change.

"Better question, did that tree tick you off?"

Connie settled down onto a sturdy branch while he asked this, letting his legs hang down on either side for stability. It allowed him to lift his right hand while he spoke, pointing meekly down at the tree that Armin had been wailing on a moment earlier. After he asked this, his gaze fell down, only just then noticing all the water on the other male's pants, his thin brows furrowing together in confusion.

"What... you piss yourself?"

It didn't sound derogatory, it wasn't a 'Ha ha! You pissed yourself!' but he was definitely confused, not understanding what had happened right away.

Trost District / Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« on: July 30, 2017, 05:24:36 AM »
Awwyus, this was going to be awesome.

Being here in training, it was kind of crummy when it came to doing some fun things. You mostly just went to classes, went to eat, and then went to sleep. With the schooling, it was either learning weird lessons that didn't always seem super important, or it was physical training that left everyone not giving a crap that there wasn't much free time since rest was this new cherished thing... but... in the few bits where free time was truly available, and people weren't so tired they wanted to die, it could be really boring.

Who would WANT to study or work on extra nonsense? Definitely not Connie! And because of that he was going to look into some extra forms of entertainment that was part sport part craft. While traditional arts and crafts weren't his strength either, it didn't take someone incredibly clever to know how to work a knife, and how to put together a few components.

Connie was making a slingshot.

It all started when he came across some extra rubber strapping. It looked like a broken piece from some of the training devices for the mobility gear. Typically, he'd be scared of thieving, or being blamed for the break, but it was so ruined and tattered, the exposed bit cracked from the sun, that he didn't think anyone would mind if he took the other half of the band that had been protected from the elements. It wasn’t like they could replace half of it only! It was all or nothing and it would have been thrown out! This logic cemented his claim, and now he just needed to find an appropriate chunk of wood that he could carve to shape and add a fork on the ends for the rubber

Walking through the woods, Connie absently scanned the ground for any felled branches that were already dry. Normally, he wouldn’t be too mindful of extra twigs that were snapped, but now that he was already looking down, he could see the abundance of tiny green branches that had taken a dive this day. His first thought was that it was an animal, but... that was stupid wasn't it? Deer and stuff were so scarce, and it wouldn’t be so close to humanity. He didn't take the next leap in conclusion however, too focused in his task.

A branch here, a larger chunk of wood there... it either wasn’t the right shape, or was too fresh. While green wood would be a last resort, he knew it could shrink and crack and go bad when it dried out. It would mean he would want to try to save a few chunks, so once they were dry he could pick his favored one for the task at hand later.

Growing tired, Connie stretched back while he walked, pale hazel eyes sifting up from the forest floor to look at the branches above. It must have been some kind of fate then, because when he did so, his eyes landed on a dry branch that was high in a tree! It must have snapped and broke during some rough weather, and the lower branches kept it from hitting the ground. All the leaves were barren from it, and it seemed perfect with a lot of forks and tines to choose from.

Suddenly hyper focused, Connie charged at the tree, and kicked off the ground with a grunt, half slapping into the trunk with arms splayed out on either side. His fingertips dug down at this, clawing at the bark, while he scrabbled with the toes of his shoes. It was not a graceful climb for the small boy, but once he reached the lowest branch, he looped his arms up over it, and heaved up into the tree.

While Connie was oblivious to Armin, the other teen would hear the trees rustle and possibly see some movement to his right a short distance, a few garbled cusses muffled out.

Plotters / Re: Winter Event Plotting
« on: July 30, 2017, 04:30:05 AM »
Awwyus, teams!

So, out of curiosity, what exactly happens now? Do we take these groups and run with it, contact the others and try to fabricate our own winter adventures? Or is this an admin run thing where we wait for an opener and a setting we are all flung into, and respond to the trials sent our way? I can go either way, I just don't really know what the next course of action is and how events like these are run here.

Trost District / Re: Staying Alive [CONNIE]
« on: July 30, 2017, 04:25:46 AM »
"You can't just have dibs on a person! Besides, were bunkmates, I bet he would help me if I needed it. Which I don't."

Confidence abounds. Connie placed his hand against his chest while he stated all this, assured in some sort of delusional power in his skills of persuasion. In his mind, it didn’t matter how close of friends Marco and Jean seemed to be, because he and Marco were friends too right? I mean... people don't just help one other person and snub everyone else. Well... other than Ymir... from what he has seen she tended to stick rather close to the blond girl, but that was a different story altogether.

Marco was genuinely kind and seemed to enjoy helping others, it was because of this Connie was willing to bet he would be more than happy to help him with the notes from today's lecture, and maybe fill in some of the gaps or say things in terms he could understand. Connie wouldn't admit it outright, but he knows he doesn't always grasp everything really well, and having some help as long as the person was not derogatory would be nice. Marco and Armen were both people that seemed kind enough to not rub his nose in his failures, but it was true what was said about the blond haired boy, he was latched to Eren's side.

Which was a full time job.

A comment was considered then, to continue that wagon of thought, but the Military Police was touched on, and Jean seemed to take a swing at him.

Connie's jaw pressed forward at this while his hand slid down from its placement on his chest to lie on the table in front of him, his gaze squinting half lidded while he side eyed the other male. Was he saying this to bait him into an argument? Or was he doing so to try to beat him down? It seemed a fifty fifty shot with Jean sometimes, if something was in jest or malicious, and Connie just had no idea which way it was leaning.

"I will be great just you wait and see! I hope you can keep up with your mouth!"

Trost District / Re: Staying Alive [CONNIE]
« on: July 16, 2017, 07:46:32 PM »
Jeans advice meant absolute nonsense to the young teen.

Don't learn, but also remember what it says? Isn't learning actually remembering stuff? No wait, does he mean to just blind parrot it  to the paper without understanding? Wait, that made sense, kind of. Connie hoped he could do that, just... write down what he saw and not think about understanding it. However, if the edges of his notes had anything to say about it, he did rather poorly at just the listening part to begin with, let alone the note taking capability.

Frowning a bit back down at his paper, he tried to doodle the plants that were up on the board currently, though they ended up looking more blob like than any actual representation of the foliage. A nice circle here, a straight line there for a stick... the multiple leaved one looked like an amorphic grape cluster and the single leaves looked no better. He didn’t seem to mind too terribly much however. Connie turned only a moment to give Jean a side eye frown.

"Fine then, I give you an IOU for a dare!"

He said with a huff at the other teen for bringing up how he dodged having to go up in front of the class. He had enough people teasing him still from the salute incident, among other things, and didn’t need other stuff slapped on for good measure! He probably should have considered an IOU 'you have to do this' consolation prize would probably come back to bite him in the ass, but he didn’t think that far ahead. After Connie said this, he squinted back up at the board while the teacher started to draw again.

Ok, what was this nonsense now...

New circles, one was a cluster, except this time Connie actually heard the words, and things clunked into place roughly. They were now trying to talk about poisonous berries and other foods such as mushrooms that should not be eaten despite looking edible. Each one of them if they couldn’t get into the Military Police, could end up any numerous point along the walls, which was ok if it was in a east or west section, scary if you were south, and cold as heck if you got slapped to the north probably. Unfamiliar fruits could look appetizing to supplement crummy military rations, especially if rations were tight and thin spread for some time.

Man, why did some things have to be poisonous?

"Ok, it isn't like we are going camping. We will get plenty of food in the Military police."

He grinned smugly back over at Jean, as if despite the failure of note taking capabilities they would be destined for the roles.

Wall Rose / Re: Bedfellows
« on: July 16, 2017, 07:41:11 PM »
Connie scooted a small amount further forward on his bed, so that his legs could hang properly off the side. He was sitting on the edge now, leaned forward so that he could clearly see the other two with no issues despite their higher position up onto the bunk beds. It was a bit of an awkward angle to chat at, and made him wonder if he should have clambered up on freckles kid and his bunk to get on even terms, but that just brought up questions WHY the other two were up there? It wasn’t like they planned to sleep together or anything! The cots weren't that big and Connie scoffed at the idea of night terrors from the event being that potent you need some kind of weird 'cuddle buddy' or whatever to make it through.

Watching intently to catch on to anything the angry kid said, Connie's eyes were wide and almost owl like with curiosity as he started to talk and explain stuff. It was so hard to imagine that something kicking the wall, could have enough 'oomph' behind it to simply LEVEL houses like it were nothing. You can sure imagine one kicking a single rock into a home, and it popping from the impact... support beams and shingles flung like confetti into the air, but a single kick taking out numerous homes as if it were nothing?

Carefully, Connie's hands wove together, trying to find something to do with them to keep them occupied. His fingers curled a bit, holding back a tyrant of questions to let the other male continue speaking uninterrupted, though... he seemed to interrupt himself as he spoke about the big one's smile, except it didn’t?

So many questions popped to the forefront of his mind then. What was the smiling one? He didn’t even think titans COULD smile? There were other things regarding the wall and what came before the titan appeared, but Erin tried to change the subject onto him. This wouldn't have worked on its own all things considered, Connie's metaphorical fangs sunk down into the idea and the want to learn more about the horror story, but then the blond went and added onto it, bringing up how Shadis had lifted him by his head.

An awkward laugh somewhat chirped out at this, wishing that the topic had stayed on interesting stuff and hadn't been thrown back his way.

"Uh, yeah, names Connie, and I am from Ragako, a farming village to the south."

He sounded disjointed while he spoke, seemingly disinterested in wanting to speak about his boring farming village. I mean, who would want to hear about corn, wheat, soybeans and whatever else seasonal veggies they would grow there, or livestock, when there was someone here that has ACTUALLY seen a titan!

He looked over at Marco after this, hoping the other teen would help steer the conversation back to better things.

Trost District / Re: Staying Alive [CONNIE]
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:37:41 AM »
Nooooo what were they even saying anymore!?

The instructor spoke impassively, simply dumping the information out with a mechanical edge to it that made things all the less exciting to have to deal with. They droned out information about... something called you-roo-shee-all? The hell was that!? Then speaking about removing clothing and washing off any oil and applying a cold compress... WHAT!? Cooking oils resulted in some horrible reaction? He vaguely remembered hearing about blisters...

Was this why his mom didn't have peanut oil around the house? Did it completely blister away at peoples skin like some horrible disease? No... wait... that was because his little sibling was allergic... wait, was this a lesson in allergies then? Was a peanut allergy more common than it was in the village he was in? Then again, people didn't really chat about that kind of stuff in passing, it not a typical conversation of 'Hey, what foods can violently murder you?'. But... if this was what was being taught about here, why were there images of plants on the wall?

Connie's mind raced trying to put two and two together, the square peg of all the information, being bashed into a round slot that went about as well as could be expected. His expression showed just how lost he was, eyes darting over the images, only to blankly stare at the instructor that jabbered on and on about delayed reactions and how clothing can even hold whatever horrible oil it was to infect you later?


The word bluntly dropped out, not to anyone in particular, though Jean would still be able to pick up on it. The young teen in turn, then looked back down at his notes, which consisted of some nonsense about lacerations, and then a bunch of squiggly doodles of angry little creatures and a few spirals. Slowly, he looked back up at the front of the class, lips parted into a faint grimace.


Trost District / Re: Staying Alive [CONNIE]
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:16:52 AM »
A visible shudder raked Connie's frame when the topic shifted to Eren's unhealthy obsession with titans and his goals to actually murder them all. It was as if he thought they were easy to exterminate, as if they were roaches and he was willing to stomp them down when everyone else was just being lazy about it. He had seen titans before though, the horrors they can create, and the way they chomp people down like it was nothing! Why would someone still be so eager to do that and throw their lives away after knowing the truth? It wasn't like he was underplaying their horror!

While the topic shift was beneficial to get away from the previous talking point, it didn’t mean this was any better. Connie had never seen a titan before, only able to try to envision what a humanoid thing standing so very tall could look like. Drawings and other artwork depicting them, and explanations from word of mouth, tended to not really fill in the blanks perfectly. The mystery, the fear of the unknown. When someone can't fully see or understand what they are facing, their own mind fills in the blanks with the absolute worse, creating something more fearful than reality can often concoct. Then again, the reality was pretty bad to begin with... but still...

"Ugh, right? Dumbass is going to be good bait someday. That is, if he even survives training."

Blunted honesty. Connie simply didn't understand Eren. As far as he was concerned, he was going to pass in the top ten, so that he could get a nice comfy job on the interior. There would be no way he would go to the survey corps, as that was no life worth bragging about, especially when its cut short the second you exit the gates. So off to the military police he would go! It was going to be amazing! And if for some unknown reason he failed? Well... garrison duty would be a moderately acceptable backup.

Oh wait, crap, the lesson, were they graded on this?!

Connie's head snapped upright then to look straight ahead, seeing a diagram on the blackboard outlining a bunch of different leaves that were borderline identical as far as he was concerned. One was frilly with ruffled edges, another was smooth lined leaves that connected at the stem, one looked like the other but with ragged edges and broader leaves... shit! What was all this!?

The instructor was writing labels, 'Sumac' one of them, not that it meant anything.

"Oh great you distracted me!"

Yay! Blame Jean!

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