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Cadets / Re: Who Chooses To Be This?
« on: February 08, 2020, 06:59:40 AM »
Alright imma shove my good boy aka Reiner into here: http://reluctant-heroes.com/index.php?topic=4390.0

My Reiner is a bit more self focused but he does carry the beginning affects of the split personality. I can see Reiner and Bertholdt possibly training or spending some downtime amongst one another.

One idea for a thread could be some late night reminiscing of what their lives were like back home or what they would do if all of their hard work could be undone. I’m also open to a thread where maybe they could bicker with one another about what regiment to join when graduation rolls around.  Otherwise I’m open to ideas!

Announcements / Re: Roll Call #12
« on: February 01, 2020, 04:39:57 PM »
I’m still here!  <3 <3 <3

Cadets / Re: In this cruel world we Survive
« on: January 21, 2020, 06:31:38 AM »
Einarr would get pissed off real fast about the 'not remembering' card. The whole 'forced to work together' thing is beautiful omfg XD they both don't like each other so they're giant fucking kids or just insanely rude to one another. I like the pre graduation idea about talking ranks, like legit einarr has no idea how he scored that high XD it baffles him.

OOoo I like that idea for Mercy and Einarr. Like he's a green horn MP but I can absolutely see him trying to take the non passive route before resorting to his swords and rifle. I like the idea of building up the protector mentality for sure!

Training Corps / Re: Injured but not Down [Aaron Winter Plotter]
« on: January 21, 2020, 06:19:52 AM »
Okay get ready, I've got a few characters I'd love to throw at this man!!

Avent & Aaron
Obviously, as the two are both instructors they will get some interaction in there but also, the fact that they share hilariously similar names! I'd imagine that they would get confused for each other quite often LOL Perhaps a misprint/mislabel and one Winter gets another's reports/mail and they'd have to find each other to switch it? Another fun thing is that they were both in the Scouts! Not sure how long ago Aaron was in the Scouts, but Avent had formally been in the Scouts from around 818 to 843. Avent would likely not mention this overtly, but maybe Aaron could try and rekindle their relationship? While he was in the Scouts, Avent was more of a duty-focused/driven guy though he DID have a wife and kid who were also Scouts but died in an expedition in 843 (hence why he left in 843). If anything, Laurent (Avent's son) probably could have been friends with Aaron since they were very similar in age! (Laurent was born in 822 for reference). We could even make it that maybe Aaron had a crush on him or something similar, but ONLY if you were down for that plot! Don't want to push anything~

Aaron & Rosebelle
Rosebelle is a Scout, but only just recently. She graduated in the 103th in 846, not sure how long Aaron has been an instructor. It just feels to me that both Aaron and Rosebelle would just get along fantastically! She's a bit of a bubbly space cadet herself and the both of them just having a fun time being somewhat silly just sounds like fun! We could either have them interact as Scouts or Rosebelle could be his student in threads set prior to her graduation. I'm flexible with this because really I'd just love for these two to meet! 

Aaron & Malcolm
Boy, oh boy, I'm very sorry, but Malcolm is definitely a dumpster fire waiting to happen. And somehow, just SOMEHOW, I really picture that Aaron and Malcolm had a bit of a flirty relationship while Aaron was a Scout and it could continue on!! Malcolm is extremely bi and its in his nature to say outrageous things to people he thinks are cute. Aaron definitely falls under this category. The thing is, Malcolm doesn't necessarily have relationships to 'fall in love' or be genuinely loyal to a partner, he's there to have fun and play around, which could lead to discourse between the two if we decide that they could have had a past like that! Again, I wouldn't want to be pushy and I prefer for things to happen naturally, but I'm so down for some romance with potential angst if you'd like to go down that route!

Aaron and Avent
 They really do and it's amusing as hell! Aaron had been in the scouts from 836 to about 843 (ish) before he got hurt. What could be interesting is that Aaron could very well have had a crush on Avent's son but maybe they were in the same squad and he was a casualty that caused Aaron to injure his leg and be sidelined. Maybe he could still  feel some guilt about possibly adding to Laurent's death. I think it would be a good interaction of him maybe coming to terms with it all and accepting his fate.

Aaron and Rose
I can see him being her teacher, maybe somebanter would be nice between them if he went to Trost for a day without his charges. Aaron would have been in his 3rd year teaching in 846.

Aaron and Malcolm
I can absolutely see them flirting with one another. Aaron is picky about partners but i think a few flings between them in the past would absolutely fit his character along with Aaron's. Maybe Malcolm visits the training ground one day to see Aaron lecturing a class of the 104th on horseback; possibly returning from a jaunt to wall rose to look at the titans from afar. He could notice how Aaron still favors his right leg even though the injury is fully healed on his left side.

Plotters / Re: Open Threads
« on: January 21, 2020, 01:03:53 AM »
Thread Link: http://reluctant-heroes.com/index.php?topic=4363.0
Setting: Mitras, February 847
Characters Involved: Embla Frei
Open To How Many: 3-4
Description: Embla had just started her day in Mitras, even though it was early morning she plans on making her way to wall Sina to help those less fortunate than herself. Embla was a prostitute and the mother of Einarr Brandr. She can be found in the early morning markets and walking around, possibly trying to find something for dinner that day.

Thread Link: http://reluctant-heroes.com/index.php?topic=4364.0
Setting: Training barracks, April 847
Characters Involved: Aaron Winter
Open To How Many: 4, 5 at max
Description: Aaron is the instructor of Titan biology and their habits. He's Ending the class for the day but doesn't mind answering questions that the other's may have about it all. Aaron is a scout by trade, but was sidelined while out on a mission. He can give first hand accounts about what to expect once out of training and within the scouts. He can answer most questions about titans but not all, he's no Hanji.

Survey Corps / Re: When all I saw was silver gold [Mike]
« on: January 18, 2020, 09:22:54 PM »
Einarr and Mike  OWO
Oooo So I may have an idea for these two. What if Mike visited the cadet training grounds, possibly hearing rumors of talented cadets and could have wanted to confirm it for himself. He could find Einarr on his downtime training in his Odm gear. Mike could be curious about the rather large cadet fly about the trees possibly taking down the titan dummies. Maybe when Einarr finishes training he just kinda dangles above mike but doesn't notice him. So the little shit of a cadet probably lets his hair down and just goes limp in the wires. Mike could startle him and cause Einarr to fall and stare up at the other. Maybe eventually down the line and when Einarr joins the scouts; mike could take him under his wing as guidance and a mentor type figure?

I'm open to other ideas as well ^.^

I love this idea!
I think Mike would feel a bit bad for startling him like that (and probably be a little surprised himself! he wouldn't expect Einarr to fall haha )

do you want me to go ahead and set up a thread or would you rather? im good with either! (and do you have a year in mind?)

I can start it if you want! I love a jumpy Einarr lol as for year I was Thinking maybe 847 or 846 . Mike is just gonna feel so bad and I know for a fact Ein is going to be like ‘you’re fine!’

Survey Corps / Re: When all I saw was silver gold [Mike]
« on: January 13, 2020, 10:15:23 AM »
Einarr and Mike  OWO
Oooo So I may have an idea for these two. What if Mike visited the cadet training grounds, possibly hearing rumors of talented cadets and could have wanted to confirm it for himself. He could find Einarr on his downtime training in his Odm gear. Mike could be curious about the rather large cadet fly about the trees possibly taking down the titan dummies. Maybe when Einarr finishes training he just kinda dangles above mike but doesn't notice him. So the little shit of a cadet probably lets his hair down and just goes limp in the wires. Mike could startle him and cause Einarr to fall and stare up at the other. Maybe eventually down the line and when Einarr joins the scouts; mike could take him under his wing as guidance and a mentor type figure?

I'm open to other ideas as well ^.^

Claims / Re: 104th Cadet Corps Rankings
« on: January 13, 2020, 02:01:33 AM »
Einarr Brandr - Rank A - Higher - Survey Corps

Cadets / Re: In this cruel world we Survive
« on: January 12, 2020, 09:04:46 AM »
Einarr & Elias

I think these two could get along well, despite some differences! Elias is very social despite on the calmer side and very focused on making the people around him happy, as that’s how he defines his own worth. I could see him approach Einarr if he feels like the other is seeking out time alone a lot etc. He’s empathetic, so he wouldn’t push him to be more outgoing one loud, but he’d lend the option to be more social.

Other than that, I can offer Gabe, an MP, Levi and Nile - but those are probably a bit harder to incorporate!

I like the idea of Elias getting along with Einarr. They could play off each other nicely, especially as cadets. I think he could be a good influence on Einarr that's for sure.

I think eventually I'd like to interact with Levi with Ein. I think it's gonna wait just a little bit until he graduates and joins the Survey Corps.

Wanted Ads / An old Friend [wanted]
« on: January 12, 2020, 09:01:56 AM »
Demetrios Lehr (Open)
Millitary Police | June 5th 828 (17 in 845) | Stoehess District | Alive 
Suggested FC: Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul RE:

An old flame to Einarr, Demetrios had been a customer to Einarr's mother's buisness and a childhood friend of Einarr. The two grew up with one another until Demetrios' parents moved away to Krolva when they were eleven years of age. Einarr and Demetrios were inseparable when they were together, as a result, Einarr developed a puppy crush of sorts to Demetrios. For years now, Einarr wondered how his best friend is doing within the Military. One could say that the tall man still has a waning crush on the other while trying to focus on his own training.

Demetrios' history:
 Demetrios was born to a farming family in Wall Maria, He has an older sister living in wall Rose with her noble husband and Parent who are thankfully safe from the titan scourge in Krolva. He spent his young life in Shiganshina, often wondering into the outlier district while his father tended to the animals and his mother was a barmaid. He found a six year old Einarr helping his mother and playing around the square. The two grew close over the next two years, Demetrios often times kept Einarr out of trouble and kept his impulses in check.

The crush slowly developed as they got older and seemed to linger when he moved away to Krolva District. There were letters sent back and forth and there was a time where Einarr would visit during the winter months before heading back Shiganshina.

Demetrios Enlisted in the military in may of 844, namely the eastern Division's 103rd. He graduated first in his class and chose the MP's as his go to regiment. He's stationed in Stoehess and will often times stick close to his patrol route. He does worry about Einarr since he heard that the walls have fallen and have received no word on his where about's.

Potential Plots:
   Einarr and Demetrios reconnecting just before Einarr graduates and heads off to the scouts. It's most likely emotion filled and a bit painful because the latter is going to put himself in so much danger. The two have changed just a little bit but when they find one another, Einarr just CLINGS (And he isn't a clingy person normally) for a good few seconds.
    Einarr needs Demetrios' help with getting records about himself. Einarr could have picked up on a lead about his true identity and records of his birth.
    Demetrios bumps into Einarr at a market in Stoehess post graduation and when Einarr is just newly recruited into the Scouts. The latter makes light of the situation but admits that the MP's may have been his second choice. Maybe they grab a few drinks and relax on top of wall sina before Einarr needs to head back to his commander.
     This one would be when Einarr gains his scar's and needs urgent medical attention. Demetrios is in orvund when he gets word that an injured scout was the last to arrive (post season 2) and Deme freezes. Maybe he finds where Einarr is and see's how bad the man's wounds are. Maybe he could try and convince the other to reconsider his position within the scouts.

I can see their romance bloom given the time. You can absolutely add more information to his history, parent's and face claim if you so wanted to. Demetrios can truly knock some sense into Einarr and get the other to realize certain things about the world and how everything interacts. He can absolutely be a calming force on the man.

Cadets / Re: In this cruel world we Survive
« on: January 12, 2020, 06:08:26 AM »
einarr & seb
she will drive this man to murder with her need for something to fill the silence, GUARANTEED. LMFAO. Animal Intimidation wouldn’t phase her much, but she’d likely pick up on the effort and pick on him about it. maybe this is an overnight ordeal? just for more [chef kiss] flavor and downtime. i could probably start this one sometime this week, if you’d like??

einarr & rosin
rosin is particular when it comes to talking about his family & being nobility but, unfortunately, the surname and its reputation probably precedes him; chances are einarr WOULD know about it. maybe they have some petty dispute over tailoring? that would be something pretty “simple” as opposed to a more serious conflict over things like poverty/population control/etc. lemme know what you think! if you’re down i can probs start this one too, my ‘owed’s list ain’t TOO bad rn!

Ein and Seb

 oh god please do! Cause the boy to just be like 'what ever you are doing. Stop it. stop talking.' I love driving Einarr mad so feel free to!

Einarr and Rosin
I can absolutely see them bickering over tailoring. Einarr is good but not as good as his mother in that sense.  If you don't mind starting, can you please?

Cadets / Re: In this cruel world we Survive
« on: January 12, 2020, 01:32:06 AM »
Hurray! It is time! For now I'll focus on just one of mine to keep things simple.

Einarr & Mercedes

We've already talked a little about their similarities but just to log it here: physicality aside, I can see them getting along as training buddies and as the type to look after the others in big sibling fashion. We've also discovered they share a birthday and are likely to bicker like siblings so that'll be fun! They also share a connection with horses, and she really wants to excel in ODM gear so she may come to him for that. I also thought it might be funny initially, before the sibling thing develops, for her to fluster him a bit because she has a habit of unwittingly sounding flirtatious sometimes. On a more serious note, if they grow close I can see her being the type to be a good listener if he needed it. I'm open to any and all bonding with these two! <3

Yes! Big sis and Big bro of the 104th are here now. I can see the two of them maybe bonding over their horses at first before Einarr helps Cee with her ODM gear.  BUT PLEASE fluster my boy! He's such a mess and i love him to bits.

Cadets / Re: In this cruel world we Survive
« on: January 12, 2020, 01:30:08 AM »
WHIP we IN. now, i have SEVERAL chars, but i figure that it might be best to wait on official plotting with alice (or aderyn, since she's around the SC HQ a lot) until he's graduated and in the branch!

einarr & seb
OH BOY. shigashina survivor gang!!!! chances are that einarr and seb wouldn't have interacted much, if at all, since he wasn't social and she lost the opportunity to be a bit into her childhood. so that just kinda brings them to cadet days! she's AGGRESSIVELY social, super likely to be a nuisance, which might be kind of uncomfortable for him. maybe we could do something with some training in the plains, like you'd mentioned?? :thinking: it might be a navigation or endurance exercise, of sorts? anyway, that would give them a lot of opportunity to talk! it might be in their second year or something?

einarr & rosin
rosin is a bitch and not afraid act that way towards someone that could level him, either. LOL even so, he also craves alone time and would definitely be prone to finding places to sneak off to, as well. perhaps he finds einarr doing the same one night and is too stubborn to leave, effectively Defeating The Purpose but allowing some time for them to talk? not sure how far into training... year 845, maybe? summer?

I am pretty down for this Seb would drive Einarr absolutely nuts if they were on a training missions with their horses. Einarr takes to riding naturally and often uses his horse to intimidate since it's so BIG (a good 18 hand gelding). I think Seb could be his partner in it, I think the navigation training would be fascinating for that for sure!

OOooo Rosin would be unique. Einarr doesn't hold the nobles in high regard at first. During the first year, Einarr is more prone to his anger while being a bit harsh with his temper. Maybe Him and Rosin butt heads over something simple and einarr just LOOMS over him. He is petty enough to intimidate.

Cadets / Re: In this cruel world we Survive
« on: January 12, 2020, 01:22:56 AM »
Einarr & Axel
Yesss. Just after they start using it with gas maybe? Trying not to hit it too hard and end up smacking into trees and so on XD I'm happy to start unless you'd like to!

Bickering? Never. Having another Shiganshina native around would be good for him - especially someone who has almost an opposite personality to him. Maybe Einarr is there when Eren is doing one of his "kill all the titans" rants ('motivational speeches') in the mess hall?

I am absolutely down for that XD Einarr would absolutely smack into treee's and start swearing like a sailor.

I can see that! I think Einarr humors eren before /lightly/ scolding him about that rant. I can see him just being done with the rants lowkey and is all just 'eren.... eren please.'

Cadets / Re: In this cruel world we Survive
« on: January 12, 2020, 12:05:40 AM »
I am down for odm practice with axel ^.^ That sounds quite fun considering Einarr tends to fling himself with his gear and doesn't have a good semblance of tight corners with it.

I'm really fascinated what einarr and eren would do with one another. I feel like they would start bickering about one another.

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