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Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Fangs and Hooves [Cain]
« on: January 27, 2020, 06:55:10 AM »
Cain didn't answer, however, he was too busy fiddling with a sleeping horse. Not until her shadow lurked before his eyes, which distracted him from the horse, he noticed someone was behind him. It was early, too early for a morning attack, he knew that it would be another cadet's shadow that maybe just like seeing him messing around with horse. He turned his head towards Mercedes' face as he smiled, not trying to make any enemies these days. Within a slight seconds, he couldn't help but focuses back to the horse -- and so he continued to play with the horse.

"Can't you leave?" The words just came out accidentally from his mouth, he wasn't trying to be mean. "I-I mean, you like horse? Y-you can join me here," He was really sorry for that words, he slides his body to give Mercedes some space.

Breeze of winds howled, a single thunder sound suddenly heard throughout the area, it wasn't a good sign to start the guard duty. It wasn't a good sign, but atleast it was a good sign for the potential attacks, attacks usually doesn't happen in a stormy rain.


Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Fangs and Hooves [Cain]
« on: January 22, 2020, 05:55:37 PM »
5AM past fifteen minutes in the morning, Cain was pretty sure he was prepared for the guard duty this morning. He navigated himself towards the stable while surrounded by the dusk skies, a soft breeze of air, and a morning vibe to meet his favorite animal. A rumor about the attacks slipped into his ears, they said last night was horrible, he was given the task to make sure it won't happen on his guard. From the distance, he noticed three cadets near the stable while sounds of laughter was heard throughout the vicinity.

Given the task, he never knew that he'll do it with couple partners, he knew that he could do this all alone. Tsk. Approaching the group, he was equipped with a rifle that he knew for sure he wasn't that good at shooting. Eyes was focused on his face, he dropped his face to the ground, showing his uncooperative behavior towards the other.

Early in the morning, in a peaceful stable, he wasn't in the mood for meaningless conversation. With a sigh, he slipped his rifle near the cadets, he kicked his way towards the horses, abandoning his rifle and the cadets.

A brown medium-sized horse was sleeping while making a weird snoring sounds. Cain's attention was baited by the sound, he cracked a smile as he silently approach the sleeping horse. The laughter sound of the cadets was stopped, he was sure that all attention was pointed to his action. Maybe they was surprised that he didn't even say hello to them, or maybe they just wondering what he was going to do.

Snoring sounds became louder and weirder, he laughed on his own watching the snoring horse before the very eyes of him. Immediately lowering his body, he gently brushed the horse in the head.

Tell me what kind of creature that'll be brave enough to kill this lovely animal?

Trackers & Development / from a cold kid - cain
« on: January 19, 2020, 11:37:49 AM »

cain häusler's tracker

blocking basics | ft. axel falkenrath


Cadets / Re: a social competition
« on: January 19, 2020, 11:15:42 AM »
Cain & Miranda
You've mentioned great ideas here, pair him with someone weaker? I couldn't think of any result, but it might be interesting to do! Also I'd be happy to fill the spot to be Miranda's grandson look-a-like, it'll make your character more colorful. And also later someone could take on the grandson slot, and I'll be happy to interact with both of them (If Miranda still alive, ahaha)

Cain & Mercedes
Slacking? Sounds like a good idea, but slacking with a stranger? Cain would think twice about that, I've come into a conclusion that Cain and 'Cee could be given a duty to guard the stable together, there we build their relationship from stranger to apprentice (or maybe friend in rare conditions). From there we can go to take on a secret horse race! If you wanna start the thread from now, I'd be happy cus I'm not good at making starter.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Blocking basics. [Cain]
« on: January 19, 2020, 10:59:26 AM »
Cain stepped back as he ends his attacking sequence, he putted so much effort in his fist and punches, forgetting other techniques such as the stance. His partner would notice the difference between his jab and his hook strike, his jab is so much better. He was surprised by the result that he could hit his partner once, he never thought that it was intentional.

His partner stepped back from him, muttering more words about fighting techniques. Cain was surprised by his partner's behavior, someone else could've been impatient and beat the crap out of him.  He shifted his gaze to the ground as he cracks a smile, "Hey, you might not want to waste your time training me, you are supposed to train yourself, I could call an instructor to teach me instead," He spoke, after an everlasting silence.

This guy worth my attention.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Blocking basics. [Cain]
« on: January 15, 2020, 11:54:42 AM »
Attempt went awfully, he expected this as his strike slipped away from his partner defensive stance. After two tries, he stepped back to build a defensive stance, but he was too slow, two strikes flew upon him - of course he was unable to block the punches, he closed his eyes as he hold his breath to reduce the pain.

He was impressed by his partner's fighting ability, well he wasn't that impressed, it was just his fault being so weak at fighting. But what's the point of all this training? We are going to fight titans right? It slipped into his mind. His partner removed their stance, signalizing to hold the fight. Cain relaxed his body, letting his joints to rest as he listened to his partner mutters some word about fighting techniques.

Okay Mr. Know-it-all, just start all over again, I want this to end quickly.

He was anxious, but there was no other choice for him, rather than to fight. Implemented some of his partner's techniques, Cain stretched his right arm to reach his partner's body, while he forgot to be in fighting stance before striking. He continued to throw several punches.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Blocking basics. [Cain]
« on: January 14, 2020, 05:11:10 PM »
It was a regular day at the summer camp, Cain stood in the field while he watched his instructors demonstrating blocking techniques. With an arched eyebrows, he knew for sure it wasn't his favorite lesson at the camp, maybe his most-hated lesson. Hand-to-hand wasn't his thing, he wasn't ready to get his weak body getting crushed by another cadet, or maybe by the instructor. The instructor gave him a partner, another cadet, at least I'm not fighting an instructor. Do practice really makes it perfect, despite his short body? He didn't know for sure, but he knew for sure that he must abide the instructor. Not trying to get crushed by an instructor.

His partner came into his sight with a bouncy attitude, a slim build cadet, but of course taller than Cain. He really didn't care, either big muscly body or slim nerd, he thinks he will get crushed eventually. With a poker face, Cain rolls his gaze towards Axel's face, leaning his body upwards. It might be offensive, but he-didn't-really-care.

A choice? between punching and blocking, is this guy stupid or something? Cain know for sure that he'll pick punching role to decimate the chance of him being crushed. Do I need to speak? Nah, I don't think so. He raised his arms, placing it infront of his own face, widens his stance, forming a puching position.

All I need to do is punch him, right?

He sighed as he threw two punches towards Axel, he knew for sure that his punching form is wrong, very wrong.

Cadets / Re: a social competition
« on: January 14, 2020, 11:56:51 AM »
Cain & Miranda
That'd be great if Miranda is interested to train Cain to reach his full potential, but she will encounter some difficulties at early meetings. Cain is pretty respectful to his trainer nor instructors, but it happens if they train him the right way. Communication would be a challenge here, Cain isn't a talkative person. Pairing him with another cadet seems like a pointless idea, he finds it pretty useless to train with weak people, he prefer to train only with experts. However, you can try many unique ways to get deeper at his personality.

Cain & Mercedes
Oh boy! you've found his secret weakness. Horses is his favorite thing in his life, for now, he wouldn't ignore people that talk about horse. Also, a horse rider? Cain would definitely take her on ride! or maybe a horse race? He believes that he's the best horse-rider in the world. Training together seems to be a great way to build relationship, but if you do this before they ride together, it would be hard to communicate with him. But yeah show me your way!

Cadets / Re: a social competition
« on: January 13, 2020, 04:23:57 PM »
Cain & Axel
Great! that would be perfect, you may start since I don't have any idea how to start a thread, gotta learn first ;).

Cadets / Re: a social competition
« on: January 13, 2020, 04:17:27 PM »
Cain & Axel
It's a great idea to start to be honest! But it'll make no sense if Cain came up to Axel and say hello, right? It must be Axel to start his connection with Cain, otherwise it wouldn't happen. Axel could teach Cain some fighting techniques, but first, Axel needs to impress Cain first, how can Cain trust Axel that he can fight? For the timeline, I prefer to pick first year, I wanna develop Cain from the bottom, when he don't have anyone beside him.

Cadets / a social competition
« on: January 13, 2020, 03:39:02 PM »
Cain Häusler
fourteen years old cadet

Cain got no interests to make friends, he had enough. His last relationship didn't end well, and  making new friends is one of his biggest fears, fear to lose someone you loved. He wouldn't get into pointless conversation, he will speak up only if he feels it needed. Cain likes to ignore peoples, it is a usual thing for people around him. The most possible way to get closer to Cain is to be his partner, whether it's a training partner, fighting partner, and so on. However, there might be some way to be Cain's friend, you just have to try some unique friendship tricks and see if the result are good.

This is where his coldness acts, think of a cold-hearted person. He rarely judge other people, he rarely dislike other poeple. He just become hasty when it comes to other people. Despite his grumpy face, it's hard to make this kid angry. If you hit him once, he will hit you once, but you can tell that he's not angry. He will only get angry when someone is too excessive towards him, for sure he won't stay still if you hit him multiple times.

I think you will know the answer if you read throughout the two point above, he never been in a romantic relationship before. He never seen a girl that he like, a girl that he adore, never. It will be a magical moment when finally Cain hits a girl. Or maybe you girls got the trick?

+ He is pretty weak in hand-to-hand combat, maybe someone wanna teach him how to fight properly?
+ He spends most of his time in the barracks' stable, giving care to the horses. Do you think he'll like you if you like horses too?
+ Show me your way to be friend with Cain, and he will show you the results!
+ Cain is pretty hard to be baited and startled, do you think you can make him angry?

hope he get some new friends:)

Claims / Re: 104th Cadet Corps Rankings
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:59:20 PM »
Cain Häusler - Rank D - Lower - Survey Corps

Cadets / Re: Cain Häusler
« on: January 13, 2020, 12:51:35 PM »

Cadets / Cain Häusler
« on: January 12, 2020, 07:11:13 PM »

NAME: Cain Häusler
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): December 25th, 833
FACE CLAIM: Thorfinn from Vinland Saga

APPEARANCE: Cain's appearance reminds you of a bolt of lightning, yellow haired kid with grumpy face for the most of the time. His bushy yellow hair is neck-length. He has a short regular build, his height is about 4 feet 11 inches, with the weight of 99 pounds. The clothes he wears besides the uniform is an old clothes from his village and a brown high boots. The clothes is often looks dirty and unclean, dirt spots would be visible in some parts of his clothes. His facial expression is mysterious, he rarely smiles, rarely speaks, and always arch his eyebrows when making an eye contact with someone. He has several scars on his body, and a birthmark on his feet.

PERSONALITY: From the outside, Cain is a cold-hearted kid, he will not start a conversation if not necessary. By just staring at his face, you will notice a face of a careless person. He rarely gets angry and tend to be calm all the time. Being ignored by Cain isn't an unusual thing for peoples around him. Despite all his cold actions, he is pretty reliable on his tasks, at the most of the time, he will always obey everyone ranked higher than him.

No one knows the true personality of Cain, the one and only person that came to the closest is his childhood friend, Johan. Cain more likely would be happy to meet Johan, who have been lost after they left their hometown.

Agile | His short body can make him do multiple maneuver, it is proved by his amazing horse-riding skills.
Reliable | Had been in rough moments in his life, he is not just a regular kid, you can trust him to do any task.
Calm & Patient | He doesn't like to rush things, his face says it all, a thinker that handles his emotion pretty well.

Hand-to-hand combat | His body usually gave him a big difference when he fights other people, he needs to practice more at this.
His communication skills | Cain doesn't communicate pretty well, he tend to be silent.
Loner & Overconfidence | His teamwork is pretty bad, he prefer to do everything by himself, and not trusting the other to do their job (except they already proved themselves infront of Cain). Cain is pretty subjective about this.

ASPIRATIONS: From the bottom of his heart, he doesn't have any aspiration or goal in life rather than survive in this cruel world, and to find his hometown as a bonus.

FEARS: He fears that he might lose someone like Johan. It is why he prefer not to get too close with everyone.

HISTORY: He was born unwanted, 25th December the twins was born. At the first glance, his father was happy to see the first baby born healthy, when suddenly a second little baby came out to life. The father, Usgar, wasn't very excited about the second kid that appeared to be Cain. Usgar named the first baby Ragnar, when he left nothing for the second baby. Cain was born unnamed and unwanted, not to mention that his mother was dead after giving a birth to the twins.

He was raised by a man who own a horse stable, Cain believes that this man was his father, but everytime he talked about this, the man always tell him the truth. He didn't want to believe the truth, he was happy enough to be this man's child. Cain was the name given by the the man who shares the same name, Cain Häusler.

This is the time where Cain meet Johan Häusler, the owner's son. They became best friends or even brother as they shared same bed, did everyday work together, horse racing. This was a sad memory for Cain that he prefer not to remember.

Living with a stable owner, Cain was happy to be a horse caretaker, he gained horse-riding skill from time to time. Despite his short body, he was pretty good at horse-riding, he used to ride everyday with Johan, sometimes took a long road to the forest to hunt. It didn't last long, at the age of twelve, Cain was sent by the old man to Shigansina district. He refused, but the old man forced him to seek a better life in the town. Cain then separates his way with Johan.

It wasn't easy for Cain to live in the town, he began his journey as a beggar, he didn't know what to do as a kid to survive. Even worse, he can get back to his home, he didn't know where is it, even the name. On a regular morning for him, he slept outside, only covered by his long clothes, the ground was shaking. Everyone was panicking by running outside their building, wondering what could happen on this peaceful day, Shiganshina was breached, by a titan, followed by a horde of titans that leads into massive massacre.

Cain got nothing to lose rather than his own life, with his short body and swift movements, he managed to escape to the safe-zone with other lucky peoples. It was a hell of nightmare, he was so short yet the monster was so tall behind him. He didn't knew that in the future that his short body can fight against these monster.

In a refugee camp in Wall Rose, a news was spread to find a soldier from any background. Cain was pretty sure he can use this opportunity to seek fortune, rumors said that this thing can lend you some coins. Or maybe he can find his old lost home. Cain threw himself to the barracks, he knew he can use some of his horse-riding skills to get some value.

YOUR ALIAS: cozy-wolfe
AGE: 19

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