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Domhnall Gleeson as Arkin Holt

Just imagine him with longer hair lol.

Also if you have seen Goodbye Christopher Robin and the new Star Wars movies - he would not make a bad Erwin. But he's my Arkin for sure.

I think it's safe (and just easier) at this point to say Pixis is the overall commander of the Garrison and then there are commanders under him. There needs to be one person in charge of everything, even if each commander has a fair amount of freedom to do what he or she will within their own region. It's always Pixis with Erwin or Nile so I am just going to assume they are total equals.

As the Garrison is huge, it makes sense that it takes longer to climb the ladder.

I think Kitz might be a good "leader" in nonstressful times (sooooo not super useful at the moment). It's well established he does not do well under pressure. I actually like Kitz. He has the potential to be interesting.

I feel like it's lack of world building for the most part. I wish the uniform jackets had stripes or pips or something to show rank lol. Like two stripes or collar pips for a Team Leader, three for a Unit Captian lol. That would make this so much easier lol.

If I am remembering correctly, Eld is Levi's second in command.  So if Levi is a Captain and Eld is his 2nd, Eld as a lieutenant makes sense.  I think the same could be said of any team 2nds. Arkin has the NPC Rahab as his second for example. I would imagine Ian, Rico, and Mitabi all have 2nds for their teams as well.

Gustav and Anka did seem to hold some power at Trost. Maybe power is the wrong word though? I think you're on to something with Anka and Gustav being listed as Dot's own squad (and maybe a few under them). That would give them more movement within the Garrison. I think having them as lieutenants or captains would work for that.

And even if say Mitabi, Ian, and Rico did outrank Gustav and Anka, Gustav and Anka's job/role is to strategize and make plans. So Rico, Ian, and Mitabi would follow their plans but in an actual combat situation, Anka and Gustav would most likely follow what Ian, Rico, and Mitabi told them to. I hope I am making some sort of sense. I'm basically thinking out loud since I like world building.

The SC and MPs are both significantly smaller than the Garrison so I think it might make sense having more than one very high ranking Garrison leader since it's so massive. But Dot is the only one we see in the fight so to speak.

There needs to be much for world building for the military for sure. I know I have how the cannon teams work in my head lol but that is about it. We need charts or a diagram or something lol.

This was very helpful. Especially the comparison between ranks. Colonel, Major, Captain makes much more sense to me than Team Leader, Unit Captain, etc. Draco you are the best of the best. :-)

If there is a fairly large office staff for Pixis (and I am sure there is) I am not sure if they would be considered Anka and Gustav’s “Team” or not. I know we have Anka and Gustav chasing Mitabi and the rest all over looking for signatures and such - but I am willing to bet there is an office manager type person who would handle the day to day work. 

I tried to figure out who Nile's assistants were to see if they had ranks - but I failed.

I tend to put Pixis as equivalent to Nile. He's the only Garrison Commander we see so I assume he is the only one wandering around. I could be 100% wrong though.

Ranking is very hard LOL! My parents both always carried the same rank but had very different jobs. I think having Gustav and Anka slightly "lower" than the Ian, Mitabi, and Rico does make sense. I think I had Anka actually call Mitabi "sir" in the Match Made in Hell thread lol. If the office staff is their team, I could see them being of equal rank to the Team Leaders. I think that is something to decide in world building.  ??? :-\

Okay friends - I need your collective brainpower!!  :D :D ^_^ ^_^

I have an Ask about the ranks and successorship in the Garrison and I am more than a little bit stuck. 

Basically, the question is who would Dot's successor be and would it be based on rank or would Dot handpick the individual who replaced him. The question specifically asked if Anka, Gustav, or Rico would be possibilities to replace Pixis as his immediate successor.

Per the wiki, Rico (along with Ian and Mitabi) are Hanchos/Team Leaders. Weilman is a Taicho/Captain and Hannes is listed as a Butaicho/Unit Captain. Anka and Gustav, per the wiki and what I remember from the manga and series, do not have specified ranks - though I am inclined to have them of equalish rank to Rico, Ian, and Mitabi (but I am not 100% on that).

So what do you all think? Do you think successorship is based on rank, Dot picking an "heir" or a mix? Also, what ranks do you think Anka and Gustav hold?

Thank for your help!!

Ps. I imagine it goes Rico, Ian, Mitabi —> Hannes —> Kitz in the rank hierarchy.

Pps and Chapter 105 spoiler. Lobov the Garrison/SC transfer is listed as a Sidancho/Commander.

Announcements / Re: Roll Call #05!
« on: May 05, 2018, 11:42:07 PM »
Heyo!!!! I'm here!

Garrison / Re: To Each Their Own
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:12:31 AM »
I'm not sure they would have been in the same training group but I could see them meeting fairly soon after Simon joined the Garrison.  Could they have been on the same team or unit until Simon got moved to the office? Arkin is the type to be nice to the newbs lol.  And Arkin would be happy to let him wander around the Walls if he was to tag along for a day or two.

Pixis does his best to know as many names as he can. Especially those he sees every day. I imagine Simon might be right under Anka and Gustav so there should be a fair amount of contact.

Chat, Games & Banter / 3DM Style
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:31:59 PM »
How would you describe your character's 3DM style? Are they elegant, like a cannonball, slow but strong? How would you rate their ability? I am aware this may be confusing lol. I'll do my characters first so there are examples.

Anka Rheinberger -  On the rareish occasion that Anka finds herself facing off against a Titan, she relies on the fact that she is small and fast. She teams well with larger and stronger partners. Is good at launching with speed and using the momentum to add to the power behind her blades. Struggles with landings and will find herself glancing off the Walls and not stopping like she meant to. Was actually very good at running up and down the Walls when she was a regular solider. Unsure how well she could do that now. Rating: B-

Arkin Holt - Though a cannon team leader, Arkin and his team do utilize their 3DM gear a fair amount. Cannons are good for slowing down and re-directing Titans, but blades are needed to truly end them. Competent with 3DM gear, Arkin is strong and prefers to wait until the Titan is as close to him as he can manage before attacking. Teams well with someone faster. His attack style can best be described, fittingly, as a cannonball. Grade: B+

Dot Pixis - As a younger man, Dot was very skilled with 3DM gear.  Now he is slower than he used to be, but Dot could still hold his own in combat if need be. He posses a good mix of strength and speed and his decades of military life have given him a skillset and senses that could only be gained through experience. Adaptable and could team with just about anyone.

Kicks his feet a little more than necessary if he has been drinking. Grade: A

Garrison / Re: To Each Their Own
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:59:56 PM »
I am so excited for Simon. He is a great addition to the Garrison.   :D :D

I can offer Pixis, Anka, and Arkin.

I don't think Simon would be a direct report to Pixis - but I could see him being a report to Anka (and therefor Gustav).  He has plenty of years under his belt and I could see Anka trusting him with important documents and such. I think they would have a friendly relationship outside of work. Anka is fairly shy and tends to keep to Ian, Mitabi, Rico, Gustav etc - but Simon is mellow so they could probably hang lol. Anka is like Simon in that she struggled with some of the physical aspects of training but did well in the classroom.

While he would not be a direct report to Dot, I am sure they see enough of each other. Dot could totally grab Simon to come with him for something or just go and randomly sit next to him and talk about whatever he wants. Dot's wife likes to bake bread and I am sure Pixis has given him a loaf or two.

He could spend a few days with Arkin's crew if he wants. They do use their 3DM gear a fair amount. Arkin is like Simon in that he was barely passable with the gear until he was stationed on the Wall and had to use it regularly. Now he is not as good as Ian or Mitabi but he is certainly better than Anka.  I think those two could be actual friends as well. Though one of Arkin's closest friends (Luke) is a member of the Survey Corps.

I am open to just about anything!

I am so thrilled to see people taking an interest in the Garrison. They are an amazing group of characters and I am so happy that a few others can see that!

Chat, Games & Banter / Re: Hogwarts Houses!
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:58:46 AM »
I was going to start this topic so I'm glad I looked first LOL. Also...I can never do the graphics right.

Dot Pixis - Slytherin
Anka Rheinberger - Ravenclaw
Arkin Holt - Hufflepuff

(QuietCelt - Slytherin)

Worldbuilding / Re: Clothing?
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:00:50 AM »
Also now I'm just wondering if engagement rings are a common thing in the SNK world.   :D :D :P :P

Worldbuilding / Re: Clothing?
« on: April 12, 2018, 12:58:22 AM »
Like Puffin said, if someone is skilled at sewing or has a mother, sister, aunt, friend who could sew - a "traditional" wedding gown would not be out of the question. Or she could have borrowed it from someone else. I know like six of us in my neighborhood wore the same baptism gown lol.

As with weddings today, personal preference would play a part in a woman picking her wedding dress. Some women would want the frills and lace and some would just wear whatever they thought looked nice.

LOL I agree we might be more into the super nitty-gritty details of world building than Isayama is.  :P

On a personal note - sometimes I look at my wedding gown hanging in the guest room closet and kick myself for paying what I did for a dress I wore once...and ripped. Wedding dresses can be crazy lol.

Worldbuilding / Clothing?
« on: April 08, 2018, 07:41:13 PM »
I had an Ask a little while ago about what kind of wedding dresses Anka and Rico would/could wear.  My answer was the I doubted they would have a white one-time use wedding dress and would be most likely just wear their best dress. Wedding dresses as we know them are a relatively new thing and I think women of Rico and Anka's social/economic status would just wear a nice dress for their wedding. I don't imagine the Garrison soldiers are rolling in dough so a one time use dress would just be a waste. What do you clever people think?

That also got t me thinking about clothing in the SNK world in general. I am just wondering how the clothing is made. I know many children would have their clothing made by their mother or grandmother but do you think there would be ready to wear clothing? Where do the uniforms come from? How many sweaters do you think Mama J has actually knit in her life? ;-) What kind of fabrics/materials do you think are available?

I think we have touched on this, but do different districts have distinctive clothing? I have seen people comment that Marco and Mina were dressed a little bit like so maybe they were from the same District. I think that makes sense.

So...clothing in the SNK world! Discuss if you would like to. :-)

Absences / Re: Just a heads up!
« on: March 31, 2018, 11:05:30 PM »
No stress and no worries! Good luck!  :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D

Graphics & Fan Works / Re: Draco's Aesthetics
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:44:31 PM »
Wonderful as always!

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