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Trost District / Re: No Rest for the Healer [Arkin/Michelle]
« on: June 29, 2020, 04:45:25 PM »
OOC: What a lovely surprise! I had honestly forgotten about this lol. So thanks for picking it up!! What's in the dispatch?  :) :)

"Sorry for waking you sir... Er... They said it could not wait."

Arkin had to blink a few times at the young...cadet...was that a cadet? He did not recognize her. If she was allowed in the barracks this late at night she could not be a cadet. Well...By the Walls...and he had thought Rico and Anka were tiny.

Yawning, he reached out to take the paper from her. "At ease there...what's your name?" He offered the girl a smile that he hoped was reassuring and skimmed the dispatch. Nodding, he opened the door to his room wider - the scent of all his herbs and medicines wafting out, "Okay then," from the hanger by the door, he grabbed his jacket and 3DM gear. "I was really interested in the floor when I was your age too," Arkin said with a small chuckle as he watched the girl gaze at the ground, "How'd you get roped into going to the scary officer's barracks and waking up an even scarier office?" Arkin was trying to make a joke - it may have fallen a little flat.

Grabbing a lantern off a shelf and a match to light it when they got outside, he nodded to the small girl, "Off we go!"

Trost District / Re: A bitter Arrival [Quiet/Arkin]
« on: June 11, 2020, 08:03:35 PM »
The docks were not where Arkin expected to be with his team today. It was actually supposed to be a day off, but Arkin had been summoned, along with Rahab and the rest of his squad, to the docks.

From the admittedly fragmented information they had been given - Arkin knew that Shiganshina had fallen. That news was shocking and Arkin had stood open-mouthed for a few seconds before he was able to shake his head and take in more information. Barges would be arriving with refugees. Arkin and the other Team Leaders had to figure out medical care, food, and shelter for them.

"Shit," Arkin mumbled under his breath. This was going to be a disaster. Arkin had faith in his team and a few others...but the Garrison here...many of them fit the stereotype of lazy and drunken goldbrickers. Arkin took a deep breath and looked around. All they could do was their best.

As the first barge pulled into the dock, Arkin tried to take in the group on board. They looked...terrified, hurt, and exhausted. His heart went out to them.

“I’m Connor Singer from the Shiganshina Garrison, tasked to escort this ship filled with refugees to Trost. I suppose our arrival was already announced.”

Arkin looked at the young man. He was a few years younger than Arkin and honestly looked like he had been to Hell and back. Arkin took a few steps towards him, "I'm Team Leader Holt," he said softly - essentially putting himself in charge of all this, "We need to keep everyone on the barge for the moment, but we'll have water and medics brought to them." He handed Connor a full canteen of water, "Looks like you could use this." Giving the young man a moment, he added, "Come on, I'll tell everyone they need to stay on board. That way they can hate me and not you." He gave Connor a small smile and put a hand on his shoulder, asking as they walked, "What happened?"

IC / Re: Third Watch (tag Michelle)
« on: March 19, 2020, 09:16:20 PM »
"The books say cannons are not very effective against Titans, they can regenerate from head wounds in about two minutes. Give or take..."

Arkin laughed, "That sounds about right. It's pretty quick. Did you like training? What was your favorite class?" Arkin was trying to get to know the girl. He'd gotten a write up on her when she was assigned to his team, but words on paper was not a person.

"Can we kill them with cannons? Or do we have to use the ODM gear?"

He shook his head, "No. The cannons slow them down and we have some control over where the Titans go with the cannons. Ever seen sheep or cows being herded around? Something like that." Arkin took another sip of his tea and peered out into the night. He could not see anything. Of course, that did not mean nothing was out there...but Titans...they could really surprise you.

"We'd use the gear. You'd use the gear," he turned his head to look at Michelle, "Don't worry - I would not throw you right into combat. You'd shadow someone if possible."

"I hope we don't need to evacuate... All those people would be counting on us to defend them."

"Between the Wall and then us - it's not very likely we would have to evacuate. And if we do...then we do. What's going to happen is going to happen and it's our job...our duty...to deal with whatever comes our way." He gave Michelle another smile, "It's good you care."

"I've... I've never seen a real Titan... The training ones looked weird."

He snorted at that, "The real ones look weirder. Trust me. And they all look different. Interesting creatures for sure." Arkin did find the Titans interesting. Horrifying, disgusting...almost demonic at times. But also just...very interesting.

"How? You are an amazing soldier."

Arkin shook his head, "No. Not really. I'm good at what I'm good at. And I have had almost twenty years to get good at my job. Believe me...I'm not good at many many things. But I found my skills and I ran with them."

Arkin watched her dap her eyes with the hanky and thought back to his own youth. When he was not getting his ass kicked by the bullies in training - he had done his share of crying.

"I'm a Whitaker and Whitaker's have always served in the military. Specifically the Military Police... That was until I came along the first Whitaker to fail to get into it."

He nodded, "That is really rough. It's hard to disappoint your family. It really is. But," he paused for a moment before continuing, "Michelle you need to remember that in the end it really only matters that you are proud of yourself. I know...I know..that sounds trite...but the fact of the matter is that you are in the Garrison and you need to make the most of the Garrison. And the Garrison has some of the best soldiers. Not me of course," he laughed a little, "But Ian Dietrich, Mitabi Jarnach, and Rico Brzenska...they lead the Elite Teams and they...THEY are the best soldiers I've ever seen. And of course, we have Commander Pixis. He's a legend." Arkin laughed again. "There are so many good reasons to be part of the Garrison. Never let anyone make you feel ashamed of that."

"What about you?"

"I always knew I'd go into the Garrison. I...I can't say for sure but I don't think I'd have gone into the MPs even if I had the chance...and the Corps was never a thought in my head."

He scanned the distance again as he spoke, "I'm from Trost. My family runs an apothecary shop and they were...surprised...when I wanted to join...but not upset or anything like that."

Arkin was going to say more, but out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a light down the Wall. A good distance away - but soon another blaze was lit...closer this time. He nodded and stood. As he did...a flare broke through the inky black of the night.

"Well...looks like we have Titans heading out way. Rahab! Like the signal fire. Everyone else...stations." His voice was calm. Almost like he was just a teacher giving instructions to his students. He turned back to Michelle and put his good hand on her shoulder, stooping so they were eye to eye, "Stay with Colin by the cannons. You'll be fine."

With a smile, Arkin moved to stand at the edge of the Wall - Rahab joining him. The other team members took their places by the cannons. He drew his blades and waited.

"Steady on," Colin said softly to Michelle, "Just watch me. Done this a thousand times." He winked at her as he readied a cannonball.

Wall Maria / Re: A Merciful Deliverance
« on: March 18, 2020, 01:30:09 AM »
“I don’t remember.”

Arkin blinked a few times and then rubbed his hand over his eyes. Yes...he really wanted Ian or Anka or Gustav right now. They were just so much better at this sort of thing. Not that anything in training would have prepared them for...this.

Sunstroke or he hit his head, Arkin thought to himself as he helped the boy take another sip of water. That could explain the memory loss. He tried to think back to all the time he spent in his parent's shop and willed himself to remember any medical knowledge that would help in this situation. He was having the boy drink. That was something. And he did not see any wounds that looked life-threatening. That was also...something.

"I'm sorry, I wish I could. I'm so thankful to you, though. I know this isn't something you're supposed to do. Who are you?"

"Uhm....Arkin. My name is Arkin Holt," he answered. He gave the boy a long look. Arkin was typically good at reading people - but this kid...well...Arkin was at pretty much a loss.

"Stay here. Right here," Arkin said as firmly as he could as he rose to his feet. He had a supply bag near the cannons and wanted to get it. "Don't move."

Arkin jogged over to the bag and paused to try and collect himself. He took a few deep breaths and tried to channel everyone he admired, Gustav, Ian, Anka, Instructor Carlstedt-Gaus...anyone who would be doing better in this situation than he was. But still...he was the one dealing with it and he wanted to do his best.

Taking a few more deep breaths, Arkin jogged back to the boy and knelt back down, "Are you hurt anywhere? I'm not a medic...but I can bandage you up."

"So...no name...but do you know why you were out there? Were..are you a Scout?" He was pulling a roll of bandages out of the bag and a bottle of ointment, "Were you always alone?"

IC / Re: Third Watch (tag Michelle)
« on: March 13, 2020, 01:08:49 AM »
"But... But...How?"

Arkin shrugged, "With the cannons. And our gear and our blades. We've done this a hundred times Michelle. We'll show you what to do." He and Colin exchanged looks and after a moment, Arkin gave the order to light a few torches. It was fully dark at this point and while the torches were still kept fairly dim, the team did need to be able to see.

If he was being honest, Michelle concerned Arkin. Not that he disliked the girl. He thought she was very sweet. But...a soldier that was too nervous was more likely to make a mistake. And a mistake could mean life was lost. And Arkin did not want to write a letter to anyone's family saying their son or daughter was lost. He'd done it before and it was just...awful.

"Do we warn the citizens the moment they turn up? What if they don't listen? Or we miss?"

"There are teams all along the Walls. Whoever sees the Titans first will send up a flare. There are teams that will sound the alarm and if an evacuation needs to be done - then there are teams for that as well. Our job is to deal with the Titan. And that is what we will do. His voice was very firm. Michelle needed to know that the team knew what they were doing. And that she would be okay.

"I like... I like being in the Garrison."

"Well that's good. I like being in the Garrison too." He really did. It was a good group of people - for the most part - and it performed an important role in protecting people.

"I... My friends here like that I am good at sorting out the papers. My father is not pleased with me though... I was the first Whitaker ever to fail to make it into the Police..."

"That is a very good skill to have. I might have you go through my desk and organize it," Arkin said with a laugh. He really did mean it. Not everyone could keep an office...and his desk was looking a little messy.

Arkin took another sip of his tea, "That's rough about your father. I'm sorry to hear that. Ya know...there was about 80 or 81 cadets in my training group. And I was..oh...number 78." He turned his blue eyes towards Michelle, "And I'm not ashamed. That was the best I could do at the time. And you should not be ashamed."

"You just need to worry about learning. Training is good...very good. But it can only teach you so much. You learn on the job too. And you're a smart kid. You have plenty of time. I mean...I'm 31 and I learn new things every day. Don't be so hard on yourself."

He gave Michelle's think shoulder a squeeze. Poor kid. Poor poor kid. He folks had not been happy he joined the military - but they had been nothing but supportive in the end. And proud. Poor kid did not have that. That was a terrible burden to carry.

"Sorry... It's really nerve-wracking being up here... I'm scared. I... I'm so scared... Of... Of them."

Arkin reached into his pocket and took out a hanky. Handing it to her, Arkin assured her it was clean, "It's good you're scared. You'd be a bit mad to not be scared. But...we need to work on turning that fear into mostly respect. I'm absolutely scared of the Titans. But more than that...I respect them. Respect does not cloud your mind the way fear does."

He ran his hand through his hair, exposing his mangled left hand and sighed, "Did you join the military because you wanted to...or because of your dad?"

Wall Maria / Re: A Merciful Deliverance
« on: March 09, 2020, 01:26:22 AM »
The young man was not quite dead weight, but he was unwieldy.  It took Arkin a moment to get a grip on him that he was comfortable scaling the Wall with. It helped when...whoever he was...was able to hold onto his shoulder.

"Okay. Hold on really tight. Don't let go!" Arkin said hoarsely as he pressed one fit against the Wall for leverage, took a deep breath, and shot his hooks up.

Part of their training had included using 3DM gear while carrying another person. His partner for that had been very petite Anka Rheinberger. And she had been holding firmly onto him...and they did not have to scale the Wall. They just went up and then down a tree a few times.

It was not an easy climb. Arkin had to use his legs a fair amount to kick help them up them Wall and he had to pause a few times to readjust the young man.

It seemed like forever, but Armin was finally able to make it to the top edge of the Wall. With a grunt, he heaved the young man over and then pushed over himself. Arkin lay on his back, breathing hard, covered in sweat, and having no idea what he should do next.

Rolling over, he crawled back to the young man and took out his canteen, "Here...sit up...try and drink." He gently grasped the boy's face in his hands and held the canteen up to his lips. Arkin wished Ian was here...or Rico...Gustav...any of his friends from training. They'd know what to do.  He took a handkerchief from his pocket and began to gently clean off the boy's face. "Hey...hey...look at me. Name? What's your name?"

IC / Re: Third Watch (tag Michelle)
« on: March 09, 2020, 12:38:15 AM »
"Yes sir."

Arkin chuckled and his eyes crinkled at the corners. His face, like many members of the Garrison his age, was fairly sun worn and weather-beaten. Almost two decades on the Wall would do that to a person.

"Between us, you can call me Arkin when only the team is around," he said. Arkin did like to keep it pretty casual. His team knew he was the boss - so titles were just surface in his opinion. Colin made a few comments about a part that needed to be replaced soon and Arkin said he would put in an order for it. There was always paperwork to do.

"What? Really?"

"Yes really," Arkin said gently. He understood being nervous. Titans were horrifying. Any soldier who did not feel at least a little fear around them - in Arkin's opinion - was a bit of a mad man. Arkin feared the Titans. And he would never be ashamed to admit that.

"Hopefully nothing will happen."

"If something happens...then it happens," Arkin returned firmly but hopefully not unkindly. "And when it happens we will deal with it." He looked at Michelle for a long moment - his pale eyes regarding the green soldier with interest. "And so will you. As best you can."

"Come talk to me for a minute," Arkin said after a moment, "Over here." He gestured towards the edge of the Wall and started walking. "Let's sit." He lowered himself down so his legs dangled over the edge, "Want some tea?" He had a small cup that came with his canteen and he filled it - handing it to her.

"So...how is it going? How are you feeling about being out of training and on duty? It's pretty nerve-wracking huh?"

He took a sip of the tea, "Your first assignment is always the hardest."

IC / Third Watch (tag Michelle)
« on: March 06, 2020, 12:13:49 AM »
Third Watch/Early Evening/Spring

Team Leader Holt cast his gaze over the horizon and took a swig from his canteen as the messenger saluted him and moved down the Wall to the next cannon team. Titans had been spotted and Arkin was to keep an eye out. Obviously. The lukewarm ginger tea still had some bite and seemed fitting for this cool spring evening. The sun had just finished dipping under the horizon and the last orange light was fading away. Soon the fire and torches would be lit. Turning his back on the seemingly endless stretch of inky black green beyond the Walls, Arkin faced his team. His second in command, a tall woman named Rahab had almost as many years on the Wall as Arkin. A competent leader in her own right - Arkin trusted her with his life. Most of the other members, while not vets, had a few years under their belts and had proven themselves worthy soldiers and Arkin was proud to call them friends.

And now there was a new member. Fresh out of training. Michelle. Arkin had assigned her to shadow Colin, a stocky redhead, who was working on some cannon maintenance at the moment. Arkin approached them, "How's it going? Colin teaching you everything he knows?"

He took another sip of his canteen, "Titans have been spotted...so don't be surprised if we see some action tonight." He gave Michelle a reassuring smile. "We've done this hundreds of times. We'll show you what to do if anything happens tonight."

Wall Maria / Re: A Merciful Deliverance
« on: February 23, 2020, 02:07:06 AM »
Arkin was...bored. And he was grateful for that. Bored meant nothing bad was happening at the moment.

While no longer totally green - Arkin was still more or less a newbie with just a year or so under his belt. He still had so much to learn. And Arkin had no doubt whatsoever he would nothing from his current Team Leader. Arkin did not think Louis was a bad man. Not at all. But Louis was basically every Garrison stereotype there was. Lazy, often tipsy, and more content to play cards or checkers that actually pay attention to the goings-on along the Walls - Louis was just coasting along until he could retire.

He had left Arkin alone today. Tasking the young soldier to clean all the cannons. It was messy work...very greasy...but Arkin did not really mind. Artillery was the only class Arkin had shown genuine ability and he had been assigned right to a cannon team after selecting the Garrison. That had made him happy. Sad to leave most of his friends...but happy to be put into a job where he could actually do a good job.

It had been a few hours at this point and the cannons were honestly sparkling. He’d even done some of the cannonballs - just for something to do. Arkin doubted Louis would be back soon so he took a moment to sit against one of the cannons and take a few sips from his canteen.

As he was looking out into the vast green beyond the Wall something caught Arkin’s eye. At first, he was not sure what it was. Far too small to be a Titan - even from a great distance. Standing and walking to the edge, Arkin slapped his hand over his mouth and gasp. That was...a person. Coming towards the Walls. How long had he been moving before Arkin had spotted him? Arkin cast his blue eyes around...hoping to see someone...anyone...another Garrison member. There was no one he could see and no one came when Arkin shouted.  He cursed Louis and the rest of his goldbricking squad.

Running back to the edge, Arkin saw the person had made it to the Wall and looked to have collapsed. Arkin felt his legs buckle underneath him and tears spring to his eyes. He was scared and he wanted an officer. But there was no officer around and Arkin knew he had to help the person. Rising to his feet and taking a few deep breaths, Arkin positioned himself, shot a hook into the Wall, and repelled down as fast as he could.

Arkin had been on this side of the Wall for repairs. He had never touched the ground though. As his feet hit the dirt, he was breathing heavy and his hands were shaking.

“Hey. Hey. Wake up. Come on. We have to go up. What...where...are you with the Survey Corps!” Arkin could tell the young man was in a uniform...but he had no jacket or cloak so there was no insignia to indicate what branch. “I...have to take you up. It’s not safe on this side.” Arkin had about a hundred questions, but it was most important he get them back on top of the Walls. Brushing his sweaty blond hair out his face, he shook the person, "We have to go up. Try and hold on to me."

OOC: Let me know if anything needs to be changed. Arkin has never been over the Walls before and this is just...worst day ever lol.

Trost District / No Rest for the Healer [Open]
« on: November 23, 2019, 03:23:17 AM »
Garrison Barracks. Officer's Section. Late at Night.

Blessed sleep.

It had been a long watch for Arkin and his team. It had been a double and after dealing with a nervous new team member, three Titans, and about two hours of paperwork - Arkin just wanted a hot bath and to go to bed.

He'd been lucky, the men's room was empty and he could linger in the water. The hot water soothed his aching joints and he added his own blend of oils to ease the tension and stress. Arkin was only 31 but sometimes felt decades older. He knew many of his comrades felt the same. Older than their years. Life was hard for soldiers and the toll was taken mentally and physically.

Back in his room, Arkin went over some more paperwork and made up a few tinctures that he knew would be picked up in the morning. He also took a quick inventory of his herbs. He'd need to visit his folk's shop soon to pick up some things. After that, he crawled into bed and read for a little while before his eyelids felt heavy enough for sleep. Burrowing under his covers and quilt, Arkin let sleep take him.

He was not sure what time it was when a pounding on the door startled him awake. It was pitch black out his window - just a few lights burning in a few windows. He could hear his neighbor snoring through the wall. He was used to people showing up at all hours but it took him a second to come to his senses. Kicking the covers off and pulling on a shirt, Arkin made his way to his door and cracked it open.

"What's up?"

OOC: Open tag though the character would need logical access to the Garrison Barracks/Officer's Section in the middle of the night.  :) :) :)

IC / Re: Whatever it Takes (Arkin)
« on: June 01, 2019, 06:54:42 PM »
“You’re someone who deserves help whenever you need it, Arkin. Really, you’re too good for half of us.”

Arkin shook his head, "No I'm not. Just want to help where I can."

"And what about you there young man? You're doing important work with the Corps. All of you are so brave." Arkin's voice trailed off towards the end. Yes, the Survey Corps was very brave...and that bravery was often rewarded with death. 

In the silence that followed, Arkin watched the stars. "Think anything is up there?"

Arkin let his eyes close for a moment before, in the distance, he heard what sounded like a scream.  Bolting up he asked, "Did you hear that?

OOC: Ok boys - time to be heroes.  :)

IC / Re: A helping hand [Arkin]
« on: March 19, 2019, 04:43:13 PM »
“Thank you for following my request to meet. I heard that you are skilled in medicine and I hoped you could help me in a certain matter.”

“Well...I always try and help where I can,” Arkin said with a small shrug. He had seen the young man stiffen slightly at his approach and was now very curious as to what this young man needed. Running a hand through his hair, Arkin added, “I think I can help with most issues - and if I can’t help, we’ll go to my parents. You can trust them.”

Arkin could not totally hide his surprise as the man took off his jacket and he saw what he had been talking about. A small intake of breath and soft, “Well then,” as he stood up to get a closer look at the wound. It was deep and looked like it needed a good cleaning as well as stitches. Arkin’s eyes met the man’s for a moment and he nodded, “I can help with that. We need to go up to my rooms though.”

“I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. I need this wound treated off the records, but I don’t have the right equipment with me to do it on my own.”

Off the record was something Arkin was used to. He kept no official records of those who came to him and what they needed. Personal notes - yes. But nothing that anyone else would see.  "Then we will probably want to take the back staircase."

The officer's wing of the barracks was quiet. Anka, Ian, Gustav, and the rest were all going about their duties or perhaps had a free day to run errands and visit friends and family.

Unlocking his door, Arkin let the man go in first. His quarters smelled like an apothecary shop and there were even bundles of herbs hanging from the ceiling.

"Have a seat near the window," Arkin directed the man, "I'll need the light."  He took a small kettle and lit a few candles, then set it over the flames to boil.

As he rummaged through boxes, he asked, "I don't suppose you'll tell me your name? You know I'm Arkin Holt...what should I call you?"

"I'm going to clean the wound now," Arkin said as he poured the boiled water into a basin and added a few drops from one of the bottles that cluttered the shelves. He pulled up a seat next to the man and gently touched the skin around the cut, "It's good you came. This could get infected and that would be no good. I'm sorry, but this will hurt." Arkin began to gently dab the cut with a piece of clean linen soaked in the water.

"So...how does the other guy look?"

IC / Re: A helping hand [Arkin]
« on: February 12, 2019, 01:19:17 AM »
"Begging your pardon sir!" Arkin looked up from his tea and smiled at the young soldier who had just approached him. Having come off the night watch, Arkin and his team were in the process of finishing their breakfast of eggs and toast.  He watched the young man salute and waited for a few seconds before nodded, "Yes? What's going on?"

"There is a man asking for you.  He said he'll meet you around the back."

Rahab, his second, laughed a little, "You're always so popular." While not really "popular", Arkin was often sought out by those needing the skills he possessed that were not cannon or battle related. He took another sip of his tea and shrugged, "Well I should go see what he needs. Rahab, can you make sure those reports get to Gustav and Anka?" The tall woman nodded and took another bite of her eggs, "Will do.

Having grown up in his parents apothecary shop and watched them, along with is grandparents, act as healers for the local community, Arkin had picked up a not insignificant number of skills. People would come to him if they did not want to deal with the actual medics. No judgment and less paperwork.

It took Arkin a moment to make it out the back of the building. As he stepped outside, he saw a man. Brushing his hair out of his eyes he approached the man and offered him a smile, "Hello there. Did you ask for Arkin Holt? That's me." Looking around, he found another crate and took a seat. He's knees and lower back hurt as he lowered himself down - ah getting older was chore. He looked younger than he was if someone was just glancing at him - but on close inspection, Arkin was showing some serious wear and tear. "What I can help you with?"

Utopia District / Re: Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:53:54 AM »
(OOC: Just a short post to push everything along.  My original plan was to have Anka appear on a roof or leaning out of a window - but if anyone wants an epic and glorious carrying her from the rubble scene - let me know. Never hurts to be a bit extra with all this lol.)


The sight of Anka making her way over - leaping from roof to roof - undoubtedly with some sort of plan - filled Arkin with a renewed sense of hope. Pixis, Gustav, and Anka would have come up with something solid. Arkin smiled in spite of everything else as he watched his friend.

His smile faded and he lurched forward howling her name.

“ANKA!!!!!!!! Noo!”

He could not tell if the boulder itself or the wave of rubble was what had taken Anka down, but she was gone. Lost in the dust and the dark. Arkin felt himself sink to ground. Eyes wide with shock and horror. Mutilated hand in front of his mouth - holding back a sob. Uncaring if anyone saw. Anka. He had loved her many years ago. And beyond that she had been his close friend for more than half their lives at this point. He had lost people before. Good people. But...why Anka? Not that he would wish death on anyone...but...people like Anka or Ian or Mitabi or Gustav...those who had been with him in training...he shook his head, sweaty blond strands flying...and fought to clear his thoughts.

Raising his eyes, he took a few deep gasping breaths and struggled to his feet. Not the time or the place. Anka would want them to go on. Keep fighting.

“Gustav and Pixis are coming over,” he said weakly. But he gripped his blades and re-perched himself at the very edge the wall, ready to leap and protect the two men at any cost.

When he saw them land safely, he turned to his Ian, Mitabi and the rest of the team he had ridden in with, not knowing what to say or do.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Sullied Snow (Ian)
« on: November 30, 2018, 11:29:17 PM »
​“These days I win most of ‘em.”

“Winning is probably the only choice really,” Arkin said with a small nod as he looked over Ian’s hands. Larger than his. Longer fingers and much rougher. He thought that they could have been elegant if Ian had been born into a different life. However with the scars and bruises, Arkin saw a certain nobility in them. Not like the actual Lords and Ladies. But a true humane nobility that had nothing to do with class or social status. He saw the same nobility in Anka and Nanaba.

He raised his pale eyes to look straight at Ian. Arkin had seen a statue once, made of what he assumed was marble or some other smooth stone. But it had been left outside for too long, exposed to the elements, and maybe human callousness. It was chipped and worn - but still beautiful. Ian made Arkin think of that fine and battered statue. Ian had a fine face. Sharp cheekbones and pale eyes, Striking. But more worn. Tired. Not sleepy - but exhausted down to his very soul.

​“You speak to them much yourself?  They’re both good people.  Trustworthy.”

“Nanaba and I are both actually from Trost. We knew each other a little bit before training,” Arkin said as he gave Ian’s hands another once over - making sure he did not miss a cut or scrape. He reached into his box and took out a roll of linen. It was soft and clean white. He wrapped Ian’s hands loosely but securely and neatly tied the ends off. “Just sleep with these on tonight. I’ll take them off in the morning. But Nanaba is a really amazing girl. Really brave. She'll go places for sure in her career. No doubt.”

"Anka helps me with classwork sometimes. I'm not...great. And Nanaba helps me with a lot of physical stuff. Also not great. But...still here I guess. How about you? Do you like the classroom or more physical training?"

“I actually met Anka through Nanaba. Someone stole the money Anka was going to send to her parents. She was going to send the bit she keeps for herself. I lent her some to send. I uh….I….just didn't like to see her crying like that and not have any money for herself.

After a second, Arkin thought better of what he had just told Ian. Dammit. “She paid me back. But, it’s not right what happened to her. Some people in this group are not good people. They’ll probably go to the MPs Uhm...don't tell Anka I told you she cried. Please. ”

That had been a bad day. Maybe because he had such an easy life (up until training) that he did not really understand what would drive someone to steal. And from someone who had almost nothing.

“Sorry. I talk too much sometimes. My mother says I don’t have a middle ground. I’m either just babbling or I don’t talk for three days.” He left out the part where he really only talked to those he felt comfortable with. It normally took the boy a while to feel comfortable with someone. The fact that Ian had just risked his own safety to rescue Arkin counted for a lot. He noticed one of the Ian's bandage edges had come loose and he gently tucked it back in.

“You’re the one who was spittin’ blood and, somehow, here you are lookin’ out for me.  You must be your mother’s son.”

"I'd be doing a lot worse than spitting blood if you had not saved me. I uhm....I just want to help. Thank you. We always had lots of Garrison in the shop. I wanted to be like them. Protect people. I thought joining up would be the best way."

"Sooo....Garrison or Survey Corps for you? After graduation I mean."

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