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Questions, Suggestions & Support / Re: Ask the Staff
« Last post by Puffin on Today at 05:58:13 AM »
Hi Jem! :)

Unfortunately there isn't another way to change between accounts on mobile at this time, it's a bit of a nuisance and something I plan on looking into!

You can choose which account you would like to post from when replying or starting a new thread, but if you simply want to change accounts, the only way I have been able to manage this is to use my phone's browser settings to select 'View Desktop Site'.

I hope this helps, in some way! <3

Questions, Suggestions & Support / Re: Ask the Staff
« Last post by Jem on September 22, 2019, 01:49:02 PM »
Me again, hi, quick question  <3
Is there another way to switch between Accounts besides the dropdown menu in the header? It’s not available on my phone, I can’t find the option anywhere else and logging in with a sub-account obviously isn’t possible. 

Survey Corps / Re: Petra Ral
« Last post by Puffin on September 21, 2019, 12:26:18 AM »

Survey Corps / Re: Levi Ackerman
« Last post by Puffin on September 21, 2019, 12:24:05 AM »

Survey Corps / Petra Ral
« Last post by Petra Ral on September 20, 2019, 04:41:09 PM »

NAME: Petra Ral
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): December 6th | 26 years
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Wall Rose - Trost District
GENDER: female
MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps - Special Operations Squad
FACE CLAIM: Petra Ral from AOT

Compared to other girls her age, Petra is a relatively short person. With 158 centimeter (~5'2") in height and 55 kilogramm (~121 pounds) in mass her build could be considered pretty small and petite. She has pretty, big doe-brown eyes and straight reddish-blond hair that she usually wears in an open bob. Her easy, friendly smile and fair skin make her look like she doesn't know how to hard a soul.
But looks can be deceiving. Petra can pack a punch and has scored a pretty high Tital kill record so far, as she is extremely skilled and experienced with her vertical maneuvering equipment. Hence you have to expect her to be actually pretty strong and physically well built.
Like every other soldier, she typically wears the basic Survey Corps uniform with a white button-up shirt.

In a crowd one could easily be lead to oversee Petra Ral, as she is not a person to show-off and try to impress other people. In contrast, she has a more easy, laid-back approach when meeting people for the first time.
Petra is an incredibly warm and caring person. Whenever someone shows signs of being emotionally conflicted or under pressure, she makes it her top priority to help this person adjust to their cirumstances. With her easy smiles and friendly disposition, it's easy for her to do so, since forming connections and relationships is second nature to her. This shows that she is really compassionate and, like the rock she is named for, able to stabilize the emotional and psychological well-being of the people around her.

Despite this warm and inviting disposition, Petra still retains a certain fierce spark inside her heart. She is not afraid to speak up whenever she thinks she witnesses something unjust or realizes that she herself acted unjust and unkind. She doesn't stand down, even against bigger and stronger opponents - especially not when she is against Auruo and his habit of imitating Captain Levi. She has a good sense of justice and appropriateness and like an older sister, she will tell someone off if she needs to. Or more aggressive foes. She is not afraid to head into battle, where she fights like the well trained soldier she is.

When someone has gained her loyalty, they can be sure that Petra will put her utmost trust into them. One of those people in her life is Captain Levi. She looks up to him and wants to make him proud. It is important to her to show her worth to the Survey Corps and so she will surpass her limits as much as possible to improve herself and the performance of her group.

Petra, as a whole person, is like a stable rock for the people around her. With her earnest belief in her comrades, superiors and what she beliefs is right, she is able to keep her team grounded and motivated.

--> Empathy
Petra is a highly empathic individual. She has no problems putting herself in other people's shoes and has a great skill when it comes to settling disputes. She cares for her comrades and will do anything in her power to make them feel safe and at home.

--> Loyalty
One of her greatest perks is her deeply engrained sense of loyalty. When she puts faith into someone, she won't hesitate to follow their lead and her friend's will never have to fear her stabbing their backs.

--> Soldier skills
Despite not really looking the part, Petra is a skilled and honed soldier. When fighting Titans, she is quick and efficient, which has scored her a high kill record of 58 killed Titans.

--> Teamwork
Especially when working with Auruo and Eld, her coordination with her teammates is incredible. She is able to completely trust her comrades and hence falls into an easy rhythm with them. She might not be the strongest, but her wits and initiative play a huge role in her success.

--> Sense of justice
Petra has a natural sense of justice, which enabled her to accept her own failures and to strife to improve herself constantly.

--> Soldier's conditioning
Despite being thankful for her good training in the Survey Corps, her quick reactions to her surroundings are not always appropriate. She struggles with overcoming them in ambigous situations and feels deep remorse when she feels that she didn't handle a situation too well.

--> Affection for her comrades
It's not a secret hat Petra deeply cares for her comrades. So when one of them gets hurt in a fight, she is easily distracted and focused on helping the individual. This makes her an easy target.

--> Temper
Petra is a quite fierce person if it comes to it and with certain themes, she actually has a hot temper, for example when it comes to Auruo's imitations of Captain Levi.

Ever since joining the military, doing her duty as a Survey Corps member has been Petra's greatest inspiration. She takes great pride from doing what she perceives as right and puts every ounce of power she has into fighting the Titans. Her greatest role model in this is Captain Levi himself.
She is dedicated to live up to his expectations and dedicates herself to her career as a soldier.

If Petra as a fear, it's to let other people down, be it as a soldier or a friend. She can't stand the thought of not being able to help them or live up to her duties. Which is why she is so motivated to improve herself as much as possible.

Petra was born to her parents as their eldest daughter in the frosty winter of year 819. At this point, they were living in the Trost District in the southern area of Wall Rose, where her father worked as an artisan and her mother as a washerwoman. Earning just enough to sustain their little family, young Petra was used to helping her parents wherever possible. Despite the financial strain, she had a very loving and tight-knit relationship with them. When she neared her 5th birthday, their family expanded by twins that were born in a mild summer, soon followed by another child. As the eldest, she was naturally tasked with looking after her siblings and flourished in it.

Though there was love in abundance in their family, money always stayed an issue, even with Petra looking after her siblings and doing most of the chores associated with their home so that her parents could work even more. Understanding the problem pretty early, she decided on joining the military to sustain her family with the associated income when she was old enough. And nobody could stop her.

She became a trainee as a teenager and soon made friends with Auruo from her batch. Despite not being the strongest among her peers, she became popular for being witty and fast, soon mastering the 3DOMG and joining the Survey Corps.

After the fall of Wall Maria, she was picked to be part of the Special Operations Squad led by her rolemodel Captain Levi.

YOUR ALIAS: The muse behind this face is named Kiki.
AGE:  A bit older than Petra - 26 and counting
TIMEZONE:  CET - Central European Timezone

Survey Corps / Levi Ackerman
« Last post by Levi Ackerman on September 20, 2019, 01:20:14 PM »

His full name is Levi Ackerman, even if he is not yet aware of his last name and connections to the Ackerman clan. Thus he introduces himself as Levi only, a name that can be translated as ‘joined in harmony’.
Due to his extraordinary achievements in the Survey Corps throughout the last few years, many people started referring to Levi as  ‘Humanity’s Strongest’; a nickname he himself despises.
Levi was born on December 25 in the year of 818, which has him turn 27 years of age in 845.

Born in the Underground city, below the capital within Wall Sina, Levi didn’t get to see the light of day until well into his childhood.
GENDER: male
After much convincing, he is now a dedicated member of the Survey Corps - and a much accomplished one at that. He is currently the squad captain of the special ops squad and works directly under Commander Erwin Smith.
FACE CLAIM: himself - Levi Ackermann, Attack on Titan

With a height of a mere 160 centimetres - approximately 5’3” - Levi might be among the shortest members of the Survey Corps and at first glance doesn’t live up to the expectations that come with the title of ‘humanity’s strongest’. Despite his small frame Levi is of a wiry stature, slim but packed with muscles that were acquired through years and years of hard work and training. His small frame makes him very flexible and he carries himself with a near acrobatic balance, especially when using 3DMG.
With his narrow, grey and often quite sullen eyes and stoic expression Levi does not appear to be very approachable, a fact that his silky black hair that he usually keeps in an undercut doesn’t make up for. The insomnia caused dark circles under his eyes and a generally impassive demeanour perfectly round off a first impression that is often quite far from what people expect.
More often than not Levi is seen in his Survey Corps uniform, complete only with his signature white ascot. On the rare occasions that he is not on duty, he can be seen in a simple white button-down shirt and black pants, often completed with a black jacket on top.

Levi has a difficult personality, full of small mysteries, many quirks and sometimes even a few contradictions. His upbringing has giving the soldier a stoic and often times very cynical personality, seeing the world in a generally negative light more often than not. He likes to call things as they are without much ado and time for pleasantries - he is blunt, direct and often downright rude. Despite rarely showing much emotion in public - neither through expressions nor actions - Levi is a greatly empathetic person that cares deeply for the people closest to him and despises unnecessary death and suffering. This, however, does not mean he is not willing to do whatever needs to be done.

Gaining Levi’s trust and respect can be a difficult task, but once granted he is fiercely loyal and despises nothing more than betrayal and people who are too easily swayed in their believes. Much to peoples’ surprise he obeys the chain of command in the military - especially with Erwin - although this does not keep him from complaining about certain decisions and he has no difficulty displaying open disdain and downright hatred for certain personell. Despite being resourceful and very quick to assess situations and react accordingly, Levi lacks imagination and does not have an eye for the far future. He is fiercely intelligent and recognises his strength but does not see himself as a leader, much preferring to have his subordinates make their own decisions.

 Growing up in the underground Levi developed a liking for cleanliness to an almost obsessive level, demanding his subordinates and the people around him to keep everything neat and clean and not few of his off days are spent deep cleaning wherever he is currently residing.

Overall, Levi is a very independent individual who relies mostly on himself and can be seen as a lone wolf, dressed in a thick cloak of antisocial cynicism and a calm demeanour that he only tends to lose when something deeply offends his personal values and morals - or poses a threat to humanity and life as such. He does not mind being seen in a negative light and rarely concerns himself with others' opinion of himself.

As far as trivia information goes, Levi rarely ever sleeps more than 3 hours and usually doesn't even bother changing out of his (impeccably clean) uniform to take a short nap in a chair instead of a bed. He greatly enjoys black tea (no milk, no sugar) and even goes as far as spending the Survey Corps' funds to ensure there is always some in stock. Due to growing up in the underground, Levi handles his liquor quite well and defeated a great many people in arm wrestling, despite his slim appearance.

- Skillset
There is no denying that Levi is a formidable fighter, blessed with near inhuman strength and almost impeccable reflexes. People don’t call him humanity’s strongest soldier for nothing.
- Loyalty
Once you gained Levi’s trust and respect, there will be no wavering in his loyalty. Levi is fiercely protective and loyal to a fault, so it's probably only positive that it is quite hard to gain his trust in the first place.
- Endurance
Some might question whether this is a good thing, but Levi has suffered a lot during his lifetime and it has only made him that much stronger. So much so, that there is not much life can throw at him that he cannot handle.
- Empathy
It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when people meet Levi for the first time, but the captain is actually highly empathetic. He cares deeply about the welfare of his comrades and subordinates and despises pointless death and suffering. Many of his decisions are based around this concept of empathy.

- Social Skills
Few people would call Levi likeable - from his blunt manner of speaking to his cynicism: Levi rubs most people the wrong way and since this does not bother him, he does little to change it.
- Words
Building on the previous point, words are definitely not Levi’s forte. He has trouble expressing himself any more than is absolutely necessary and he has no knack for diplomacy whatsoever, leading to quite a few troublesome encounters
- Lack of Vision
Due to the way he grew up, Levi is very much focused on surviving the here and now and has very little sense for the bigger vision behind something, which often leads to him failing to see peoples’ motivation behind something that isn’t immediately obvious.
- Teamwork
Levi works alone. He always has and probably always will. And while he is quite capable to work with a team, more often than not it is more a matter of the rest of the team working on something and Levi working on something else by himself. Teamwork has just never been a strength

One upon a time Levi had wanted to open a tea shop - what better way to enjoy his love for the hot drink and enjoy a carefree lifestyle at the same time? These days, however, he barely thinks of that former dream of his anymore, as his life seems to revolve around surviving. Despite not usually being able to see the point behind his fighting besides his immediate survival, once he had tasted clean air for the first time, it has become his aspiration to somehow be a part of reaching freedom and a peaceful life for the people trapped inside the walls. And Levi is willing to do almost anything to help make that dream become reality.

Levi is afraid of losing his freedom and becoming a slave to some sort of institution. Always having been a very independent person, once he had tasted true freedom outside the walls, he cannot imagine his life locked away in a cage again. He is also deeply afraid of losing more people he cares about and in the process often times refuses to admit that he cares at all - at least out loud. He does not expect the people from today to be around tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean this prospect doesn’t scare him. After his mother’s death Levi also developed a fear of infectious diseases, which might only contribute to how much of a clean freak he really is.

Levi was born on December 25th as the son of Kuchel Ackerman, a young women who had resorted to prostitution within the Underground city and lived a life in poverty. A client of hers had gotten her pregnant and despite her brother's objections, she decided to carry the boy and raise him as her own. Life in the underground wasn't always easy but Kuchel did her best to show her son love and affection, right up until the point she died of an unknown disease in 829, with Levi being a mere 10 years old.

Kuchels brother Kenny, who had previously objected to Kuchel having her child, found her dead upon a visit to the underground brothel - and along with her, a skinny, almost hopeless looking Levi. Even though Kenny did not see himself as a father figure he did not want to let the boy waste away and over the next few years, he taught him what he thought to be most useful: survival skills, fighting techniques and even how to (somewhat) get along with people. Kenny also frequented the royal capital of Mitras quite often and it was there that he made a name for himself as Kenny the Ripper by slaughtering countless members of the military police. Levi never much questioned the man, who he believed to be an acquaintance of his mother instead of his actual uncle, and was grateful for whatever little support he received from him. There was never any affection, however, and Levi gradually got accustomed to leading a life based around survival and protecting himself against his environment. When Levi was around 14, Kenny decided he had done enough and left Levi to fend for himself.

A few tough years followed in Levi's life after Kenny disappeared, but eventually he found a way to feed himself and survive on his own. It took several years until he had made a name for himself, but soon people would know not to get on the wrong side of a young thug with unruly black hair and a grim expression. Kenny's training and his environment had made Levi both strong and smart and he used it to the best of his abilities. When he finally met Furlan, who brought along a set of 3DMG, they decided to combine their businesses and built an even grander example of thievery and crimes, much to the dismay of the military police who spent years trying to bring the two men and their newest addition, Isabel, to justice.

In 844 the three got an offer they didn't dare to refuse - once contacted by a member of the Survey Corps, they were to steal a set of documents and kill said soldier. In return, they were promised a large sum of money and citizenship to the city above ground. Having grown up without the light of day, this was a tempting perspective, and once Erwin Smith from the Survey Corps had indeed made contact, there was not much of a choice left to Levi. But what started as a mission to take Erwin's life ended in a much unexpected way and within just one short expedition beyond the walls, Levi had not only lost his two closest friends but also gained respect for the man he was supposed to murder. The death of both Furlan and Isabel left Levi devastated, and the prospect of gaining a new focus for his life probably helped along the decision in the offer Erwin made him: join the Survey Corps for good and devote his life to their mission. And while Levi was not quite able to see the same kind of distant goal in the future as Erwin did, he was willing to trust the other and follow him on this dangerous path.

It had not even been 2 years since Levi had joined the Survey Corps when Wall Maria was breached and humanity's fate became even grimmer than it had already seemed, but within those two short years Levi had once again succeeded in making a name for himself. His unique set of skills, despite not having gone through military training, had Levi capable of not only surviving the missions outside the walls but even master them with such success that soon people started whispering about 'humanity's strongest soldier’. Maybe the Survey Corps’ mission wasn't so hopeless looking after all.

After the breach of Wall Maria, Levi's team of handpicked elite soldiers  that he was now overseeing became essential and would soon be expected to help in the reclaiming and defence of what was left to humankind. And while Levi did not see himself as a leader, he would do his utmost to bring his missions to success.

AGE: 28 years
TIMEZONE: KST (South Korea)

Getting Started / Re: OOC Sign Up
« Last post by Puffin on September 19, 2019, 10:24:30 PM »
Hi there Kiki, we're happy to have you! :D

Getting Started / Re: OOC Sign Up
« Last post by Kiki on September 19, 2019, 04:25:42 PM »
*gets dragged in by the extension rope at Jem's hip*

Hey :)
Jem asked me to join as well. So here I am

Getting Started / Re: OOC Sign Up
« Last post by Webs on September 18, 2019, 02:33:40 PM »
Welcome aboard, Jem! You're set to go :)

Getting Started / Re: OOC Sign Up
« Last post by Jem on September 18, 2019, 02:21:33 PM »
I have arrived  ^^

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