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Wall Rose / Re: Fancy Seeing You Here [Levi/Malcolm]
« Last post by Malcolm Watanabe on Today at 05:20:26 PM »
Drinking was a bad idea. No matter how he tried to spin it, he suddenly remembered why he normally avoided bars unless he was as depressed as this. Some people drank to forget, but that only happened when one drank far too much. Drinking for Malcolm, made him remember things he didn’t want to recall.

One night, a long time ago, she had looked at him like he was pitiful. He had looked at her like she was the monster. She was a monster, but it had taken him too long to figure it out. She was someone who didn’t care, who didn’t want his help. She didn’t want a family, and now, neither did Malcolm.

But even now, he still felt like this. When someone died, his chest got too tight and his breathing got too hard. It was how life worked in the Survey Corps, he knew that when he signed up for it. Maybe he had hoped that death would come for him sooner. Now, he was unlucky enough to keep on surviving.

He took another drink, only then noticing that the seat beside him was suddenly occupied. Turning a curious side-eye, Malcolm let a half-smirk grace his face.

“Shit day, huh?”

“One way to say it.” He shrugged, leaning back in his chair as he set his glass down. “Didn’t take you for a bar guy, Cap’n Short, Dark, and Brooding.” His grin grew wider as he jested with his superior. They were in a more casual setting now, so Malcolm felt like the risk was worth it, plus anytime to start some good back and forth would probably get him out of his slump. He wasn’t particularly close with the Squad Leader but that simply was the way with everyone. Levi wasn’t exactly a social butterfly, as far as Malcolm could tell, but at least Malcolm himself did enjoy it when the two were inclined to tidbits of conversation, or in other words, more trivial, perhaps childish bickering.

“Ah, it ain’t different than most other days. Go out there, risk our lives, lose a few, and then go do it all over again.” What a repetitive, predictable, and macabre life of the Survey Corps. And yet somehow, Malcolm said as his words with a sarcastic smile and matching tone. “Why else would anyone sign up for this?” He gestured at random, but both as a fellow soldier, Malcolm knew that Levi would understand.

Cadets / Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Last post by Lemon on Today at 10:44:49 AM »
Kaien&Jarek - I love the swordplay as well! It gives Kaien an upper hand once he joins the military and a chance to form his own connection with Jarek that doesn’t involve his father. So Ehrmich it is! I think perhaps Kaien’s brought there specifically for the lessons. So he would be left to stay there for some time, either with the Valdeze’s or somewhere separate.

I love the Marco/Kaien/Jarek idea so friggin much! I’ll be all over it on Discord in a bit. XD

Kaien&Marco - Perhaps one day they’ll be just that, who knows! I can see a long, interesting rode for these two and I can’t wait to get started! And yes, Kaien might even have avoided Marco in those other classes until now when they are forced to work together. I love this!

Kaien&Dalton/Struna - Will do! I look forward to it all!!

Yaaaasssss. Hehe. I don’t mind starting! If you’d like, then I can start Jarek/Kaien and you can start Marco/Kaien?

Claims / Re: Face Claims
« Last post by Mikasa Ackerman on Today at 08:21:41 AM »
Attack On Titan // Mikasa Ackerman | Mikasa Ackerman

Wall Rose / Re: Fancy Seeing You Here [Levi/Malcolm]
« Last post by Levi Ackerman on Today at 07:44:56 AM »
There were some things you could never quite get used to, no matter how many times you saw them, no matter how much time you had spent in the military. Despite only being a part of the Survey Corps for a few years now, Levi had seen his fair share of death during his life time - starting from the death of his mother, to his friends to his comrades in the military. And while most people claimed that the captain was indifferent towards death, cold almost, he felt for each and every loss.

Today had been an especially terrible mission that left them returning with far fewer soldiers than had gone out, leaving a bad taste in the survivor’s mouths and poisoning their minds with grim thoughts. And while Levi hadn’t outright reacted to the many, many dead they had had to leave behind, he could feel the ache in the pit of his stomach, the pull of desperation he only let himself feel every once in a while. Despite the rumours, he was still human.

The captain knew that sleep wouldn’t come tonight - usually struggling with insomnia anyway, he was well aware by now that after a mission like this, there was no way in hell he could be falling asleep for any amount of time. There was too much on his mind, too many scenarios to go through, to try and learn from. There were mistakes to avoid the next time, and soldiers to mourn. Good soldiers. For some of which it had been their first ever mission. Levi felt sick when he thought about it.

Not usually the person to socialise in one of the bars, he took the stroll today - heading out after a very thorough shower to brood after some tea. Or maybe even something stronger, to wash down the taste that had lingered in his mouth ever since they had gotten back.

Upon arrival he immediately spotted Malcom’s fair haired head and wasn’t at all surprised to see him here. They weren’t close by any means, usually busier with bickering than really engaging in any sort of conversation, but he did not necessarily mind the other’s presence. Levi knew that someone from Malcom’s squad had died that day too - everyone had lost someone in some way. Following an impulse, he headed over to sit next to the other, wordlessly at first as he signaled for the bartender to get one of whatever Malcom was having. He kept his eyes on the table in front of him, simply sitting there for a moment before he finally spoke, his voice quiet. “Shit day, huh?”

Wall Rose / Fancy Seeing You Here [Levi/Malcolm]
« Last post by Malcolm Watanabe on Today at 06:52:47 AM »
Right. It had been one of those missions. The kind where people died, who didn’t need to die. But because for the sake of humanity or some crap reason like that, they did. Maybe that was it. Malcolm didn’t care about reasons, all he knew was that even after taking a shower, washing out the blood, even changing his uniform… it still felt like the stains were there.

And maybe he had been a little too reckless. Not that Malcolm would admit it. Especially after… one of his own was swatted down. She had just been a kid, barely out of the cadets from last year’s class. He’d watched her try to swing away, but she wasn’t fast enough. Her name had been Jaynie. Malcolm frowned. He didn’t like remembering the names.

He was a senior, at least, he was supposed to be. He felt responsible, who wouldn’t? He considered himself lucky, time and again he kept on living like it was some kind sick lottery to see who’d survive. And yeah, maybe it was just the luck of the draw. Ten years of doing this and what else was he supposed to think.

It still felt too good to cut down the monster of the beast, watching that Titan fall to the ground, body twitching like the godless creature it was.

Did Malcolm hate titans? No more than a criminal that would kill an innocent kid. Or a lightning strike that would kill someone unlucky enough to be out in a storm. Death was death, whether it came by the hand of a titan or some other unnatural cause.

Something hurt. He raised his arm, letting his fingers trace along his forearm, feeling at a scar that had long healed. Phantom pains came and went, especially when he felt as depressed as he did now. A somber smile strayed onto his face, he didn’t need to be Malcolm the Circus now, not when everyone else felt the weight of their mortality on their shoulders.

A bar. He needed a drink, maybe two. Maybe enough to knock him out so he’d wake up with the biggest migraine the next day, to make him forget things like titans, dead kids, and fellow soldiers. No, now that was a bad idea, but in the end, he snickered to himself as he walked through the door of the tavern. He took a seat at the bar, asked for a drink and threw some cash at the bartender in advance.

He took his first big swig, waiting for the alcohol to kick in. The bar wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t that crowded. There were a few other soldiers around, but none from his unit. He didn’t have anywhere to be tomorrow morning.

Maybe getting drunk off his ass wasn’t such a bad idea. 

Chat, Games & Banter / Re: Character Anthems / Playlists
« Last post by Malcolm Watanabe on Today at 06:00:13 AM »

Malcolm Watanabe

[ Again ] - Araki
When it's good, it's so good.
When it's bad, it's SO BAD.
I clearly have gone mad.

[ Rinse, Repeat ] - LivingTombstone ft. CyberSongMan
I should have known it would end up like this
I should have known there were signs that I missed.

[ Paradigm Box ] - Caligula Effect OP - Chiharu Sawashiro and Shunsuke Takeuchi
The scars of regret that I cannot get rid of
How sad do I need to be
Even if I cry
I won’t ever be able to go back to yesterday

[ Yoru wa Nemureru kai? (Can You Sleep at Night?) ] - Ajin OP - flumpool
I don't mind if tomorrow remains unseen.
Somebody just put me to sleep.

Levi & Malcom

Frenemies sounds great - I'm thinking they are generally not the best of friends, but also manage to have conversations without ending up at each others' throats?
As for a plot - what do you think about the Survey Corps returning from an especially bad expedition, one that ended with a lot of blood. Thus, they all have their own way of dealing with it and some might even hit up a local bar for a drink or two - which is where they run into each other. Maybe Levi sees Malcom sitting there and decides to head over as they both know everyone is somewhat struggling with a bad mission, no matter how well they hide it. Or maybe it's the other way around and Malcom decides to talk to him. Could tie in nicely with the second option you gave!

Yes, I'm totally down! ^^

Drunken (or not so Drunken) ramblings of Malcolm sound interesting, hm hm. A chance to explore more vulnerable sides of the characters is also something very intriguing. And yes, would tie in very well with the idea of the two sharing about their pasts, even if Malcolm definitely isn't the type to share!

Survey Corps / Re: Levi's Plotter ["Why are you wasting my time?"]
« Last post by Jem on Today at 03:41:46 AM »
Levi & Malcom

Frenemies sounds great - I'm thinking they are generally not the best of friends, but also manage to have conversations without ending up at each others' throats?
As for a plot - what do you think about the Survey Corps returning from an especially bad expedition, one that ended with a lot of blood. Thus, they all have their own way of dealing with it and some might even hit up a local bar for a drink or two - which is where they run into each other. Maybe Levi sees Malcom sitting there and decides to head over as they both know everyone is somewhat struggling with a bad mission, no matter how well they hide it. Or maybe it's the other way around and Malcom decides to talk to him. Could tie in nicely with the second option you gave!

Malcolm is here to defintely waste time! I think frenemies, Malcolm is loud, too much fun, and would totally get himself into trouble with Levi too often. Have some propositions for threads?

  • Cleaning Duty - Malcolm probably got stuck doing it. He doesn't mind doing it, but he'd complain the whole time, make jokes, and not take it seriously at all. Make it 'fun' - wink wink-

  • A Talk About the Past - Something, something it's late at night, unprompted conversation. Malcolm acts defensively about his past, jokes that Levi is too. Malcolm ends up revealing that he joined to 'run away' from his old life, maybe Levi has something to say about that...

  • Squad/Fellow Soldiers - Haven't really come up with this quite well, but something could prompt Levi to request for Malcolm to join his squad? Haven't really decided what 'squad' Malcolm is in, other than he's been in the Survey Corps for a very long time (around 10 years). Maybe the two have just avoided each other for that long and never really got to know each other, not that anything has prompted them before.

Wall Rose / Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Last post by Levi Ackerman on Today at 03:24:23 AM »
At least Kora seemed to have gotten the memo that he was not exactly up for small talk, falling into a more quiet stance. She did better to focus on the task at hand anyway, as no matter how stupid Levi thought this test on a preset training course was, he had to agree that it would be quite difficult to complete under the current weather conditions. The wind was steadily getting stronger and even visibility was growing worse by the minute, leaving them in a a quite hostile environment. Surely this couldn’t be what they had planned for her, to freeze half to death on the training grounds?

Levi huffed and pulled the protective scarf further up over his face, shivering slightly. He had never much liked the cold, having grown up somewhat protected from the environmental weather changes in the Underground city underneath the capital - even if it was arguably the less favourable option, deprived of sunlight and any clean surroundings.

Hearing Kora’s voice carry over, he gave a curt nod and signaled towards the other soldiers that the exercise was about to begin, he himself remaining in his current position to watch her actions from a little further away. He wanted to see her overall attitude and decisions on the course, focusing more on the overall strategy rather than detailed skill set - he trusted the system enough to know that she had to be skilled at least to some extent to have made it this far.

As Kora maneuvered through the course however, it became quite obvious that visibility was getting bad enough that he'd have to make his way over to even see anything at all, the winds blowing so strong he almost reconsidered the use of his ODM gear.

Making his way over towards the course, he almost had to struggle, adjusting his technique and shifting his weight enough to move as much in synch with the winds as possible instead of fighting against him. Reaching one of the other soldiers, he tugged the protective cloth down just enough to speak. “This is pointless. There’s no use in assessing someone’s skills if the weather is this bad. We can barely even see her anymore.” As if to prove his point, he looked up, trying to find the moving shadow that was most likely Kora. “I’m ending this now. We can return at a later point.”

At the nod of the other solider, Levi raised a noise flare to signal the end of the exercise but quickly realised that even that potentially wouldn’t be heard over the wind. With a sigh, he readied his gear to deliver the message himself, just having it made up into the air when there was a loud bang followed by a crash and he felt himself catapulted through the air, only briefly questioning if one of the trees had given in under the wind before everything went black around him as he hit the ground hard.

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