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Survival Hike by Axel Falkenrath
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Re: Don't catch a cold, catch a friend. [Axel] by Mara Sonnenschein
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Re: WAHOOO!! [Hange's Plotter] by Lou
[Today at 06:51:42 AM]

Re: All in a Days Work by Nikki Styx
[Today at 04:18:25 AM]

Re: All in a Days Work by Petra Ral
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  • Mitabi Jarnach: when she wakes
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  • Lou: lots of sorrys to follow
    Today at 01:51:27 AM
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  • QuietCelt: Then he smacks her into a doorframe.
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  • Lou: Awww Mitabi is like it is wonderful up high and you don't have to worry about looking up at people and seeing boogers
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  • QuietCelt: I doubt Anka is used to seeing from that up high.
    Today at 01:35:16 AM

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Events / Survival Hike
« Last post by Axel Falkenrath on Today at 11:19:57 AM »

‹ WHEN ›

June - 847


Mountain Forest, south-west of Utopia District


Cadet - Training Corps


There is but one more survival test for the cadets to battle through. With three years of training behind them, and having proven they can survive across/around the Great Lake, they are now tasked with making their way from one end of the mountainous forest to the north of Wall Rose, just south-west of Utopia District.

Put in pairs or groups of three, they are given one or two horses (one for pairs, two for trios), and given no equipment. They must use all of their training to seek out food, weapons to ward off wolves or the odd bear, makeshift medical supplies and herbs. Everything they need to survive, they will need to find or create it within the forest, with only the clothes on their back and their horse(s) to go by.

All horses must be returned safely, or at least with adequate medical attention if they are harmed. If any are injured without the knowledge of their handlers, or killed during the trek, the cadets will be marked down in points. While cadets may be able to meet up with other groups and work together, it will be their own performances watched - remember, the Training Corps are watching.


post below when you start one!

The other at least seemed to understand that he needed to get out of the rain, although hardly at first. When he hadn't stopped immediately at her call, she had wondered if he might be intent on driving himself to shivers until he could go on no more. It was with great relief that she saw him move back onto his knees and then stand up. And he didn't seem awfully reluctant, nor annoyed at the interruption, which was something - especially when she recognised him from being one of two in a recent fight.

Mara blinked at him as he adjusted her arms, so they were both covered as much as possible. She had been intent on keeping the coat hovered above him, at her own disadvantage, to ensure he didn't get any more wet. But she was glad of it all the same.

"You should get back to your sleeping quarters," she told him, needing to raise her voice some over the sound of the rain lashing the ground. "You can get washed and dried, then sleep off so you don't get a cold - it'll help a lot more than sticking outside any longer. You can take the coat with you, then you won't get any wetter." That way, she could return quickly to her own dormitory and be assured that he'd gone in. She doubted he was stupid enough to stay out any longer, even if he laid a coat over his back.

Then again, hadn't he fought against a cadet who appeared to be almost a head taller than him? She couldn't recall if he'd 'won' or if they'd simply been broken up. Mara wasn't especially enthused at being in the company of people who did little more than fight, but she really couldn't just leave him out there to catch his death. There was no need to do such a lot of training when they didn't need to, especially in the rain - if the instructors wanted to put them through their paces in the rain, then they would, and all would be called. She couldn't quite understand why he was out there and pushing himself so hard.

Survey Corps / Re: WAHOOO!! [Hange's Plotter]
« Last post by Lou on Today at 06:51:42 AM »
Nanaba &  Hange

 I am sure Nanaba and Hange would know each other considering Nanaba is on Mike's squad, and I'd love to thread these two and see how well Nanaba keeps up with Hange's tangents and random questions.  There is no doubt that Nanaba would respect Hange's passion and talent.

I also have a cadet who is closet academic (he takes lots of notes and studies them on the low down). He lowkey likes to learn things.  Kieran is a troublemaker and would fine Hange really weird and annoying, but he'd def take lots of notes if she came down to hang with the Training Corps and taught an academic class.

Wall Rose / Re: All in a Days Work
« Last post by Nikki Styx on Today at 04:18:25 AM »
What was there really left to find out beyond the wall? How many people were actually left to be found? Every day more refugees made it to the gate. Most of these were all that was left.

Nikki followed along with the rest of the survey corps. She seemed deep in thought as her horse moved steadily along the road. Its reins were draped over her lap, but not held. She was guiding it with her legs, a skill she had learned long ago in her youth. Her crossed over her chest and her head was tilted down, hiding her face from sight in the brim of her hat. She wasn't watching around her, there was little need to. She was in the middle of a long procession of horses and her own would follow them on instinct. There was little input needed from her at this point.

Far up at the front, somewhere seemingly out of her sight was Erwin, their commander. He was responsible for the entire scouting legion and would be leading them out beyond the wall. Scattered throughout the convoy were other high ranking soldiers. She wasn't like them. Not yet. But one day if she managed to stay alive long enough, she might manage to make rank.

The caravan would soon come to a stop as the order to dismount and wait at the side came back from the front. Apparently, they were to wait for another group of refugees to be processed and pass through the gate before they could proceed. She sighed at the setback and threw her leg over the top of her horse and slid down easily coming to rest beside it. She clicked a couple times in a reassuring way and gently pulled the animal's reins to guide it to the side of the road with everyone else.

Far up, several blocks away she could see the wall looming up into the sky. On the other side of it was the open fields of Maria, and in them, her families land. That's right, today's expedition would bring them to within a few miles of her families ranch. Close enough to reach it if things worked out right. Though she somehow knew that wouldn't happen.

She sighed again. Just how long was it going to be before they could get beyond the wall?

Wall Rose / Re: All in a Days Work
« Last post by Petra Ral on Today at 02:45:41 AM »
Petra had only just gotten on her horse it felt like, after many failed attempts thanks to the fact this was another new horse, a larger steed, possibly due to her bad luck with the animals and ... keeping track of them, they gave her this one with hopes of it sticking around longer. It was still unlikely. if it srurived two expeditions then she’d name it, but not until then. The strawberry blonde adjusted to sit side saddle before sliding off, puffing as she hit the ground and then dusted herself off, giving the burly black mustang a pat as well, who snorted at her in return, ”Don’t give me any attitude big guy or you’ll have to find your own apples.” She threatened lightly before she grabbed his reins, leading him along to catch up with Eld and Nanaba, catching the end of what the other woman had said.

”Maria is a large territory. People can hide in all sorts of placed when the titans seem to mostly just want to reach the wall... They’re attracted to larger groups, so the passing wandering human might not catch their attention if they stay low.” She cut in, flashing a smile to either of them, though she was standing on the other side of Eld, having to lean forwards to look around the man’s horse, ”Shouldn’t be many more out there the way we’re headed. Most would have made it to the gate on their own by now, or... a titan- if unlucky enough.”

Plotters / Re: Utopia Event Plotting!
« Last post by Guardsman93 on Today at 01:08:16 AM »
As I enjoy a dramatic entrance, Erwin will arrive in the aftermath of the battle, overlooking Eren's Cell (I know we don't have to stick to the anime, but hey, I think its cool).

Utopia District / Re: Team Five: Battlefield Medics [Assault on Utopia]
« Last post by Evony Archer on February 20, 2018, 11:33:45 PM »
Her father had told her this would happen. Like some sort of prophecy, his words echoed in her head. "You'll regret this. Those titans will come through the wall again. And that will be the end of you. Mark my words." He had been furious when he told her that. Driven to his harsh words by her failure to comply with his order to leave the cadets.Now, she feared how right he was.

Evony was standing with her squadmates. They were tasked with providing medical assistance to civilians and combatants alike. This suited her just fine. She was skilled with a suture and confident in her skills as a medic. This also meant that she was going to be out of direct combat for the most part. Assuming everything went right that is. Lord knew these things had a way of going south really quick though, especially in a place like this.

She looked up at her squadmates. She had been with them for years now. She knew them, trusted them, and they knew her, and she hoped trusted her the same.

Evony adjusted her pack on her shoulders. For a normal cadet or soldier, it wasn't so big, but it seemed much greater strapped to her small frame. She pretended not to notice its bulk as she looked between her squadmates. Kieran had asked what they planned to do. She had ideas on a possible tactic, but she wasn't in a leadership position. The final decision would come from her squad leader.

"we could..." She started to speak but her voice quickly failed as she caught sight of red smoke rising up over some buildings to the north. Evony could feel the color draining from her face even more than normal as the smoke lifted higher. Not far from here, something bad had happened. That was where they needed to go.

"There... we need to go there... they might need help" She looked back to her squad for reassurance or a different plan. Everything was suddenly seeming more real than it had been just moments before.

Cadets / Re: Evony Archer
« Last post by Puffin on February 20, 2018, 08:14:05 PM »

Rain; his relief from the intrusion of others. It gave an extra challenge, to do push-ups amongst muddy, slippery ground, to persevere despite the struggle of the elements lashing against his back. He wore only his uniform as a token of his determination, and a symbol of what he was going for: to be one of the best of the cadets. Of course he could have prised some kind of coat or cover on his way out, but he wanted to test himself. The weather wouldn't hold up if he got stuck outside the Walls. It wouldn't wait for cover, it would be just as, if not more, brutal.

Strength was something that came hard to him, and every chance he got he knew he needed to train. Speed was fine and great, and he certainly relied on it, but if he allowed himself to rely on it too much he could only guess at the disadvantages, let alone the consequences.

His fingers clawed at the earth, fingernails black with mud, his hands soaked and slipping on every lowering of his body, so he had to correct each on his push up. Rain soaked into every inch of his uniform, trickling down his hips to cling at his stomach, patches having quickly formed of the most drenched areas. His struggle continued even when it felt as though a puddle had form on top of him, in the small of his back. The world was distant, and it was just himself, the rain, and his exercise.

Until a voice sounded above the noise of pelting raindrops.

He refused to look up, counting the next push-up. Yet they spoke again, and his mind cleared - was he on eighty-three or seventy-five? Ninety-two? - of its count. The raindrops splashing against his head vanished, then most of his back too. Surprised, he finally turned his head to look upwards, to gaze upon the girl trying to help save him from... a cold? He hadn't thought about that. A cold would mean he'd be unable to train properly for some while. It would require rest, which meant even less training. How long had he been out there for? A little time in the rain, sure.

"Thanks," he mumbled, pushing back onto his knees, not caring for the mud circling his kneecaps, and then stood, bent slightly to keep somewhat under the coat, until he realised that, her being taller than him, he could safely stand up straight and remain under. Noticing that she wasn't covering herself fully, he moved her arms so the coat rested above both of them properly. "No point giving yourself a cold to help me," the boy muttered, trying to hide his shivering by hugging himself, smoothing muddied hands up and down his sleeves.

Hand-to-hand combat training was something Axel felt he could flourish easily enough in, except some people seemed completely disinterested in it, and others were clearly below his skill level - he didn't want to tackle anybody who seemed below him, out of pity and hope that they worked harder first with people they could win against. He had an advantage, with instructions from his mother on how to fight. While he had been in only a few true fights in his time, it had been rarely defensive, and those he struggled with. They had also been with people looking for a fight - which Jean was counted in.

When told to pair up, the brunet cast his gaze around the pickings, watching as friends paired with friends, and those slackers so often picked each other. Truly, he found it pointless to dedicate so much time to this - he didn't intend to fight people, and even if he ended up in the Garrison he felt he could do well enough with his own, current skills. It was something he wanted to talk to their instructor about.

As the thought cropped up, he noticed a blond boy approaching a brunet, and watched - there was something off about it. The nervousness of the blond, perhaps, but then too the way the other boy rejected him, with a cold gaze and colder words. Not worth the effort? Who did this prick think he was? Just another slacker, but there was no need for that response. And to just walk away, as further insult!

Axel screwed up his hands into fists, and stalked over. "Go ask over there," he told the blond, waving his hand away, almost dismissively, as he continued his path for the brunet. Hopefully they'd be able to find somebody more worth their time, while he dealt with the arrogance.

"Hey!" he called, darting forward to cut him off. "You think you're better than everybody here? You above fighting?" he demanded, ignoring the hypocrisy of his thoughts. Sure, he rejected others, but that was different. It was for their sake, not effort's. "Or are you scared you'll get shown up, to not be such a cold-hearted statue?" he snapped, quick to the insults, trying to get a rise out of the other, to make him fight. He didn't know how the other fought, but he was sure he could take him on, and teach him a lesson in the process.

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