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Getting Started / Re: OOC Sign Up
« Last post by gehrig002 on Today at 03:43:27 AM »
Welcome aboard!

Getting Started / Re: OOC Sign Up
« Last post by Dis boi on Today at 03:20:07 AM »
Why hello there

IC / Re: Old Friends and New Shears (Hugh and Tamsin)
« Last post by Tamsin Spiegel on October 24, 2020, 11:51:46 PM »
"Tea sounds wonderful, actually," Tamsin said as she made a mental note to put the saddle blankets back where she found them. She'd never been a tea person until fairly recently -- something she could honestly say was Hugh's fault. During her time in the orphanage she'd learnt to regard tea as a luxury and it'd taken some time for that to morph into 'small comforts', to be enjoyed where you could.

She sat down on the crate and set her own pear beside her. It wouldn't take long to trim what she needed to trim, and by then the tea would be ready and she could enjoy it with the pear. She'd always been the type to complete tasks before even the smallest of indulgences. Spreading her legs, she hunched over and began to clip at her hair here and there with no real regard to style -- just how it felt in her hands. Wisps of it fell to the straw below like scraps of shadow.

"Not terrible," she said in answer to Hugh's question. It was her customary answer lately. "Not looking forward to being constantly cold. Weather's changing. Think I finally need to bite the bullet and invest in a couple of new shirts. You?"

Utopia District / Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Last post by Petra Ral on October 24, 2020, 07:45:53 PM »
"Well at least we have found you now." Petra said softly, whispering to him. "I would be up all night with worry if you were lost." Memories of the last night burned through her mind, the warmth and peace of having someone else by her.

Petra Ral felt her heart lurch with pain and anxiety, especially when he frowned and hesitated. Maybe it was true, maybe he would end it if her dad and him failed to get along.

"Moblit... I would never break up with you." Petra told him, pulling him into a passionate hug. She was delighted to hear that he would not end their relationship if her dad disliked him. "No matter what I want to be with you too."

Wall Maria / Re: Heroes of the last days (OPEN/Past thread)
« Last post by Petra Ral on October 24, 2020, 06:34:51 PM »
  Petra forced herself to stand up, despite the exhaustion that plague her. She could feel numb and exhausted later, it beat sitting down on a piece of rubble in some forgotten ruined town. It felt strange to have survived, surreal, as if she were living a dream or maybe and probably more accurately a nightmare. She felt her throat tighten at Hanje's words. Yes, it was always like this. Even if she managed to make it back today, she would have to endure the same the next time they went beyond the Wall. "I see." She said in a small voice, it was a bleak prospect, but if she's didn't fight back... Then how could humanity finally be free?

At the apology Petra looked quite startled by it. "You don't need to apologize for it..." She spoke quietly. "Maybe it is for the best to see the true nature of the struggle straight away rather than drag it out." She glanced about herself, pausing to adjust the fit of her cloak. This was one hell of a war, the books and the handful of veterans failed to give it justice.

It was a living hell, yet only by striving, by fighting could they hope to be free. In a way, the war and reality of life brought to her mind a parable her father once told her. There were two frogs, both fell into a pitcher of cream. The first, intelligent, the realist, knew there was no way out, he gave up and drowned. The second frog, the idiot, was stubborn, she kept swimming and struggling. Eventually, she struggled so much that the cream turned to butter and she hopped out. Her father said that they honoured the memory of both frogs and humanity needed to be both.

"My father did not know how much life reflected the parable he once told me as a child. You know the one with the frogs and the milk? " Petra said glancing at Hanje.

Announcements / New Staff
« Last post by Puffin on October 24, 2020, 01:53:13 PM »

Just a little announcement to let you know that gehrig002 has joined the staff team!  As a moderator, he’s here to help with queries or concerns, as well as assist with the day-to-day running of Reluctant Heroes.  We’re delighted to have him join the ranks. <3

We are not actively recruiting but, if you would like to be considered for a staff position in future, feel free to message any one of us.  As the community continues to expand, we’ll need committed and enthusiastic folks to help it thrive.  For more information, you can check out this Staff Search thread.

Civilians / Re: 'Rat'
« Last post by Puffin on October 24, 2020, 07:28:52 AM »

Civilians / 'Rat'
« Last post by Rat on October 24, 2020, 04:08:58 AM »

NAME: ??
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): January 3rd, 829 - 16 years of age
PLACE OF BIRTH: The Underground
FACE CLAIM: Serpico - Berserk (Artwork by Gonzague38 on DeviantArt)

APPEARANCE: Rat, true to his name, resembles a rat. He's a youthful man that stands at around 5' 7", and appears to be more well-fed than others who dwell in the underground city. He has an athletic build, though he stands on the slimmer side. He has sharp features that add to his shifty appearance. Dirt is often staining his pale face and his unkempt, dirty blond hair. His shrewd, blue eyes are always squinted when in sunlight, as he'd never seen much natural light in his life. Rat's clothes tend to be faded and worn, which make him stick out like a sore thumb in the aristocracy of Wall Sina.

PERSONALITY: Rat, true to his name, acts similar to a rat. He's a thief; some no-good vermin with a tendency to have wandering fingers. Growing up in the poverty of the Underground, Rat survived by stealing and cheating every bit of food and coin he could get his hands on. Rat is quick-witted and quick on his feet, well capable of talking himself out of trouble but also ready to scurry off when his situation gets heated. Rat is a very dishonourable man; he's a dirty fighter, a liar and his loyalty can be bought - and he'll rarely think twice about backstabbing any of his accomplices. Rat doesn't have any friends; the concepts of generosity and kindness is completely foreign to him. He believes that the world is cruel, so why does he have to be any different? He often finds himself in trouble, but he lives for the heat of the chase resulting from his mischievous antics. Rat isn't a smart man as he never had any formal education, but he still manages to get around just fine.

  • Resourceful: Rat often finds himself in sticky situations, stemming most commonly from his own hubris. However, he does have many solutions he can always fall back on, whether it be sweet-talking, bribing or running away.
  • Agile: Diplomatic approaches don't often work for Rat, so scurrying away is his usual course of action. He's been running for as long as he could remember, and he's gotten quite good at it. He's capable of sprinting for long periods at a time, as well as making snap-decisions on his feet.
  • Dirty Fighter: Rat appreciates an equal playing field during a tussle, though his definition of "equal" is skewed. When there is a problem he can't run from, he'll try his damnedest to win that fight. Drawing a knife in a fistfight? Of course. Kicking dirt into his opponent's eyes? He's done it many times before. Taking a hostage? If he must.
  • Deft Hands and a Silent Shadow: Rat survived all these years by stealing food and money. Years of practice have made him quite skilful at picking pockets and sneaking around unnoticed.

  • Disloyal Dog: Rat can be easily bought and sold, it's all about who's the highest bidder. One day he could be doing some dirty work for a gang boss and the next he could be snitching on them for a hefty sum.
  • Dunce: Being from the Underground, Rat is uneducated. He only knows how to read because he taught himself by deciphering the same book for over a decade. His vocabulary is limited; using big words while talking to him will leave him clueless.
  • Insatiable Greed: Rat had nothing in his childhood. Now, in his adulthood, he wants everything. He'll jump at every opportunity to further his own gain, whether it be by pinching pennies or coming up with dastardly schemes.
  • Cockiness: His abilities to steal, rob, and cheat others have gotten to his head. His own hubris is what gets him into trouble, and it's bound to get him into worse dilemmas than run-ins with the police.
  • To Make a Name for Himself: Growing up, Rat only read one book. It was a story about a blacksmith supplying weapons and armour to many different armies. The blacksmith would later become famous across the land for being able to decide which army gets his wares. The blacksmith dictated how wars ended and chose which kingdoms would fall. Rat someday wishes not only to be known as just some 'rat', but he also wants to have the power to be a major player in Wall Sina.

  • Dying in the Dark: Rat isn't afraid of dying alone in some dimly lit room. Rather, he doesn't want to waste away in the Underground with him going unnoticed by the world. His one overarching goal in life is to become more than just a rat from the gutter. Though he doesn't seem to fret about this, this thought occasionally keeps him from sleeping at night.

Rat was born in the Underground district below the territory of Wall Sina. He never got to meet his biological parents, or even learn what his birth name is - if he was even given one.

The closest thing to a parental figure he had was a man who he called "Boss." For as long as Rat could remember, he was raised by Boss. Boss was an immensely cynical man, a trait which would rub off on Rat during the later years of his childhood. Rather than a father-son relationship, the only bond that the pair shared was of master-and-servant, and only on some occasions would it briefly shift into mentor-and-learner. Boss tutored Rat for the sole purpose of making the young boy his retainer, going as far as to refer to the boy as a rat - a name which stuck.

Boss taught Rat everything that he now knows in the current day. Boss taught the nimble Rat how to lift food items and pickpockets without attracting any notice. He taught Rat how to fight opponents that were more skilled than him, which were usually very underhanded techniques. He taught Rat that the world was cruel, and that Rat had to be just as cruel if not crueller.

Sometime after Rat had turned 12, Boss perished to disease. With his old childlike wonder now far gone, Rat remembered Boss as a harsh man rather than his guide. It was at this time when Rat lived true to his name. He scurried all over the underground city, scrounging and stealing to survive, and biting and clawing his way out of confrontations. It was also around this time when he had begun to understand how to read. He taught himself over the course of years, trying to decode the writings of the only book he had to his name. The book was about a blacksmith who controlled outcomes of wars by meticulously selling his armaments to armies of landsknechts. With the knowledge on how to comprehend text, Rat had desired to become like the blacksmith in his book: a powerful man that determines the fates of those around him.

Rat would dedicate the next few years of his life to collect enough money to buy his way to the surface. He would do so by taking up odd jobs from various locals. Whatever paid well worked. He couriered suspicious packages across the city, acted as an informant for gangs, and even shook down a few drunks for their money. Of course, he frequently took pleasure in digging in a few pockets.

Now with enough money to bribe the thugs in charge of the staircase to the surface, Rat ascends those steps, eager to see what the sun is all about...

YOUR ALIAS: Lingwasta Manager
AGE: 18

Utopia District / Re: Staying Alive (POST UTOPIA/OPEN)
« Last post by Floch Forster on October 23, 2020, 05:20:28 PM »
Floch merely offered her a small reassuring smile. He knew taking a break was easier said then done these days. Especially after the latest attack. Possibly every regiment aside from the Military Police was short staffed now. He was doing what he could to help the Garrison, but it wasn't much given there was still loads of work to do.

He noticed her wince and frowned softly. He hesitated a bit. "Sorry. I'm pretty shit when it comes to words." Floch murmured, though that was pretty obvious. "I didn't mean to offend you. I just...meant you looked tired is all." Floch said. Though who didn't look tired these days?

Once they were in the mess hall, Floch had stayed back a bit, allowing Michelle to get her own food. He made sure she was settled before making his way over to her. "You got everything you need?" he asked.

Utopia District / Re: Serious Tea Talk (Post Utopia/OPEN)
« Last post by Moblit Berner on October 23, 2020, 04:48:26 PM »
Moblit let out a soft, breathless laugh. "I might have." Moblit murmured with a smile. He felt his cheeks heat up a bit when Petra kissed his cheek as well. He chuckled and glanced around the supply room. He watched as she started stocking up and tilted his head a bit.

"I would hope so." He murmured. His smile fell though when he noticed her change of mood. He listened as she started voicing her concerns. He lightly crossed his arms across his chest, a soft frown tugging on his lips. Is that what she was worried about? He glanced down, hesitating a bit.

"Petra, I know how much your father's opinion means to you." He said, looking back at her. "And if he doesn't approve of me, that's alright. I'll respect that." He murmured. He then started moving over to her, stopping by her side. "No matter what I would like to be with you. I was just worried you'd want to break up if he didn't like me." Moblit murmured. In the end, he'd let it be her decision. And no matter what, he'd respect that.

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