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Author Topic: [OPEN] [Harvest Feast Event] Tempering and Reaping [OPEN]  (Read 109 times)

[Harvest Feast Event] Tempering and Reaping [OPEN]
« on: March 13, 2020, 06:48:37 PM »
Karanese District -Hosted Harvest Feast
October 846

Saul strolled around the outskirts of Karanese's main agora; a slow, stoic figure seemingly unaffected by the revelry around him. A quick tuck of his cassock's hem with his only remaining hand and he ascended a set of wooden steps to a balcony on the side of a granary for a better view. A young couple rapidly untangled themselves from one another at his approach and, faces directed to their feet, rushed past him. He smirked to himself, but was grateful to now be alone. He rested his hand on the rail and swept a sharp blue gaze over the festival.

The streets stemming from the marketplace were just as thronged with stalls as the agora and their lanterns blazed in the dark, illuminating clouds of steam from food running in a steady stream from propped-open doors to the long tables flush with feasting. The meal had been underway for over an hour and showed no signs of stopping yet, despite the firework stands that were being prepared around the agora's central fountain. Civilians and soldiers made up the majority of the crowds and children were still awake at this hour, mothers with nursing babes leaning out of glowing upper-story windows to be transformed into works of art. Below them was the occasional ingot of finer cloth, belonging to a handful of nobility that had deigned to make an appearance -- probably, not unlike Saul himself, benefactors of the whole thing. He noted faces he recognized for later.

As he scanned more he could pick out rarer cloth still -- black shrouds of a couple of fellow Church members taking the opportunity to speak to as many as possible. Saul had chosen them carefully. Like himself they were more moderate in their preaching and had been given explicit instructions to simply be present, with the goal of fostering relations rather than outright soliciting. One of them -- his mentee Minister Justica -- he had utmost confidence in. The other -- Assistant-Minister Bourdon -- he found promising but wanted to keep an eye on.

While he didn't appreciate the festival in principle, regarding it practically-speaking as a waste of resources, he had to admit it remained useful for humanity's morale and cohesiveness and as such, had convinced the inner circle of Church officials that it would be wise to donate and support it. Not only to temper the friction between the Church and the military, but to soften their image to the general public. Saul had spearheaded the allocation of a hefty sum as well as the purchasing and donation of the fireworks as well as a decent portion of the Church's meat ration -- the latter acquired easily through his contacts and as such, barely noticeable but no less appreciated by the Church. Sacrifices he was willing to make for reaping later rewards.

And it may not be long until I make a harvest of my own, he thought, passionless. If this goes well then there may not need to be bloodshed to overtake the upper echelon. Doubtful, but possible.

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."
~ Sun Tzu


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