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Author Topic: [OPEN] [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.  (Read 921 times)

[Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:08:24 PM »
[ October 846 ]

There were few times when Gunther felt at ease at festivals. At times it was, in part, due to how Scouts were viewed by the public - all too often there were jeers shouted out. Why hadn't they took Wall Maria back yet? Weren't they strong enough? Such thoughts haunted his nightmares, of twisted limbs and partial bodies brought back to safety.

What had happened to Wall Maria was also in his thoughts. He dreaded the downtime, hated feeling on edge, expecting murderous giants to sweep through the Wall and attack even deeper into human territory.

The Harvest Feast was one occasion where he sought peace. Celebrating food was ever more important, with less mouths to feed but far less land to grow on. It was also a time when soldiers, all of them, were reminded of what they were fighting for, and people genuinely appeared to thank them for their service. There were other such occasions, but to Gunther, the feast felt like people were truly there for one another.

Titans couldn't break their culture apart.

Gunther slipped into the market, browsing wares. His eyes locked onto a particularly delicious looking pie stall. At once, he was in line. He hadn't chosen to wear his uniform, given that he wasn't on duty, though he knew others liked to. Instead, a dusty blue cloak, a gift from his grandfather, draped over his back, clasped at his throat with thin ties. Beneath, a brown tunic and trousers were near enough hidden.

A scuffle to his side caused him to act quickly. His fingers curled around a person's arm at the shoulder, stopping them from tumbling to the ground as somebody shoved past them. "Watch it," Gunther's quiet voice warned, watching the stranger continue past. Just a civilian. Arrogant, believing their space to be of the only importance, he expected. From that walk, certainly.

"Careful of your footing," he directed to the caught stranger, releasing his hold of them once their balance seemed adjusted.

[ ooc: feel free to be the caught stranger, the arrogant stranger, or an onlooker ]

Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2018, 07:54:09 PM »
(OOC: Looking at Miri and Gunther's ages  I think they could know each other from training. Tabby is about 8 years old.)

It had taken some doing, but Miri had managed to beg a few days off. It was important, Tabby, her niece, had not seen her paternal grandparents in a while and as Miri’s parents had to work - Miri had taken her. Tabby’s grandparents were servants in a wealthy house and did have to work a few days during their visit, but it was nice to spend time in the evening with them.

Today, while Tabby’s grandparents were away, Miri had decided to take her to check out some of the Harvest Feast festivities. She was dressed for the slight chill in a dark green skirt and heavy flannel blouse with a check pattern. Tabby was in a blue jumper with a sweater underneath. A new yellow cloak (a Harvest Feast gift from her grandparents) was clasped with a little carved bird at her throat. Tabby was very proud of the bird and she wore it like a medal.

They wandered the stalls together and Miri let Tabby pick out a few treats and a new dress for her doll, which she carried with her everywhere. It was just an old rag doll, but it meant the world to the little girl.

The pair had been standing in line, waiting to buy some warm apple cider, when something caught Tabby’s eye and she darted off. Miri had followed but had soon lost sight of her in the crowd. She cursed and pushed her through the masses of people.

Tabby has seen a little cat and had taken off after it. She had been able to keep up with it, her eyes on the cat and the cat alone. When she lost sight of the creature, she had stopped to try and get her bearings. She let out a squeak as she was nearly taken off her feet when two people scuffling knocked into her - dropping her doll as she lost her footing.

"Careful of your footing."

Tabby felt herself steadied and look up to see a large man, about the same age as her aunt, looking down at her.

Miri had fought her way through the crowd, calling Tabby’s name. After what seemed like forever, but was probably only five minutes, she caught side of the familiar yellow cloak. And the blue cloaked man holding onto her niece. Pushing past people and stepping on a few toes, Miri took hold of the man’s other arm and snarled, “And what do you think you’re doing with my niece?”


Re: [Harvest Feast] Off-duty.
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2018, 01:51:25 AM »
The girl looked up at him, and he couldn't be sure what she was feeling. He had been hoping for some remark of gratitude, but the present climate so often suggested the very opposite was far more likely. Even better, he got nothing out of her, not a peep. It was disappointing, but not unexpected.

Fingers clutched at his own arm, and he turned his head to face a woman, hardness in her eyes. With the girl released, his eyes widened, taken aback by how it had so suddenly turned on him. It took him a moment to even say anything, lips parted, hesitant to say anything wrong.

"I kept her from falling over," Gunther said after that moment's pause. "Your niece was knocked over by a ruffian, miss," he added as further explanation, with a vague gesture in the direction the arrogant stranger had gone in. With any luck, the girl might back him up.

He'd known plenty of maternal and paternal figures blinded by that love only a parent could know, to go on the offence even with a perfectly reasonable explanation behind the action.

They always seared him with glares when their expeditions ended.


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