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Author Topic: Plato Voltaire  (Read 269 times)

Plato Voltaire
« on: November 26, 2018, 09:45:56 AM »

NAME:  Plato Voltaire
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  July 29th,  828 (17)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Trost District
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Training Corps, Cadet
FACE CLAIM:  Heiwajima Shizuo - DURARARA!!


Voltaire has a fairly short haircut, yet it seems to be fairly rough trimmed as if he did it himself, with a pair of rusty scissors.  His hair is an unusual dark shade of blonde in between dirty and mustard color which may attract some attention while in a crowd.  His hair is usually matted with dirt and is very unclean due to his hygiene habits.

He is a fairly averaged height man, standing at 5 foot 9. His body structure is fairly slim and slender, his shoulders are fairly even with his neck, his chest line flat.  His abs form a structure of a four pack, yet aren't formed well due to malnutrition.

Plato's facial structure is has a thin width to it along with a small height that matches his slender body structure.  His face resembles a boyish look, with a simple purity mixed with a rugged toughness to it blended together.

His clothing usually depends on the occasion along with what he can get his hands onto.   His casual everyday wear consists of a simple button up white clothing and a black vest and black pants to match along with a pair of rugged black shoes. 


Plato Voltaire, as he usually prefers to be simple called Voltaire is a very mysterious person.   Never telling his past to anyone and very silent all the time.  This usually drives people away from him and even stops approaching him due to his eerie silent nature. 

Voltaire always seems to be on edge, and extremely cautious, even on the most simple of tasks.  He is very reluctant to take charge of any situation or be in the spotlight and almost always attempts to keep himself hidden in the shadows.

Always seeming to be quiet, he will work behind everyone's back to benefit himself even if it is at cost of someone else.  He even seems to enjoy watching other's suffer at his actions giving him a sadistic nature.  He will usually try to keep this side of himself hidden to the average person.

He has a very untrustful view on other people, never getting close to anyone else or helping others out.   In a life or death situation he will always save himself even if it means sacrificing others for his own benefit.  He always keeps a knife in his back pocket in pure paranoia of another person attacking him.


•  Voltaire is an extremely agile person.  His slender body structure allows him to sprint at high speeds and jump long distances.  He is quick on any situation given his cautious nature and is precise and accurate on his movements.
•  He possesses and extremely strong will to live freely from death or capture.  He will do anything necessary to continue living as a free man.
•  Even though he has an unusual quiet nature, he is extremely skilled when it comes to manipulating and extorting people for his own gain.   


•  Being a very quiet person he finds crowds almost unbearable.  He hates being around to many people and possibly has social phobia.  When forced into a crowd of people he will usually attempt to claw his way towards the outside of the crowd or even exiting the area.
•  Due to his quiet nature and ill trust towards people, he has an extremely hard time creating actual friends and forming bonds and relationships with other people.
•  Voltaire is a person who will always remember what a person has done towards him.  Always remembering the bad things, he will hold grudges and perhaps even exact revenge.


•  Wealth
•  Freedom
•  Greed


• Capture
•  Death
• Poverty


Born into a state of poverty in the Trost district his mother a prostitute.   After his birth she left him on the streets in a basket, due to not being able to afford a child.   The child was meant to die and probably should have if it weren't for a kind old man who adopted the kid right from the streets the child's mother left him on.

The old man who adopted the child was named Gerald Monroe and was a local tailor in the Trost District.  Not making a lot of profit, nor falling into a state of poverty he lived a simple and humble life.  The child he adopted he named Foster Monroe and taught him how to read and write once Foster was old enough.   The child lived a hole and comfortable life until he was twelve when the inevitable happened.

Foster was on an afternoon walk with his father when a horse came around a corner at a fast speed and ran right into Foster's father breaking the old man's brittle bones.  As the old man laid there dead the man on the horse continued on as if nothing happened.  Before the man was able to get away Foster laid eyes on him as one of the Garrison soldiers.   

As his father was dead he was yet again like his mother, in a state of poverty.  Now without anyone to help him or even support him, he lived on the streets for himself.  First he tried begging, and when that didn't work, he tried working, but he wasn't strong enough for any jobs, then finally he began stealing just so he could survive.   The hate for the Garrison soldier that drove him to this life grew every single day he lived on the streets.

At the age of sixteen he finally tracked down the soldier that killed his adopted father.  After forcing his way into the man's house, with one blow to the head with an iron bar the man laid there dead.   After years of living in poverty was this it?  The man's wife witnessed the murder and notified the authorities.  Within hours a manhunt for Foster Monroe had begun for charges of theft and murder, and was to be executed. 

Having a strong will to live he changed his name to Plato Voltaire and fled outside the Trost district where he worked for different bandit companies and mercenary groups.   He worked assassination jobs and other dirty jobs that led to him taking several lives.

While working an assassination job he was drafted and unwilling forced into the cadets, even though the government still does not know that the true Foster Monroe is living right under their noses as Plato Voltaire

AGE:  16

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