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Author Topic: Connie Springer  (Read 551 times)

Connie Springer
« on: January 21, 2019, 02:06:13 AM »

NAME: Connie Springer
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):May 2, Year 833 (12)
FACE CLAIM: Connie Springer // Attack on Titan

APPEARANCE: Connie is smaller than most of his peers, standing at just around 5’2, with a slim, athletic build. His eyes are a bright hazel, almost amber, and his dark hair is kept shaved close to his head, partly for the practicality. Really, he’s just not sure what else to do with it. Naturally, he is equally unbothered with his choice of clothing. When not in military garb, he usually sports a loose fitting, long sleeved shirt and dark shin-length pants that are probably a tad too short for him nowadays.

PERSONALITY: Though no one would dare call Connie a genius or prodigy of any sort, they wouldn’t be able to say he lacks spirit. During low intensity training sessions, he can’t help but goof around, especially if paired with someone of like mind. But, with the right motivation, he proves to be quick on his feet and shows a rather surprising amount of natural ability.
Outside of training, he’s quick to spark up a conversation, and seems to say whatever comes to mind. He enjoys harmless pranks and teasing, but only in good spirit. He’s the type that takes things as they appear, and it does not take long for him to consider others his friend.

+Natural aptitude for vertical maneuvering
+Fast reflexes and can react quickly
+Feels a strong sense of comradery for his teammates

-Easily distracted and not very observant of details
-Poor strategic skills
-Could act recklessly if a friend is in danger

Connie doesn’t plan much more than a day ahead, but upon deciding to enter the military his goal became to earn a place amongst the Military Police. That way, he could do the least of the legwork but still be able to provide the security he hopes for his family back home.

Although at times he likes to gloat, the truth is Connie hasn’t faced much fear in his life. If he had to say, his worst fear would be something happening to his family or friends.

Growing up in the small village of Ragako, Connie and his parents lived a slow and humble life. He spent his days outdoors either playing amongst the other children or helping his parents with their work and household chores. His happiest memories are of the days his younger brother and sister, Martin and Sunny, were born. He hardly remembers what it was like to do anything without them following on his heels.

Watching his younger siblings grow and take on household tasks as he had, Connie grew eager to shoulder more responsibilities as an older brother, so that he could provide the most he could and his parents could retire without worries. He viewed joining the military as his chance to prove to everyone at home that he wasn’t all talk—that he would do anything to keep their lives as carefree as possible.


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Re: Connie Springer
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2019, 01:06:00 AM »
Done, let me know if anything needs changing.

Re: Connie Springer
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2019, 01:25:20 AM »

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