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Author Topic: Tyler Morgan  (Read 103 times)

Tyler Morgan
« on: January 26, 2019, 02:17:11 PM »

NAME:  Tyler Morgan
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  7th October 817, 28 years
PLACE OF BIRTH: Orvud District
GENDER:   male
MEMBER GROUP:  Training Corps (Survival Skills)
FACE CLAIM:  Gavin Reed, Detroit: Become Human

Most influential families have certain tradition and the Morgan family wasn’t an exception. Their tradition was, similar to many others, that their second son always joined the military. Tyler Morgan was the second son and thus his whole life had been planned out since his birth. While his older brother learned how to lead their trading company, Tyler received a different training. He was trimmed into a soldier, with a high future rank in mind. During all those years he never doubted his predetermined path, counting the days to his enlistment.

However there had been one thing he had avoided to admit to his trainers and family, something threatening his place in the top 10 of his training regimen. A fear he had to face: His fear of heights. He excelled in all subjects, due to his prior training, except the lessons with the 3D maneuver gear. He played tough and pushed himself every time. At the end of the first year he had his fear under control on good days, slowly catching up with his classmates. During the second year it expanded to bad days and he mastered to hide his fear. He was still nervous and on edge every time his feet left the ground, but he slowly began to enjoy the adrenalin his fear brought him.

After graduation was one of the top 10 cadets Tyler joined the MP. Through the influence of his family he escaped most of the boring work new soldiers normally did and was soon recruited from a small unit of the MP. They worked mostly under the radar, investigating possible threats to the royal family and the current system. It was a work Tyler was good at and he enjoyed his days with the team. They were a sworn unit and protected each other during the sometimes dangerous missions. Tyler, always loyal and never doubting, followed all his orders without question.

Until his last mission. They investigated a small group of rebels. Tyler had the order to go undercover and sneak his way into the group. First it all went well. He archived their trust and was invited to their hideout. Quickly they showed him the documents he was searching for and before he could leave the hideout and inform his teammates the rebels insisted on him reading the documents. The bits he read were enough to spread doubt in him. When he got back to his team he asked his team leader questions about those documents. Something he soon learned to regret.

Absolut loyalty was the basis of their team. Who wasn’t able to keep it was to be taken care of. When they raided the hideout, Tyler received his punishment. In the middle of the raid a bomb went up next to him. Later it was treated as an attempt of the rebel group to stop them, but Tyler knew from his undercover work that the rebels didn’t possessed bombs. The explosion catapulted him through the room and he woke up days later with his left leg and a few bones in his right hand broken. Due to his injuries he was removed from the team and after his injuries had mostly healed they decided to put him into the Training Corps until he was completely fit again. Tyler suspects that he won’t return to the MP for some time and only if he can somehow proof his loyalty again. However he is wondering if he even wants to proof it after those events.

- Loyalty: Small doubts were the reason that Tyler was removed from his team, but overall he is a loyal person that never betrays his people.
- Tough: A characteristic he developed during his childhood training. Always acting strong and tough, never allowed to show weakness. When he is in a bad mood it can turn to being unapproachable and grumpy, when in a good mood he tends to joke around.
- Control/Preparation: After experiencing the helplessness during the 3D maneuver gear training Tyler became the type of person who prefers to be prepared and thus in control over the situation.
- Heights: His most prominent fear is his fear for heights. He can control it enough to seem calm and confident on the outside, but he still reacts to this fear. At some point he started to enjoy the adrenalin rush and started to confront his fear to get it.
- Injuries: Since the bomb incident Tyler limps slightly and his right hand is often stiff and his grip is weaker compared to the past.
- Survival Skills: Being used to dangerous missions and sometimes operating alone Tyler built up a huge arsenal of survival skills. From tracking animals (or enemies), laying traps, preparing food and navigating through unknown territories. His knowledge and experience is fast.

AGE:  24

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