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Author Topic: Truth and deception  (Read 771 times)

Truth and deception
« on: February 04, 2019, 06:29:07 PM »
|Year 843|

The Military Police overlooks many things intentionally. Bribing soldiers? Okay. Buying military assets the MP sells on the black market? No problem. Interpreting the law differently for nobles? Standard procedure. However sometimes they had to make an example. One if this time had arrived and Tyler’s team was investigating a smuggler ring. To Tyler’s disgruntle not because of the smuggling, but because of tax evasion.

To start of the investigation Tyler’s team had decided on an initial plan. One of the steps was an interview with a noble suspected to be involved in the smuggling. Tyler’s task included to get a first impression, claiming that not the noble himself but one of his business contacts was involved in this crime. Maybe rattle the noble enough to make him decide on a hasty action and thus make a mistake they could use against him.

As Tyler arrived at the nobles’ residence he once again wondered why it was always him getting this kind of assignment. Yeah, some nobles trusted him quicker due to him having the name of an influential merchant family. Still this kind of task wasn’t even close to his favorite things on the job.

A maid opened the door and after introducing himself he was left to wait in the foyer. His eyes wandered over the luxurious interior. After so many years on the move - sleeping in vacant rooms in different MP quarters, random inns or beneath the stars – such luxury has lost its appeal. He grew up with it and still he preferred sleeping in a barn close to his comrades. They were close like a family. The maid returned and he followed her into a room used to greet guests. Now his mission begins. « Last Edit: February 04, 2019, 06:45:10 PM by Tyler Morgan »

Re: Truth and deception
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2019, 12:00:36 AM »
Laurens Holweck had hired him not on a whim, but for a purpose - he was paranoid (though he hadn't needed to say as much) that somebody was trying to get a hit on him. Quirin had, at first, been doubtful. Nobles always thought themselves more important than they were, he'd found, and their paranoia was mostly unfounded. In this case, he'd discovered that Holweck had had cause to be worried.

The idiot was part of a smuggling ring, and hadn't been covering his tracks very well. It had been easy to dig dirt on him, as Quirin often did for his charges. So there he was, guarding a poor man's smuggler.

When the maid appeared, interrupting Holweck's dull hour of surveying his records. The news of a member of the Military Police soldier's arrival made the noble still, statuesque, and stare at Quirin. Pleading with his eyes. There was no doubt a thousand possibilities running through his mind. It was with a wave of his hand that Quirin took over, instructing the maid to take the officer through to the drawing room.

"Stay calm, conduct yourself well - unassuming, calm, cooperative. If you behave as though you're better than this Morgan, you'll find yourself in the shit. We don't arrest our friends." It felt safe to make generalisations, as Quirin briefed Holweck in peace. The noble nodded, and they made their way through to the drawing room from a different door.

On arriving, Quirin took a moment to glance over his fellow soldier. Not awfully familiar, but they didn't all run in the same circles. After all, most of his companions were the corrupt sort. "You don't mind if I sit in, do you? Mr. Holweck's hired a bodyguard to support him given his weakening health." The lie flowed freely, and Holweck was smart enough to give a slow, shaky nod of agreement. "Quirin Drexler," he added as an afterthought, standing by the door as the noble took a seat by the fireplace.

Re: Truth and deception
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2019, 07:35:52 PM »
It was a short wait and Tyler was relieved. Certain nobles had the tendencies to let others wait. Show how influential they were due to this terrible trait. Tyler hated this type and his mood lightened slightly by not having to face one of them. What was a bit unexpected was the present of another soldier, it hadn’t been in the report they had had. Did the MP play on both sides? It wouldn’t be a first.

“Of course you can sit in, as long as it is Mr. Holweck’s interest,” Tyler replied to the fellow soldier, not hiding looking him over. He didn’t knew the soldier, but Tyler was moving around too much to remember even half the faces of his fellow soldiers with the MP. He wasn’t about to judge the skills or loyalty of the other, had he learned that even the most harmless looking person could be rotten to the core.

Tyler moved towards the fireplace, hovering next to a seat but don’t sitting down. Basic rules when dealing with nobles: Only touch or use their property when they offered it. “I hope I don’t disturb you during important dealings, but I have to ask a few questions to an ongoing investigation my team is conducting.” Tyler tried a polite and hopefully non-threating approach. He needed Holweck to relax and let his guard down.

“I once again want to introduce myself. I’m Tyler Morgan and I work for a small unit inside the MP. If our information is correct you are close to a man named Gordon Harold? What can you tell me about this man?” An intentionally open question. A first test to grasp the character Tyler was dealing with. How much does he trust a strange MP? Will he hint at this friend being involved in something shady to divert the attention from himself? No other way to find out than to patiently wait for the answer. For a moment Tyler’s gaze moved towards the other soldier. Will he protect Holweck and his secrets or was there a chance he could get him to spill, if he knows anything at all.

Re: Truth and deception
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2019, 01:19:48 AM »
Holweck was noticeably uncomfortable in Morgan's presence, and Quirin could only hope that it would be passed over as this apparent illness he'd manifested. "It's for the best," Holweck said on his bodyguard's presence, a rough, smoker's voice texture to his words. He didn't immediately leap to having Morgan sit down, much to the observer's displeasure. "I'm happy to answer some questions," Holweck added, though he looked as if he were anything but, "anything to aid an investigation."

Quirin stood straight, thinking on the name given. It was not immediately familiar, though that meant little. Likely one of the smugglers, given the use of the word 'close'.

"Oh, I wouldn't say close," Holweck said, but again there was a nervous quality to the answer. Had Quirin been interviewing him, he would have pinned him down as a liar from the start. "An old family friend is Gordon." Close enough for first name usage. "Cousins, I think, a few generations back." Who even tracked their multi-generational cousins? "He's always been the odd sort." And there came the act of throwing Harold under the cart. "Lonely, really, despite his many companions. Very sociable, but not especially... invested in people. You understand what I mean?" There, he was beginning to come into stride now, treating the investigator as simple company. "A little too tied up in his work, but he rarely speaks of it. Vaguely, more so, like nobody else could understand what he does. Brushes them off when they try."

Quirin's sharp eyes flick purposefully towards the seat Morgan lingered by, eventually managing to catch Holweck's attention. "Oh! Do have a seat, Mr. Morgan," Holweck said graciously, rubbing his temple. "I'm not very used to this, you see."

Well, he had to be somewhat truthful. "Should I have the maid fetch you a drink, sir?" Quirin directed to his client, then glanced towards the investigator. "And yourself? Mr. Holweck's staff make a perfectly balanced tea."

Re: Truth and deception
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2019, 06:05:09 PM »
The man cooperated, but barely. His words were cooperative, his mannerism showed how much he disliked Tyler being here. ‘Anything to aid an investigation’. Sure. Anything to move suspicion away from his own person. Hopefully to Holweck’s own good he stayed away from any attempt of bribing Tyler or anyone else of his team. While the MP overall has a reputation to be corrupt, they weren’t.

Holweck wasn’t a convincing liar. His nervousness filled the room, any new recruit with halfway functioning eyes and a bit of social skills could see it. “An old family friend, even related to yourself? Do you have any documents about this relation to Mr. Harold? This would make our work tremendously quicker. It’s always a hassle to search through the archives,” Tyler inquired in a bypassing manner, careful to use the last name of their other suspect. Additionally Tyler wanted to know how Holweck will react when asked to proof his claim. It was calculation to add that the MP will look into it either way and if this apparent relation was just a lie, it will be found out. It was also an attempt to put pressure on the man, making him know everything he said will be controlled through official documents.

Tyler balled one of his hands into a fist to control his features when Holweck started his speech about how suspicious Harold was. He would have loved to scrunch up his face with annoyance, but he kept the neutral expression. “Yes, I’m familiar with what you describe. However, it is hard to believe that Mr. Harold didn’t let anything slip about his work?”

The prompt to finally offer Tyler a seat and relieve him from his hovering state came from the unfamiliar soldier. Tyler thanked Holweck and sat down, flicking a short amused grin to his fellow soldier when Holweck looked away for a moment. He pitied this poor soul, having to work for some noble. Tyler wasn’t cut out for such work and was glad to have found his current unit. “Oh, a man like you will have dealt with a few soldiers from the MP during smaller investigations? With you handling an important business, you will have faced accusations against yourself or colleagues before?” If any of his teammates could hear his groveling they would burst out laughing. Tyler disliked it, but it often was useful to stroke the ego of nobles. “Oh, thank you. I will take a cup,” Tyler answered to the question of tea. It wasn’t his favorite beverage, but Holweck couldn’t ask him to leave before Tyler finished the cup without appearing impolite.


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