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Author Topic: Muushu Alfson  (Read 301 times)

Muushu Alfson
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:33:01 PM »


NAME: Muushu Alfson.


DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 829, April 20th.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Born within Wall Rose; personally experienced the refugee flood when Wall Maria fell.

MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps.

FACE CLAIM: Amata Sora from Matsunaka Hiro.

"That's...probably the most naive thing I've ever said."

"I was born in hell, okay?" Muushu responded in an exasperated fashion. "I was born in it, and I was raised in it, and I'm living in it. Or are you going to tell me this ain't hell?" His voice was young and somewhat serene, though harsh, accompanying the cold look in his eyes as he glared at the old man in front of him. "Everyone's born in this."

The old man laughed cruelly. He had a terrifyingly unkempt, grey beard, the majority of his hair below the chin rather than on his head. They bore a worn-out, brown robe that only just managed to serve the purpose of keeping him clothed. "Yes, I understand," he spat. "Blame 'the world' for you being an asshole."

Muushu's gaze only darkened further at this statement. "Look. I don't think you understand something about me. All those people that died-you think I would've stopped them? You think I was gonna be the wall between them and those horrors outside? You can't be that dumb." Despite his harsh tone, Muushu seemed surprisingly calm and casual, even amused.

Indeed, this seemed to be in the immediate fallout of Maria's downfall. The stench of death still lingered heavily around them, and yet there the duo stood, still debating against each other as if they did not reside within a battlefield-or, more accurately, a graveyard. "Is that all you're good at? Excuses?!" The elder person seemed slightly crazed.

"You were a part of the survey corps! We use our taxes, our time and our effort to strengthen you and to feed you! You can't just bail out when you feel like it!" It seemed the classic sight; an old man berating a 'teen', save for the malice in the speaker's voice.

"I can't save everyone," Muushu interrupted while sighing, cutting off the man's speech. "For some godforsaken reason, so help me I tried. Don't care most of the time, y'know? But when the titans ate those peasants, it struck me that they didn't deserve it. At least, I CHOSE to be a suicidal blockhead. They didn't."

He chuckled in a light-hearted, yet oddly threatening manner. "Besides, everyone has lost someone. Even the rich bastiches in the inner walls. No need to be a pussy about it. No one'd ever do anything if we'd get this mad over their deaths. So please, for the sake of my tragically impatient ears, shut it."

The elder seemed truly horrified. "What kind of monster are you?! You're giving your life for humanity...but you couldn't care less about us! Half your friends are dead and you're not even fazed! Unless you think living isn't worth anything! Do you..."

"Do you hate yourself that badly?"

The Survey Corps member grinned. "In a word: yes."

Muushu Alfson, though handsome and quite charismatic, still manages to be somewhat of an emotionally detached freak. Born under the safety of a walls, he constantly questioned the safety of the walls-along with everything else, a naturally inquisitive child who couldn't bear to have an inquiry unanswered.

However, he did not have the luxury of wealth-as many were, his village was quite poor. Oppressed by the Military Policeman, Muushu's family was subject to a number of horrors. One step out of line, one sign of trouble, and suddenly you'd be whisked away. The MP's told the little children they were taken to some magical place called heaven.

But Muushu's passion for knowledge could not be stunted by tyranny, and one afternoon he asked the wrong question from his parents. Horrified, they lectured the child harshly, forbidding him from asking those inquiries every again, for fear of punishment. Ever stubborn, he persevered and asked the wrong person. 3 days later, his parents went to heaven.

Cruel as it was, the only satisfactory answer he got was when he asked what going to heaven meant. Now an orphan in an already wretched area, Muushu did not has the most prosperous life. The little hope he had was preserved in his father's notebooks, some of which the child had managed to preserve before his demise.

The boy's father shared his son's curiosity. Despite him knowing little, he secretly questioned nearly everything worth questioning. They were eye-opening entries into the mysterious world that lay around him-truly reminding him of how little he really knew. Muushu promised that he was going to dedicate himself to answering these questions.

And what bigger question was there than that of the world outside the walls?

Muushu is a handsome and charismatic individual with a rather fractured psyche and negative, if not downright cruel, beliefs. His curious nature often does him more good than bad-not once had he ever thought of "Now's not the time." He is a fairly intelligent individual with little time for such things as revenge or sadness.

-Emotional Detachment:: His most notable trait is his apparently psychopathic mental state. While he is completely capable of friends and even lovers, the amount of external worry or grief he shows for them-or anyone else-is nonexistent. Never is his personality fazed by death and destruction-even during the fall of Maria, he would berate his teammates and joke around. As a result of his questions, often he makes his allies only feel worse as he reminds them of how much guilt and sadness they should really feel. However, it does allow him to make decisions without bias most of the time.
-Curiosity: The killer of his parents and of the cat, Muushu is an inquisitive mind through and through. There is little in existence that he does not question or ponder-and those questions lack any attempt of him holding back. These questions range from the deeply scientific to being thoroughly philosophical-and he never phrases in questions in a way that would make them less dangerous, less negative, or less damaging. Often, he asks only the bare truth. This has made him a bit of a dangerous individual, as some inquiries aren't meant to be answered.
-Somewhat cruel
-Charismatic & Laidback: Major feature of his personality that accompanies virtually everything he has ever done. He is really never not joking around.
-Truthful: To the point of being downright evil, Muushu is a very honest individual...when it comes to the questions that he asks.

"In reality, the rule of thumb in this world is that..."

YOUR ALIAS: Glitchwood High.
AGE: 15.
TIMEZONE: West African Timezone.

"If you kill...you LIVE."
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