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Author Topic: Hubert Fraser  (Read 350 times)

Hubert Fraser
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:47:37 PM »

NAME:  Hubert Fraser
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  May 24th, 33
PLACE OF BIRTH: Utopia District
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM:  Eric Toga - B: The Begining

APPEARANCE:  Hugh is a tall man (6'3) with a solid build and a head of auburn hair. He has a very prominent chin and light colored eyes framed by metal-rimmed glasses. During missions, he utilizes straps to keep his glasses in place. His uniform is normally dusty and worn and he has very rough hands. His lips are normally pursed in a straight line or curled downwards in a frown. On the rare occasion he does smile - Hugh has surprising white and straight teeth.

PERSONALITY: Surly by nature, Hugh mostly keeps to himself and the horses. He tends to keep his answers to questions short. Most people just leave him alone unless their horse needs looking after. However, if done a genuine kindness - Hugh will return it. And he will look out for those he truly cares about.  There is a good heart buried in there and it occasionally claws its way out.

- Physical Strength
- Intelligence/Medical Knowledge (Serves as a veterinarian).
- Reasonably skilled farrier.
- Loyal/Helpful (in his way).
- Protective of those he cares about.

- Physically slow due to his size.
- Quick to anger.
- Better with animals than with his fellow soldiers/people in general.
- Condescending.
- Self Conscious.

- Live long enough to collect his pension.
- Maybe open his own clinic someday.
- Find a place to truly belong.

- Dying a painful death.
- Anything happening to the handful of people he actually cares about.
- Not being able to properly look after the horses.


Hugh spent most of his childhood going between relatives. His mother died when he was a toddler and his father was never around. He would send money to those looking after Hugh but the boy would go years without setting eyes on his father.

Most of his time was spent with his grandmother Evelyn. A good woman at her core - she was tired from a long and hard life and could be stern - skewing to harsh. Still - Hugh was never without a hot meal or a warm bed and was never beaten more than any of the other children.

Along with his grandmother, another constant presence in his life was his great uncle Ovid. A skilled but socially awkward farrier - Hugh, while not directly taught, was able to pick up many skills from his uncle that he was able to use later on. It was also where he discovered his love and connection with horses. Hugh was able to calm those that were stressed and would often spend hours in the stables grooming them and cleaning the stalls.

However, as he grew closer to the horses, Hugh came to dislike many humans. He saw how poorly they treated their horses, other animals, and honestly each other. He retreated more and more into the world of the stable - content to spend his time among the horses, barn cats, and stray dogs.

The people he could count on to treat their horses well were members of the Survey Corps. While they had their own farriers and animal care experts, Uncle Ovid was known for having a special touch and they would often seek him out. Hugh respected the care they had for their animals and began to entertain thoughts of joining the Military to look after the horses.

The death of his grandmother cemented his choice to join the military. Ovid was not looking to retire for many years and there was no real place of worth for him in Utopia. The military offered him structure and the chance to keep working with the horses. His aptitude with the animals was noticed fairly early on and he was sent as often as was reasonable to shadow the staff veterinarians.

Hugh made few friends during training but he did decide to join the Survey Corps. He would be able to work with the SC veterinarians - which in his mind was learning from the best. Also, the veterinary team rides in the middle of the formation - so they are slightly safer.

He’s now been a member of the SC half his life and is a full veterinarian. His sheer physical strength makes him a proficient enough combatant and he still prefers the company of horses to people. But he has made some connections over the years - not close friends - but people he has true care for.

Hugh does his job and keeps his head down. He wants to live long enough to collect his pension and move somewhere to open his own equine care stable. He knows that is still many years off - but he has made it this long.

AGE:  32

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Re: Hubert Fraser
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 02:28:08 AM »
Well I finished this while very tired lol so I'll go back and proofread later - but I think Hugh is ready to be checked out.  :-) Let me know if anything needs to be changed!

Re: Hubert Fraser
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2019, 09:41:42 PM »

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