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Author Topic: Serenity Kinslea  (Read 415 times)

Serenity Kinslea
« on: February 14, 2019, 12:43:46 AM »

NAME: Serenity Kinslea
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): The Winged Female Titan
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  Year 828, September 17
PLACE OF BIRTH: Paradis Island- Mitras
GENDER: Female
FACE CLAIM:  Diva from Blood+

APPEARANCE:  Serenity has similar hair to that of her mother, Raven Ignis, her hair is long and dark angling down to her waste in bottom, she has a fairly pale skin tone with the Reiss families signature crystal blue eyes that are passed down genetically upon birth. Her body figure is slim for the most part, her height is 5''8 and her weight is 139lbs. In terms of attire she tends to adore dressing like a princess, even if it's a simple tan longs sleeved tattered dress she wouldn't mind wearing it.

Serenity is a gentle spirit, she values life above all else as even though her life itself proved to be an arduous experience for her she was raised to always think positive throughout such obstacles, she encourages motivation as well due to the corrupted world that was unknowingly created by her own partial lineage under the Reiss family. The young maiden is very clever in her own right, analyzing many situations she becomes very analytical with myriads of people, observing how others react to things helps her understand different perspectives in order to function differently and adapt to any sort of setting. As intelligent as she is Serenity can be a bit timid to those of superior power such as the government or the royal families of the world.

The young girl was never conditioned to be a fighter however the torture she endured throughout her life molded her into a strong individual at heart, regardless of the outcome if she has to fight she wouldn't back down if this meant protecting the bonds she has created for herself. Friendship is something truly essential in Serenity's eyes, those who are enemies are redeemable though to a certain degree depending on the reasoning behind their fallout. Serenity can also seem to be very sensitive once specific information is presented to her, such as the revealing of her true identity as a whole or even the truth of how titans even came to be as well.

  • Benevolent
  • Analytical
  • Intellectual
  • Loyal
  • Observant
  • Secretive
  • Timid(To Superior Officials of the walls)
  • Sensitive
  • Gullible(Depending on certain people)
  • Contemplative
  • Serenity wants to learn how to fight believe it or not, she finds her somewhat feeble combative skills irritating to say the least.
  • She also has questions about who exactly is her Father, she had never met him and whenever she asked her mother about him she never uttered a single word.
  • The world being annihilated by a swarm of titans all around the northern continent.
 Many years ago from the current timeline, one of the royal bloodline members in the surviving Reiss family members, Zyran Reiss, 25 and exiled because of his mischievous intentions on trying to gain the power of the founding titan to use to take over the world for himself. Due to his memory being erased as a warning he was still allowed to stay in the city but he was not welcomed as a public figure of the Reiss family during preachings. Zyran went off into the city and rented a home for himself as he decided to remove himself from their ignorance as he no longer knew why he was exiled, 23 year old Raven would be passing by noticing a new face to the area. Once Raven had realized whom this man was she was completely shocked to see him living among the citizens, Zyran saw the beauty in her from a single moment, they sent messenger bird letters to each others on their off days, while they soon also got jobs, one day she came over to visit him.

Raven's intention was just to talk and drink some wine, though that wasn't the case, he forced himself on her and shockingly overpowered her as well, she was hurt, he raped her in the end and fled afterwards never to be seen again. Once Raven discovered she was pregnant she debated even having the baby however she always wanted a child of her very own one day, she decided to keep it, her name was Serenity Ignis Reiss though she was told to  not only not saying her real last name and to only use her middle name as a substitute for her last name. She took care of Serenity for a while, once Serenity became 5 she always wondered why other girls in the neighborhood had fathers however she didn't, one day she asked and got slapped right afterwards in which also resulted in a full assault of whippings.

Once she became 10 she already suffered marks on her backs at this point but she just smiled, as that was what her mother told her to do, just smile, she called her you "Devil spawn.." or "Half Demon.." as she referenced her daughter to her father since what happened to her was a his fault and she thinks appears as an exact image of him in her head, causing her to gradually become insane after Zyran never came back. Raven always thought he'd have a change of heart and realize that their might've been an option that he could've never predicted this to happen. Serenity dealt with all the several impacts she received from her mother, the disrespectful language she shouts at her flesh and blood, it made her a strong person indeed.

At age 14 Serenity lived in an orphanage, during the time prior her mother  had committed suicide on herself because of all the stress she had accumulated,  Serenity's time there was bitter sweet, the kids were nice though the living conditions weren't the best, even so it was decent enough for a foster home. One day a royal came into town to assisting with the low income families of Mitras, he arrived at the orphanage surprisingly  to bring gifts for all the kids along with extra food as well, Serenity was forever grateful. Serenity made her presence known to the great royal of Kinslea and poked her head while hiding behind one of the pillars inside the living room.

Augustus saw something in the girl only a true royal would even be aware of, her eyes explained it all, without stating his reasoning he asked if he could  frequently visit Serenity at the orphanage, in which the foster-mother who took care of them agreed without haste. Serenity was very cautious upon first actually getting to know the thoughtful man though his gentle and passionate demeanor loosened the minimal tension between the two royal bloods, for many months he developed a very fascinating bond with Serenity, the two played games together whenever he wasn't busy with work.

Months scaled on to a single year, her birthday in which Serenity would become the luckiest orphan she felt, Augustus arrived to not only support her birthday party but adopted her once she was 15, her name became Serenity Kinslea. This brought joy into her heart as she had never been under a family with such influence among the walls. Though his intentions proven to be odd as he explained, a few days later he peacefully informed her of a offer that she could easily disapprove of if she so chooses to, she would become a titan. Serenity got the opportunity  to think over it and agreed, drinking the blood of Augustus she was able to retain the titan shiftier ability without turning into a titan and consuming another titan shiftier.

This gave her the ability to acquire her very own winged titan form, she has similar powers of the founding titan as well due to her royal bloodline, she is able to call/control titans at will with her own firmed female voice upon transforming, she can also add or remove the memories of others as well even without transforming and lastly her titan form allows her to regenerate her body without transforming as well. Serenity became a true blessing she thought with her adoptive father, at the age of 16-17 she was being trained on how to use her titan powers by Augustus, she currently resides in Mitras helping the poor citizens with whenever they are in need of anything.

AGE:  18

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