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Author Topic: New Kid on the Block  (Read 717 times)

New Kid on the Block
« on: March 07, 2019, 07:39:12 PM »
It was with a pensive heart that Laria retreated behind the barracks, for a quiet smoke and a moment of solitude. This would be an unusual year, the next intake of cadets formed from willing enlistees and reluctant conscripts alike. Not only that, there would be those shaped and scarred by the events of Shiganshina, a catastrophe beyond reckoning. That humanity's defences could be breached was unthinkable and, while the three main military factions were facing scrutiny (though the Military Police seemed to escape the worst of it, as they always did), the Training Corps had been mercifully overlooked. It appeared their sole purpose was to diligently and voicelessly churn out the next generation of soldiers.

Laria huffed, feeling a touch resentful, and exhaled a plume of smoke into the cool spring air. Her thoughts turned to the Survey Corps - her former regiment - and to Commander Erwin. What a hellscape he had to navigate in these trying times.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she caught movement.


It was as though she was fifteen again, hiding behind the storeroom with a handful of other cadets, passing a smouldering cigarette between them. Countless stolen moments had been spent plotting their futures, as if the adolescents had a chance of controlling what would befall them, as if they were the masters of their own destinies. Laria would never have guessed that a leg brace was written into her stars, nor would she have ever believed it was preferable to the alternative.

Reflexively, the instructor straightened and focused her attention on the newcomer, the hand holding the cigarette dropping to where it would be half-hidden by her hip.

Re: New Kid on the Block
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 07:39:17 PM »
It was all so new and familiar at the same time. Years had passed since Tyler graduated from the Training Corps, but walking around the grounds it felt like it only happened yesterday. The place where he had fought one of his greatest fears and won. Fulfilled the expectations, ranked in the top ten and secured a place to work for the MP. A place where he had found a home with his team. A place where he can’t return to as long as he was recovering.

Keith Shadis, the man in charge of the Training Corps, had just finished showing Tyler around his future work place. The man reminded Tyler strongly of his own instructors. If this was good or bad, Tyler wasn’t too sure. However it was a sign that not much had changed since his days at Cadet. It soothing thought. The only big change were the Cadets forced into service after the fall of Wall Maria. There had always been a few kids forced into military service due to their family’s bad financial situation, but it had never been such a large percentage like it will be this year.

Tyler decided to spent the first free minutes of the day sinning. His leg had started to hurt halfway through Shadis’ tour and a cigarette was a tempting way to distract him from his pain. The man wasn’t sure when and why he had picked up smoking as a habit. There had been a few cigarettes as Cadet, but that was more because of the forbidden touch, the danger it posed when you got caught. The real beginning had been when he joined his unit in the MP and his superior asked if Tyler will accompany him to smoke. It soon developed into a ritual and it got really bad during the last weeks. Bound to a bed smoking had often been the only thing keeping him from destroying his room.

When he reached the spot they had used as Cadets, it took him longer than in the past and Tyler cursed his limp, Tyler saw that someone was already there. He was nearly relieved when the woman turned out to be too old to be a Cadet. Reprimanding Cadet’s for their behavior wasn’t something Tyler wanted to do at his first day. The woman wore the Training Corps uniform, so she probably was another instructor. “Hello, I don’t think we have been introduced yet. I’m Tyler Morgan, the new instructor for survival skills,” he greeted the woman and tried to sound friendly, even though the pain in his leg dampened his mood. “I think there will be some official introductions later on. I hope it doesn’t bother you if I join you for a smoke?”


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