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Author Topic: The lost child [Serenity]  (Read 632 times)

The lost child [Serenity]
« on: March 09, 2019, 07:28:15 PM »
|Year 842|

Soldiers were formed to carry out orders. Tyler was like all the others, following without asking questions. In his unit this mindset was needed even more. There missions were always on the boundary of the laws, regularly braking them. However they were the law, so no one could complain, right? It wasn’t like Tyler never questioned their approach to things, he just knew there was a reason behind the orders of his superiors.

Today was one of the days the doubt about the rightfulness of his task was elevated, but he still moved out to do what he was told. They investigated a criminal, a simple thief. Nothing they would usually do, something left to rookies in the MP. The situation changed when the thief stole important documents. Tyler doesn’t knew why they were important, but it didn’t matter. They just were.

During their investigations they found out the man had a daughter. Her whereabouts were unclear for some time, but they found a friend to their thief that knew the daughter had been put in an orphanage to protect her. He didn’t knew which orphanage, only that it was inside Wall Sina. So now the team separated to search all orphanages inside the Wall, to find the daughter and use her as bait to lure out the thief. If he put his daughter in an orphanage to protect her, it was a thing they could use against him. Tyler didn’t liked the thought of dragging a child into this operation, but it was a good plan.

The owner of the orphanage Tyler visited was friendly. Well, what other choice did she have with an MP demanding to look around? Orphanages were often involved with human trafficking or they trained the kids to steal. It would be easy to find something if they upset an MP. The woman sent someone to gather the children. When they were all collected in the dining room, the woman stood down and let Tyler handle the situation.

“The Military Police needs the cooperation of one of you for an investigation. First I want all the boys to leave. Take the girls that are younger than ten with you. The remaining girls, please arrange in the order you entered the orphanage.” Tyler didn’t need the kids to like him, so he decided to command them around. Show them the difference in status between them. He wanted to see the reaction of the girls, maybe there was one acting off. The girl he searched probably believed that her father will come back and get her out of this place, reason enough to act differently than the girls without this hope. « Last Edit: March 17, 2019, 03:52:31 PM by Tyler Morgan »

Re: The lost child [Serenity]
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 10:25:59 PM »
The young raven haired girl sat in the lower section of the bunk bed writing elegantly in her journal, she wrote about how she felt being forever separated from her mother, how she never even got to discover who her father is, she didn't know what to feel exactly but many different emotions came to mind. Serenity, a young girl with blue crystal moon eyes, suddenly shut her journal and grabbed the key to her journal to lock it once one of the volunteers came to tell the children that they are required to come downstairs to speak to some very kind people and to be on their bests behavior.  She slid the book underneath her bed and got up dusting off her long sleeves tattered white dress, it was the only dress she had and she simply adored it even with it's unwelcoming condition.

Serenity steadied going downstairs with the other girls wondering who exactly wanted to see them, she presumed that this might've been a surprise adoption day, maybe a few girls or boys would be lucky and get a home, yet that was the complete opposite. They all gathered in the dining room, staring at the men and women in uniform, they were military police, Serenity started to blink and glanced curiously at them all as to why they are even here. An attentive audience gazing upon Tyler as he spoke, the children followed his concise instructions without haste, since she was 14 she wasn't able to leave with the others which made her quite nervous internally yet this feeling wasn't visible as she made a neutral facial expression.
As the girls were arranged correctly Serenity would be the very last one in line, the orphanage couldn't afford to take any more children  after her since space was becoming an apparent issue, Serenity  narrowed her eyes folding them behind her back she stared forward. Serenity didn't want the other girls to even be harms way," What do you think we are here for Estella?" she said calmly though Estella was too frightened to reply.

Re: The lost child [Serenity]
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2019, 04:12:52 PM »
The kids followed the orders, the ones allowed to leave relieved to avoid whatever will happen. He wondered how many of the children will find a new home. The stronger boys could get adopted by farmers and live a life of hard manual work. Some girls can find a place to work in tailoring. Not the fancy ones and only in lowest positions. They rest will end up in the Training Corps, when they got too old and thus were thrown out of the orphanage.

As the last of the released kids left the room and the girls finished shuffling into their places, Tyler walked up and down the line once, looking at every girl for a moment. Made himself stand tall and imposing. The effect would have been better with several of the team members present, but even so most of the girls looked frightened. Tyler liked to play tough, but disliked the role of the bad guy he took this time. The girl probably feared that Tyler used his influence as MP and will choose one of them for a private meeting.

However there was one girl stood out of the bunch. Not shivering in fear. Calm. Calm enough to talk with her neighbor. Tyler watched her from the end of the line, walking past the other girls until he was back in front of the raven haired girl. From her position she was the most recent orphan. “Everyone but you can leave,” Tyler barked and the owner hushed the other girls out of the room, leaving Tyler and the girl alone.

“What’s your name, how long have you been here and what happened to your parents?” Tyler rattled of a few questions as soon as the door was closed. He watched the girl intently, not wanting to miss any reaction. Anything telling him if her words were the truth or a lie. Hoping that the girl hadn’t been able to prepare a convincing lie in the short time since her summoning, if she was the one he searched.

Re: The lost child [Serenity]
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2019, 07:38:27 PM »
The room was silent entirely, all the other girls were still shaking but for some reason, Serenity didn't one bit, she just wanted all of this to be over so everyone could proceed to play again upstairs, as the man walked along a path staring at each girl he passed she only wondered why were they doing this.

Serenity noticed how observant he was mainly towards her, though she disregarded it as just intimidation of course, as he halted his positioning in front of her she lifted her head upwards staring into his eyes with her own, with a neutral expression. As he told all the other girls that they could leave she gave Estella a smile nodding shortly after to ensure her that she was going to be okay, she had to brace herself for a few questions in need to be answered.

Once Tyler had spoke she averted her attention back over to him not keep her crystal blue eyes off his eyes," My name is Serenity. I have been here for a while but not as much a some of the other girls here, I don't know what happened to my parents." she answered genuinely as he had spoken to her. Serenity wanted to play little game with the supposable  kind man so she spoke out of turn," Now it's your turn to answer me a question. Why are you here? Did I do something wrong?" She asked with a tilted head.

Re: The lost child [Serenity]
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2019, 04:49:22 PM »
The girl didn’t avoid his gaze, one thing he had to admire. Not many people had the courage, especially girls her age. She answered his questions, but it didn’t give Tyler much to work with. It seemed genuine, but he won’t judge to quick. Kids could be just as false as adult. Some played the brave little girl, some the role of the perfect son. At one point it got difficult for oneself to discern what was the role and what was really you. Tyler had made his own experiences with this in the past.

Then the girl dared to ask him questions. Tyler rose one eyebrow and shook his head. “No it’s not your turn. Why I’m here is not your concern and I’m the one to judge if you did something wrong, what means I don’t have to tell you if you did something wrong and you have to accept the result I decide on.” His voice lowered, a warning clear in his tone. He didn’t want to put the girl in her place, but he wouldn’t allow for her to cross the line too far.

“Apparently your parents forgot to teach you manners. How to talk with people standing above you in society. Maybe you don’t know what happened with them, but you will tell me about them. Their names and occupations. Where they lived. Whatever you remember.” A speech his father would be proud of and Tyler hated to make. He didn’t want to be one of those MPs that looked down on civilians and did the bidding of whoever offers the most money.


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