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Author Topic: Virgil Adair  (Read 566 times)

Virgil Adair
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:41:12 PM »

NAME: Virgil Adair
NICKNAMES: 'Gil (pet name used by those who are close)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE: 819 | 08 | 13 | 25YO.
GENDER: Androgyne
MEMBER GROUP: Civilians (ex-survey mercenary)
FACE CLAIM: Speed-o-Sound Sonic

APPEARANCE: Virgil is a slim, youthful, androgynous individual who's 174cm (5'8½") tall, which places them somewhere on human height average and thus helps them with getting lost in the crowd if needed. Although they're not exactly easy to forget, as they stand out through two purple marks they meticulously draw on own face every day for a reason unknown to most and perhaps even to themselves - it's a though habit, for sure. Another characteristic of theirs is love for black clothing they wear whenever possible and are known to had dyed clothes black in the past when given no choice. Their long, rarely trimmed hair are typically tied up in a top knot with bangs left loose in the front. Eyes are light gray with a blue tint and they're either showing focus or a hint of mockery - the latter a bit too frequently for their own sake as it's not a rare occurrence for someone to take it personally and start a fight because of that. Their body reflects their lifestyle as it has visible musculature and scarring. There're more scars on their chest that are either a sign of medical intervention or self harm, while certainly not looking like from an accident, but it's rather hard to tell from such a weird pattern.

PERSONALITY: Ever since being nothing more than a kid, they were recognized for their quick wits and ability to analyze and adapt. At first, they were at the top of their class, but over time got behind as they needed to remain engaged to focus which proved to be impossible with the little amount of knowledge that was offered. Virgil's usually perceived as cool-headed, reserved and even emotionally unavailable, which is not exactly true. They're great at restraining themselves, but the truth is they're a hopeless choleric who simply avoids to express own anger (or sorrow) in front of anyone. Their lack of trust to people stems from bad experiences, but when they bond, they bond hard, which is tough when the fear of losing someone close is dangerously high. As for their feelings, they used to be more vibrant, but hardship narrowed down their range, and rage and emptiness dominate them now. Adair is somehow a philanthropist, but doesn't let themselves forget about own needs as they used to. They also do show to hold grudges - they're very likely to avoid helping someone who wronged them unless they're in dire need and there's no one else they could help instead. In the past they did indeed leave behind those they perceived as a scourge on humanity. Their honesty and obstinacy tends to get them in trouble.

Well trained - they used their time as a cadet to its fullest and came out on top. However, due to living off being a mercenary, they're better suited to take down people rather than titans.
Quick thinker - they think fast and thus react fast. They're good at using both surroundings and enemy's own strength against them based on the situation.

Grudges - their actions are heavily influenced by whether they perceive someone as good or evil, which is further influenced by whether they feel personally hurt. There's been instances where they acted differently than is widely recognized as normal and moral based on rancor alone.
Deep connections - alike with animosity, they also hold those close to them dear. Very much so. Not only would they risk own life for someone they love as a friend or else, they wouldn't stop themselves from risking someone else's life.
Mutineer - they departed survey corps and hide in fear of repercussions. While people who hire them do hide their identity, they can also use uncovering it as an argument for manipulation.
Too direct - they lack ability to bite own tongue when it matters and it garners them hostility.

ASPIRATIONS: Living outside the walls.

FEARS: Spending the rest of their life contained within walls, or worse, in a cell, and losing legs or the ability to walk.

HISTORY: Nero was born under a different name and surname, but those are lost. Their childhood is a story of resent and lack of love. Their father eventually left their mother and while it was supposed to cut down one side of pain, his presence wasn't gone from their life until their teenage years. It was the norm to them, so they assumed it was how everyone else's family was and kept it to themselves. Their release was the world of fantasy where they were a great fighter, regarded and loved. To escape own family they tried to learn as much as they could to open wider horizons to themselves, yet those were always cut short by the tall walls. At first, they intended to become a merchant and even got an offer to become a student of one of successful traders, but the weight of limited freedom overwhelmed them, and they eventually left. A year after most people join corps, they applied to become a cadet and that surely made them a little less underwhelmed with life. They came on top of their year and were offered to join the military police alongside their girlfriend, but refused and thus parted their ways with then-beloved. And so, Virgil joined the scout regiment with their dream of leaving the walls finally coming to life. But the fate was cruel and took everything away on the first mission out. Their whole team was devoured due to incompetence of the capitan who survived until the end, but needed help to get away - which was refused, and he was left to die. The last thing Adair saw was him on the ground, legs bitten off, begging for help as the titan started chasing after Virgil and crushed his head stepping on it. They got back within the walls away from anyone who could see them and thus were assumed to be dead as well. As a mutineer, they avoided own family and everyone else they knew which to be frank, was a superlative. With the training they received, they got to work as a mercenary or rather a glorified bodyguard. Those wealthy enough to afford the service both provided safety from the regiment getting to know their status and also the gas, so they could maintain their mobility gear which came in handy even when they had to make sure no one saw them using it. If anything, the secrecy that was forced upon them helped them to become better at taking down the target without raising any sort of alarm.

When the wall Maria fell, they were there and so was their family. They used their contacts, abilities and gear to help protect and evacuate regular civilians. However, when it came to their family, they refused to put value to their life above anyone else's - or perhaps even less. When the events ended and they were able to check whether they survived, it came as a relief to find out they indeed... did not. The weight was lifted off their shoulders and a spark of hope reignited. Something that destroys many, uplifted Virgil. And then a bit later they learned that one of them survived. Their father. Although he was not alive at the time they got the information - they learned he was drunken at a tavern bragging that he was a mutineer from outside the walls. Of course, it's nothing special for drunk people to bluff, yet his case ended in sudden dissappearance and he was never seen again. Adair was shook up. They did not think any of these were the truth, but they came to conclusion their father knew of themselves being alive and that someone twisted the story, but the mutineer part being the core of it, they assumed someone could have been informed and they were in danger of being revealed. Thus, they found themselves in need of addressing the issue and with walls still hovering above, they decided to try to help the scout regiment if they could remain an outsider who was not to follow the orders at all costs as the experience still traumatized them into believing the people put in control were utterly unreliable. And now they probably seek a good time to show themselves, while still doubting whether it's the right path.

AGE: 20


Re: Virgil Adair
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