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Author Topic: Not horsing around  (Read 645 times)

Not horsing around
« on: June 01, 2019, 12:13:15 PM »
The night was hot and the air felt particularly stale. And there they were. Riding on the back of a horse with a sense of guilt drawn on their face as the animal was in obvious distress, its grunts muttered by the comforting whispers of its owner. Once Virgil was close enough to the survey quarters, they got off the mount and started leading it closer to the stables through a well-known way. They kept trying to ease the animals nerves to keep it silent enough not to raise suspicion, but they knew other horses would react once they smelled blood, so they stopped a bit further from stables, leaving the horse next to a tree, without binding it to it - it never left them and they knew it would not change now.

On the back of the horse there's been a scrap of fabric of a color unidentifiable in the dark. It was soaked wet and reeked of blood - its trickles going down animal's leg. Virgil closed own eyes firmly to stop the nervous tears and looked in the direction of what they knew to be housing buildings. The path seemed to be clear and so they started hastily sneaking towards a familiar window. Once they went pass the stables, some horses neighed louder after smelling the blood. They hushed at them and hurriedly moved further not to cause any more unnecessary noise. Due to the temperature, the window has been open, which meant they did not have to sneak to the door and through corridors. Good. Best not to risk leaving blood stains anywhere, although most of the animal blood dried down on their clothing and was unlikely to get onto anything else. They did a quick leap to the window, pushing themselves up with a kick onto the wall, and when they got there, they paused, listening to whether the sound woken anyone up. One of the men inside moved to another side, but seemed otherwise unbothered. They opened the window and got inside, making small steps, avoiding the pieces of wood they knew to be noisy from many previous visits here. At last, they reached the bed and indeed, the exact person they needed was sleeping there. Good thing it was unlikely for people to switch their beds.

Virgil put their hand on the face of sleeping man and covered his mouth, leaving the nose so he could breath, and used his other hand to gently poke his shoulder to wake him up. As the man awoken, he pressed the hand on the mouth firmer, so he would not speak, and used the other to put a finger to his mouth to signal the need for silence. Once they were sure he got it, they took own hand away and shown him through hand motion to follow them. They quickly sneaked back to the window and jumped out, stumbling a bit as they felt all the bruises and else they sustained as damage during the last fight. They did not expect the man to jump through the window, but rather use the proper way through the door, yet they still looked up to it in case he decided to follow the short way so they could catch him if he lost his balance after landing. « Last Edit: June 01, 2019, 12:14:01 PM by Virgil Adair »

Re: Not horsing around
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 12:46:13 AM »
Hugh hated the heat. He hated the cold as well but at least with the cold - he could add another layer of clothing or blanket. Not so much in the heat. He'd kicked his sheets to the foot of his bed and had personally opened the barrack window.  It had taken him a few hours, but he had finally nodded off to sleep. He snored lightly and his feet hung off the edge of the bed.

It had been a long week. The heat was impacting everything and a few horses had to treated for dehydration and exhaustion. Hugh had found himself in a shouting match with a young SC member who wanted to take his horse out to visit friends. Hugh had won...after he had backed the young man against the wall and made it very clear the horse was not leaving the stable until Hugh had okayed it. And the young man's team leader would be hearing all about this.  He had left in a huff and Hugh had spent a few hours making sure the mare was cooled down and comfortable. Of course, he had spoken to the idiot's team leader and made it very clear what he expected to happen to the man.

It startled Hugh to feel a hand over his mouth and someone shaking him awake. His vision was such that he could only make out a blurry form, though Hugh knew it could only be one person. Virgil. They had done this before and while it did not thrill Hugh to be woken up in such a way - he understood why it had to be so.

Hugh glared and reached for his glasses. He watched Virgil gesture to the window and rolled his eyes. He was too old and his knees hurt and he was not climbing out of the damn window. Not happening.

Quietly, Hugh slipped out of bed and pulled on his trousers, not putting on his boots and made his way to the door. He paused to grab his bag before making his way through the halls and then out the door into the night.

"Well," he huffed, "What now? Where are they?" Hugh was referring to the horse he knew Virgil wanted him to see.

"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem."

Re: Not horsing around
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2019, 12:30:00 PM »
As expected, the familiar, overgrown silhouette did not appear in the window, but rather, after a while, came out the door. Virgil was disappointed a bit, but it was not Fraser who had a job to stay as active and flexible as possible in order to very efficiently 'take care' of whoever you were paid to. People from survey corps did not exactly have the chance to wrestle their enemies, unlike Adair. Although they were unsure whether Hugh was even sent beyond the wall - it would be a huge waste of assets to do so and troublesome for Virgil themself, but so far they never came here to find him not present - he was always less or more comfortably splattered across the bed that barely, if even, contained his tall body.

Without opening their mouth, they lead Hugh to the horse, conveniently named horse, which, as before, was past the stables, far enough not to bother other animals with the smell of blood. The horse neighed silently in pain at the sight of its owner face. Virgil put their hand on its mane, brushing it gently, and then moved onto the place where the piece of fabric covering the wound was. It started going down the animal's body under the weight of cloth soaked in blood, which the moisture no doubt helped. They took it off slowly, not to inflict any further damage upon the tissue, and the animal breathed out loudly. The wound was long with the depth increasing the further it went from rider's seat. It looked like Virgil dodges an attack with a blade and it carried onto the horse - whoever did this did not seem to stop after realizing they did not hit the main target, either not caring about hurting an animal or purposefully intending to slow it down. It was not bleeding profoundly so it was clear it took them time to get here, which meant there was time for plenty of blood loss and probably no time to clean the wound, so it could get infected.

Virgil was evidently disturbed. "I'm so sorry..." They paused. Now they looked away from the horse, looking directly into Hugh's eyes. They looked away just to get a large pouch full of money off the saddle and pushed it into his hands. It was far more than the usual they gave, probably the whole payment for whatever job lead to their horse getting hurt. "Please, fix it. I can't lose her. Not like this." « Last Edit: June 02, 2019, 12:30:19 PM by Virgil Adair »


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