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Author Topic: Laria Rockfield  (Read 1240 times)

Laria Rockfield
« on: May 02, 2017, 12:32:56 AM »

NAME:  Laria Rockfield
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Creak, Lala 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  17th of April, Year 817 (28 years old)
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Eastern Plains, Wall Rose
GENDER:  Female
MEMBER GROUP:  Training Corps
FACE CLAIM:  Touko Aozaki from Kara no Kyoukai


Perhaps the most striking aspect of Laria’s appearance is her short stature; she stands at a tiny and delicate 5’0” with a body that is toned from a lifetime spent in the saddle. Her hair is flaming red in colour, tumbling long and thick. For the sake of practicality, these tresses are most often pulled back into an untidy ponytail but they are never entirely tamed – loose locks spill over her brow to frame an angular face and keen, amber-brown eyes further highlighted by the frames that surround them. The scent of leather, horse and smoke clings to Laria, the young woman rarely without a cigarette perched on her lips or pinched between her slender fingers. This long-held habit has given her already low voice a husky edge.

Being a rider, Laria possesses a loping stride, her movements and gestures speaking of easy confidence. These days there is a falter in her natural gait, however. Following an injury acquired during an expedition beyond the Walls, she has been forced to wear a knee brace on her left leg. Supportive bandages alone are not sufficient; she must also secure a metal frame over her breeches. This has resulted in the nickname of Creak, for every step Laria takes is heralded by a soft, creaking sound, swiftly followed by a decisive click as the brace locks into place and helps bear her weight.

Injured as she is, Laria’s Wings of Freedom were clipped and she has found herself in the role of Instructor. Her uniform now consists of a pale grey or white button-up shirt, a dark brown sash around her hips, white breeches, knee-high boots (the leather supple and ideal for horse riding), an olive-green trench coat emblazoned with the emblem of crossed swords, as well as various straps for her omni-directional mobility (ODM) gear.


Energetic in body as well as in personality, Laria is a livewire whose confidence occasionally crosses the line into arrogance. A fiery temperament means she can act impulsively and fast grows impatient, particularly despising delays and periods of inactivity. Being astute, she tends to have a decent read on others, while her understanding of all things equine is apparent even to acquaintances. Laria is an inherently passionate person; when discussing the Survey Corps, horsemanship or tutoring, she can become incredibly animated. Throughout her service, she proved a dutiful and determined soldier who can be counted upon and who will unflinchingly attempt to safeguard the lives of her comrades.

There is a thick irreverent streak in the Instructor, coupled with a wicked sense of humour that some may find unappealing. In addition to this, she smokes heavily and swears frequently, and the tomboy is entirely unabashed of these distinctly unladylike traits. Knowing only too well that life is short, she is unashamedly indulgent, enjoying cigarettes, liquor, candied apple pieces and pleasurable company – but she is also generous enough to share. Laria is dedicated to her work, however, and never drinks on the job.


• Affinity with animals
• Astute
• Confident
• Courageous
• Determined
• Passionate


• Dainty
• Disabled
• Impatient
• Impulsive
• Irreverent
• Short-tempered


• To equip the next generation of soldiers with the skills they need to succeed


• Enclosed spaces
• Paralysis
• Suffering


Laria was born on the 17th of April in Year 817, in a small farming settlement located in the rolling Eastern Plains of Wall Rose. She had been preceded by an elder brother named Adie, seven years her senior. Sadly, Una – Laria’s mother – contracted an infection and languished, passing away just days after her daughter’s birth. Despite this immense loss, Laria’s childhood was a happy and stable one. Born small, fragile and with poor eyesight, she was sickly as a baby but, as soon as she was on her feet, she spent her days keeping up with Adie and his rough-and-tumble friends.

Diarmad, their father, was employed as a courier, thus tasked with carrying private messages and packages to other districts and regions. A hard-worker, he has earned the reputation of being reliable and discreet. Given the nature of this work, the family kept and bred a small team of horses. Laria was all but raised in the saddle, as confident and content astride a horse’s back as she is standing on her own two feet. With Diarmad often absent, Adie was left to look after his little sister, proving a patient albeit somewhat absent-minded caregiver. He was destined to follow their father into message-running at fifteen years old. Meanwhile, Laria was left alone on the ranch for weeks at a time, with only the horses and a handful of ageing neighbours for company. Truthfully, she longed for a challenge that would allow her to prove her worth. A tiny child, she grew into an equally diminutive young woman. She finds her physical limitations frustrating, her dainty body harbouring a fiery, determined and tomboyish spirit.

At the tender age of thirteen, Laria enlisted in the Training Corps. Neither Diarmad nor Adie were particularly pleased but they respected her decision, unable to deny that the training ignited something indescribable in the pluckiest member of their small family. Naturally Laria excelled at horsemanship, whilst strategizing proved to be her weakest subject. During this time, she formed lasting friendships, developed her skills and further bolstered her already considerable confidence. She opted to join the perilous Survey Corps, harbouring a desire to ride out into Titan territory and to dedicate her life to adventure, combat and the defence of humanity.

Not even brave Laria was prepared for the horror and loss that awaited. A significant number of her comrades – people who had become family of sorts, people she had lived with, loved and fought – died on their very first expedition. With each venture, there was yet another soul to grieve for. These days, the horsewoman is often quiet and private in her sorrow, the profound feelings of bereavement fuelling the fire of fury and adding to her hatred of the Titan threat. Yet she has remained a diligent and dedicated soldier, with impressive equestrian skills and courage in the face of adversity.

After a decade of service, in Year 841, Laria was to suffer an injury that cost her the Wings of Freedom. The mission itself was uncomplicated – their unit was to ride forth and sweep along the perimeter, visually gauging Wall Maria’s external condition before reporting their findings to the Garrison Regiment. It was precisely the sort of order issued when the Survey Corps was under pressure to justify their existence to the other military divisions. Initially, the operation ran smoothly, until several Abnormal Titans entered their vicinity. Being an experienced team, it seemed that the soldiers would be able to neutralise the threat with minimal losses – and yet Laria was almost counted amongst the deceased. Anchored to one Titan, utilising her ODM gear and manoeuvring around so as to avail of a clear shot at its nape, the monstrous figure reached out with unexpected and alarming speed. Its thick, strong fingers closed around Laria’s lower left leg and yanked, plucking her from the air as though she were little more than a bothersome fly. The wrenching movement elicited the loudest scream to ever escape her lips, a chilling popping sound heard as ligaments, tendons and even her bones were damaged. As the Titan’s over-sized mouth opened, revealing rows of too numerous teeth, for one terrible, crushing moment, Laria was certain that she was about to meet her death.

Fortunately, the Titan was cut down by one of her companions before she could be consumed. Laria hit the ground hard and, as she lay there, dazed and all but insensible, her horse returned to her side. The rider summoned the strength to groggily drag herself into the saddle and thus the loyal creature proved her lifeline – a fact that she has not, and will not, forget. Realising she was lucky to be alive, it was with renewed determination that she adhered to the doctor’s orders. Yet no amount of bed rest, gentle exercise, or compresses could return her leg to full functionality. Known for her great affinity with horses, and now more effective in the saddle than on her feet, Laria was offered the position of Instructor of Horsemanship a year after the incident.

Although she had never envisioned herself as an Instructor, Laria finds she enjoys the responsibility and thrives in a leadership role. At times the cadets frustrate her but mostly they break the horsewoman’s heart. Her very first students only recently graduated and already word of several of deaths have reached her ears. Laria pushes the young recruits hard, in the hopes that they might live long, productive and fulfilling lives. Following the fall of Wall Maria, it is apparent that mankind still needs to find its teeth.

AGE:  28

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