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Author Topic: Krista Lenz  (Read 915 times)

Krista Lenz
« on: May 02, 2017, 12:53:17 AM »

NAME:Krista Lenz 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845)12 years old: 
PLACE OF BIRTH:Reiss Family Estate, Wall Rosa
FACE CLAIM:herself 

APPEARANCE: She is a proud, fey thing, with wild eyes as bright as a cloudless morning , and a healthy, albeit willowy and petite, form. The heritage of the aristocracy is obvious in those slender lines, in that otherworldly loveliness that touches her features, high cheekbones made for a life among the aristocracy, soft lips, a delicate jaw framed by stray locks of gold. There is a strange quality to her beauty, an often distant and unpredictable aspect to those lovely bright eyes that can be offputting. Yet she carries herself with the effortless poise of her breeding, every movement marked with a youthful sort of arrogance, a presence somewhere between commanding and gently compelling.

She usually wears the standard Survey Corps uniform on a day to day basis. While on expeditions, she wears her hair in a low ponytail and dons the traditional green Survey Corps cloak. But beyond this pays little attention to style, simply throwing clothes on as they are convenient for the task at hand.

PERSONALITY: Krista is usually very shy, very kind, and uncertain on how to interact with others due to her isolation as a child. Yet despite this she has an urge to show kindness to others that stems not only from a desire to gain their esteem, but also that of the people around her: to be seen as a good person. This likely stems from her having been denied the esteem of others as a child and being raised to believe that she was an unfortunate mistake.The strongest manifestation of this tendency is Krista's repeated and severe suicidal inclinations; she expresses the desire to die in a manner so that others will not hate her for having existed at all and will speak of her and remember her favorably.

Deep down however, despite appearing to be a kind and caring person, the real Krista is vacant inside and she continues to regard herself as lacking any true nature or identity. A deep rooted and psychological self-loathing brought on by her upbringing and treatment at the hands of others.

◘ Productive
◘ Kind
◘ Altruistic
◘ Determined
◘ Hard-Working

◘ Death-Seeker
◘ Shy
◘ Socially Awkward
◘ Apathetic
◘ Self-Loathing

◘ To erase the accident of her birth through her deeds in the millitary and her interactions with others and to properly earn the breath, time, and space she takes up.

◘ Not being remembered favourably
◘ Remaining a Burden
◘ Never being loved

HISTORY:You were born in the year eight hundred and thirty three on a cold winters morning. Your birth was lonely and cold, born to a mother who despised you the moment she laid eyes upon you and grandparents who merely saw you as a burden, another mouth to feed when their money was always stretched enough as it was. From the begenning you were unwelcome, unwanted, and uncared for. Sadly this would continue for a long time, no matter how quiet and good you tried to be as a baby, you couldn;t seem to get so much as a smile out of those around you, but at least you could say you never stopped trying.
As soon as you were old enough to walk on your own you were put to work. At first they tried to send you on errands out of the estate for them, but whenever you tried to leave the children outside would terrorize you, throwing rocks, sticks, dirt, and whatever else they could scrounge up. In a rare act of pity, or perhaps just resignment, you grandparents kept your chores indores and out of sight from others after that.

Your life was not all that bad though. The chores often kept you too busy to notice how lonely you were and your mother was an avid reader so there were many books to occupy your late nights with. You read whatever you could get your tiny hands upon, but your favorites were the stories of happy families, a happiness your own seemed sorely to lack for some reason. The mother and children in your books bathed, ate, and held one another, they had meaningful conversations, or even trivial but friendly ones, but your own mother had never spoken to you in your life.

That evening, you decided to change that. Marching downstairs with all the purpose of a soldier off to battle, you approached your mother who was about to leave and simply wrapped your arms around her waist and pressed your face into her stomach smiling to yourself, she was so warm and soft, it was so nice holding onto her.

But apparently she didn;t feel the same about you.

You'd scarcely gotten ahold of her before she pushed you back into the wall and slapped you. She screamed at you and told you that you were a burden, unwanted and useless, that she wished she'd had the courage to kill you as a baby. Yet in the moment, you were simply ecstatic that she'd spoken to you and let you touch her for a breif moment. But that moment was to be the last you spent with her in years.

Over those years your mother was gone you began to grow up. Your grandparents making it quite clear how they felt about you. That famillial obligation rather than any form of affection was all that kept you in the estate home. So you hid within your books and chores, telling yourself that you would prove them wrong before you died, that you would become something worhty of the time and trouble it took to raise you.

Meanwhile you had your books and choors to distract you and the baby animals on the farm acted as your truest and loyalist of friends. The sheep let you cry into their wool, the cows hid you from your rampaging grandparents and then there was the girl who came to visit you....no matter how hard you try anymore her name doesn;t reach you, and you can only just barely remember specifics in your dreams, but she was your only human friend, you thought of her as a role model and sister and then she simply vanished one day. But she was important part of your life, and deep down, you can never forget her nor do you want to.

Life was lonely and sad, but peaceful for the most part until around the time you turned twelve. That's when the titans, the large beasts that had always terrorized Wall Maria, actually managed to break it down and get in, something no one had even thought possible until now. But that wasn;t even the most shocking of things. What was most shocking was when your mother returned after all this time with a strange man.

He introduced himself as Rod Reiss and told you that he was your father. Your mother was with him and so of course you believed him. He told you that you were going to come and live with him now, somewhere safe where you would be given a proper home and upbringing as his child and despite your confusion you nearly cried with happiness at the porspect, or even just the opportunity to escape the children and grandparents that had plagued your life for so long.

Things went from joy to sorrow very quickly however. On your way deeper into the city you were surrounded by unmarked soldiers. They pinned you and your mother to the ground with knives to your throats. You watched terrified as 'father' renounced any relation to you and so did mother in turn. But they slit her throat as she stared you down and declared her utter contempt and hatred of you, another memory that refuses to go away, no matter what you do.

Scarcely moments later you felt the cold steel of the knife press into your own neck, and you closed your eyes as you prepared to die at last like you thought you only deserved. You had caused so much death and trouble, surely this was the least you could do to make things right, just obligingly die and rid everyone of the burden you were.

But today was not your day to die.

Your father intercepted them before they could kill you, and instead suggested that you leave the household, assume the new identity of "Krista Lenz" and enlist in the military. You still don't know why they agreed to the deal but from that day on you were no longer Historia Reiss, bastard child of King Reiss and his maid. Instead you became "Krista Lenz", an orphaned but angelic young woman who just wanted to help those around her. That's the story you gave the military you enlisted and the story you attempt to keep living, but as the days pass you only feel more and more empty inside than ever. You are a shell, empty and cold, unsure of who you truly are, and completely lost as to what to do, other than train hard and succeed, to somehow make your pitiful life worth the toruble it's caused everyone.

AGE: 20 
TIMEZONE: Eastern 

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