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Author Topic: Attack on Titan Junior High (Open)  (Read 12 times)

Attack on Titan Junior High (Open)
« on: Today at 01:05:48 PM »
 Junior High just like any other school happened to be difficult enough, what with exams and homework. However Attack Junior High had another problem, Titans. These creatures regularly stole the lunches of the human students, leaving them without their favourite meals loving prepared at home or purchased from the cafeteria. Yet there were those at the school who were dedicated to fighting back, to resisting the overwhelming power of the Titans and their drive to devour all lunches. The Attack Junior High Scout Regiment. This secretive organisation, officially unsupported by the school waged a guerrilla campaign against the Titans.

This unequal struggle of human against Titan still often resulted in many delicious items of food being lost and devoured by the Titan hordes. Yet... Even in the face of such darkness the mere existence of the Scout Regiment served as a sole beacon of hope, that perhaps one day humanity might turn the tables and be able to enjoy their meals at Attack Junior High in peace.

Second year student Petra Ral slid open the door to the room which served as the club's headquarters. Much to her surprise she was the first one there. Things had been hectic at the school lately to say the least, what with more homework, the first years suffering plenty of Titan related incidents, plus the flood of new members... It felt like there could never be enough hours in the day to deal with it all.
Still the relative quietness of the club happened to be soothing, even if it was only to last for a few moments. Closing the door behind her, she sat down at the table, setting her bag on the floor and fumbling for a few moments for her book which she started to read. Petra figured that she might as well catch up on her reading in the brief moment of quietness available to her.


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