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Author Topic: Dropping In For a While [laria/open]  (Read 1342 times)

Dropping In For a While [laria/open]
« on: May 29, 2017, 06:49:33 PM »
The trips beyond Wall Sina were long, spanning virtually the entire day there and back, but it was always worth it given it was time spent for his own entertainment and delight. There was only so many times he could probe and pry at the servant body of the Nikolaev estate until he needed to find something new, something fresh to stimulate his mind. Being a proper noble as his parents continued to title him such since returning from the military had insurmountable advantages when it came to biding his time. One command and he was in a carriage, easily making his way between walls.

Today, however, the destination to one he hadn't seen in quite some time—some years, more accurately. A faint, small smile ghosted across his face as he wandered up towards the familiar outcrop of buildings and wide open fields surrounding it. No, it hadn't changed much of all. What did change, that he knew for fact, was the leaders and teachers of this training ground. Were it completely unchanged by time and chain of command, he wouldn't be here now and would be searching for amusement elsewhere.

Following the information he requested, Alexei Nikolaev milled aimlessly yet without grandeur despite the obvious and blatant difference in appearance and attire in comparison to those who were in proximity. No entrance was on display, rather opting to be silent bystander wandering into the camp. Of course, it was also help due to the hidden and less noticed paths around the camp he took that helped kept his low profile. He, for a moment, forgot he was much older and in an entirely different part of his life when he walked them. Odd how easily he connected to that younger self.

As the horse stables came into sight, his pace slowed to crawl upon seeing a class in session, though his attention instantly sought out the tuft of bright auburn hair that demanded authority from the fresh blood. There she was. Alexei swerved off to the side to lean on a fence post, observing the class with mild interest. When it finally ended and the cadets dispersed, his hands sought out the pockets of his dress pants and gravitated towards the female instructor. It was perhaps childish, but he couldn't help himself. He hid from her view as best as possible until he was close to lean in rather uncomfortably close. "It's been a while, Laria," he cooed. « Last Edit: June 01, 2017, 05:58:54 PM by Alexei Nikolaev »

Re: Dropping In For a While [laria/open]
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 11:14:59 AM »
There were students with promise and there were those without.  Laria hoped to guide and support the former in honing their skills, helping them learn to work in absolute unity with their steed, while the latter... well, if they could manage to stay seated, that would be a start. 

Today was a day for riding bareback.  In theory, it should force the cadets to relax, improving their balance and teaching them to meld with the horse, using their legs as weighty anchors.  If they could learn to ride like this, then suddenly riding with a saddle would seem much easier.

"I see you," Laria called, pointing her riding crop at one of the recruits.  "Don't stick your arse out like a duck, tuck it in!"  Around and around the cadets went, some very red in the face and others looking downright terrified.  There had been a few falls - there almost always was, which told her they were pushing themselves - but Laria could see some improvements.  For one, they were all trotting now.

"Krista," the instructor called.  "On your next lap change the rein between H and B, then bring 'em down to walk.  Ride round to F to finish."  Keen, amber-brown eyes watched as the class rode past, measuring them as they halted, dismounted and began leading their steeds from the ménage.

"Good work today, cadets.  I know riding without a saddle can be real difficult when you're not used to it," Laria chirped as they filed out.  She herself took a moment to pull out a cigarette, resting it unlit between her lips as she creaked her way towards the exit, head bowed and hands patting her body, looking for her lighter. 

This afforded a certain someone the perfect opportunity to sneak up on her.  While Laria didn't spook, per se, the rounding of her eyes as her head snapped upwards said she had been caught unawares.  Seeing it was Alexei, her mouth pulled into a lopsided smirk, her expression one caught between fondness and annoyance.  Funnily enough, those two reactions largely summarised her feelings towards the noble.  "Well, look who it is," she purred in greeting.  "What brings you so far from the safety of the capital?  Surely you didn't come all this way to see little old me?"

Re: Dropping In For a While [laria/open]
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2017, 06:28:01 PM »
The recognition of his person combined with the unabashed mixed expression on her face only served to deepen the slowly spreading grin, lighting a twinkle of delight in his eyes. With her attention trained on him, Alexei finished examining her physique from up close without a trace of shame, noting how well she developed since those years ago when they were mere children, and then returned his gaze to her face. "You look well, despite your short-coming, of course," he stated, glancing at the brace on her leg. "I was surprised to hear you were no longer in the Survey Corps—more so that you were still alive truthfully, and that you're babysitting kids these days." The words were rather sweetly spoken in spite of what they were and he observed her expression as they left his lips.

A hand snaked out from his pocket in an op-palm gesture. "So naturally, I came to see it for myself. Besides, it gives me reason to catch up with an old friend." Though the term friend was said with confidence, Alexei knew well that it was a loose-fitting description and wasn't enough to accurately pin down their relationship. He liked it that way. « Last Edit: June 01, 2017, 06:28:35 PM by Alexei Nikolaev »

Re: Dropping In For a While [laria/open]
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2017, 06:46:36 PM »
Alexei exuded a certain confidence, one most commonly possessed by those born into the nobility.  His wintery blue eyes roved over her, unhurried and unashamed, as though he was entitled to all they alighted upon.  His words, spoken so sweetly, carried with them a bite that didn’t go unnoticed.  Laria glanced up at him – and up it was, for Alex had grown tall, filling those well-made sumptuous clothes of his – and arched an eyebrow.  “Alive and limpin’,” the instructor drawled, gaze dropping briefly to linger on the brace that allowed her to stand on two feet.  Her attention swiftly returned to her unexpected visitor, a smirk still lighting on her lips.  “And babysittin’ your big brother these days.”

Having at last located his lighter in her breeches’ pocket, she drew her thumb over the flint wheel, striking a flame into life.  Bowing her head, she lit her cigarette, before pocketing the device and enjoying a deep draw.  “You’re lookin’ well too.  All grown up,” Laria remarked, looking the young man up and down, curiosity and admiration colouring her amber-brown eyes.  “I heard you were honourably discharged.  The MP must be missin’ you.”  The cigarette was pinched lightly between her slender fingers as she held it out in offering, and she possessed manners enough to turn her face away as she exhaled a plume of blue-grey smoke.


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