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Author Topic: Hange Zoë  (Read 974 times)

Hange Zoë
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:21:12 PM »

NAME:  Hange Zoë
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  "Four-Eyes," "Shitty-Glasses," and more
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  September 5, 816 (29 in 845)
PLACE OF BIRTH: A village in western Wall Rose
GENDER:   Female (though tbh, Hange doesn't care)
MEMBER GROUP:  Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM:  Herself: Hange Zoë from Attack on Titan


Hange stands at 5’7” and 132lbs, or 170cm and 60kg, with a fairly androgynous figure and face. Like most soldiers, Hange is in great shape, her body toned by muscle from using 3DMG. Despite her grace in the air, she has a rather heavy-footed way of moving on the ground. Sneakiness does not come naturally to her. When excited, she has a tendency to vibrate or jump up and down.

Hange always pulls her dark brown hair back into a ponytail and wears either glasses or goggles (on expeditions), which hide her brown eyes. Her hair tends to be oily because she fails to regularly maintain her personal hygiene. But her most striking feature is the expressiveness of her face—Hange often bears a shit-eating grin or excited flush, accompanied by a too-loud-to-be-socially-acceptable voice. Her oval face is dominated by her glasses, large mouth, and beaky nose.


In 845, Hange is prone to mood swings: she may seem somber (albeit awkward) one moment, furious the next, and then perfectly cheerful. This dynamism could throw anyone for a loop, and it’s exacerbated by Hange’s tendency to miss social cues. (Such as, when to stop talking.) When she’s excited or nervous, her mouth tends to work faster than her brain, leading her to think aloud frequently and to ask awkward questions before she can realize she’s about to put her foot in her mouth. Despite her shortcomings, Hange is a caring person who means well, and she is highly friendly and social. She is extraordinarily intelligent, which mostly expresses itself in her veritable database of scientific knowledge, and she’s also humble and disinterested in showing her brain off except in playfulness, like witty banter.

Hange, however, tends to be very impatient and careless, a dangerous combination in daily life as well as when fighting titans. Her behavior borders on erratic, and she has a tendency to get almost fanatically fixated on certain things. Hange also has a cynical, calculating side, one that can be unsettlingly ruthless and untroubled by the effects she can have on others.


Hange was a precocious child and now is a brilliant adult. She has a natural head for facts and figures, capable of performing much math mentally, but perhaps her greatest asset is her ability to teach herself dense material, such as academic biology and chemistry. While Hange’s intelligence is mostly scientific, she has a head for military strategy, by adulthood she’s developed enough social intelligence to get a decent handle on politics.

Hange’s desire for knowledge is virtually endless and impossible to satisfy. It’s a great source of energy and joy for her, enabling her to fend off melancholy. Her curiosity has also honed her skill to observe and recall even tiny details and drives her to spend a great deal of time studying and learning. Her curiosity also makes her into an interested listener, so long as there isn’t something else on her mind.

Hange is deeply invested in anything she chooses to do, leading her to be enthusiastic, loyal, and hardworking—almost too hardworking. She is utterly determined and little can dissuade her from her path once she’s made up her mind.

The intensity of Hange’s emotions (and her proclivity to make mistakes) means that she has some pretty acute lows, but she always finds her feet again. She does this not through only blind stubbornness, but by being adaptable—for example, when her grief and hatred became too much for her, she was able to channel it into her curiosity and transform it into a passion for titan science. This ability to turn something negative and self-destructive, like her trauma, into something productive is one of her greatest strengths.

Hange thinks outside of the box; she has random thoughts that might never occur to someone else, and she solves problems in ways that might seem bizarre. This becomes a great asset in her research, as she is willing to challenge outdated, conventional ways of thinking about titans and propose ideas that are heresy to consider.


Hange lacks a natural, healthy sense of fear, impairing her common sense. This leads her to do things like take off on her own to investigate abnormal titans or laugh when titans try to snap her up in their jaws. This fearlessness feeds into basically every other flaw she has by making her uncaring of the consequences of her actions.

Hange has anger issues and she tends to snap and become verbally and/or physically aggressive (such as seizing people by the collar). This occurs even though, rationally, Hange is aware that she is not taking a wise course of action; she knows it’s bad, but she often can’t force herself to restrain herself. Injustice, such as murder, will trigger her temper, as will narrow-mindedness or short-sightedness on the part of superiors who restrict her ambitions in titan research.

In a friendly, talkative way, Hange tends to steamroll over almost everybody at some point in her association with them. It is a lingering effect of the poor social skills she was born with (Hange’s rambling is a way of trying to make friends) as well as over-self-indulgence in the things she loves. Hange is aware this is a flaw of hers, but she can’t resist anyway.

Hange is chaotic and disorganized, not only in how she arranges her belongings, but as a general principle for how she acts. She struggles greatly to do things that don’t interest her, and so she tends to take on responsibilities only for things she likes (and dodge other responsibilities). It also means that she has a tendency to start something, get distracted, and leave it unfinished. She also tends to work right up until the deadline, or past. She also tends to take on projects she does not have the time or capability to fulfill because she gets too excited and can’t resist taking on more than she can chew.

Although Hange is generally open to new ideas, she tends to develop obsessive, one-track behavior, especially when upset. This manifests itself with Hange’s preoccupation towards titans. She easily gets carried away because she can’t recognize when she has gone too far. She can get into ruts where she repeats the same thing, such as rereading all of her notes, over and over.


  • To discover how titans function scientifically, likely by capturing and studying them; to achieve this, she needs to convince the higher-ups that her research is worth investing money into
  • To communicate with titans
  • To learn why titans eat humans, and why titans resemble humans (or vice-versa)
  • To destroy all titans (unless she can find a safe way to preserve a few for posterity and science)
  • To design better weaponry to kill titans
  • Although she expects this is impossible, Hange wishes she could have a pet titan, maybe one even trained like an attack dog to protect the Survey Corps


  • Dying without discovering the truth behind titans
  • Dying without an heir to continue her scientific work
  • Losing her friends
  • Getting carried away and doing something she’ll regret
  • That science simply cannot explain titans and everything she does is a waste


Born to a farming village in western Wall Rose, Hange barely even knew what the Survey Corps was. She spent her childhood catching frogs in the creek near her home, growing fungus from trash, and collecting butterfly wings. She was constantly muddy and scraped up. Back then, she had a natural, intractable streak of poor social skills, and so she struggled to make any friends and tended to hang out with her three siblings, who were all 6+ years older than her, instead. Hange and her siblings were homeschooled, but when Hange began to be able to do her sibling’s homework, her parents decided to send her to a proper school (which was a long walk away). There Hange excelled academically but still struggled socially.

Although Hange’s family was not poor, she realized there was no way they could afford to send her to university, and in all likelihood, Hange would have to spend her life on the boring, predictable farm in a village where she didn’t fit in. So she convinced her parents that she should join the military, leading them to believe she would aim for the MP or Garrison; however, Hange, seeking a challenge and possessing a sense of justice and thirst for adventure, fully intended to join the Survey Corps. In the Trainee Corps, there was a small group of kids who knew they wanted to join the Survey Corps, and so Hange developed what were basically her first friendships. Hange graduated thirteenth in her class, and when her parents found out she had lied and joined the Survey Corps, they were furious and tried to dissuade her, leading to a big fight before Hange’s first expedition. The terror that that had been their last exchange led her parents to begrudgingly accept Hange’s choice, but relations remained strained, and Hange is still barely on speaking terms with her family.

Within her first couple expeditions, her friends from the Trainee Corps had all died. Intense grief, and frustration over the situation with her family, awoke in Hange a deep, consuming anger. Her behavior on the battlefield was erratic at best and suicidal at worst as she struggled to pull off increasingly insane maneuvers. Despite this, she possessed a predilection to survive despite the odds, largely as a consequence of innovating new strategies to fight titans. Her behavior culminated in a moment when Hange kicked the severed head of a titan. Honestly, she should have broken her foot—instead, the head went flying, unnaturally light. This snapped Hange out of the mess she had been, and she began to channel her energies into testing out the capabilities and limits of titans as she fought them. Her squad mates thought she was developing a kind of insanity because she began to risk her life (and the lives of others) to do things like cut off titans’ arms and legs, picking them up afterwards.

After the Fall of Maria, Hange is in the process of channeling her emotion into figuring out as much as she can about titans, and in the process, she is developing an affection for them, even finding them cute like puppies.

YOUR ALIAS:  wings
AGE:  21


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