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Author Topic: Buckle up! [ELD]  (Read 2363 times)

Buckle up! [ELD]
« on: May 30, 2017, 12:06:30 AM »
Petra had freshly finished up lunch and cleaned off a few of the tables after other people. She wasn't a clean freak like Levi, but it was nice to keep things decently tidy. She certainly wasn't about to spend more than a few minutes doing that, however. She swept up any large debris and then walked out the double doors of the mess hall, huffing as she took off her uniform jacket, no use in getting it all sweaty. She tied it around her waist and started off with her afternoon routine, doing laps around the HQ. She missed the old one since it hadn't had titan problems considering its location, but this was fine... Aside from the struggles of when a titan would come barreling through, and her squad would be called to deal with it.

Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2017, 11:37:50 PM »
Days like this, where Eld had been assigned no particular duties, left him free to catch up with small, necessary chores as well as to push himself physically, in a way that was mindful and allowed him to reconnect with his body.  Thus far, the morning - long as it was, given how early Eld rose - had been devoted to servicing his ODM gear, polishing his boots and mending his uniform.  Now it was time to move.

As luck would have it, when he stepped out into the training yard - his deep brown eyes taking a moment to adjust to the midday sunshine - he spotted Petra in the midst of running laps.  With the ghost of a smile on his lips, Eld took off after her and, once caught up, he fell into step at her side.  "Afternoon," he greeted good-naturedly, glancing over to her as they jogged.  "How many laps are you set to do?" « Last Edit: May 31, 2017, 11:38:34 PM by Eld Jinn »

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Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2017, 03:52:43 AM »
Petra was focused with her gaze forwards when Eld joined her side. She faced him with a bright smile, "Five or six, or until someone needs me for something. Whichever comes first. Then I imagine Levi would like to see us cleaning something if we're not training." The last part was a half hearted joke. Everyone who knew Levi knew how much of a clean-freak he was, but Petra herself was used to cleaning anyway. Living your life on a farm, you tend to want to keep things pretty tidy.

"Glad you could join me." She chimed and pushed herself to move faster, glancing over her shoulder at Eld with a slight cheesy grin, "But are you sure you could keep up?"

Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2017, 11:21:59 PM »
Petra had a point – if they were idle, their Captain was surely to find some chore or other to occupy their time.  If not carrying out maintenance on equipment, or some other military necessity, it might be dusting mantelpieces, sweeping floors or cleaning windows.  Levi’s high standards of cleanliness were as undeniable as his brilliance as a soldier.  Still, hearing the observation fall from Petra’s lips had Eld crinkle his nose in amusement.

As his comrade ramped up her speed, he lengthened his own stride, pushing his body to move faster, to stay level with her.  Glancing over, he flashed Petra a wide, rarely seen grin.  “You seem especially feisty today,” Eld teased, slivers of blond hair falling across his brow but thankfully remaining out of his eyes.  “My legs are a lot longer than yours, after all.”  As though to add weight to his words, Eld forced himself to pick up the pace further, edging closer to an all-out sprint.

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Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2017, 02:58:02 AM »
"You calling me short?" She jeered playfully, trying not to show she actually was putting on quite a struggle to keep a quick pace as well as a long stride. She was one of the few people shorter than even Corporal Levi! However, that didn't mean she couldn't give someone a run for their money.

Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #5 on: June 21, 2017, 12:26:00 AM »
Eld laughed, the muted, musical sound lost to the roar of the wind in their ears, to their panted breathing.  “You know it, short stuff,” he teased, reaching out to muss his hand gleefully over Petra’s strawberry-blonde locks.  It was a good-natured gesture and, for all his joshing, the soldier was not fool enough to underestimate his diminutive comrade.  Miss Ral’s ever-mounting Titan kill count and swift climb through the ranks testament to her prowess and skill.

Knowing there was little point in them overexerting themselves on a mere run, Eld slowed his pace to something more sustainable.  “We oughta spar after this,” he mused aloud, tossing his head to shift strands of unruly hair from his gaze, and to regard Petra from the corner of his eye.  “Or strap up and practice some manoeuvres.  Beats sweeping and scrubbing.”

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Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #6 on: July 01, 2017, 01:07:02 AM »
((Sorry for the delay D:))

Petra laughed as the man's hand skid over the top of her head- she enjoyed the company of  people like this. Energetic and willing to mess around a little. It was a good mood to have when such dark days were on them. "Training sounds good. You can choose what we do, these days I'm just dying for some sort of action. Too bad the higher ups have fun with breaking up fights, eh?"

Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #7 on: January 04, 2018, 05:56:12 PM »
(OOC: Don’t be sorry, my delay was much, much longer!)

Laughter bubbled out of Petra at the touch of his hand.  She took his teasing in good humour and, in return, he weathered her occasional jabs and jests with faint and fleeting smiles.

“I don’t know,” Eld chuckled quietly, slowing to a walk.  “I mean, someone’s gotta keep you in check.”  Halting, his brown gaze settled on Petra’s strawberry-blonde hair, as he debated inwardly whether to make some insinuation about the fiery tempers of redheads.  “We’ll go practice manuevroes… unless you fancy taking me on hand-to-hand?”

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Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #8 on: June 05, 2018, 06:22:36 AM »
Petra's eyes lit up at the man's laugh. It was a rare sound to hear in this world, even more so from Eld himself, and the sound made her flutter a little more than she's ever admit out loud. The butterflies continued for a brief moment before her smile turned into a mischievous grin. Her brow arched up at the larger man, and her neck had to crane to look up at him so, but the action didn't phase her in the slightest. She knew she was short, it was always fun when opponents underestimated her. "You believe you're the man for the job? I'm quite the handful Eld, you've barely kept up with me this long." She offered the words in an almost sultry tone, winking before she turned away from her comrade, considering the options at hand for a brief moment before she retraced her steps towards the common ground, where the others would normally hold matches due to the softer soil.

"Let's try a little hand to hand big guy, don't go easy on me~"

Re: Buckle up! [ELD]
« Reply #9 on: August 16, 2018, 02:40:53 PM »
As ever, Petra was fierce and full of fighting talk.  She peered up at him, entirely undaunted, a challenge burning in her amber eyes - but it was her mischievous grin in particular that tugged at something in the soldier.  “Oh, I reckon I can handle you well enough,” Eld answered, just as his comrade winked and turned her back, heading off towards the common ground.

Following in Petra’s wake, making a conscious effort not to watch or admire the way she moved, Eld had to remind himself that she wasn’t as delicate as she outwardly appeared.  Short in stature and tiny in the waist, she was built like a doll, but he had trained with the strawberry-blonde, and had known her long enough now to realise that appearances were deceiving.  Still, he almost regretted suggesting hand-to-hand combat.  Dark eyes dropped downwards, immediately noticing Petra’s footprints in the soil, and how his own imprints engulfed them wherever their footfall happened to align. 

What if he hurt her?

The earth was soft beneath his boots as they stepped onto the common ground.  At least if one of them did take a tumble, they weren’t likely to have the wind knocked from their lungs - though Levi mightn’t appreciate their muddied state by the time they made their way back to headquarters.

Raising his hands and putting a slight bend in his knees, Eld sized Petra up with a faint smirk, pushing aside his uncertainty for now.  Despite her request, he planned on pulling his punches.  “All right, let’s see what you’re made of, short stuff.”

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