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Author Topic: Eld Jinn  (Read 755 times)

Eld Jinn
« on: May 02, 2017, 01:04:01 AM »

NAME:  Eld Jinn
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  30th of January, Year 818 (27 years old)
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Karanes District, Wall Rose
MEMBER GROUP:  Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM:  Himself


Eld endured a period of gangly awkwardness during his early teenage years, when his limbs seemed too long and his nose too big for the shifting planes of his face.  Yet, by the time he graduated, he stood at 6’0”, tipped the scales at around 165lbs, and his body was toned and strong.  Finally, he had ‘grown into himself’, as his mother always promised he would, with his features striking a balance between high cheekbones and a prominent nose to give a noble appearance.  For all the sorrows he has borne witness to, his brown eyes would remain warm and soulful.

Prior to his enlistment, he wore shabby garments, and keen eyes will note the way his hands occasionally smooth over his smart attire in an almost self-conscious way.  Otherwise Eld has the tendency to remain impassive, or even border on stern, and his feelings are not always communicated clearly by his expression.  Friends and acquaintances will have an easier time gauging his mood by looking at his eyes or reading his body language.

At the insistence of his father – “Like hell I want a son who looks like a girl!” – Eld’s hair was kept shorn in his youth, either through force or coercion.  Once he joined the military, he began the process of growing it out, first scraping his locks into a stubby ponytail and then, eventually, into a much neater-looking looped bun.


Eld is quiet and withdrawn enough that it appears he wants to go unnoticed, yet those who take the time to befriend him will discover he is a loyal, trustworthy soul – one who makes a much better listener than he does talker.  Years of experience has proven him to be a diligent and dedicated soldier. 

As a veteran, Eld has had years to practice grieving in a manner that didn’t influence his military service unduly.  Yet amidst all the sorrow, loss and hardship, he retains a playful and light-hearted streak.  Friends and loved ones are sure to have fun poked at them from time to time, though such teasing is generally an indication of the rapport they share.  Eld values the lives of his comrades as much as he values his own and would argue that this is what makes a dutiful, responsible soldier – he fights to live, not to die.  There is an honesty and openness in him that is admirable, even if it borders on being blunt or brusque.


• Athletic
• Bold
• Dexterous
• Disciplined
• Intelligent
• Sharp reflexes
• Trustworthy


• Brazen
• Impatient
• Insecure
• Overambitious
• Unforgiving
• Withdrawn


• In many ways, Eld’s ambition is simple – to succeed, to live a life that is valuable and fulfilling


• Addiction
• Drunks
• Dying
• Failure


Eld was born on the 30th of January Year 818, in Karanes District, as a first and only child.  Eld’s mean-spirited and pessimistic father Brand worked as a cooper, crafting barrels that were purchased by breweries and vineyards to store and transport their beverages.  Many preferred to pay the tradesman partly in coin, partly in brew.  Thus, he was often intoxicated, and prone to violent mood swings.  By comparison, Eld’s mother Nuria was a gentle and somewhat mousy creature.  Worn down after enduring years with her volatile husband, she was rarely able to summon the strength to defend her son from his father’s wrath.  Their small household was solemn, verging on grim.

In truth, Brand and Nuria Jinn chose to have a child more out of the convenience of having an extra set of helping hands rather than any romantic notions of seeing their union bear fruit.  Due to this, Eld’s childhood was largely spent keeping abreast with chores:  fetching water, gathering firewood, cleaning, cooking, washing.  When he was old enough, he spent days helping in his father’s workshop, fast becoming acquainted with the tools of the trade.  This put calluses on his palms and developed the dexterity of his long, deft fingers.  It was a sobering environment, one where idleness was not permitted and cheerfulness was barely tolerated.  Throughout his early teenage years, Eld would run away from home.  During these spells, he would live rough, falling into company with street urchins, refugees and other unfortunate or unscrupulous characters.  While he never had the gall to steal, he would – much to the shame of his parents – beg on street corners or earn a pittance by entertaining people with sleights of hand and softly sung songs.

Ultimately, Eld would take the decision to volunteer and become a cadet.  This was partly out of a desire to spite his parents, a need for his life to have meaning, as well as being due his ongoing and seemingly endless unhappiness and frustration.  He had no desire to become a cooper; he was exhausted by the continual cycle of working as his father’s aide and helping his mother around the home; he was tired of fading bruises and hateful words and the scrape of rusting scissors against his scalp.  Above all else, he was sick of feeling that his life was being wasted and that he was being taken for granted.  Admittedly, he also wished to lend his strength to those who would see the Walls – and humanity – defended. 

At thirteen years of age, Eld joined the Training Corps, and immediately began growing his hair out.  The training was arduous but he savoured the stability of three meals a day as well as being amongst fellow cadets of a similar age.  With them he forged friendships and trust and, in turn, they would teach him the true meaning of loss and heartache. 

During his training, Eld excelled at mechanics, survival skills and horsemanship but was less adept at wall construction.  He still graduated in the top ten students of his class, which granted him the freedom to choose to join the Military Police.  It was the cushiest option, and would have allowed him to live in the safest confines of the Walls, yet he opted instead to join the perilous Survey Corps.  Above all else, Eld believed that mankind could emerge victorious over the Titans, but while he fully appreciated that this would require much effort and sacrifice, even he was unprepared for the horrors that awaited them outside of the Walls.

Becoming a soldier has given Eld a sense of control; it has provided him with a cause to dedicate himself to, granting him both direction and purpose.

AGE:  28

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Re: Eld Jinn
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I do believe Eld is ready for review! ~

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