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Author Topic: Scientific retreat [Hange]  (Read 535 times)

Scientific retreat [Hange]
« on: June 01, 2017, 01:41:08 AM »
Amelia stood up, gazing down at her bloodied hands before flicking her gaze just a little to look down to the dead cadet she had been attempting to save. He was so young, too young, and far too naïve to be out in titan infested territory, but who was she to say otherwise? It was the same story for many of the bodies on the cart he would soon be piled onto. People she couldn't have saved, even if she tried. The expedition had failed and as thought, a larger group was needed to actually make the progress needed. With large sigh she pulled out a rag and wiped the teenagers blood into it before turning her back and moving on, always focus on those actually still alive.

She pulled on her mares’ reigns, walking off past the cart of the dead to the infirmary cart and the people she actually stood a chance of saving. With a knot she perfected in training, she hitched her to the side before glancing around those mounted up, many were walking wounded but they could make their own way back on their own horses. She quickly swiped her forehead, took a final deep breath and hauled herself up into the back of the wagon. She scanned the patients with her hazel eyes, some she had already treated but were too wounded to ride back, the others she had to prioritize. Broken leg, unconscious but breathing fine, dislocated leg an… oh. Those large round eyes widened a little at the patient at the very front of the cart. “Squad leader Hange?” She knelt next to the leader, scanning her wounds briefly before jolting as the cart started its long run back to safety.

She had heard so much from the various squads she had assisted, Hange was skilful, incredibly intelligent, passionate but also ‘insane’, ‘ruthlessly unpredictable’. So from a distance the medic had admired her, but now was not the time for admiration. She scanned the lean figure in front of her. Shoulder damaged possibly broken or dislocated, field bandaged forehead and scuffed up right arm. “On a scale of one to ten, one being bearable, ten being “damn it my brain is being stabbed repeatedly”, how bad is the pain?”

Re: Scientific retreat [Hange]
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2017, 07:53:35 AM »
Hange held herself upright by clutching the edge of the wagon, scanning the orderly horde of horses. It was a moment of reprieve; with no titans in sight, people regrouped, either searching for their potentially-dead friends or taking a breather on their own. Though Hange saw some familiar faces, nowhere could she see the members of her squad.

Hange turned at the sound of her name. The long, strawberry blond hair of the medic rang a bell, though she couldn’t recall ever speaking to her personally. It took a moment to process the woman’s words, but when she did, a faint lifted her cheeks. “Have you seen a…snake, or rabbit or something, spasm as it dies? Like that, but with a spasming knife buried in my head.” Hange raised her hand to her hairline, pressing the heel of her palm against her head as if to hold that knife still. “So…seven. I bashed it on a tree branch,” she added with a frustrated grimace. She’d been dazed immediately after—semiconscious, maybe, she conceded to herself—and she had fragmented memories of her squad pulling her onto a horse as she shouted something about titans looking backwards…?

Lowering her hand, she squinted at the medic—fortunately, her goggles were fully intact—and said, “Hey, d’you know anything about Squad Four? We were on the right flank, I think… I don’t see them around here.” Verbalizing it was an instant mistake. Something sick quivered in her stomach. It was unlike her teammates to leave her behind; really, normally at least someone would be here. “I guess they thought I was hurt too badly to to rejoin them,” Hange added, forcing a note of offense into her tone as she twisted to crane her head at the crowd. “As if a headache is gonna…keep me away from the titans.” Hange squeezed her injured shoulder experimentally, wincing, as she looked back at the medic. “I didn’t get to finish testing—their field of vision? Yeah…that’s what I was testing. I hurt my arm first, that’s what made me lose control and hit my head.” She’d been talking quite a bit, Hange realized belatedly, though the woman seemed to be paying attention. “Hey, what’s your name again? I’m Hange. Are you okay?” Hange asked, for the first time wondering if the blood on the medic belonged only to others.

Re: Scientific retreat [Hange]
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2017, 03:41:31 PM »
Sitting back on her heals Amelia listened as the woman in front of her launched into a fast paced conversation, as if she had suddenly remembered it was an ability she had neglected for years. She tried her best to keep up with the sudden barrage. Spasming knife but only a seven…bashed it on a tree? Seeing as the last two seemed connected and much more likely, she decided that the truthful answer was seven. The collision with the tree would also explain the disjointed sentences.

She met the squad leaders’ gaze when she was squinted at, a small smile forming on her lips which was soon replaced with confusion at the question about the squad. Flicking her head round, she glanced around the medic’s cart glancing to all the groups of soldiers in sight. The soldier she was looking for was Moblit, being a patient Amelia had treated more than once, and the only member of Hanges’ squad that she knew. He was no were to be found, and if the retreat formation was being stuck to, then they would be pretty near the front rather than the middle. “I’m sure they haven’t gone far Hange, probably back to their place in the formation for the retreat.” She turned back as she spoke, pausing again as the other woman berated her squad for leaving their injured leader behind before speaking about the incident which caused her injuries. So connecting it all together, the squad leader had injured her shoulder doing research work around the titans, lost control of her gear and collided with a tree. All injuries explained.

Having seen multiple squad’s lose friendships over apparent desertion due to injury, Amelia felt responsible to try and defend Squad Four. “Hange, from what I can tell you have a pretty nasty head wound and an even worse arm wound, your squad did everything they could for you to get you safety. Oh, my name is Amelia” She smiled warmly as her own health was inquired about. “I’m perfectly okay, but I would like to take a look at that arm and shoulder of yours.“ With the head already bandaged up, the arm was the priority, in the moving cart any sudden jostles or jumps from the road could make the injury worse. She shuffled across a little she took her position to the side of Hange, waiting for permission to explore the wounded shoulder. “I need to know if it’s broken or dislocated so that I know if I need to pop it back into place or secure it till we get you to the medical base.”

Re: Scientific retreat [Hange]
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2017, 04:35:14 AM »
Amelia, Hange mused. In her muddled state, it would have been easy to overlook that piece of information, but the medic’s heartfelt smile after she was asked was marked enough to snag Hange’s notice. “Good, good, you’re okay,” she echoed. Amelia hadn’t said anything about whether her squad mates were injured, Hange noticed anxiously, and she tamped down the urge to ask, again, if Amelia had seen anyone from her squad. “Huh…? Oh, sure,” she said, releasing her shoulder to allow Amelia access to it.

As Amelia examined her shoulder, Hange reached out with her good hand and gripped the edge of the wagon tightly, gritting her teeth against the pain. Her eyes flitted among the other people in the wagon, many of whom had braced themselves against the jolting pain of the cart’s motion over the uneven ground. She may have known a few of them, but the grime and anguish from the expedition made them difficult to recognize. “Ah—” A grunt escaped her as something throbbed beneath Amelia’s examination. “It’s not…too bad. It’s not too bad, right? When I was a kid I tried to race my sister up a tree and I fell and broke my clavicle. After, I was surprised that I couldn’t move my arm ’cause I hadn’t realized my clavicle was connected to my arm… But I can move my arm, so it’s not so bad.” To demonstrate, Hange rotated her shoulder slightly, grimacing because damn did that hurt. “And look, the chicken flap,” she joked weakly, wiggling her elbow a little.

Re: Scientific retreat [Hange]
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2018, 07:01:09 PM »
Cupping her right hand under the patients elbow to stabilise and support the shoulder as much as possible, Ame soothed and felt around the shoulder with her left. Her eyes slowly lowered to stare at the wooden floor of the cart, her focus instead on the sensory input of the nerves in her fingers as they traced the skin for any abnormal protrusions. She recoiled the hand as the squad leader grunted, her gaze raising once more to the grimace that followed. “Sorry” she mumbled quickly before listening to the story with her smile slowly returning and a quiet huff of a giggle escaping. “Well now you’re showing me up.” She released the arm to allow Hange to demonstrate its movements, her eyes focusing on the bulge that raised as the arm lowered “I never paid attention to my doctor.” She quickly raised a finger to point at the squad leader “not that you should ignore yours” she attempted a serious frown before grinning and returning her hand to gently press in specific areas around the shoulder socket.
Dislocated, that much she now knew thanks to Hanges’ unique ability to ignore caution in favour of one of her tangents. However it was too risky to simply force the head of the Humerus back, she had to check for any breakages but doubted the patient was the type to sit still for long. A distraction was needed. “So, what did we find out about the titans today..? before we decided to fall out of the sky” She kept her gaze on the squad leaders face, nodding in time with her responses to keep her talking whilst her hand went back to the shoulder. Using just her ring and middle finger she gently pressed into various points around the joint, wriggling them about to feel the surface of the socket before relocating them.


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